There is always time to write a new concept for a story. Always time. Especially when my mother doesn't realize what she's doing in the morning leaves me with access to a computer!

This was inspired, in part, by the video "Give Your Soul To Me" made by DeadlyElegance - known on this site as DarkEscapade. She introduced me to the strange beauty of this pairing.

The story does not include many characters from Van Helsing, though. Mainly, Dracula and perhaps a reincarnated Gabriel Van Helsing. Can't resist it!

I love you all.


Hermione turned the pages with unnecessary force, scowling blackly at the words inked to the parchment. The book was so old that if she hadn't placed a Resilience Charm on it, the pages would disintegrate in her hands. It was a complete version of the true story of the vampire Dracula, written in the early eighteen-hundreds by her own ancestor, Samantha Urzica. The woman had been the last witch in the line – until Hermione.

Many of the passages only left her confused. She'd snuck into her father's study at midnight to retrieve the book, which her father had pointed out the previous day. She'd been wondering about it for a long time, but he seemed reluctant to give it to her. He even told her, despite insistence that her nightmares were getting worse, that the book held answers. But he still hadn't given it to her.

Finally, on the hundredth page, she found something promising. It was a transcribed vow, made by the Count himself, copied in Samantha's own hand.

Hermione recited the lines softly, under her breath. "When next a witch is born of Urzica blood, she will belong to me. A mark upon her collar will be a brand, tying her to me." The rest of the page spoke of how he had thought Samantha would be his salvation, his eternal queen, and how her marriage to Erik Leonte, the father of her Squib son Damon, had ended his chance to take her as that queen.

She turned the page, a sense of dread settling over her as she read the next line.

Her dreams will darken as I near, for even if I die before her birth, I will be awakened by the compulsion to seek her, to take her.

She slammed the book closed and tossed it onto her nightstand before flopping against her pillows. Why couldn't life be easy for once?


He was having problems getting used to this new version of the world. When he had been killed so many years ago, things had begun to change. Mortals no longer believed in magic, unless they themselves could wield it. The blood that had flowed through the veins of Samantha Urzica, the only one who had ever awakened any kind of feelings in him, was awakened. A girl borne of her descent could again wield the magic that had made the beautiful Samantha such a prize to him.

This place was a prison. A tastefully decorated one, certainly, but a prison all the same.

It would drive him mad.

"You will not escape me, Urzica child. You shall be mine." He extended his right hand toward a photograph on the wall, a moving image of the object of his fixation, the one who would free him from this prison he dwelt within. The image did not react; her smile only grew.

"Soon," he whispered, "very soon, your existence will free me."


When the front door slammed, Hermione ran down the stairs. Her parents were home from the office.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she said, flinging the diary onto the table.

Jean and Anthony looked up at their adult daughter, both wide-eyed and slightly fearful.

"We're not sure it's even you the vampire Samantha knew was speaking about," Jean said, taking her daughter's hand.

Hermione flung her hand away. "How dare you?"

"Hermione -"

"No, Dad," she said. "You knew it was me. I came to you two years ago, telling you about the nightmares. You ignored it. Not to mention the birthmark." She jerked her collar to the side, revealing the tiny mark, just above her collarbone. It took the shape of a bat. "This has been getting more defined every day, since I came to you. Try telling me that that means nothing."

The two backed away from her swiftly, both looking rather terrified. Their expressions shocked her out of her anger, bringing her back to common sense.

"What's wrong?"

Their wide eyes were fixed on a point behind Hermione.

"What are you seeing?"

She took a step forward. Her parents cringed against the wall.

"What is it?"

Taking a shivering breath, she noted a certain change in the atmosphere, the kind often associated with a ghost's presence. She turned around, very slowly.

This ghost looked nothing like the ones she knew from Hogwarts. Her distinctly black hair billowed out like she was underwater. Her front was stained with dark, almost black blood. Her golden-brown eyes focused upon Hermione's face.

"I am so sorry to have unleashed this evil upon you," the spirit said, her voice distant as her golden fingers brushed against Hermione's cheek. She had a very distinctive accent.

And then, just as quickly as she had appeared, she vanished. Hermione gasped in surprise.

"Who was that?" Jean said softly, easing toward her daughter.

"That was Samantha Urzica."

What's next? What will Hermione have to face?

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