When seventeen year old Bella Swan is taken one night by a deranged man, she finds herself having to play 'house' or end up another murdered victim. However, she is not alone in this twisted fantasy and immediately meets eighteen year old Edward. The question is, how long has he been there and can she get them out? Or better yet, does he want to leave?

Chapter 1: A Mothers Worst Nightmare

POV: Esme

June 20th, 1996

The sun beat down through the window and onto my face, immediately warming the skin there and creating a pleasant glow behind my eye lids. Most like their curtains closed when they wake up but I have always enjoyed the sun shining upon me when I wake up. I shifted slightly, allowing my body to stretch when I felt the familiar sensation of lips ghosting across my neck and shoulder. I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face as I slowly opened my eyes to be greeted by the baby blue eyes of the love of my life, Carlisle.

Carlisle and I met in our first year of college. He was a bit of a play-boy back then and despite his charm and ability to make me swoon I resisted his attempts at first; I didn't want to be another notch on his bed post. I only lasted two months before I gave in and let him take me on a date, I just couldn't resist him anymore. We were attached at the hip from that moment on and I knew that night we would marry someday.

I was right.

As soon as we made eye contact I saw his mouth pull up into his infamous crooked smile that always melted me into a pile of goo, even after eight years of marriage. "I've been waiting for you to wake up forever." He whispered as me as he placed another open mouthed kiss on my shoulder.

"Oh I feel just horrible for making you wait. How can I make it up to you?" I said innocently though I came out more as a low hum. I was becoming breathless and my heart was beating out of my chest but this was nothing new. The things this man could do to my body were earth shattering. I felt his smile against my skin; he knew what he did to me and revelled in it. His lips crashed into mine paralyzing me for a moment in their intensity but I soon returned his kiss with equal fervour.

"I can think of a number of ways." He said coyly and I couldn't help but giggle like a school girl. I swear he was insatiable sometimes and I bet that even when we're ninety he'll still be pulling out the Cullen charm on me. I pulled his head back for another searing kiss and could feel him pressing me deeper into the mattress when the baby monitor sprang to life with the cries and mumblings of a little girl. He groaned in frustration and hid his face into the crook of my neck. I could help but laugh even though I was worked up and a little frustrated myself.

"We shouldn't keep her majesty waiting." I said lightly over the wailing. Alice was our one and half year old adopted daughter. After I conceived and gave birth our son Edward I had to have an emergency hysterectomy due to unsuspected complications during the delivery, thus eliminating my ability to have another child. I had gone into a deep depression for the first three months of my son's life, one I will forever regret as I missed out on so many little things in my daze. Many would tell me that therapy and medication were what brought me through and while they had no doubt helped I knew without a doubt it was Carlisle and my son that carried me through those dark weeks.

That was five years ago and though it took a while, eight months ago we were finally able to complete our adoption process and took home baby Alice. I couldn't love her any more than I did Edward and while she was a bossy little thing she had us all completely wrapped her little finger, especially Edward. She was a blessing I was grateful for, both my children were.

"I'll get Alice, why don't you get Edward. I'm sure he's already bouncing off the walls in his room." He said while chuckling as he lifted himself up and off the bed, giving the perfect view of his toned body. He was utter perfection and he was mine.

He noticed my staring and smirked. "See something you like Mrs. Cullen?"

"Most definitely Mr. Cullen." I sent him a wink and he shook his head before making his way over to me quickly and pecking me on the lips.

"Tonight once the kids are in bed you're all mine, all night long." He promised and I shivered in delight. I nodded and kissed him back before he grabbed his robe off the side chair, slipped it on and walked out of the room. I copied his motions with my own robe, using the en suit bathroom quickly before heading down the hall to Edward's room. As I reached his door I could hear the squeaking of springs moving and I shook my head.

