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Chapter One:

Lucius Malfoy cringed at the screams that erupted from behind the closed door. His fingers twitched with the need to grasp the handle and burst into the room, but he must not. He must remain calm. Any stress could kill the baby, his child.

Broken sobs sounded from the room and Lucius groaned and dropped his face into his pen palms. His poor wife. She was never going to forgive him for this pain.

He glanced up as a strong hand grasped his shoulder firmly. His second in command and friend, Severus gazed down at him with calm eyes. "Your worry will eat you alive, man, be still." His voice was a low rumble, flowing and somewhat soothing over Lucius' snapping nerves. Had anyone else spoken to the captain in that manner, they would have been eaten alive, but with Severus Lucius managed only a sigh.

"Aye." the blonde replied tiredly, running a hand over the growing stubble on his chin. "It pains me to hear my Narcissa in such a state." He winced as a short scream caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand. Then there was silence.

Severus squeezed his shoulder, black eyes fixed on the closed door. Narcissa Malfoy had been in labour for fourteen hours, it would be time soon. "She's a strong lass," Severus withdrew his hand to fix his midnight black ponytail in place. If ever there was a regal looking pirate, it was Severus Snape. His broad form stood straight as a poker and his long nose pointed up almost dismissively.

Lucius stood and touched his friend's hand in silent thanks. The distinctive sounds of a babe wailing drew Lucius' sharp silver gaze back to the door. Hastily, he forced his blonde locks into a braid and advanced on his bedroom.

The door opened suddenly and a young woman stepped out, brown eyes glistening as she quickly shut the door behind her. She clutched a small bundle of blankets to her chest as she looked up at Lucius. Her frizzy brown hair had come loose at some point during the labour.

She held the bundle out to the tall man, bottom lip trembling. Fearing the worst from the sight of the still bundle, Lucius darted forward, taking it into his arms gently. He huffed a sigh of relief as he revealed the infant's face and two large eyes blinked up at him in confusion. Strands of white blonde hair clung wetly to the newborn's head.

"A boy, mister Malfoy." the Granger girl said quietly. Lucius smiled widely at Severus, wiping his finger down the baby's nose gently. "Hello Draco."

He turned back to the young woman who had been aiding the midwife. "How is narcissi?" The girl sniffed suddenly, clutching the door handle. She looked up at Lucius with large eyes, tears beginning to gather as she whispered, "I'm so sorry, mister Malfoy. She didn't survive the birth."


Delana let out a choked sob with the final push and heaved a sigh of relief as her child was finally born. Her friend wrapped a strong arm around Delana's waist.

"Well done, pet, a perfect birth." The tired woman grinned at the red head shakily, "with much thanks to you, Molly, dear."

The pair were distracted by the sounds of watery cried and splashes as the baby was washed. "He's a live wire!" Nymphadora cried, struggling to hold the newborn as it wriggled in her grasp, desperate to leap into the frigid lake water.

Delana chuckled and floated waist-deep in the water, smiling prettily at her husband as he moved to grab a hold of his child. Peka grinned as the little thing's fins flared in annoyance. "It's a boy, Delana, my love and one who definitely knows his own mind." Delana's own emerald green fins flared in happiness as she clapped her hands and reached for her son.

The newborn creauture settled against her chest, his green fins drawing back into his arms and legs slowly. As his skin dried the blue-green scales that littered his kicking legs and lower torso vanished, leaving flawless white skin in their place. His black hair was stuck flat with water and a familiar pair of bright green eyes stared back at her. Her eyes.

Delana exclaimed in delight as she caught sight of his pointed ears. "A breeder! Just like my brother James."

"He's got dark hair like your brother, also." Peka smirked, tugging on a strand of Delana's blonde mane. "He is beautiful."

"Is that my baby brother?" Peka grunted as his first son surfaced beside the pair and pushed him out of the way. His brown eyes locked onto the newborn. "He's tiny!" Shota exclaimed in wonder. Peka ruffled the six-year-olds damp brown curls that were so much like his own. "What will you call him, mother?"

Delana glanced at her husband imploringly and Peka sighed in defeat. She clutched the baby tighter. "He will be called Harry, after the human boy who saved me from the fishing nets." Shota thought it through with a critical squint before nodding his acceptance. "Human names are boring, but I like this one!"

Peka grinned at the young boy before turning to his wife, "Do you wish to return to Godric's hollow, dearest? There will be a celebration to welcome the baby and I dread remaining above the water and so close to land for longer than necessary." Delana nodded slowly, "Necessary for the birth," she replied quietly, "but I agree. We must not dally, I want Harry to learn to swim before he can stand."

Smiling happily, the group dived beneath the water's surface to join their friends and family in the submerged village of the Allura.