"We're gonna be on AM LA!" Cat squeals, jumping on the couch. They're in the waiting area at the studio, waiting to be called onto the stage. Apparently, Cat has been enjoying their snack table and ate a little too much chocolate. Meanwhile, Tori and Logan are sitting on another couch with McKenna, who is enjoying a nap. Mama Knight and Logan's mom will be taking care of her while her parents are being interviewed, but Kyle Martin just might ask them to bring her on later in the show. They were talking to the celebrity news reporter a few minutes ago and he told them how adorable she is. He also mentioned that the audience would probably love to see her.

"Guys, let's go." Kelly says, peeking into the room. Tori hands McKenna over to Mama Knight before following her husband and friends out the door. She feels so nervous about this interview. She doesn't even know why. It's just that she hasn't really done any interviews in months, so she's worried that she won't know what to do. She knows that an interview simply means answering questions, but she's worried that she won't know what to say. What if Kyle comments on her extra weight? She's far from being fat, but she's definitely not stick thin either. She's slightly heavier since she had McKenna.

"You look nervous." Logan whispers, wrapping his arm around her.

"I am!" Tori replies, getting closer to him. She's really freaking out. In fact, she can't wait until this interview is over. She just wants to go home and lay down with her daughter. What if her anxiety is noticeable? What if Kyle and the audience can tell that she's nervous? She doesn't wanna be the subject of more media controvery. She can see the headline now: TORI VEGA SCREWS UP AM LA INTERVIEW. Wouldn't that be awful?

"Just go and sit in those seats over there." Kelly tells them, pointing to the stage. A long table with ten different seats (one for the reporter and nine for BTR and VicTORious) is sitting right in the middle. The audience murmurs excitedly as they walk onto the stage. Tori sits next to Logan, reaching for his hand. She squeezes his hand, awkwardly waving at the excited fans. Of course, she tries not to seem awkward, but she's pretty sure that her awkwardness was showing. Ugh, how embarrassing.

"You ready to start the show?" Kyle asks, sitting between James and Kendall.

"My brother's favorite show is Dora The Explorer." Cat tells him. Kyle tries not to act creeped out, but Tori and the others can tell that her comment baffled him. For the most part, he seems to like every BTR and VicTORious band member, but Cat, James, and Jade kind of creep him out. Cat, because of her random and sometimes confusing comments. James, because of his obsession with Cuda and stories about his weird cousin. Jade, because...Well, Kyle says he gets creeped out just by looking at her.

"Um, okay." Kyle says slowly. The stage manager counts backwards from five, then the show begins. "Hello, I'm Kyle Martin and this is AM LA. Today, I have Big Time Rush and VicTORious with me. How's it going, guys?"

"Great." They all say in unison.

"You know, Tori and Logan have a beautiful little girl that was born just two weeks ago." Kyle tells the audience. "Awww" is heard from several people in the large crowd.

"Yes, she's adorable." Logan says proudly, still holding Tori's hand. She's trying to look as calm as possible, but she's screaming on the inside. What is she suppose to say? She can't just sit here and not talk, but she doesn't wanna sound stupid either. Why couldn't she be like her friends? None of them are freaking out.

"Tori, you look amazing, considering that you're a new mother." Kyle tells her.

"Um, thanks." Tori smiles, hoping that it looks real.

"What about the rest of you? Do you have a significant other?" Kyle asks the rest of the band members.

"Yeah, we're all taken." Kendall tells.

"I bet your fans are disappointed." Kyle jokes.

"Sorry, guys." Ryleigh apologizes to the audience, giving them a smile. How are they all so calm? Tori feels like she's gonna throw up. Seriously, she's panicking. Holding Logan's hand keeps her from having a total panic attack, but her hands feel really sweaty. She really hopes that no one can tell. Gosh, why? Why can't she seem to relax? She just wants to have a nice, relaxing interview. She wants to seem all happy and enthusiastic like her friends. They don't seem to be having any problem. McKenna! She needs McKenna! She needs her baby. Holding McKenna always calms her down.

"I know you all have successful music careers, but I wanna know when I'm can be expecting any of you to be appearing in TV and film." Kyle says eagerly.

"Well, I've been reading a script for a new movie." Jade tells him, sounding a lot nicer than she normally does. Tori didn't think that she was capable of being nice to anyone. However, she can be perfectly friendly to reporters. Wow, Tori feels really anxious right now. She wants McKenna. She needs her daughter.

