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Chapter 1:

Roy Harper stared out at the skyline as he stood atop one of the tallest skyscrapers in Star City, deep in thought. Why wouldn't Ollie just stop treating him like a child? Like a sidekick. It seemed like he was always doing stuff wrong, while his mentor faced the villains he got to "check the perimeter" or "watch over the hostages." Ollie always gave him the easy assignments, told him to stay behind when it was "Too dangerous". Too dangerous his ass. Ollie didn't trust him. Why wouldn't he just promote him already? He had learned all that he could sticking around as his sidekick why wouldn't they just become partners? Roy was ready for a new challenge, to be his own man, his own hero.

He was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of footsteps. A fist came out of nowhere, heading for his face. He grabbed his opponent's wrist and flung him over his shoulder. The man, a typical run of the mill thug, fell screaming off the rooftop; landing with a thud in the dumpster 3 stories below.

He turned, crouched defensively, on his guard, ready to take out anything that might attack him.

There were seven men on the roof, all thugs of the same caliber as the one who had first assaulted him. In the darkness of the rooftop, Roy could see the faint outline of another person, a shadowy figure, standing in the background overseeing the fight, as if it was taking place merely to entertain them.

They attacked.

The hoodlum on the right of the rough semi circle they had arranged themselves in ran at him, waving a long knife he had, yelling a sort of battle-cry, taking revenge on his fallen comrade.

Roy turned, jabbing his knee into the assailant's stomach, winding him, as he deftly plucked the blade from his fingers, throwing him off to the side as he tried to regain his breath.

Two men ran at him next, flanking him as they came from either sides of him. The larger man wielded a nasty looking knife, the other ran at him with a large crowbar.

It was then Roy realized something. None of his attackers had a gun. In fact, they seemed to trying not to kill him.

He didn't have time to dwell on such things though, as the thugs reached him. Roy bludgeoned the shorter man in the head with his bow, punching the other in the face as he swept their legs out from under them.

Three men then attacked him. Two of them had wicked looking knifes while the other held an iron pole. They surrounded him, a slight expression of fear on their faces as they took in what he had done to their comrades.

Roy punched one, sending him down for the count. The other two backed up, eyeing him warily as the last man joined them.

Roy smirked to himself. This would be much too easy.

Suddenly the dark figure that had remained in the shadows up until then came forward, something flashing in his hand.

"Ahh.." The dart is sharp and painful. Roy quickly removes it but it already delivered its payload. He tried desperately to fight the poison, but to no anvil. He becomes unable to stand, his vision blurred as he slowly sinks down to his knees. The henchmen surround our young hero and restrain him, tying him up with thick ropes.

The last thing he saw was the outline of the figure who had fired the dart at him, the one from the roof, standing over him as the remaining henchmen tighten the ropes on his wrists. As Speedy's eyes slowly close he can feel himself being searched and his weapons removed by his captors.

Just before he lost consciousness, a low voice growled in his ear.

"Why do you even bother fighting? You're all alone. No one can save you now."

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