When I opened the door I was not surprised to see him jumping up and down on the bed in his Spiderman pyjamas. He had a shocking head of auburn coloured hair that was similar to mine, but matched my mother and sister Lizzy perfectly, and could never be tamed. In addition he had my green eyes, though if you looked closely you could sometimes see flecks of blue. Many joke that if it wasn't for his facial structure and disposition that you would never know that Carlisle had a son.

While I loved seeing him so care free he knows the no jumping on beds rule so I immediately put my hand on my hip before speaking. "Edward Anthony Cullen, stop jumping on your bed this instant." My voice was stern but I tried to keep it gentle as well. I hated being mad at him but he could get hurt so it was necessary.

He sighed but stopped, wobbling a little as he tried to keep his balance. "But mom it's my birthday!" He whined, unleashing the full force of his green puppy-dog eyes on me. That was definitely something that Alice taught him to do. I swear it was going to be the death of me or rather my resolve. Must not cave, must not cave!

"I don't care Edward, get off the bed now or we're not going to fair today." I said seriously though I was anything but. I wasn't going to cancel our family celebration of his birthday but he didn't know that. At my words he jumped down immediately and ran up to me, wrapping his arms around my mid section. He was getting so tall!

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. Okay I'm down now, we're still going right? Please!" He begged and I smiled at him.

"Since you got down yes we are going but you need to get dressed and have breakfast first. Any requests?"

He nodded his head quickly. "Pancakes with choco-chips!" He said excitedly and I laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Alight chocolate chip pancakes for the birthday boy." I smiled at him, unable to hold it back, and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. I absolutely adored my son and it was the simple everyday things I appreciated the most.

"Ewww mom!" He wiped his cheek dramatically and I couldn't help but laugh.

"What's wrong with my kisses huh?" I asked.

"I'm not a baby anymore, I'm five today. Matt's doesn't let his mom kiss him either. Imma a man now." He puffed out his chest and I snorted in amusement. Kids.

"Well I happen to know that Matt's mom does still kiss him and you're never too old for a mothers kiss." I said seriously before pouting dramatically. "You don't want to hurt my feelings do you?"

He huffed. "Fine but not in front of my friends kay?" He asked and I nodded in agreement though I'm pretty sure I would break that promise some-time in the future. I heard a throat clear behind me and turned around to see Carlisle holding little Alice in his arms while she sucked on her pacifier. Hopefully in the next few weeks we could wean her off that thing, it wasn't good for her teeth. He had dressed her in a pretty light purple dress, white stockings and black shoes. Her raven black hair came down to her shoulders in waves while a few butterfly clips were placed to keep it tidy.

"Morning dad!" Edward called out as he started rummaging through his dresser drawers and pulling out random items. One of us would have to intercede and soon, the poor boy had no idea how to properly match his clothing. Last time we let him choose his clothing he picked out a pair of lime green swimming shorts with turtles on them and a deep blue turtleneck shirt. Apparently a turtle neck shirt and turtle designed shorts meant that they matched in a four year olds mind. He strutted around thinking he was the hottest thing since sliced bread and we made sure to get plenty of pictures to show him some day.

And, of course, we needed blackmail for when he was a teenager.

"Morning M&M." Carlisle responded. Edward had recently started the piano and his music teacher, aka me, found that he had a natural talent that went beyond his age. Carlisle took to calling him Mini Mozart or M&M for short. I was excited for our next lesson on Tuesday. There was nothing better than sitting on the piano bench with my son while he worked diligently to learn a new song. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years I would have to hand him over to another teacher as he would no doubt surpass my musical abilities.

Carlisle walked up to me and handed me Alice since she was reaching for me. I took her and cradled her effortlessly in my arms while she played with an errand strand of my hair. "Why don't I help the birthday boy get changed while you start breakfast. We'll be down soon." He said to me and I nodded.

"What do you think Alice, that sound good to you?" I cooed. She looked up at me with her hazel, almost golden, eyes studying my face before deciding my hair was still more interesting. I chuckled and walked out of the room. "See you boys downstairs."