"You okay?" Logan whispers as quietly as possible.

"Mmm hmm." Tori nods.

"Are you sure?" Logan whispers slowly.

"Yeah." Tori squeaks. Logan gently kisses her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. She manages to keep a smile on her face as the interview continues, even though she still feels anxious.

"So let's see that little angel of yours." Kyle suggests, apparently noticing Tori's anxiousness. He motions to someone backstage and Tori clutches Logan's hand, starting to relax a little bit. Yeah, she'll be a lot calmer when she can have McKenna back in her arms. She's a new mom that finds it hard to be away from her baby for more than five minutes.

She smiles when the backstage assistant walks onstage with McKenna, who is whimpering. But she quiets down once she is placed in Tori's arms.

"This is our little girl, McKenna Lane Mitchell." She says proudly, giving the audience a glimpse of the adorable newborn baby.

"She's beautiful." Kyle tells her.

"She's taking a nap right now." Logan says, touching McKenna's hand.

"Are any of you gonna be getting hitched anytime soon?" Kyle asks the others. "Since Logan and Tori got married, a lot of fans have been wondering when the rest of you plan on getting hitched."

"Well, speaking of that," James says, standing up. "I have a question for my beautiful girlfriend."

He reaches for Cat's hand and they walk around the table, so their bodies are no longer hidden by the table. Kyle obviously knows what's gonna happen and Tori has a pretty good guess too. Oh my gosh...She thought that James wasn't into that committment stuff, but Tori's pretty sure that James is about to make the biggest committment ever. Is he seriously gonna do this? And what will Cat say? She always talks about her future with James, but she told Tori that he doesn't seem to like the idea of marriage.

They all watch as James gets down on one knee. Cat's eyes widen in shock, just like everyone else's.

"Cat, I'm gonna make this real short." James says, taking a small box out of his jeans pocket. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Cat squeals, tearing up as James slips an engagement ring onto her wedding finger. As soon as he stands up, Cat jumps into his arms and gives him a passionate kiss. The audience, Kyle, and their bandmates cheer, including Tori. Her nerves have went away completely now and all she can think about is how excited she is about James and Cat's engagement. Aww, their little red head is growing up. In all honesty, it's weird thinking that the cutest and most random girl at Hollywood Arts is gonna be someone's wife. It's cool, though. James and Cat are totally ready for this.

"Well, that was...unexpected." Kyle says, rubbing the back of his neck. "I wasn't expecting to see a marriage proposal today. If I had, I would have brought a gift."

"Just bring me another stuffed giraffe!" Cat tells him. "My purple giraffe needs a friend!"

"Um, sure." Kyle says awkwardly. "Anyway, let's talk about your next albums!"

"That was awesome!" Andre says as they walk offstage.

"Yeah, it was full of surprises." Carlos says, glancing at James and Cat.

"We're really happy for you guys." Beck tells the newly engaged couple.

Logan pats James's shoulder and ruffles Cat's hair, keeping his other arm around Tori. He definitely wasn't expecting to see James and Cat get engaged today, but he's excited. He and Tori married young and they are very happy together. James and Cat will probably be the same way. Yeah, James has had some committment issues in the past, but it seems like he has grown up a lot. It's sad to think that there will be haters trying to predict their divorce. It's kind of mean when Logan thinks about it.

"That was an awesome show, wasn't it?" Tori whispers to him, still cradling McKenna.

"And you were all nervous at first." Logan teases, kissing the top of her head. He laughs when she gives him a look, smiling playfully. Hey, he noticed that she was a little antsy at the beginning of the interview. She normally isn't an overly nervous person, but she looked like she was gonna be sick. In fact, he was starting to worry about her. It's a good thing that the assistant brought McKenna to her.

"Don't remind me." Tori mutters, smiling as he gives her a gentle squeeze.

"Can I remind you how much I love you?"

"I don't mind that at all." Tori grins as he gives her a passionate kiss.

"I love you." Logan says, resting his forehead against hers. With one arm wrapped around her waist, his other hand touches McKenna's. His life definitely isn't the same anymore, but he doesn't mind it at all. He has everything that he could ever want. A loving life, a beautiful daughter, wonderful friends and family, and a successful career. He's very blessed. He feels like all of his dreams have come true. No, he's not a doctor like he originally planned, but he's got a great life.

Life is good and it's only gonna get better.

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