Title: With Your Eyes Half-Closed.
By: Kaara.
Disclaimer: Naruto is owned by Kishimoto and associates.
Rating: A range of PG until R, mostly for language, sexual situations and stuff.
Note: So. There's this 100fics challenge with prompts and stuff and I thought it's a pretty rad reason to write shitty little drabbles on Genma/Ino, since I'm forever deprived of them anyway so why not do it myself ha ha I'm seriously in a whole new realm of pathetic. But anyway. 100 drabbles. Will be updated randomly; some will be short, some might just spawn into something more. I don't know. But it helps. Therapeutic, even. Oh yes, warning for changing tenses between drabbles. Yeah.

So. Um. Enjoy, I guess? More slice-of-life thing. I'd love to get feedback, just so you know.

001. Smoke

"That's a filthy habit," Genma remarks, languidly chewing on his senbon as he waits for Ino to finish writing their mission report. His bandaged wound itches something fierce and he thinks that the faster he can get home (get Ino home, into a hot shower or something, preferably with a lot of nakedness involved), the better. The thought cheers him up considerably and he scoots closer to the chuunin, digs his chin into her shoulder.

Ino takes a drag from the cigarette perched daintily between her lips and gives him a minute glance, a half-scoff. "I don't complain about your oral fixation, so stop bitching about mine."

002. Sex

Sakura looks skeptical. "He's old."

"Who cares," Ino shrugs. The club thrums around them, pulsating with life and everything fast and beautiful. She catches Genma's eyes from across the room (again) and deliberately arranges herself into a pose that better showcases the amount of skin she isn't covering. His eyes darken and she can tell, even in the dimly-lit orchestrated chaos around them. Ino licks her lips. Her blood sings in anticipation. "I heard he can go on all night. And then some."

"Rumours," Sakura dismisses with a flick of her wrist, her lips a thin, cherry-red line of disapproval. Always a prude, until you get enough alcohol in her. "You don't know if it's true."

Ino picks up her drink (something colourful and delightfully bitter, probably poisonous) and presses a kiss against Sakura's cheek, a trail of sticky lipstick and glitter. "Well, time to find out."

003. Boredom

Genma looks into the hospital room with an expression bordering apprehension. Which he doesn't really wear that often (nonchalance is pretty much his default expression anyway) but it's pretty self-explanatory because he remembers the room to be pristine-white, not this madhouse of colours. It looks as though a garden has sprouted overnight inside, flowers cascading in thick waves between darkgreen foliage. Come to think about it, that might not be too far from the truth.

He spots Ino smack in the middle, she of the prettily-scowling face.

"It got out of control again, huh?"

She flings her hands up in exasperation. "I can't help it! I told them to discharge me but they won't listen!"

"You just need to calm down." Genma spots a chair and drags it close to the bed, pulling at the tangles of ivy creepers that cover its plastic. "This, uh, ability is feeding on your emotions."

"I'm bored," she sulks, glaring at the cluster of geraniums inches away from her toes. The geraniums flutter for a second, before they change colours. Ino turns to Genma, a flash of hysteria in her eyes. "Get me out. Please."

"It's Hokage's order to keep you here. Until they figure out what's wrong with you."

"There's nothing wrong with me!"

"There's a mini jungle growing inside your hospital room, Ino," he charitably points out. "You're a walking natural disaster."

Ino sulks harder and the vines coiled around the headboard turn threateningly spiky. "I can't believe you just called me a disaster."

Genma reaches out and cups his fingers around the soft curves of her face, his thumb rubbing soothing circles to appease her before her new ability erupts into something more dangerous. Knowing how viciously protective Tsunade can be when it comes to her hospital, Genma rather not aggravate the situation. "You know what I mean."

She leans into his touch, expression clearing out from the petulant scowl she has been wearing all morning and lips curling into a pleased half-smile. Her eyes flutter close, accompanied by a contented purr that skitters straight to Genma's groin. He debates kissing her right then and there, already halfway out of his seat to follow that train of thought through when he realises that something is poking at him.

There are giant roses. With equally gigantic thorns, blooming over the pale gold of Ino's hair like a grotesque bouquet of red-and-gold.

Genma sighs in defeat and gingerly extracts his face from the threat of disfigurement through mutinous plants. Ino blinks at him. "This sucks."

004. Death

"I'd die for you!"

Ino's lips twisted into a sneer and she cocked her hip, contempt darkening her eyes. The setting sun painted hues of orange and yellow over grey concrete, over the contours of her face and it would've been romantic if she was not poised to cut. "And I'm supposed to feel flattered for that?"

The young man reeled back. Genma could see panic settling into the handsome features. Pity, to fall for Yamanaka Ino, of all people. "I-I thought-"

"Dying is child's play," she snapped and she could be cruel, Genma had known her to be crueler. She could divide and conquer hearts with a smile, break them just as easy. "What use are you to me if you're dead?"


Ino's eyes caught Genma's, lingered like a secret even as she said, "Once you're strong enough to live, then come and find me."


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