When I get the kitchen I placed Alice in her highchair before kissing the top of her head and heading over the cabinets. I took out all the ingredients needed for the pancakes as well as the griddle and began to work. It wasn't long before I had a small pile of pancakes stacked on a plate and I smiled while I continued working, humming under my breath.

Edward came barrelling into the kitchen in a simple pair of jeans a green lantern t-shirt, his father right behind him. Edward immediately went to Alice and climbed up onto the chair next to her high chair.

"Morning Ali!" He said cheerfully before kissing her on the cheek. Like I said, she had Edward wrapped around her little finger and he was a good big brother to her. "Guess what, it's my birthday today. I'm five!" He said happily, holding up his right hand and spreading out of his fingers towards her. She looked at him for a moment before placing her tiny hand on his making it look like she was giving him a high five.

A flash went off and I looked over to see my camera happy husband snapping a few photos of them together. Seriously, we had to have at least three albums alone from the last few months since we brought home Alice and 90% of them are from him. Photography was always a hobby he enjoyed.

I chuckled as I turned back around and flipped the last pancake letting it cook for a moment before adding it to the pile and bringing it to the table. Reading my mind, Carlisle grabbed the jug of orange juice and some plates, taking them to the table while I finished up with breakfast.

"Love I'm just going to take a quick shower and get dressed. Save me a few." He said and I nodded my head before he kissed my cheek and leaving the room. I dished out Edward's, smothering it in syrup just as he liked it. Normally I wouldn't give him so much but it was his special day so I figured he could be spoiled a bit.

It took him mere seconds to begin shovelling it in and I was glad I thought ahead to tuck a cloth into his shirt to keep his clothes clean. While he went to town I helped Alice eat her own meal, cutting it up and helping her bring the fork to her mouth, taking bites of my own breakfast along the way. For a toddler, she was a remarkably clean eater though like her brother I also covered her with a cloth, you can never be too careful.

Carlisle came in just as we finished eating and I snorted when I saw he decided to match his son with his own Green Lantern t-shirt. It was his favourite cartoon when he was younger—still is—and he passed that love onto Edward. I had to admit it was rather adorable, especially when Edward's eyes lit up at the sight of his dad.

"We match!"

Carlisle chuckled and ruffled his hair. I gave him the stink eye, Edward's hair was messy enough without him adding to it. "That we do buddy."

"That's soooo cool."

Carlisle sat down and helped himself to whatever was left. He told me to go ahead and get ready while he ate and watched the kids. I readily agreed and hurried upstairs to take a quick shower. After I did my hair, tucking it back into a pony tail, and applied a light coat of make-up I went into our walk in closet, gazing at the selection. I needed to be comfortable as we would be running around all day so I picked out a simple black, white and red sleeveless summer dress and some nice tan sandals.

I grabbed my purse and a large beach bag and headed to both Alice and Edward's rooms. I picked out some basic extra clothing because you never knew when you would need them when you have two young children, messes are attracted to them like bee's to honey. A sweater Edward wore the other day was on his chair, it was still clean so I threw it in just in case it got cold and I did the same for Alice. I also made sure to stock up on hand wipes and sun-tan lotion, as it was a rare bright and sunny day in Seattle.

I picked up Alice's baby bag full of her diapers and such and headed down stairs, my arms full. When going out with children you need to be well prepared, better safe than sorry.

When I made it to the kitchen Carlisle was washing the dishes while Alice and Edward coloured some pictures. Well, Edward coloured, Alice drew random lines on the page.

I put the bags down on the table and went over to my babies. "What are you two drawing?"

"A bear. Dad said he should be brown but I like him blue." Edward nodded decisively and continued colouring his bear blue.

"Well I like it blue to, your dad is just crazy."

"I heard that!" Carlisle yelled from his place at the sink. Both Edward and I laughed.

I turned to Alice. "And what are you colouring sweetheart?"

"Pane!" She said happily, slapping her hand on her drawing a few times. Her page was littered with random streaks of colour but underneath I could see the outline of an airplane.

