Love lurks in mysterious ways

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Chapter 1: accidental kiss?

It was another day in Endsville as Mandy's eyes were slowly waking up due to the sunlight shining in her eyes. She stepped out of bed and went to change into a black mini skirt and a black t shirt with a flower on it. Mandy looked at herself inside the mirror. It had been days since she looked at herself in the mirror. She was in high school, so she looks taller than she originally looked. She had short blonde hair and kept it that way. She got rid of the black headband after grade school. Mandy looked at the date. She noticed it was the day she always dreaded, Valentine's day.

There were a few reasons why Mandy never liked that day. One: she almost felt in love with Billy's friend. She later was about to counter his charms and resume her life. Two: Irwin always gave her a mountain of presents, two boxes of chocolates, and a dozen roses. Mandy never like Irwin, so she gave the chocolates to Billy, burned all the roses, and sold the entire mountain of gifts for money. Three: it was very impossible for her to fall in love. Even if she did fall in love, there would be no one that could understand her and impress her enough.

Mandy went downstairs and sat down at the table and stared to eat her cereal. Her parents were still afraid of her. The better question would be who isn't afraid of Mandy? Mandy got her backpack on and opened the door and started to leave towards the bus stop. Mandy was at the stop first since it took a while for Billy and Irwin to arrive. Mandy waited for a while until Billy got to the stop.

Billy didn't act or look much different from years ago. Billy still had the hat; he wore a white shirt with a blue stripe around it. He wore jeans and his usual sneakers. Amazingly, he was able to join us in high school despite having the intelligence of dirt and even that is smarter than him. Something about Billy seemed to interest Mandy somehow, but she didn't really wanted to focus on it for today.

Both Billy and Mandy stood at the bus stop waiting for Irwin to come. They both knew what day it was and Billy looked at Mandy as if he wanted to give her something. Irwin soon came along and smiled at Mandy.

"What's up my beautiful cupcake" Irwin smiled as he went to go put his right arm around her

"If you want to still use that arm, I suggest you keep to your side or I will rip it off you" Mandy said emotionless as Irwin did what she said

"OO OO Mandy, Grim told me to tell you he will meet us at school" Billy said staring at Mandy as he gave her a note saying exactly what he said.

Mandy had looked at Billy. She expected him to do this since he is terrible at charades. Mandy looked outward and saw the yellow bus pull in and they went inside the bus as it stopped and let them on to go to school.

After school I will see what I can do about that stuff Irwin got me. If I accept anything that clueless idiot got me, it would only encourage him.

Mandy and Billy was walking to the tall building, which was Endsville High. Mandy walked inside the building and saw a skeleton with a black cloak and walked towards it.

"Took you long enough bone head" Mandy said walking with Grim

"Well, the stupid boy took a long time writing the letter" Grim said looking at Billy, who smelled a large venus fly trap which started to eat Billy.

"Billy is Billy after all" Mandy said staring at the venus fly trap, which spit out Billy and caused him to hurling into a locker

"Yea yea, what are you going to do about Irwin" Grim said summoning his scythe to him

"What I always do, ignore him and move on" Mandy said walking to class with Grim

"What if that doesn't work" Grim said looking at his scythe

"Well I hear the underworld is a lovely place, this time of year" Mandy answered back

Mandy kept going through the day ignoring Irwin and his desperate love pleas. The more she ignored him the more frustrated she got. She got to her locker for each class and every time was valentines from the same person, Irwin. There is a limit to how much a person can take and after the last class, Mandy's patience was at its limit.

Mandy stood at her locker when the Irwin, who was wearing his usual clothing and had worked out a little bit since they were small, was facing her. Mandy turned to him and glared at him with her usual soul-crushing eyes.

"Irwin if I said no to you when we were in grade school, what makes you think high school will be any different" Mandy said crossing her arms

"Come on Mandy, I am the only person who is ever going to show an interest in you. Don't you want a person who loves you for who you are" Irwin said facing her "Besides I don't see any other guy liking you"

Mandy looked around and saw the whole school and facility staring at them like if they had their own assembly. Mandy didn't know what to do for the first time in her life. She looked around and without any thought; she grabbed some guy by the shoulders and started to make out with him. She didn't care who it was, she only image that was running across her mind is getting Irwin off her back. Her eyes opened and to everyone's shock and her own shock, the person she kissed was Billy. Billy was only going to his locker to put his books and some oranges inside the locker, however Mandy's fast acting and rash moment made Billy drop his stuff and his hat felt down as Mandy kissed him.

Mandy let Billy go and both of their cheeks were as red as roses. For the first time in her life, Mandy didn't know what to say. She didn't know what was stranger: she was able to shock everyone in school or kissing Billy. Mandy just stood there and then look at Billy, who smiled at Mandy.

"Happy Valentine's Day Mandy" Billy said laughing a little

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