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Chapter 2: Why me?

'Why me' Billy thought as Mandy released her lips from his.

The reaction of the school was priceless. Their jaws simultaneously dropped like a large guillotine dropping at a fast rate. Silent filled the hallway and eyes were lit upon Billy and Mandy as both of them were speechless. Mandy took her backpack and took off towards her next class. The class's eyes were now fixated on Billy as if he was the sunrise. To everyone's surprise, Billy just went to his locker and puts some of his stuff in making it seem as if nothing happened.

Irwin and Grim both followed Billy disbelieved at his reaction. Irwin stops Billy and Grim was behind Irwin.

"Billy, do you know what just happened" Grim asked him

"Yea, Mandy kissed me" Billy answered walking around them as he was walking toward his class as he stops at the door and Irwin looks at him.

"Billy, you don't have feelings for Mandy, do you" Irwin questioned him worried that Mandy would be more interest in Billy than him.

"Irwin, if we don't hurry to class, then we will be in trouble" Billy said

Irwin and Grim were baffled that Billy just shunned the kiss between him and Mandy. On the outside, Billy was still Billy. However to Grim, there was more to that kiss than just an average peck on the lips.

Things between Billy and Mandy became complicated as they saw each other throughout the day. Both just walked away from one another without another word. They were the talk of the school as each rumor about them being more ridiculous than the last. Some people knew that it would eventually happen but the biggest question was how they felt about the kiss and each other.

"What is up with you two" Grim looked at both of them. "You two kiss one another and you act like it didn't even happen"

"Grim, it's high school; people kiss all the time and get over it" Mandy looks at Grim, as she was eating a sandwich "Relationships start and end. That's relationship 101, Grim. In the end, a kiss is just another kiss. Love does not exist. It's as simple as that"

"Yea, nothing happened" Billy said "It's not like it mattered anyways, so we just ignore it and pretend it never happened"

This time Billy surprised Mandy with his comment. There was less emotion in his statement than a robot. Grim was curious as Billy continued to eat. 'Billy never acts like that' Grim thought 'I should see what is going on with him'

After school, Irwin was walking Mandy home as he was smiling at her. He needed to take his mind off Mandy kissing Billy. Irwin needed to make Mandy love him instead of Billy.

"I forgive you for kissing Billy; but pleases explain to me why him" Irwin said

"I don't need to explain anything to you, Irwin." Mandy walked to her door and saw Irwin's roses and smirks

"Well, I got those roses for you my love" Irwin said in a flirty way

"When are you going to realize I don't like you" Mandy voice stopped cold as she gazed upon another rose that was different from the ones Irwin gave her. It was black as nighttime. The flower seemed to match Mandy's personality as it made the other roses wither and died.

"I see I got you interested; How about a apologize kiss" Irwin puckered his lips to kiss Mandy only to receive a fist in his face and an additional hit with the door when he got up.

At Billy's house, Billy was upstairs in his room as he took off his backpack and sits on the bed looking up at his ceiling just pondering what happened at school today. He felt his lips as he pondered on the idea of Mandy loving him. He shrugged this off as he knew Mandy wouldn't be in love with an idiot.

Grim appeared out of Billy's floor as he moves toward Billy and smiles "Well, do you want to explain what happened"

"What happened, I don't know anything" Billy trying to pass off his stupidity as a way of not telling Grim the truth.

"Billy, you may be stupid but you're not an idiot all the time, now give it to me straight, mon" Grim was determined to get the answers he deserved.

AN/ the Mon part was Grim's accent. But you know what he is trying to say

"Grim, you heard Mandy, nothing happened. So, pleases drop it" Billy was irritated as he goes to the mirror taking his cap off and feels his hair with one of his hands and drops his hand on the desk.

"But, you two kissed. You can't ignore that" Grim said looking with Billy in the mirror.

"Well, Mandy will never admit she likes me, you want to know why she doesn't have a boyfriend" Billy walks into the bathroom changing into his pajamas.

"Because the guy that treats her like a girlfriend will die and have their souls removed with one glare" Grim had imagined someone's soul ripping apart if a guy tried to hold Mandy's hand.

Billy shook his head looking at Grim "It's because Mandy will never change and never admit of being in love. Look at Piff, the guy who made Mandy feel love" Billy sat on his bed and looks at Grim "Mandy doesn't want to fall in love because if she does then she will be admitting defeat and you know how Mandy takes losing to someone"

"Yikes" Grim said thinking of Mandy

"Exactly" Billy said looking at Grim as Billy head towards the doorway

"Billy, people can change and just because Mandy avoided love as a little girl, doesn't mean high school will be any different. She will love someone in her own way" Grim said knowing the unavoidable fact about high school romance.

"Yea, but its Mandy we are talking about, she will find a way" Billy said as it got really dark and his lights were turned off and then Billy flicks the lights on and off making ghostly sound effects.

Grim looked at Billy irritated with his Stupidity.

"Then, tell me how you feel about Mandy" Grim smirks as he knew he got Billy trapped in a court

"I have no idea what you are talking about but tag you're it" Billy touches Grim cloak and ran downstairs.

Grim knew he wouldn't get anything out of the same person who plays stupid with himself literally. Grim grabbed his scythe and sliced a wall and walked through a portal.

'If Billy will not tell me anything, then maybe I can get some answers from the source' Grim thought as he appeared on the other side of the portal facing Mandy with a glare in both of her eyes like an animal trying to protect its home.

"Grim this better be important" Mandy barked at him

"I want to talk about what happened today" Grim said smiles at her

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