"Well aren't you two just little Picasso's, these will have to go on the fridge."

"Mom, what's a Pickatto?" Edward tilted his head in confusion and I tried not to laugh at his butchering of the poor man's name.

"Picasso," I said slowly, "he was a very famous painter."


And that was the end of that conversation as he turned back to his picture. As we had to go soon Carlisle and I got everything ready and loaded in to the car. The kids were where we left them though Edward had taken the initiative to place the picture himself on the fridge with a magnet and started another.

"You guys ready to go?"

"Ya!" Edward cheered, jumping off the chair. There was a two second beat before Alice followed with her own "Ya!" though no matter how much she wiggled she couldn't get down to copy her big brother. I could tell she was about to start crying so I quickly scooped her up and placed her on the ground. As soon as her feet touched the tile she was off running after her brother as fast as her tiny chubby legs could carry her.

"Edar way." She cried out. Translation: Edward wait.

Edward stopped and allowed her to catch up, taking her hand. "C'mon Ali." I smiled as I followed behind them as we walked to the garage. Carlisle took care of buckling Edward into his booster seat while I did the same with Alice and her car seat. I gave Edward a few of his cars and Alice one of her books. She can't read yet but she always enjoys looking at the pictures.

It took about fifteen minutes to get down to grounds where the fair was being held. This particular fair came every year around the same time so since Edward was two we had celebrated his birthday here. On the weekend we would have a small party with some of his friends but today was for family.

Edward could hardly sit still after we parked and tried to get them out of their seats. Alice was calm but Edward practically looked like he had hooked him up to some electric current and was vibrating

"Buddy, you need to stop moving or we're never going to get in." Carlisle said with a chuckle. Horrified, he immediately became as still as a statue with the exception of his left foot that he kept twirling. I had Alice buckled in her stroller when Edward was finally freed.

The four of us stroll up to the front gate that has a small line waiting to get in. The small fair ground that this fair is set up on is surrounding by simple chain fences with a single entrance that has four small booths that sell tickets in. When its our turn Carlisle pays for our entrance along with four bracelets that will give us unlimited access to the rides. Nothing spectacular, just the usual things like the Ferris Wheel or the haunted house.

We spend the next two hours going on rides and checking out the different game and craft booths. Eventually it almost noon and I can tell everyone is getting hungry.

"Hun, why don't you go and get us some food, we'll wait around here for you and then find a nice bench or patch of grass." I suggest to Carlisle.

"Sounds good, how do hot dogs sound?"

"Edward would you like a hot dog for lunch?" I ask him, since it is his birthday.

"Yup. Can I have cotton candy after?"

"We'll see." I answer, debating if I really want him on a sugar rush when he's already so energetic today. As Carlisle walks off to one of the many food stands nearby we wander around this small area, looking at all the neat sights.

"Mom, look at the fish!" Edward squeals as he pulled me towards another game booth. There were tiny bowls of water filled with fish, the bowls squished together in the center of the booth on a square table. From what I could see you threw ping pong balls and tried to get one in, if you did you won a fish. "Can I try please, please, please." He begged.

His eyes were wide and pleading and I sighed, giving in to him. Carlisle and I had discussed allowing him to get a pet, since he had been asking for a while, so I figured we could see how we did with a fish first. "Alright but one game, your father should be back soon alright."

"Okay!" He said, so excited he was bouncing up and down eyeing the fish happily. I looked at the pricing for the game. I could get five balls for $5 or ten balls for $8.

I signalled the man running the booth to me and he came right over. He was tall and lanky with a head of black hair with some stubble on his chin. He had a name tag that said Alistair. "How are we doing to today ma'am?" He said pleasantly, putting on the charm. Deep down I knew these games were pretty much fixed, allowing just enough people to win to avoid suspicion but still making it extremely difficult. Still, Edward had his heart set on trying and today was his day and his request was within reason. What's one little game?

