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We saw a little Edward Cullen get kidnapped at a fair from the perspective of poor Esme. Years later we meet Bella and her pals Emmett and Rosalie. To celebrate the end of the school year they go to a party at Newtons. She ends up driving home not only a drunk Rose and Em but also a less than plesant Lauren and Tyler. On the way home her tires blow and soon she is attacked my an unknown man and drugged. Charlie and his men find her car and begin investigating what happened. We go back to poor Bella, a little worse for wear, as she wakes up in a strange room and meet 18 year old Edward Masen. We have ourselves a conversation and soon meet Jane, one of our resident psycho-paths and mommy-dearest. Bella gets a lecture on how to behave. She then leaves, expecting lunch to be made and Bella to clean up. Edward starts a shower and brings her the clothes Jane has picked out for her. She is loath to wear it but realizes she'll have to play along...for now.

Now onto the new chapter!

Stockholm chapter 5

Edward left me alone in the bathroom after making sure I was okay on my own. He offered of to help me but he stammered when he said that and blushed a deep red, matching mine perfectly. While I trusted Edward to an extent I definitely was not comfortable with him helping me wash, even if I did keep my current underwear on while doing so. Even though I probably couldn't stand for a very long period of time I hoped I could be okay for a few minutes, just enough time to wash all the blood and filth off of me.

I swung around from my place on the tub edge and slowly eased my way up and under the now hot water running. I hissed in pain at first when the hot water hit my head, causing the abrasion there to sting, but after a moment it settled down to a dull ache. In a little plastic basket there was Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner, nothing fancy, and some no-name body wash. I gently washed and conditioned my hair, unable to stop the small sounds of pain emitting from my mouth when I went near that cut/bump on my head or raised my arms to high. My bandages started peeling off and I made a small pile of dirty and blooding bandages in the corner of the tub. Pushing forward I used the body wash to clean the grime, sweat, blood and dirt off of me and soon the once rusty brown water now running clear down the drain. Even though it hurt to move too much I felt so much better now that I was clean. While my head was still pounding it wasn't as horrible as when I woke up, becoming more manageable.

Though a couple of advil wouldn't hurt, too bad I doubt they kept that kind of stuff just lying around and it would be a cold day in hell when I asked those psychos for anything.

As I was finishing rinsing the suds of soap off my body I heard a little click and the water shut off from above, coming out below. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit when Edward said that might happen. I pulled it back up and finished rinsing quickly. I found my legs were beginning to shake a bit so I figured I should probably get out before they gave way under me and Edward had to come in here and help me; ya that ain't happening! I turned off the water, rung as much water as I could out of my hair and carefully stepped out of the tub, using the wall to help balance myself. The towel was on the toilette and I picked it up, using it to dry myself. I used the toilette to relieve myself, something I probably should have done earlier but I had wanted to get clean so I pushed it to the back of my mind.

As I wipe and water off my body I take inventory. My body is riddled with bruises, cuts and scratches, creating a fucked up collage of reds, purples and blues. Some of the wounds have already started to heal and scab over while others still look fresh, probably re-opened. None of them are bleeding but I'm careful with my movements anyway, having no desire to wash the blood off myself once again. Eventually I do my best to avoid looking at any particular area to long and mechanically dry myself.

When my body was dry I wrapped my hair in the towel and looked down at the clothes Jane picked out for me. I was loathed to put them on despite having nothing clean to wear. It wasn't that they were ugly, I any other circumstance I would think it was a cute dress but the fact that she bought them and was forcing them on me made me shiver. It may as well been made out of sandpaper as far as I was concerned.

I took a deep breath and started putting everything on. I was right earlier; the dress clung close to my body till it got my waist where it flared out and landed at my knees. I didn't know whether to be grateful or creeped out that everything fit pretty much perfectly, even the bra; it made me wonder either how long were they watching me for or whether they just looking for a girl who looked a certain size? I don't know if it really mattered anymore, I'm stuck here either way, but the idea of some sick fuck watching me for god knows how long and taking note of my size and buying me clothes and underwear just adds a whole new level to the disturbingness (yes it's a word!) of this situation.

I whipped the towel off my head draped it over the sink. There was a hair brush on the sink so I used it quickly to get the knots out of my hair, though I had to be careful around the head wound, and just left it down to dry. I open the door carefully and Edward looks up from his spot on his bed and gives me a small smile.

"You look pretty." He says simply, standing up. He doesn't say in a leering way or like he was coming on to me. It was like he was stating a fact.

I blush a bit at his comment. "Thank you. I still don't like wearing this dress though." I murmur, picking at the bottom of the skirt.

He sighs and walks over to me. "I know but you have to do as mother says or you'll be punished. We need to be grateful for what they provide us. Besides it's just a dress." I nod knowing he's right but hating every second of it. He slowly takes my hand and I look up into his face.

