Sorry this isn't an update and I posted this at the behest of my sister.

She asked me to pull out this story from my profile since she will be putting it up in hers when the Christmas Break comes around. She apologizes for those who are following the story for her lack of updates. She is so busy with school (projects and homework keeps piling up since it's her graduation year) and the death of our grandmother is putting a damper on her muse.

I will pull down the story in two days and will inform her readers in time to the location of her profile here in FFdotNET.

Another note, I will be putting up my own version of Shadow Sorcerer, a shy different from her work. Look forward to it. (It was the third story I worked on but never published. Hopefully, I will have it edited and up soon after working on two chapters of my Harry Potter/Naruto Crossover.)


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