"I'm good thank you. Can I have five ping pong balls please." I said pleasantly, handing him the bill. He nodded quickly, placing the money in his pocket and grabbing five balls out of one of the many buckets laying on his side of the booth.

"Are they for your son?" He asked and I nodded before he smiled and bent over a bit towards Edward. "Hold out your hand little man." He said kindly.

"I'm not little." Edward complained and I was about to chastise him for being rude but the man just laughed.

"My bad." He placed the balls in his palms. "You know what to do?" He asked.

"Yup, I got this." He said confidently and I laughed along with Alistair.

He squinted his eyes and gripped one of the little balls tightly in his hand, leaning forward slightly as much as he could. I was quite comical watching him take this so seriously. Carefully he threw it into the air but it gave a few bounces off the bowls before falling to the ground.

He scowled and prepared to fire again but was no successful than before. He did this three more times, each time ending in the same result. The ball would rise into the air before lightly touching down and bouncing off the glass. Every time there would be that one moment where it looked like it would fall in only to have it fall off at the last second.

"Good try buddy, maybe next time." Alistair said before going off to help someone else.

Edward's faced became sad as he eyed the little glass bowls. "I didn't win the fish." He said dejected, his eyes a little glossy. I was about to intervene and say that perhaps his father could win him one when a little pale arm appeared from the carriage. Alice tugged on Edward shirt bringing him closer before holding out one of her butterfly clips. He stared at it before allowing her to place it in his palm.

I smiled at the two of them as he examined it. "I think she's trying to make you feel better by giving you a gift." I said lightly. My children may not share blood but already I could see the bond there. I was so worried when we brought Alice home that Edward would feel neglected or like he was being replaced but it never happened. He took to Alice immediately, fascinated with her at first and then grew to love her intensely. Even when she annoyed him, which she had her moments like all children, he never raised his voice or was mean. Nothing made me happier than to see them interact like this.

He shrugged and placed it in his pocket before kissing her. "Thanks Ali." He said softly. I could tell he was still upset about the fish but Alice's actions seemed to have helped a little.

I took Edwards hand in mine as we began to walk forward a little, admiring all the colourful stands. Suddenly I felt something crash into me hard and I fell forward, my fingers letting go of Edwards hand while my other barely held onto the stroller. I regained my balance the second but felt like the wind was knocked out of me slightly.

"Oh my god I am sooo sorry. I was in such a rush and wasn't watching where I was going. You okay?" Said a woman's voice.

I shook my head to clear it and raised my eyes to see a tiny woman with platinum blonde hair that was cut into a bob. She appeared to be in mid to late twenties and was about 5'3. I was surprised someone so small was able to cause me to almost collapse. While her face was apologetic and looked like she was about to cry something about her stare unsettled me. Her ice blue eyes were piercing and had a, I don't know, this tinge to them that I just didn't like. They were cold, it was the only way to describe them. Still, I ignored it and gave her a smile. "It's alright, accidents happen." I said politely. I went to turn around and make sure Edward was alright when she grabbed my arm to gain my attention.

"Are you sure, you're not hurt are you? I can be such a klutz and scatterbrain sometimes. I apologize." She said quickly. Her eyes appeared to dart behind me for a second but it was so fast I wasn't sure. What I didn't miss was the gleam of satisfaction in her eyes that I didn't understand.

"Well no blood no foul." I joked uneasily, I couldn't shake this horrible feeling.

"Well that's good." She looked at her watch and her eyes bugged out. "Oh no I'm running late. I'm sorry to just leave but I have to go, sorry again." She gave me a smile and walked off quickly, not looking back.

"Well that was weird." I whispered to myself. "C'mon sweetheart lets go find daddy." I said sweetly as I turned around but frowned when Edward wasn't there. "Edward?" I called, looking into the crowd but I couldn't see his copper hair nearby. "EDWARD!" I called out but I got no reply over the noise.

There was a lady standing nearby with her daughter and I quickly rolled the stroller over to her. "Excuse me, have you seen a little boy about this height" I indicated to my waist, "copper hair and green eyes. He had on Green Lantern t-shirt." I said quickly.

