Latowidge Academy- Mid Autumn

Echo walked through the halls, in the girls' uniform. Her expression blank as could be, but inside she was incredibly uncomfortable. The vest was too loose, her knife had been confiscated for the mission, and she missed her tall, white boots. She held two textbooks at her side, and her other arm hung loose, as she began to step more quickly, spotting Eliot Nightray.

-earlier in the month-

"Echo," Vincent beckoned her calmly from his seat.

She looked up from her knife that she had been cleaning, "Yes?"

"Come here," he ordered softly.

She stood and walked to his seat, resting a hand on it, standing by his side. He sewed a teddy bear together, just to cut it up again. He smiled as he finished stitching an arm back on.

"I have a new mission for you."

"Yes, Vincent-sama," she replied, her tone flat and emotionless.

"I want you to spy on Eliot Nightray for me, Echo," he said, lifting a hand to rest on her arm by her side.

"Yes, Vincent-sama."

He pulled her around to the front of his chair, so that he looked up at her, his multi-colored eyes piercing her with his decieving softness. He let go of the needle in his other hand and held both her hands in his own. Echo held his gaze blankly, but her stomach lurched at the contact.

"I want you to watch him every day, as a student, and keep hidden as you can. Write down everything you find out, everything he does, things about his servant, and send the information to me by messenger," he explained.

"Yes. . . . .Vincent-sama," she hesitated slightly.

Vincent noticed, his gaze hardening, "Is there a problem, Echo?"

She silently took in a quick breath, "No, Vincent-sama."

He smiled softly, and pulled her gently to sit on the arm of the chair, "Echo. . . . . You cannot decieve me. I know you're hiding something. Tell me. . . . now. . . . ."

She stayed silent, "Echo could not hide anything from Vincent-sama."

He let out a soft 'hmm', "Don't try anything, Echo. Remember where your loyalties lie. You don't have a choice."

She looked out the window, the slightest bit of sorrow slipping into her expression, "Yes, Vincent-sama."

-back to present time-

Echo did not want to spy on the Nightray boy, it seemed wrong. She was a servant for the Nightray house. . . .

No. She was a servant for Vincent Nightray. Vincent, who had such little care as to spy on his own adopted brother. Vincent, who could threaten Echo with a soft smile, because she knew the consiquences of betrayal. She had only tried to fool him once, and got off with a warning, but he had used every threat he could think of that time. She wouldn't be so ignorant to try it again.

She walked into her next class, and pretended to listen as she used context clues to answer questions on her quiz. All the while, more thoughts ran through her mind.

'Why must I be the only servant to Vincent-sama? Perhaps, if he had another, I wouldn't have to do such missions as the one I am on now,' she thought curiously.

"Echo! You should be proud to devote your life to Vincent! Vincent is the calmest, smartest, most beautiful person you could be a servant to," Zwei's voice sounded through her mind crossly.

Echo's thoughts immediately stopped, and she actually tried to focus on the test, just so Zwei couldn't protest. When the class ended, she stepped lightly out of the room, carrying her books and pencils. She sped to the bathroom, and waited a moment, then exiting, coming out a few people behind Eliot Nightray and his servant, Leo.

She watched as he began to walk toward the library, carrying three volumes of a series. Leo had two books of the same series as well. She followed them into the library, casually skimming over the spines of books a few isles over from them. Her silver hair had been tucked up beneath a black-brown wig, and she had side bangs that covered her right eye.

She walked down the isle slowly, listening to the sound of pages turning, and stumbled upon a series called "The Holy Knight". She curiously picked up the first volume and examined the worn cover.

"Volume 1? Are you just now starting to read the series?" a voice asked her.

She quickly lifted her head to look up at a smiling Leo. His hair wildly stuck out, and his glasses prevented her from seeing his eyes. She blinked, unaware of how to respond.

"Um-" she began, and then she realized quickly, she was in disguise. She had to shift her tone of voice, and she could show emotion as she liked!

"Yes, I saw you carrying a few volumes of it, and became quite curious," she replied with a shy smile, the pitch of her voice a bit higher, masking her natural tone.

"It is a rather interesting series. I, myself, am on volume 23," he explained, holding up a book in his hand.

She gaped slightly, "There are so many of them. You must be a very avid reader!"

She felt a flutter in her stomach as she acted her way through the conversation.

Leo laughed, "Not nearly as avid as my master, Eliot."

"Yes?" Eliot asked, walking around the end of the isle toward them.

"Oh, I didn't call you. I was telling Miss- Oh. . . My apoligies, what's your name, miss?" Leo asked curiously.

She quickly lied, using the fake name she'd been assigned to use, "Alicia. (AN: Pronounced- Aleesya.)"

"My name is Eliot Nightray, this is my servant, Leo," Eliot introduced calmly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Echo said quietly and politely.

"The pleasure is all ours, I assure you," Leo smiled kindly.

She smiled shyly and looked back at her book, opening to the first page. Eliot watched me curiously, and his expression became very confused.

"Do we know you from somewhere, Alicia?" he asked, his head tilted slightly to one side.

She looked up at him quickly, "Hmm? I don't believe so. . . "

Leo nodded, his smile disappearing, "Yes, I do think I've seen you somewhere before."

Echo shook her head, frowning, "I haven't seen you before until today."

"Have you been at Latowidge since the beginning of the school year?" Eliot asked.

"No, I transferred about a month ago," Echo replied, looking up at the top shelf dazedly, desperate for them to stop questioning.

"Hmm. How rude of us to not yet introduce ourselves until just now," Leo thought aloud.

Echo shook her head, standing on her toes to reach for a book with a silver design on the spine, "It's fine, I tend to be overlooked often," she replied with a sigh.

Eliot stepped up beside her and straightened up to grab the book she was reaching for, holding it out to her, "We hope you like it here."

She hesitantly took the book from his hand, "Thank you. . . . "

The two boys waved goodbye and Echo felt herself blushing red. She smiled to herself and carried her books to her dorm. She began to frown as she noticed that she'd have to write down everything about the event, and then soon read a letter from Vincent. She already knew that he'd tell her to not get friendly, to just keep observing from afar. Then, he'd probably spoil The Holy Knight for her, just to make her stop reading them.

Echo sighed, "What a frustrating situation I seem to be in. . . . . . "