Actually... Anon can decide not to tell the answer. Once Riddle Solver reach certain point, you'd know which of the answers are correct from the plotline. It's an important point, because she's the 'Riddler Who Won't Solve Riddles', and you are 'Riddle Solvers Who Can't Solve Riddles'.

At least... not completely. As prove, none of you are sure of the answer, yes?

Although some of you are right.

Most of you made it halfway.

I don't know if you guys who reached the answer tackled the riddles with logic or not. If you do, and you found it without my hints, then you are genius. If you used my hints, then you're smart. If you just guessed, then you're lucky.

I'm guessing most of you are tempted to be called a genius, like written in the guidelines though, because most of the answers posted in the reviews rarely mention my hints.

I was an idiot. I won't deny it. I couldn't answer most of Anon's riddle. I find it impossible. Thus, I asked her to let me provide additional hints to help you who're stuck like me. Because in some cases, the hints from Anon are admittedly completely useless... Or even act as a trap! I'm glad to see that mine seems to help some of you. And I apologize to some of you who finds it as confusing (or even more confusing) than Anon's.


Let's start the answer sheet!

(ML) S x N (HM)

Okay. Most of you are correct on the letters in the bracket. Add the fact that Anon's clue was Minato, then, the only answer possible is Magnet! Someone thought the same thing I did. Anon was talking about Soraru when she made the riddle, so I had thought that I was supposed to find a cover by him and a random singer in NND, but turns out S x N meants South x North.


My clue is Originality, which was the reason you can't find it at that time. Moving on!

Blue + Yellow = …

Green. BUT, because the clue was Ichigyou-P, who created Gekokujou, in which the Kagamines refer Miku as the Green, I answered it Miku at first, just like most of you. And then, Anon said...

'How can Blue + Yellow equals Miku? O_o'

I facepalmed.

I really did.

And so, my clue was Reality, since... well, in reality, you can't make Miku by combining blue and yellow.


The hint was iroha. I wrote in the guidelines that you should be able to find the answers if you look in the right places, and... Vocaloid wikia is the perfect place for these riddles. If you go to iroha's PRODUCER page, you'll find 'sigh' to be the latest song he uploaded. Since Iroha is also name of a Vocaloid, my hint was Stomach Ache, which was his... uhm... honorary producer title? And as clue that neither of us care if you find 'sigh' sung by Vocaloid Iroha, or if you find someone made her sigh.

And so the right answer is 12. Suicide. Yeeey~

Now, let me tell you the answers of the other riddles.

It has no meaning

Ah, this should be an easy one... Garuna is an alias for Owata-P, maker of the famous Benzene series. My clue was Finished, which is english for Owata, because you have to look at the latest song for the series, which is Toluene. In there, Luka said that the songs have meaning.

The case of the corpse in the hallway

I made this one actually... Following Anon's trend in making the Producers of songs she used as inspiration as hints, I put in Yuyoyuppe. Kinda inspired by Hope. So, the answer is the police was right. If the founder isn't related to the murder, he would have tripped because he couldn't have noticed the corpse. He said he walked, turned the light on, and found the body behind him. And so, he's suspicious. The clue was blindness because of it. The police realized this fact when the power was out.

Canvas number

Yeah... This is a bit confusing for me too. Apparently Anon has this belief that art room should have unlimited number of canvas, while I answered one at first because art room in my school had no canvas at all. And so, my clue was Possibility, since it's endless. It can be one, it can be a lot...

Someone actually made more sense. The last words there could mean that Anon wasn't asking about how many canvases the couple painted, but rather how many were there in the art room. Even though, Anon didn't mean it that way... as far as I'm concerned... Good thing she's right!


Easiest one for me. Perhaps because I am a fan of Kagamine, and thus know FireFlower by heart. And... it wasn't made by DF. Halyosy made it. The clue was Festival because it's where most fireworks can be seen in Japan. I wanted to write fireworks at first, but I didn't want to make it too easy for any of you. By the way, japanese word for fireworks is hanabi, which is written with kanji of flower and fire. Thus, FireFlower.

And there you are... Mind you, at the end Anon practically screamed IT'S A TRAAP!

Now, which is the trap here?

3 and 6, were they the traps? Or perhaps the answer itself is a trap? Or maybe what I give you here is a trap, a trick to keep you away from the true answer?

You'll know in due time... maybe. Perhaps. Let's hope so.