She shook her head apologetically. "I'm sorry no."

I looked around again beginning to panic asking others if they had seen him but everyone said the same thing. It was so crowded, most people not evening paying attention to anything other than their friends and family. As my head turned frantically, searching, I saw a security guard and walked over to him, trying not to break down into tears. "Excuse me sir I need your help."

"What can I do you for ma'am." He said politely with an air of authority. He was massive in size with a set of dark hair that was cut very short that reminded me of the military. His eyes were a dark brown and shouted vigilance.

"I can't find my son, he was just with me a second ago and now I can't find him." I rushed off quickly, my eyes darting all over hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Oh god where is he!

"Calm down I'm sure he just wandered off it happens in all the time. I'll call it in and have the main gate and others on the look out. Now what his name and what does he look like?" He asked calmly.

"His name is Edward Cullen, he's five years old with redish brown hair and green eyes…wait I have a photo." I pulled out my wallet and handed the photo I took of Edward on New Years Eve. "He's also wearing blue jeans a Green Lantern shirt."

He took it from me and looked at it before nodding and took out his walkie talkie. "Randal this is Corin. Over."

"Demetri here, what do you need. Over." A male voice came from the devise in his hand.

"We got an Adam alert. Can you contact to the main gate and everyone else to be on the look out for a five year old boy, redish brown hair and green eyes. He was last seen wearing jeans and a Green Lantern shirt and responds to the name Edward Cullen. Over." He said professionally, giving me a small smile clearly trying to make me feel better but it didn't work.

"Esme!" I heard behind me and saw Carlisle walking over quickly with a worried expression on his face, food in his hand.

"Carlisle!" I couldn't stop the tears that started to fall when I met his eyes and he placed the food on a table he passed before running over.

"What's wrong what happened are you all right? Where's Edward?" He said calmly, putting his years in the ER to work by keeping a cool head.

"I don't know. He was beside me one minute and the next he was gone. Oh god Carlisle where is he? He knows not to walk off, what if someone took him. This is my fault, I accidently let go of his hand. What kind of mother am I?" I was beginning to lose control of myself, panic setting in as the tears came in greater force.

"Shhh shhh we'll find him love I'm sure something just caught his eye and wandered off. You are a wonderful mother, this kind of thing happens all the time." He tried to sooth me.

"He is right Mrs. Cullen, every year there are always a few children that get away from their parents, its an unfortunate reality of these fairs." Corin said before turning back to his walkie talkie, talking to people on the other end.

Suddenly I heard a booming voice coming through one of the few speakers placed around the place. "If I may have your attention please. I would ask anyone who has seen a young boy by the name of Edward Cullen, last seen in jeans and a green shirt with red hair and green eyes, to please bring him to the security station at the front gate. Enjoy the rest of your day."

"Someone will see him." Carlisle said to me and I nodded my head in hope. Why couldn't I get rid of this sinking feeling in my stomach? I felt like my soul was being torn away from me and the pain would only stop when I held my little boy in my arms again. Carlisle started rubbing soothing circles on my back while whispering comforting words how we would find him soon.

Corin was talking quickly into the walkie and I heard several different voices cut in and out but I couldn't make out a word they were saying. My eyes kept darting around the grounds hoping to see him running around trying to find me.

"Randal, any possible sightings? Over." Corin asked, waiting for a response.

"Nothing yet. Over."

Corin sighed and I thought for a second I saw a flash of worry. He brought it to his mouth again pressed the button. "Liam, Amun, Senna. Anyone spot him? Over." A collective no came through one at a time.

After about twenty minutes, though it felt like an eternity, of no news and Corin's tentative looks towards us he said the words that made my heart stop cold. "Kebi this is Corin. I need you to put the park on lock down and call the authorities. No one comes in or out without approval from Seattle PD first. Over." He said.

