Behind the Scenes

Author's note: What if our dear Albie Casino and Kathryn Bernardo are already developing mutual feelings for each other without the knowledge of everyone except those in Mara Clara set and of course, the people close to them? Here's my take on this… Have fun reading! :)

Mara Clara began with two of the lead roles disliking each other. Kathryn found Albie a little bit cocky and no matter what she does, she couldn't relate to Albie, while Albie found Kathryn way too young for his taste and no matter how he tries to relate with Kath, he just couldn't see the spark between them.

Time flew without them noticing that they have already grown close and attached to each other. Kath would occasionally bake cookies or cakes for the people in set, making sure she'd spare a special pack for Albie to take home. Albie on the other hand would often take the extra effort to visit Kath on the set even though he wasn't called for a shoot or his taping is on another location.

"Oh, Albie? Why are you here? Diba wala ka naman taping today?" Kiray asked. Albie was caught off guard and was at loss of words, "Ah… Eh… Akala ko kasi may shoot ako today." It was the best answer Albie could come up with. The set erupted into laughter upon hearing Albie's answer. "Wag mo nga kaming gawing tanga!" Jhong said in his Gary David tone which only earned more laughter from the cast and crew.

"You think we'd buy your reason? Look at you, wala kang dalang clothes, hindi mo kasama PA mo and pormang-porma ka!" their director said. "Oo nga, mukhang manliligaw ka lang eh," Bobby followed up, earning him some cheers from the crew.

"Kayo naman, hindi na mabiro. I just dropped by to bring you some snacks." Albie said in an attempt to change the topic. He felt like he was being put on the hot seat.

"Eksaktong dating mo, Tol!" Diego said. "Oo nga, Albie! Gutom na gutom na kami, ano ba yang dala mo?" Dimples asked. "Cupcakes, cookies, cake, doughnuts and ice cream po." Albie replied.

As soon as Kathryn's scene was done, Albie approached her, bringing with him some food that he has brought in the set, water and towel. Everyone on set was looking at them, trying not to get caught and trying their best to eavesdrop on Albie and Kath's exchange of words.

"Bossing, special delivery po." Albie said as he offered the food, water and towel to Kath. "Uy, salamat ha? Sobrang special naman ng delivery na 'to. Akalain mo, si Albie Casino pa ang nagdeliver!" Kath said in a teasing tone. "Syempre naman, order 'yan ng bossing ko eh!" Albie retorted. As if on cue, Kathryn's face turned red and said, "Nakakahiya naman! Akala ko naman kasi nagbibiro ka lang kanina when you texted and asked kung anong food gusto ko… Ang dami ko tuloyng inorder."

The people from the set who were eavesdropping could no longer take it as they erupted into "Uyyys!" and "Yieees!". Direk Emil even managed to scream, "Kinikilig ako! Sobra!" from afar. The two was evidently shocked upon learning that everyone was listening to them as they talked.

A series of teases from the crew and cast followed:

Julia: "Naku, si Albie, kumi-Christian Torralba kay Kathryn!"

Aria: "Order naman pala ni Bossing eh, kaya nagdala ng pagkain!"

Jhong: "Hindi naman pala para sa atin 'to eh."

Mylene: "Mukhang mauuna pang magka-love life 'tong si Albie kesa kay Christian ah!"

Cameraman: "Kathryn, dalas-dalasan mo na ang order! Damay mo na kami!"

Chokoleit: "Hoy, Utoy! Alam ba yan ni Tita Rina?"

Albie and Kathryn just shrugged it off and laughed with the people in the set.

Taping for that day was over and their director has announced it was time for pack up.

"Uuwi ka na ba, Kath?" Albie asked Kath. "Mamaya-maya pa siguro. Hindi ko kasi ma-contact yung driver ko pati si Mommy eh." Kath replied. "Ah, ganun ba? Edi tara na, ako na maghahatid sa'yo." Albie offered. "Wag na, nakakahiya naman sa'yo." Kath tried to decline Albie's offer, but Albie insisted. "Okay lang! Pareho naman tayong from QC eh. I won't take no for an answer." With that said, Albie took Kath's things and loaded it into his car.

Chapter end note: I hope you enjoyed reading! Hope you liked it! Wait for the next chapter! :)