Hi! This is my first ANT Farm Flyna Fic! Well, Actually, I already wrote an ANT Farm story, but I deleted it. So i'm starting it again! Hope you enjoy it! The ANT's are now 14.

In the ANT Farm.

Fletcher Quimby completed yet, another painting of Chyna Parks, his crush. This one was a painting of Chyna standing in a giant field. The wind was blowing hard and Chyna's black hair flowed with the wind. She threw her hands in the air and closed her eyes. She was enjoying the wind blowing at her face. As Fletcher stared at his new painting, he suddenly got wrapped into it as if he was in the painting too.

He stood there, staring at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She walked around the big green field humming a song to herself. The sun was shining so bright that Chyna's brown eyes sparkled. The wind started blowing, the grass started moving along with it. Chyna stopped walking. She closed her eyes. She raised her hands into the air, as she did that, the wind grew stronger. Chyna's hair flowed. You could see little specks of silver in her flowing hair. Chyna was still humming the song, it filled the air. Chyna enjoyed the wind. She had the most cutest smile that Fletcher felt himself drooling. Chyna started walking forward with her eyes still closed. The wind started blowing everything back, except for the beautiful girl. Fletcher started following, it was hard to keep up with her because of all that wind. But he kept going. The sun had already set. The sky was a beautiful purple colour. Chyna stood there facing the sun. She turned around and faced Fletcher. She was about to say something to him. Fletcher walked a little bit forward so that he could hear, but a loud voice pierced his ears.

" Fletcher!" The voice shouted. Suddenly, Fletcher got pulled back into reality. The sun, the big green field and Chyna's song all gone. Fletcher found himself being shaken awake. He turned to see his best friend Olive Doyle, shaking him.

" What?" Fletcher muttered. Olive looked into her best friend's ocean blue eyes. They looked cloudy and distant.

" Are you okay Fletch?" Olive asked, looking concerned. Fletcher nodded and went to sit down the couch. " Im starting to have strange visions whenever I look at my paintings of Chyna." Fletcher explained. Olive came over and joined him. Olive looked at Fletcher. He had grown ever since age 11. His hair had grown a bit longer, his shoulders have gotten a bit wider, a little bit of muscles too. Olive couldn't help but feel sorry for Fletcher. Just then, the bell rang. Fletcher stood up.

" We should get going." He said. Olive nodded and stood up. They ran out of the ANT Farm and into their first class, which was History, before they got trampled by the big kids.

Chyna Parks ran into the school. Her big brother Cameron walked in, eating a burger.

" Cameron were late!" Chyna said. Cameron shrugged. On their way to school, Cameron forgot his lunch, so he drove to a fast food restaurant. Cameron was now 17 and he now owned his own car. Chyna still wondered how her brother aced his Driver's Ed. Her first class was about to finish anyway, so she went into the ANT Farm. As soon as she stepped in, something caught her eye. A painting. A painting of her standing in a big field with her hands in the air and her eyes closed. The wind blowing her hair. Chyna felt her body heat up. Fletcher walked in and found Chyna looking at his painting. He gasped. Chyna whirled around and looked at Fletcher, she then walked out of the ANT Farm. Fletcher looked at his painting. ' This is gonna make things awkward.' He thought to himself.