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Tori Mitchell

Tori writes her name on a pretty pink notebook. She just got married a few hours ago and now she's on her way to Hawaii with her new husband, Logan Mitchell. Their wedding was perfect and now they're off to celebrate their marriage. Tori doesn't even care that they're what some would call too young for marriage. Tori and Logan both know that they're ready for it. Besides, their family and friends support them, so they don't care about the opinions from complete strangers. As long as they have each other and their loved ones, they're happy. Right now, they're on the plane to Maui, where they will be staying for the next week. Logan is asleep with his head resting against the window, but Tori woke up about twenty minutes ago.

She looks at her husband, adoring how precious he looks when he sleeps. She reaches out to play with his hair, giggling when he mumbles in his sleep. She touches his cheek, stroking the soft skin. She can't wait until he wakes up, so she can get a kiss. She hasn't gotten any kisses from this boy for the past three hours. She really misses getting affection from him. Anyway, she takes her eyes off him and she looks around at the other passengers. They're sitting in first class, which they like a lot better than coach. It's way more comfortable.

"Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, we will be landing in Maui shortly."

Tori watches as Logan stirs awake, giving him a smile.

"It's about time you woke up." She says.

"Real funny." Logan says, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. He pulls her close and she rests her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes when he kisses her forehead. She slowly lifts her head so she can look at him, waiting for that kiss. She finally gets what she wants, but they pull away when they notice the plane descending. Logan squeaks and grabs a hold of her, remembering his secret fear of heights. Tori definitely remembers now. During their tour last summer, Logan and the guys would stand on a fairly tall platform and it took a few tries for Logan to become completely use to it. Tori remembers how she couldn't help laughing during rehearsal when she watched the boys perform Love Me Love Me and they had to jump on and off the trampoline. One time, Jade even had to go onstage and push Logan off the platform because he wouldn't jump himself.

"Babe, it's not that scary." She says as the plane speeds down the runway.

"That's what you think." Logan says as the plane comes to a complete stop. Tori rolls her eyes as they start getting their carry on luggage from the overhead compartment. Then they struggle to leave the crowded plane, forceful squeezing their way through the crowd. They finally step off the plane and into the airport. Hmm...Oh, they've gotta get their luggage!

They go to luggage pickup and find their luggage, then they start walking toward the exit. They were told that a limo would be picking them up. Sure enough, a long black limousine is waiting for them. While the bellhop puts their luggage in the trunk, the driver opens the door and they get into the vehicle. Once the door is closed, Tori crawls onto her husband's lap and wraps her arms around his neck, dragging him into a kiss. She giggles when he wraps his arm around her waist, deepening the kiss.

The limo starts moving and Logan tightens his arms around Tori so she doesn't fall. She plays with the color of his leather jacket for a couple minutes, then she moves off his lap so she's sitting next to him. She intertwines their fingers, snuggling close to him. Still holding Tori's hand, he starts looking at his phone.

The limo goes about fifteen miles farther before it arrives at the villa where they'll be staying. The driver opens the door for them and they start unloading their luggage, thanking the driver as he goes to help them.

"Congratulations on your marriage." He tells them before getting back into the limo.

"Um, thank you!" Tori says, watching as he drives away.

"Hey, let's take our stuff inside." Logan says, grabbing the luggage. They begin taking their luggage into the villa, surprised when they see the inside of the villa. Wow, it's so big and beautiful! Yep, this is definitely gonna be a fun vacation. Anyway, they start taking their suitcases and putting them in the proper places. Once they have done that, they sigh in relief, happy that they can finally start their perfect honeymoon.

"And now that we've done that..." Logan says flirtatiously, grabbing Tori's waist. They share a few soft, sweet, and gentle kisses, laughing between each one. Tori's hand rests on the back of his neck, kissing him with passion. She places soft kisses along his jawline and neck, laughing when he lets out a relaxed breath. She can tell that he's enjoying this.

She pulls away from his neck, laughing when he whines.

"Why'd you stop?" He asks her.

"Because I don't wanna stay here making out when we've got a vacation to enjoy." She says as she grabs his hand, leading him out of the room. "And take that jacket off! It's too hot for a jacket!"

"When did you become my wife?" Logan retorts playfully.

"Uh, five hours ago." Tori says, slapping his chest. Logan laughs and pushes her hand away. Tori rolls her eyes and ruffles his hair before walking back into their room, looking through her suitcase. She wants to go swimming in the beautiful pool out back. She smiles as she finds her purple bikini, walking into the private bathroom. Once she has changed out of her clothes and into the bathing suit, she looks at herself in the mirror. Her straight brown hair looks different than it did just a few hours ago. After the reception, they went back to the suite where she and the girls stayed and she straightened her curly hair with her flat iron. She loved her wedding hairstyle, but she enjoys trying different hairstyles.

She admires her wedding ring, smiling when a pair of strong arms hug her waist from behind. She leans back in Logan's embrace, looking at their reflection in the mirror. Relaxed, she closes her eyes, giggling when Logan kisses her cheek.

"Hey, sexy lady." He whispers, kissing her ear.

"You're just saying that because I'm wearing a bikini."

"You would look hot in anything." Logan says, rubbing her shoulders.

"Aww," Tori says sweetly, turning to look at him. "You're too sweet. Anyway, put your swim shorts on! I wanna go swimming in the pool."

Logan grins and kisses her cheek before walking out of the bathroom. Tori smiles dreamily as she returns her attention to the mirror. She's got the perfect husband, you know? Logan Mitchell is everything she could ever want. He's smart, funny, talented, athletic, incredibly sweet, and so cute. She can see why his fans love him so much. Speaking of fans, she remembers how life was before she ever met Logan. Cat was just another one of the millions of "Rushers," but now she's dating James Diamond, Ryleigh is dating Kendall Knight, and Tori is married to Logan Mitchell. They went from being fans to Big Time Rush girlfriends/wife. And let's not forget what happened that changed their lives forever. The night they met, they were in a car accident with a chemical truck and they got superpowers. No, Tori isn't lying. This really did happen. Logan can see things before they happen and Tori can climb walls and ceilings and she can walk through doors and walls.

"You can come out now!" Logan tells her.

She leaves the bathroom and finds Logan wearing his grey and white checkered swimshorts.

"Okay, let's go." She says, reaching for his hand. They leave the bedroom and walk toward the backdoor, walking outside. Suddenly, Logan runs toward the pool and jumps in, managing to splash Tori, getting her soaking wet. He laughs when she crosses her arms and gives him a stern look.

"You're gonna get wet anyway." He says as he swims to the edge of the pool, holding out his hands. Tori sighs as she takes his hands, allowing him to help her into the pool. She wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a kiss.

"You know, you look really good in purple." He whispers in her ear.

"And you look great shirtless."

"I know."



They seem to be enjoying their honeymoon so far! Will the excitement last? *suspenseful music* LOL

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