"How do you feel?" He asks, his hand coming up to lightly graze the area at the back of my head. I wince and he moves his hand quickly, looking apologetic.

"Better, not perfect but better."

He checks a few more cuts around my hands and arms and seems satisfied with what he sees.

"C'mon, we have to start lunch, mother won't be happy if it isn't ready when she comes back. You don't want mother angry." He whispered the last part and I decided not to comment.

When Jane left she clearly left the door unlocked as Edward was able to open it without trouble. With my hand in his, he leads me down a small and narrow hall, passing two more closed doors, until we were in one large room that was divided into two different spaces; a living space and a kitchen. A half wall that could be used as a breakfast bar separated the two spaces though instead of bar stools a simple brown couch was against it. By the kitchen there was another door that looked simple but it wasn't your typical wood door but some sort of metal. Instinctively I knew that this door led upstairs and was most likely locked up tight.

In the living room there was a coffee table in front of the couch and a small tv that appeared to have a DVD player but no form of satellite or cable box, all sitting on top of an old entertainment center. There was also small bookshelf but I couldn't read any of the titles from where I was in the room. On one wall I saw another door except this one was metal and had a small glass window, the only window in the whole place. It appeared to lead into some room but I couldn't see exactly what from here.

The kitchen had simple light wood cabinets, white fridge and white stove and no dishwasher that I could see. Against the half-wall on the kitchen side was a small dining table that could fit about four people or so. There was no art on the walls, no personal items of any kind in either room. Both rooms were painted an ivy green and the simple white kitchen floor tile gave way halfway to light laminate hardwood floors in the living room.

Overall on a first glance it looked like any other small apartment that someone was living in but I knew the truth. No amount of paint or nice flooring could disguise the prison I…we…were currently in.

While Edward started taking things out of the fridge I carefully and without too much noise started opening drawers. While I found one drawer full of utensils, not a single one held a knife with the exception of a few butter knives. I silently cursed the lack of weapons available to me but I guess I also wasn't surprised. You were a pretty dumb kidnapper if you let your captives have access to knives or other exceptionally pointy objects.

As I shut the last drawer Edward moved to the counter and I was able to glance in the fridge. Inside was what you would find in your basic fridge; milk, butter, eggs, juice, ketchup etc… There were also items that you would normally cut yourself but instead they had been put into baggies or containers…pre-cut. Yes Jane and this Alec were definitely smart in addition to being crazy and I knew that this would make it exponentially more difficult to execute our escape.

Yes our escape; I wasn't leaving Edward here with those maniacs even if he wants to stay. Does it count as kidnapping if you take, even by force, someone from their kidnappers?

He took several ingredients out and it wasn't hard to figure out that he was making sandwiches. I had to admit as he was making them I felt my mouth water and my stomach rumble. I couldn't remember exactly when I had last eaten, at least nothing of significance; Mike's party had your basic munchies and snacks but nothing else.

While Edward made lunch I just leaned against the counter and watched. I would have helped but honestly my mind and body just felt completely wiped, despite the shower I had. Plus I couldn't stomach the idea of actually making food for that woman…I would probably end up drenching it in salt or pepper before spitting in it and that wouldn't do anyone any good.

When he was done he loaded three sandwiches onto plates and placed them on the small table, two on one side and a single plate on the other, followed by two glasses of water and one of some kind of fruity looking drink. He then turned around and put a small bowl of cut-up fruit in the center. I went to sit down and eat but a gentle hand on my shoulder stopped me.

"No Bella we must wait for mother. She must always be seated first and you must be invited to join her or father." He said before removing his hand and standing ramrod straight, hands behind his back and his head titled down beside the table. I stood beside him, both annoyed and angry. Not at him of course, he wasn't to blame for any of this but at these psychos.

We stood there for what had to be ten minutes in silence before something happened. I heard a door shut beyond the metal door and feet coming down the stairs. My assumption was correct that it was locked tightly when I heard several locks being undone on the other side. A second later Jane appeared in the doorway, shutting it behind her and locking it with a key, which she slipped around her neck when done. Well crap, I learned where the key is but how the hell am I so supposed to get it? She immediately came towards us and her hand came up, grabbing my chin and forcing it down.

"No eye contact at the dinner table unless me or your father give you permission to do so. It's rude young lady. You need to learn quickly to be more like your brother." She said sternly, finally looking go of my face. My hands curled into fists as I gritted my teeth in an effort not to say something to her. I felt Edward's hand squeeze mine quickly, almost so quickly I didn't feel it, before returning it to its previous position and I was able to take a deep breath and calm myself. Luckily mother dearest didn't see and instead she sat down and took a bite of the sandwich, while we both stood there.

