Echo sat at the small desk in her dorm, writing the letter of information quickly. Her handwriting was smooth and crafted beautifully, as she scribbled along with the news. She didn't dare leave out her confrontation with her targets, for fear that Vincent would find out or that he already knew.

As she finished, a knock came at her door. She stood and opened it just a crack, timidly looking out. A few girls stood there, all in their nightgowns. Echo frowned in confusion, and the girl in front smiled kindly.

"Hi! I'm Maryll," she greeted, her green eyes glimmering. She pulled on one of her brown curls and gestured to the orange-haired girl beside her, "This is Cassie."

The other girl with dark blue-gray hair pulled on her braid awkwardly, "I'm Eden. . . . "

Echo blinked at them, "Can I help you. . . . . . ?"

Cassie smiled widely, "Would you like to talk with us?"

Echo looked down the halls, and opened the door for them. She had a feeling they had heard about her encounter earlier that day, but decided it was better to not be suspicious by turning them away. They all sat down on her bed, curious and excited. Echo pulled her desk chair out and hid her letters, sitting down silently.

"So, um, what's your name again?" Maryll asked kindly.

"Alicia," she muttered, sitting indian-style in her seat.

"Well, Alicia, we've realized that you've been here a while, but you have yet to make any friends," Cassie explained.

"We'd like to correct that," Eden finished for her friend softly.

Echo blinked, faking suprise, "Oh. . . . . "

"What books do you read? Have you ever read 'The Princesses Club'?" Cassie asked excitedly.

"No, I don't believe I have," Echo replied.

"It's a good series, the main princess and her friends-"

"I saw you picking up 'The Holy Knight' books earlier," Maryll cut Eden off abruptly.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I've heard it's quite the popular read," she replied carefully.

"Maybe for boys," Maryll countered.

Cassie grinned and nodded, "Yeah, boys like Elliot. . . . . . "

Eden corrected her friend, "And Leo. . . . "

Echo was quickly unamused, "You came here just to hear about Elliot and Leo."

The girls turned to her, pouting, "Won't you tell us?"

'Ha! They didn't even try to defend themselves!' Echo thought to herself.

"Elliot Nightray and Leo are very kind boys," she replied to them calmly.

They all crossed their arms and frowned, whispering to eachother quietly. Echo sat in her chair, shifting uncomfortably as they conversed. Finally, Eden turned away from her friends and smiled at Echo, mouthing the words, 'Don't worry'. After several moments of quietly conversing, Maryll stood, stepping forward toward Echo. Eden looked shocked and shot Echo look of warning.

"What were you writing?" Maryll asked, her green eyes piercing.

"A letter," Echo said truthfully, shoving the papers under her library books.

"To whom?"

Maryll stepped forward again, arms crossed, her grin sinister. Echo kept her gaze steady, hard and unmoving, "Someone important back home."

"How important?" Maryll asked, her evil smile getting wider.

Echo gritted her teeth, her face growing warm, "Very important, that is all you need to know. I would appreciate it if you did not press the issue."

"Maryll, she's blushing! Perhaps it's a love letter?" Cassie piped up happily.

Maryll smiled happily over her shoulder, "Brilliant."

"But is it, really?" she added, looking back at Echo.

Echo swallowed hard, her stomach flipping at the thought, but she replied, "Y-Yes. . . . . "

"Well, that's settled," Maryll sighed, turning to leave.

Cassie and Maryll left the room, and didn't even notice that Eden hadn't budged. Eden was blushing, looking at the floor as she brought her legs up, resting her chin on her knees. Echo watched her for a moment, and turned to continue writing. After all, she wasn't hurting anything, and surely she wouldn't read over her shoulder. Even if she tried, Echo would hear her getting up for sure. She wrote swiftly, hoping to finish her report and actually get to rest her eyes for an hour or two.

"What is he like. . . . . . . . . ?"

Echo blinked blankly, turning in her seat to look at Eden, "Excuse me?"

"The very important person you are writing to, what is he like?" Eden asked, a sullen look coating her face.

Echo thought for a moment and sighed in exasperation, "Impatient, demanding, very odd."

Eden lifted her gaze to Echo, confused, "Then-"

"But he's also forgiving, protective, determined," Echo added, trying very hard to be truthful yet still say something nice about Vincent.

"What does he . . . . . look like, if you don't mind me asking," Eden replied, now very curious but still polite.

Echo decided it would not matter if Eden knew what Vincent looked like, considering the likelihood that she'd ever see him wasn't good.

"Well, he has two different colored eyes."

Eden smiled a bit, pleased with the answer, "How interesting he must be. . . . . "

After more silence, Eden finally excused herself and left, Echo giving her a polite goodbye. She finished her daily report and locked up her stationary in the small box Vincent had given it to her in. Closing her curtains, she finally laid back on her small bed, relaxing. At last, she was able to sleep without someone hounding her about doing something. Sleep was a neccessity, but Vincent-sama had never seen Echo as the type of being to need neccessities. However, despite what she thought, she was somewhat human, wasn't she? Her mind wandered, wondering if having Zwei was a normal human mental problem, or if it had something to do with Abyss. . .

Perhaps she'd ask Vincent one day, surely he'd know what had happened to her that caused Zwei to exist. . . . . . .