Chapter Twenty Four


It was all that filled his vision.

Gnashing, slicing, yellowed teeth and the foul stench of canine breath after a slab of meat. Harry's body locked as the thing leapt at him, furious and wild and anything but a human being, anything but something he could possibly hope to defend himself against.

He squeezed his eyes shut in the split second it would take the beast to land and devour him, killing him; his arms rising to block his stomach in one last desperate attempt to guard his baby.

He let out a startled yelp as a hand closed around his wrist and he was suddenly pulled, clasped close behind a body, a body almost as small as his was.


His eyes popped open, his breath rushing to his lungs in sharp, little gasps as he tried to comprehend why he was still breathing, why there was no pain…

He gazed at the female standing rigid before him, her shoulders hunched in defense as she stared down the snarling werewolf with clouded blue eyes.


Luna's hand grasped his wrist tighter, forcing him behind her further as she maintained eye contact with Neville's yellow orbs. The werewolf was crouched, his body quaking as he tried to howl, only to have his muzzle clamp shut. Luna's lips were moving, rapidly and almost breathlessly as Harry strained to look, almost as if she was speaking to the animal.

Neville's twisted body shivered once as he began to whine, before sitting back on his haunches; frozen.

A silence so thick it was near painful to Harry's static filled ears encapsulated the room, allowing not indrawn breath nor pant of pain to go unheard. Frozen, the world seemed frozen; but not stopped for long.

Riddle hissed, a sound almost inhuman and grating to the Allura's senses, crawling against his skull. The man raced towards Luna, his black eyes filled with anger and malice.

He did not make it to the blonde witch before a blur of white hurled itself at him, screeching like a hawk denied its final meal. Fleur's anger was a near visible thing, it radiated from her like sparks, casting flames down her fingertips and into her talons as she fought against the pirate and tried to do as much damage as she could. Harry felt his throat close as he watched her, each strike and each lash sending a wave of electricity over him that made his stomach heave and his organs attempt to squirm away.

Strong arms grabbed him and hauled him away from the Veela, into a dark corner. The scent of Shota, of family surrounded him, but Harry fought against it. Tears broke in his vision suddenly as he tried to claw his way loose weakly.

His eyes flittered over the dangerous form of Luna as she hissed silent words at the werewolf, holding him in place. Fleur followed Riddle throughout the room as he alternated between fleeing, and attempting to kill her. She was setting the room alight, small sparks reigning from her fingers to melt against the wooden floor, catching on any material. Ron sat dazed on the platform, his hand pressed to his bleeding side, a wound that seemed not to be healing and forced the Allura to keep to his knees.

But it was none of this which kept Harry's attention. No, his eyes were drawn to the small group of men that were advancing through the room, fighting off any of Riddle's men that seemed to leap from the shadows in droves, hidden in the walls, the tapestries.

When had a fight begun? Harry drew in a ragged breath, his eyes scanning over the fighting men, the slashing swords and the increasing amount of blood. It had happened so quickly, before even the idea of fighting back could register in his mind. He couldn't sit here. He couldn't lie back and wait, not while Draco was fighting…


Harry shrieked and struggled harder against his brother, ignoring the pains that lanced through his chest as the fires Fleur had scattered in her anger began to grow and filled the room with smoke, thick and poisonous. Harry pushed his way to his feet, his torso swaying. He had to find Draco.

The blonde pirate watched the man approach with a roar, his sword brandished high in an obvious aim for Draco's heart. The blonde speared him before he could finish his battle cry, ripping his blade free in a move that was cruel and not unfamiliar to him. He raised silver eyes to scan the room, grimacing as he saw Fleur abandon her fight with Riddle to race towards her brother, her sobs audible even from a distance as she scooped the young boy into her arms and cradled him with her wings.

The pirate dragged a scarf over his mouth as the air became acidic with smoke. His gaze darted to Severus as the man pulled a gun from a black-toothed pirate and drove the weapon into the enemies skull, pulling James closer to his side. He caught his allies black gaze and nodded to the door. They needed to gather everyone and leave, before Riddle got his bearings back.

Draco pushed his way through the fighting men, his eyes wide as he scanned the room for Harry, desperately wishing the thoughts that filled his head were only his own nightmares and fears and that the boy was safe. He came across him almost abruptly enough to walk past him, struggling to throw off his brother, Shota.

The pirate embraced the smaller man in one vicious swoop, dragging his fingers through Harry's velvet black hair and scouring his body for signs of injury. When he opened his mouth to speak, he all but choked on the words. Nothing would come out. His eyes caught sight of the film of tears in emereld green orbs as Harry stared up at him and his heart broke.

"Harry, I…"

The Allura shook his head, a small but brief smile lifting one corner of his mouth. He let out a soft laugh that was more of a sob and tapped first his chest, directly over his heart, and then Draco's.

"I know Draco. I know."

It was as the blonde opened his mouth to say something, anything to his lover, his mate, that Riddle made a comeback. The man charged on Draco with a snarl, knocking both the blonde pirate and himself to the ground.

Riddle's face was in ruins, clawed and bleeding and almost unrecognizable from the wounds Fleur had bestowed upon him. He roared as he drove a fallen knife down on the younger pirate, spearing the flesh of his shoulder.

Draco screamed in pain, his vision blurring for a moment as Riddle smirked at him from above, a gruesome grin that would fill anybody's worst nightmare. "You Malfoys." Riddle whispered, his voice broken and bubbling from liquid in his throat, "All pathetic…"

Whatever Riddle had intended to say next was stopped as he was suddenly pulled backwards by the collar of his shirt. A second hand came from nowhere, burying an arrow to the hilt in Riddle's stomach and twisting until the man began to hiss, anger contorting him into something that was not fully sane, nor fully human.