She had just finished taking a second bite when she spoke again. "Edward you may join me." He sat directly across from her but didn't start eating right away, instead he sat there for a moment with his head still down. It wasn't until Jane waved her hand in a go-ahead gesture that he took a careful bite followed by a sip of water. From the corner of my eye I saw his eyes dart to me quickly, a look of guilt on his face, but he continued to eat though very slowly as if he had to think about every chew. I just stood there, my hands curling into fists against my side as I ignored the tightness in my stomach and the humiliation of standing there.

Finally after a few minutes the Jane spoke. "Now if you can remember you place as well as your manners you may join your brother and I at this table. Can you Isabella?" Her voice was condescending and I wanted nothing more than to punch her in her face but I couldn't instead I took a deep breath to calm myself and remember me being hostile will never get me out of here. Plus I had to admit I was starving and that sandwich was looking really good right now.

"Yes." I said quietly.

"Yes what?"

"Yes I can remember my manners and…place." Ugh just saying these things left a bad taste in my mouth.

"Well good but I think you're forgetting to add one more thing." She added and I stood there confused until she added. "Who am I Isabella?"

I gritted my teeth and 'corrected' my last statement. "Yes I can remember my manners and place mother."

I could almost smell the victory and malice coming off of her. "You may join us."

I slowly walked over and pulled out the chair next to Edward, sitting down carefully and trying not to wince at the movement. After I sit down I wait because like Edward I just knew I needed "permission" to begin to eat, something she waited to give me for over a minute while she ate. Finally she gave me the same go ahead gesture she gave Edward.

I took a bite of the sandwich and held back a groan of pleasure at finally getting some food into my stomach, I wouldn't give the satisfaction or that kind of power. I tried not to shovel it in and I was ¾'s of the way done when the plate was suddenly taken away by Edward along with the other two.

"What the…" I said in shock as I saw him open up a bottom cabinet and start scrapping the food into a trash bin.

"We eat together Isabella and when your father or I finish then the meal is finished. Now the sooner you learn to behave the sooner you will be able to join us at the table and thus have more time to eat." Jane said. Bitch. "Now help your brother clean and meet me in your room, don't keep me waiting I don't have all day."

She stood up and walked out of the kitchen, disappearing into the hallway that led to the room. I sat there for a moment, staring at where she disappeared, before the sound of running water jolted me out of my blank stare. I turn my head and see Edward filling the sink with water and adding the plates and cups. I stood slowly and walked over to him, grabbing a dry cloth.

"You wash I'll try okay." I whisper.

"You don't have to help Bella, its okay." He says quietly while running a sponge over a plate.

"No it's alright, you shouldn't have to do this on your own."

For a moment we wash and dry and silence. It didn't take long, there weren't many dishes to begin with and soon the water is shut off and the remaining swirls of water flow down the drain. Neither of us move, we just stare into the now empty sink.

"I'm sorry, if I only told you more sooner you would have been able to eat longer." He says sadly, finally looking at me.

I shake my head, fighting back tears. "No, this was not your fault Edward please believe that. She is wrong, sooo wrong." I choke out, talking about more than just this fucked up excuse for a lunch. Tears begin leaking out of my eyes as I look up at his face.

He looks uncertain for a moment before awkwardly pulling me into a hug, his wrapping around my shoulders. I choke out a few more tears and sobs while he tries to calm me. "Mother and father set rules for a reason so it is my fault, I should have explained while making lunch. I didn't think…I'm sorry." He says into my hair.

I shake my head and look up from my place in his chest. "What is it going to take for you to see that Jane is evil? That she isn't your mother but an abusive monster whose rules are just…fucked up. That she is wrong, in all things."

He just looks at me before moving a step back, releasing me from his hold. I could almost feel that mental wall going back up from earlier at the mentioning of Jane's actions and his true family.

"You should go see mother, she doesn't like to be kept waiting." He says robotically, turning around and going down the hallway.

I sniff and wipe at my eyes trying to remove the evidence of tears, not wanting her to know I was crying, and follow after him. My stomach, that only moments before felt comfortable and full, now feels like it consumed concrete and is being weighed down.

I stop about a foot away from the open door to the room, listening to the movement inside. I take a few deep breaths and slowly walk forward, stepping into the room. Edward is sitting on his bed again, hands on his lap, eyes down and his posture stiff, even more so than earlier and I feel bad because I guess part of that is my doing. When I look over I see Jane sitting on my bed with a hair dryer, brush and hair bands.

"Come Isabella, your hair is a mess and I can't have my daughter looking like that. Your father will be home soon and we must have you looking presentable." She says sweetly.

"My hair is fine." I say stubbornly.

Her eyes darken and her smile disappears in an instant. She quickly stands and walks to my side gripping my elbow painfully and dragging me to the bed and pushing me down onto the bed. My arm throbs and I just know I'll have another bruise to add to the collection on my body.

