I've worked harder on the grammar/spelling as well as changed situations and timelines to fit the overall look of my Hawkeye epic. This is Hawkeye as it is book 2 of my overall Clint Barton story arc.

please enjoy!

Author note: Ok, so this was based on some shameless Clint whump I wanted to personally enjoy, so all my painiacs will be veritably pleased! Because I love the friendship between Tony and Clint, I was more than happy to slap them around a little. So in the end this is a sort of the building of their friendship story, Clint's origin story, and crack all at once. Hope you enjoy!

Lithium Hawkeye


"Barton? Hey you still with me?"

"Emm fine..."

"You certainly are a fine specimen of a man but fine health-wise you definitely are not. I'll prove it. Give me a kiss."


"See, if you were fine, you would have socked me across the face. I am left unblemished."


"Barton? Are you still with me?"

usually my prologues are longer than my author notes, but this book is special like that.

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