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Nina's POV

Here I am, Anubis House. I'm psyched to be back, I love coming here! I'm in my usual room unpacking. I'm the first one here this year, funny though, Jerome was always the first one. I can't wait until all my friends get here and of course my boyfriend, Fabian. I hung up my last shirt and put my suitcase in the closet by my room, when I heard a door slam. I ran to the stairs and looked over the railing, there stood the familiar face of my best friend Amber Millington!

"Nina!" she squealed running up the stairs to hug me. Amazingly she was wearing four inch heals and she could run up the stairs with out tripping.


She was dressed in blue skinny jeans, a off white shirt with a big bow on the collar, her silver Amber necklace and black heals.

I was wearing a blue and white striped tank top, light blue jeans, black converse sneakers and a red jacket. My Eye of Horus necklace was hidden under my shirt as usual.

"OMG Nina! I am so happy to see you! I can't wait to show you my new dresses!" Oh, goodie!

"Cool Amber! Have you seen anyone else yet?"

"No. But don't worry, Fabian will be here soon."

I felt my face heat up when she said that, sure I was happy to see Fabian again, but I wanted to hang out with my other friends too!

"Okay, let's go get you unpacked."

"Okay. Nina? Do you know if Trudy is going to be our house mother this year? Or is it going to be Vera again?" she made a face at Vera's name, we never liked Vera. She was creepy and she worked for Rufus, but I'm not going to think about that. Water under the bridge.

"Oh! Sweetie! I'm so glad to see you!" piped a voice.

"Trudy! You're back!"

"That's right, sweetie. And I'm here to stay!"

"Does that answer your question?" I asked looking down at Amber and Trudy hugging.

After Amber had finished unpacking, which took forever by the way, we went down to the common room to talk. I told her about my Gran's health and about going to New York for vacation. While she told me about her shopping spree in Paris, staying at her father's beach house in Greece and going to Italy with her mother for an art exhibit, which, very surprisingly, she found interesting. Must be nice having a rich father, but I don't care if my Gran isn't rich, I'm just glad she's happy and healthy.

Around ten o'clock, we hear the front door open and close. We see Patricia and Joy staring right back at us. Patricia looking the same as always, with her red hair and a pink hair extension. She was wearing a long-sleeve grey shirt, black leather shorts, star tights, black combat style boots(I actually have a pair of those!), necklace with a silver lightning bolt charm and her favorite leaf ring. Joy wore blue jeans, black ballet flats, a red and blue striped cardigan over a blue tank top and a gold heart-shaped locket.

"Nina! Amber!" Patricia cries. She comes to hug me first then Amber.

"Hi, Joy." Amber says to the quiet brunette at the door.

"Hi." she waves and I wave back. Ever since last year with all the bashing and trying to steal Fabian thing, we haven't been on good terms. But hey, she saved my life. I try to not show my hurt that still bubbles inside me whenever I see her.

"Anyone here?" calls an American voice from behind Joy, I already know it's Eddie Mil- I mean, Sweet. His apparel was a black leather jacket over a red plaid button up shirt which was over a grey t-shirt, light blue jeans, black watch and brown boots. He had his dirty blonde hair spiked and his blue eyes lit up as he saw Patricia, who had an idiotic smile forming on her face. I smiled, Patricia had told me on the phone during break that she was really falling for Eddie. Hard. Patricia isn't the kind to 'fall in love' but she is. And pretty fast if you ask me.

"Hey, Yacker. Nina, Amber, Joy." he said barely looking at us. He smiled at Patricia and swiftly brought his head down to meet his lips with hers. It wasn't anything heated, just a sweet, simple kiss. Something I could tell they both liked. After they had unpacked, Patricia and Eddie went to his room to talk while Amber went to call Alfie, which left me and Joy in the common room while awkwardness floated heavily around us.

"So…" she said softly breaking the tension slightly. Only slightly. "You really like Fabian huh?"

"Uh, yeah. Is that alright?" I asked unsure of how to respond.

"Oh, totally! We're just friends, nothing more."

"Okay." I said awkwardly. Duh.

A few more minutes elapsed before she moved forward in her seat on the couch in front of the window. "Listen, Nina. I don't want anything to be awkward between us. I mean after all that happened last year, I'm sorry, you can trust me. And if you want to be friends with my friends I'm totally cool with that. I'm over Fabian, it was just a crush and I can tell that it's more than that for you two. Please just give me a chance. I would really love to be your friend. Honest." she rambled. I could see the sincerity in her eyes. She meant every word of that.

"Okay, I forgive you." I smiled.

Her face lit up immediately. She stood up and gave me a big hug before rushing off.

I sat down to collect my thoughts when I noticed Mara and Alfie had just walked in. Mara had a blue and white striped skirt, a blue cardigan and yellow ballet flats. A silver Love necklace, that Jerome had given her before break, hung around her neck. Her brown eyes sparkled with excitement and her brown hair, that was longer than last year, was pulled back in a half up/half down way. Next to her Alfie stood in grey jeans, a blue button up shirt and red high-tops.

"Alfie!" I heard Amber squeal as Alfie ran up the stairs. Mara looked up with an amused look on her face, she then looked around. When she saw me she rolled her dark purple suitcase to sit next to the sofa I sat on and sat with a nervous smile playing on her lips.

"Hi, Nina." she said warmly.

"Hey, Mara!" I greeted.

"Listen, I know we've never hung out and I was just wondering if you would like to get some coffee with me sometime, so we could get to know each other better…?" she drifted off.

"Yeah, sure. I would love to." I replied.

"Great, um, how about Saturday, ten o'clock?" she asked, clearly feeling a bit more confident.


"Awesome! I'm going to go unpack. See you later." she waved goodbye before heading up the wooden stairs.

The next to come is Fabian, he was wearing a blue plaid shirt, jeans and vans. Very Fabian. I run up to him and wrap my arms around his neck. He jumps but smiles once he realizes it's me.

"Hey, Nina. How was your summer?" he asked, his brown eyes twinkling.

"Great! Yours?"

"Very good, thank you." he said. He stared into my eyes and began to lean in. just as our lips were about to touch-

"Hey, I'm walking in the room, do not lip-lock." That was the voice of none-other-than Jerome Clarke, Mara's boyfriend. Yep, they've been together about three months. Crazy, huh? He was dressed in his usual style, a blue pin-stripe shirt, sleeves right over his elbows, black vest, blue jeans and vans while his dirty blonde hair was swept to the side. He always looked very professional.

"Hi, Jerome." I said slightly smiling.

"Nina, Rutter. Do either of you know where Mara is?" he asked looking around.

"I think she's upstairs unpacking." I replied.

"Thank you. Please wait until I leave the room before continuing your smooch-fest." he said smirking while he walked up the stairs.

After he left Fabian and I were a centimeter apart when we heard a blood curdling scream.


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