Ron pulled the arrow back from where he had embedded it with a vicious tug, his face blank as Riddle howled in pain. The redhead watched as the pirate tried to back away, tripping over his own robes and clawing at his wound weakly. The Allura turned to help Draco to stand with hard eyes, giving not a second glance to the man who had captured him, imprisoned him and tortured him to a point where he had been forced to change all that he had been.

Draco winced as he was half-pulled to his feet, his hand reaching out unsteadily to grasp Harry's as his eyes locked on the flaming walls. "Out!" he hissed, pushing Shota to retrieve Luna and Fleur. "Everyone out! We're done here."


Harry sat on the deck of the ship, his mouth slightly agape as he watched Riddle manor go up in flames from a distance, howls of pain filling the sky as some men remained trapped within.

It was James who approached him first, his uncle saying nothing only wrapping a slender arm around his waist and watching the horizon silently. James was only just tall enough to rest his head on top of Harry's and he did so now as he began to hum, a song from the younger Allura's youth that drew a mournful sigh from both.

"How is baby?" James whispered, loud enough to be heard by Shota and Ron as the broader man tended to the wounds of Ron's body that were difficult to heal. They stilled as they waited for an answer, drawing a small smile from Harry. "Baby is fine, I can feel them growing. It will not be long until they're here, maybe three months?"

James smiled fondly, tucking a strand of hair behind one of Harry's pointed ears. "A month early then? If I recall correctly, that also happened with you. Must be a defect in your genes." Harry laughed shortly, breaking off when someone else approached him, the sight filling the young Allura with a burst of sudden longing.


"Harry." The blonde whispered as the Allura embraced him in a rush, his small body shivering violently. Draco draped the cloak in his arms over his lover, pulling the boy close as he inhaled the scent of Harry and his heart swelled to twice its size. "I'm so sorry Harry… I was a fool."

"I know." Harry glanced up with a small smile, his green eyes bright. "Don't worry…" his gaze travelled to the bandage wrapped around Draco's shoulder and he touched it lightly with his fingertips. "Does it hurt?"

The blonde smiled softly. "Only a little. Riddle did not make the wound a deep one." His own silver eyes travelled down to land on Harry's stomach, his thoughts spinning wildly.

Draco shook his head slowly, a smile spreading his lips as he reached down to lay a hand on Harry's stomach, delighting in the slight swell he felt there. A father… He was going to be a father…

"Well," Draco said with a sudden mournful sigh, "there goes my reputation of never impregnatin' a man."

Harry replied with a surprised bark of laughter.


"How is he?"

"He is well and resting thanks to the tonic Luna provided. His wings will heal perfectly."

Lucius nodded, his gaze still locked on the two forms of his son and Harry on the deck. Severus rolled his eyes at the display, before snapping them back to stare unashamedly at James' backside as the Allura passed by.

"Methinks, Severus, that you need to get laid."

The dark haired pirate growled at Lucius before striding off to have the wound on his arm dressed and to check in on Blaise, who had suffered a rather nasty blow to the head. Lucius watched him depart with a smirk before turning to Fleur.

The Veela watched him steadily, her ice cold eyes harsh despite the fact that her voice had returned to normal and talons no longer adorned her fingertips.

"Jean Paul is a lucky man to have a warrior like you by his side, Fleur. You fought bravely and I am thankful for that."

Fleur smiled sweetly, her blood stained skin delcate and white beneath teh stain. "Those who stand by your side are far more powerful. We have not yet finished our adventures with the youngling, Harry, Lucius. His child will be of most interest to me, more so than your little witch."

The blonde pirate growled lowly, shaking his head as a low whine sounded from bellow deck. "Why she insisted on bringing that disgusting animal back to my ship I'll never know. She's off her mind if she thinks she can control it."

Fleur chuckled, her eyes sliding upwards to look at the lightening sky. "Daylight is breaking. You shall meet Neville soon and perhaps then you may come to understand why she saved him, why she was the only one who could stop him."


The Veela cast an amused glance over her shoulder her white wings spreading behind her slowly as the breeze picked up. "Why, she is his mate, of course." With that, the winged creature took to the skies, her shape vanishing into the clouds and leaving Lucius to steer his ship home, where she would meet him again.


A/N: And yes this is the end but please don't kill me, it's definitely not THE END. This story is so well liked I've decided to write a sequel so please keep your eyes peeled it won't be long before it's out ^^ And just to keep you interested, here is a small taste of book two:

He watched them from behind the thick trees that littered the Malfoy manor grounds, the air sweet with the smell of honeysuckle as a summer sun filtered through the canopy of leaves and turned everything around him green.

Perfectly green.

Forest green.

Emereld green.

His eyes were narrowed, dark lashes casting shadows over cheeks the colour of pearl. His hair cascaded behind him, a waterfall of soft curls the colour of warm clouds and oyster shells. His fins flared subtly, silver and fine and sensitive in the soft breeze that swayed the leaves above his head. The pair in the meadow embraced, the smaller one's shoulders shaking as he tried to still his sobs.

"What are you doing, Scorpius?"

The white-haired beauty glanced behind him to see the young women that had spoken, a handful of months younger than himself though she liked to pretend she was older. Her hair was pushed into a ponytail, brown and fluffy as eyes the colour of chipped silver watched him suspiciously. His lips stretched into a lazy smirk.

"Waiting.. Aunt Rose... I am waiting."

Rose looked stumped by the reply, her eyes sparking with curiosity in a way that was so like her mother, Grandmother Hermione.

"Waiting for what?"

Scorpius brought his gaze back to the pair in the meadow, his emereld green eyes landing on the taller red head as his father, Harry, continued to sob.

"Waiting to be told the bad news."