"Wait what does that mean?" I all but shrieked, tears running my cheeks freely. Carlisle wrapped his arms around me but I could see his control slipping, he was just as terrified as me.

The next thirty minutes are a blur of announcements and flashing lights as the police arrive. I was questioned thoroughly about from the moment I woke up to the time I let go of his hand. Search parties are sent out and people are questioned but none of it has shed light as to where my Edward was. When they brought two dogs over and asked for something that Edward wore for his scent I wanted to be sick. Tears run continually down my face as I cradle Alice in my arms, her own sniffles mixing with mine in a disturbing harmony. She isn't sure what is going on but I know she can feel that something is seriously wrong. She mumbles 'Edar' a few times and I know she is asking for her brother; it breaks my heart just a bit more.

"Esme!" I hear a familiar voice and I see my sister Elizabeth being escorted by an officer.

"Lizzie!" I cry and soon her arms are around me and Alice. I wish they were Carlisle's but he's been dealing with the cops, trying to be useful but also avoiding eye contact with me. I can't blame him for being distant, I did this and I don't know if I could ever forgive myself. "How…" I trail off wondering how she got here.

"Carlisle called me, said you guys needed me. Felix is still out of town for work but he said he's catching the next flight out." I cried just a bit harder because even when he can't look at me Carlisle always finds a way to take care of me.

"We'll find him, we will." Her voice is shaky and it does nothing to comfort me.

"It…it's all my…my fault Liz, it's all my fault." I cry into her shoulder. Alice cries with me; I wish I was stronger, for her and for Edward but I can't seem to compose myself.

"Shhh this is not your Es, its whoever took him. Do you understand me, that person is at fault."

"But…but I let go of his hand!"

"You are human honey and made a mistake but doesn't mean that gave someone the right to take your child. If every parent who had their child let go of their hand or had them wander off had them taken nobody would have children! How many times did mom complain about that to us when we were kids?"

While logically I know she is right emotionally I continue to crumble under the unrelenting guilt. "I know but he was taken Liz, I feel it." I start to shake and I feel Alice being tugged out of my arms. Panicking I pull back and squeeze her tighter to me only to see Elizabeth standing there.

"Esme, give me Alice. You're shaking too much honey and this isn't good for her. I won't let her go and I won't leave your side, I promise. You will always have her in your sight."

Though I am reluctant to have her leave my arms I nod and slowly give my baby girl to my sister. Elizabeth does as she promised and stays right beside me, comforting both me and Alice.

The next few hours are a blur of motion and it when I see the grim expression of an officer walk towards me with Carlisle beside him that I truly feel my world exploding.

"Mrs. Cullen I am sorry to say he has most likely been taken. I promise we will do everything in our power to find him. The media has already been informed and is asking the public for assistance while we continue the investigation here. I think it's best that you and your family return home, there is nothing more you can do here and if this is a kidnapping for gain they may contact you there. We'll send a few officers with you and will keep you updated on anything we find."

"No, he has to be here. Surely you couldn't have searched everywhere! He's just lost. He's just lost." I repeat before I scream, "Edward, honey please come out!"

"Ma'am, I understand this must be hard…"

"No you don't understand!" I shriek, falling to my knees. "Edward! Please come back." I sob.

"Mrs. Cullen."

"Esme hun, you need to take deep breaths." I sister says, kneeling beside me. I can see the looks I'm getting but I don't care, nothing matters right now but my son. I hear her but I can't understand her as my eyes frantically search the area.

"EDWARD!" I shouted into the air but it came out more like a strangled cry as tears blurred my vision. I can't breathe and I clasped my chest as I hyperventilate but no matter how hard I try the air wouldn't enter my lungs. My chest felt like someone was squeezing me tightly and it continued to increase its pressure. Every sound around me felt like I was hearing them from underwater, muted and distorted yet it was still too loud. I was vaguely aware of Carlisle's voice but all I could see was Edward's face behind my eyes before he vanishes.

My little boy was gone and the blackness soon took me.

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