"If you talk back to me again you will not like what I do believe me. Now sit there quietly while I do you hair. Children should be seen, not heard now sit up." She commands, going to sit behind me.

I sit up and keep my back to her, angry tears filling my eyes. I hair the hair dryer turn on followed by the feeling of a brush running through my hair and warm air on my head. Her movements are not gentle as when combs through my hair with the brush, causing me to flinch and cry out in pain several times by the tugging.

"Mother, Bella has a rather large wound on her head. Perhaps we could wait a few days for it to heal…" Edward says over the dryer before Jane interrupts him.

"Pain is beauty now I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself Edward unless asked for them. It's been a while since you've been in the dark room, do you need a reminder."

"N-no mother…please forgive me." He pleads and I can hear the fear in his voice, a fear that causes a shiver to run down my spine. What on earth is the dark? Well I know what dark is but it must be something specific and horrifying to have him sounding so scared and…young.

"That's what I thought. Oh and Edward?" She pauses before continuing. "It's Isabella not Bella, I don't want to hear you address her as such again."

"Yes mother." His voice is almost so quiet I can't hear him over the dryer.

She continues to dry and brush my hair and I do my best not show my pain. Eventually I begin to check out, to go inside my head and empty my mind. It's a surprisingly peaceful feeling, almost like sleeping while awake. Soon the dryer is shut off and I can hear her rustling behind me. She begins to gather my hair and it doesn't take me long to understand she is giving me a half up – half down look.

"This is how I want your hair everyday unless I say otherwise Isabella. Understand?"


"Yes what?"
"Yes mother." My tone is monotonous and if I really thought about it very similar to Edward's robotic one.

Jane stands up and comes to stand in front of me, inspecting her work. A smile graces her face. "Perfect. You truly are a beauty my girl, you take after me surely." She giggles at her delusion. "I think you'll make your father and I very happy, you need work but I trust in time you will become the perfect daughter. Our plans are coming together."

"What plans?" I can't help but ask, coming out of my fog.

"That is not your concern at the moment and you will do well to remember that. Now silence unless I tell you otherwise."

She gathers the stuff off the bed and disappears into the bathroom for a moment before coming back. "Now I'm going upstairs to wait for your father. When we come back I expect you to be on your best behaviour Isabella, you attacking him like the other night better be the last thing on your mind." Me attacking him? "You will welcome him home with the warmth and devotion he desires from his children. Have I made myself clear? Speak."

"Yes mother." I grit out.

"Good." She turns on her heels and walks out of the room, shutting and locking the door behind her; her footsteps fading away.

I feel fear flood through me at seeing that man again. I could still feel his breath on my neck when he grabbed me from behind and from when he pinned to the ground; the feel of his hands as they grabbed my hair and thrust my head into my car; the feel of his foot as his kicked me in the side. Hear his angry insults and calming words.

Before I realize it I'm running into the bathroom and emptying the sandwich I had just eaten into the toilette and soon after the bile from my stomach. I don't know how long my head was buried in that toilette, could have been seconds could have been hours but at some point I felt the cooling sensation of a cloth on the back of my neck.

Eventually my stomach stops trying to escape through my esophagus and I'm able to sit back. The cloth moves from my neck to my mouth and when I open my eyes I see Edward cleaning my face of the vomit.

"Edward, I'm scared. I don't want to see him." I whisper.

"As long as you listen and follow the rules you have nothing to fear. Father is fair and understanding Isabella."


He shakes his head. "It's Isabella, I will not risk mother hearing otherwise." I start to tear up again, not realizing how much I counted on Edward at the very least calling me Bella. I feel like another part of my home, my identity, has been taken from me. It shouldn't come as a surprise at how proficient Jane and Alec are at taking things they want but somehow this small thing comes as a blow I didn't expect.

He stands up and gently brings me with him and even if I don't want to, I can't help but lean into him. He leads me to the sink and I'm grateful to see a purple toothbrush, beside a blue one, and tooth paste. I quickly brush my teeth and get the taste of vomit out of my mouth. Edward then leads us back into the room and puts me on my bed, sitting beside me and putting his arm around me. A minor comfort but better than nothing.

"Edward, what is the dark?" I ask after a moment. I can feel his body tense against my own, his arm tightly slightly around me.

"The dar…" He pauses and breaths in deeply. "I don't want to talk about the dark room. You don't want to be in the dark room." He says quietly but with tone that makes stop my questioning.

We're silent after that, the only sound in the room the ticking of the wall clock a few feet away. Both of us seem to be lost in our thoughts. My body is so tired, all I want to do is curl up and sleep but I also feel vulnerable and I will myself to stay awake. It's the sound of an opening door that seems to snap us both into a state of alertness.

"Father is home."

This time it is me that grips him tighter.

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