Behind the Scenes

Author's note: As promised, here's the fifth chapter. This will be on Kathryn's take on what happened during the event. I'll try to post another as soon as I reach home..

The drive to Kath's home was silent and filled with awkwardness. As they reached Kath's home, they were greeted by Kathryn's mom at the gate. Albie helped Kath unload her things from the car's trunk. Kathryn's mom said her thanks to Albie. Albie left as soon as he said his goodbye and good night to Kath and her mom.

Kath's mom teased her as soon as Albie left. Figuring out that her family was able to see or heard about what occurred in the mall show, she hurriedly passed through their living room and went upstairs to her room. She tried her best to avoid her Daddy Gab and her siblings, she was sure that she will be placed in the hot seat.

She had her warm bath, changed into her sleeping clothes and hit the bed. She couldn't stop thinking of what just happened moments ago. She can't imagine she'd share her first kiss on the lips with her on screen partner, Albie Casino.

Her train of thoughts was disturbed when her Daddy Gab entered her room. She hurriedly calmed herself and pretended to sleep. "Hey, Baby Girl, I know you're not yet asleep. Daddy just wanna talk with you." Her dad said. Giving up, Kathryn sat up straight, leaning her back on her daddy's chest who sat on her bed.

"Do you like that guy?" her dad asked her. She knew who her dad was referring to, but she pretended she didn't know and asked, "Who, Dad?" "C'mon Kath. You know I can read you like an open book, you know I'm talking about Albie." Her dad replied.

Sighing, she said, "I don't know, Dad. But I do like him as a friend. He's a good friend, you know. He brings food for me, he tries his best to protect me from my haters or at times, from the paparazzi, and I'm comfortable being with him." "He's a good prospect for a boyfriend, isn't he?" Gab asked her daughter, smiling. Kathryn was shocked by her dad's question, but she managed to pull out a smile.

"Alam mo, Anak, you don't have to keep your feelings to yourself." Gab said. "Dad, di ko po kayo maintindihan." Kath, now confused, asked her Daddy. "Anak, walang kabuluhan kung ako ang mag-iexplain niyan sa'yo. You have to figure it out by yourself." Gab explained.

"Sige na, Anak. It's late na, let's just talk some other time. Di ba may taping ka pa bukas?" Gab said. "But Da-" Kath tried to reason out, but was cut off by her Daddy Gab, "Sige na, go to sleep now." With that said, Gab kissed her youngest daughter's forehead and left her room.

Kathryn tried her best to fall into slumber, but failed miserably. She kept on thinking of what her Dad told her, the kiss and as much as she'd like to deny it, she was thinking of… Albie.

"Oh my God, Albie and I will be taping some scenes tomorrow. I don't if I could still face him after what happened earlier." Kathryn said to herself. And as if on cue, her mobile phone beeped and revealed the name of the person she was least expecting to receive a text message from. It was a text message from Albie.

"Hey, are you asleep now? Can we talk about what happened earlier? I know it feels uncomfortable, but it'll feel more awkward if we don't talk about it now." The text read.

Upon realizing that Christian was right, she sent him a reply. Their text conversation came like this:

Kath: Yeah, I'm still awake. That's a good idea.

Albie: About what happened earlier?

Kath: Yeah?

Albie: Hope it won't affect our relationship as friends.

Kath: Don't worry, it won't. Pero we can't deny it, it's awkward.

Albie: I know, I'm really sorry about that.

Kath: It's nobody's fault.

Albie: For sure, tayo ang center ng tuksuhan tomorrow sa set.

Kath: Malamang. Tsk. Hey, let's sleep na. Early pa tayo for tomorrow eh.

Albie: Yeah, right. You have your driver na? Shall I pick you up?

Kath: Wala pa eh, still sick. Sure, if it's fine with you.

Albie: Sige, will pick you up tomorrow. 7AM.

Kath: K. Gonna sleep now. Sleep well. Walang ilangan tomorrow ha?

Albie: Sure. Pusta tayo, ang maiilang, manlilibre.

Kath: Game. Sige na. Sleepy na talaga ako. Good night, sleep well, Albie!

Albie: Yeah, sleep well, Bossing. See you tomorrow. Don't forget to pray.

After putting her phone on her bedside table and dimming of the lights, Kathryn was now able to fall into a deep slumber peacefully, with a smile plastered on her pretty face.

Chapter end note: Wala gaanong KV. Sorry. Maybe next chapter. I'll try. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.