Prologue:Memories of older days

(This is the introduction,so the following chapters will be longer than this, or not?^^)

Mika sat at the stairs and stared at the sky. Since the car crash in which her parents died,she couldn't use her legs properly,so she spent most of her time at her uncle's house and in school she to shore up at almost everything in order to not fall down.

"Hey ,newbie.",said a voice and pushed her down the stairs."This is where I always sit,so get lost."

Mika rubbed her back "That's not true.I sit always there."

"As if. Come here princess and show me."the boy replied and his friends began to laugh,for they knew ,that she wasn't able to walk properly.

Mika felt like her eyes got wet.

"Oi,what's the point it humiliating someone weaker than you." another voice said."You should look for someone who is equal to you."

"Hold it, I am not..."Mika looked at ther person,who appeared in the door."Uwäääh,Kai?"Mika suddenly looked suprised.

"Mika?Since when are you here?And why are you sitting on the ground,like you aren't able to stand up?"Kai asked.

"Since a long I am not standing up because I am not able to!"Mika replied a bit angry.

"Ignore us,will you?"The boys didn't seem to be happy about being ignored.

"Ara,you are still here?"Mika wasn't physically strong,but her glares seemed to be really scary, cause the boys ran away in panic.

"Could you help me stand up?"Mika looked at Kai now.

"Ah,sorry,I forgot." he grabbed her and helped her stand up.

For her legs being weak and the floor a bit wet,she slipped and falled into his arms.

"Hey Kai!Oh,here you that your girlfriend?"Ren and Tetsu appeared at the entrance.

"Of course she is NOT!",said Kai and let quickly go of her,which caused her to fell down on the floor again.

Her cards falled this time on the floor,too.

"Ouch!Hey,what was that,you idiot?That really hurt."Mika said furiously.

"Ha?Are you a Vanguard fighter?"Ren said with sparkling eyes.

"Yeah, I am. Why are you asking?Could somebody help me stand up?"Mika rubbed her back and tried to pick up the cards,that were lying around her.

"Sorry ,my bad",Kai helped his friend to stand up.

Ren picked the cards up.

"Hmmm,thats a good deck ,Youkai I pressume?"

(Youkai means something like demon/monster.I like Rosario to Vampire^^)

"Yeah,have a problem with that?"Mika blushed a little.

"Would you play me?"Tetsu asked her.

"Geeesh,I'd like to,but I am way to exhausted thanks to that guys from before and everything hurts. Ifyou would like to play me that badly, then you have to come to my place."Mika said to the boys.

"To your place?We have no idea where it is?",Tetsu and Ren seemed suprised.

"I am not really allowed to go anywhere Kai should know where my uncle 's lives .It's not like he never had been there."Mika looked away."Whatever."

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Next Day*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Mika was sitting on a sofa and reading a book.

Her legs were under a the doorbell ranged.

"Wooh,they really came.I didn't expect that",Mika thought.

Her cousin opened the door and Mika could her a scream:"KAI-KUN"

She covered her hears.

"Let go of me.I am not here to...Stop that!Let GO"Kai wasn't really happy about that.

"Yukiko,will you let him go?"Mika closed her book and shouted at her younger cousin,who suddenly ran towards her and grabbed her.

"You knew he would come ?Why didn't you told me in first place?"

Yukiko was upset.

"Because you would make a scene even worse than leaving now ?"Mika was even more upset than Yukiko,who ran away screaming:"You meanie,you just want him for himself."

"As if."Mika murmured."Her mother should have never told , that she would marry him, even if it was in order to calm her down."

Kai,Ren and Tetsu came into the livingroom.

"Go ahead and sit down.",she said while putting the book on the table.

"What is this thing?"Ren pointed his finger at a huge,metall box.

"That would be the reason,why I can't leave.I spent almost why whole time tied to this I am allowed to go to school normally and slep without helps my muscles to correctly again via electroshocks.I spent almost my whole time tied to this I am allowed to go school normally and sleep without I thought that this is not what you are here for."

She put her cards on the table.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Many fights later*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"You are good."Tetsu said."You even beat Kai a few times."

"I know myself, that I am good."She had a cheeky look in her face again.

"Would you like to join our team?"Ren asked suddenly.

"Ha?And how is that supposed to work?"A perplexed Mika asked.

"Well you know,we want to go to to the national championship,but we have to train very much I am sure,that 'till we're ready,you will be standing on your own legs."Tetsu said

"Haha very funny,but hey,I don't have to do anything interestening, so why not?" Mika looked out of the window."Hey, isn't that clown going to say anything?"Now she looked at Kai.

"Nothing to I don't have a problem with you being in this team."Kai said with closed eye.*BANG*

"Ouch,what was that for?"he rubbed his head.

Mika as surrounded by an ominous aura.

"Not a problem,Tchhh."

Kai grined"You haven't changed all this time."

"Pfffff,you are one to just got taller."Mika said furiously.

"Well then,we will be going. It has gotten late now."Tetsu and Ren were leaving."See ya."

"Could you help me up?"Mika said to Kai.

"Again?Well, you are asking so nicely..."Mika grabbed his hand and stood up. He held her other arm to make sure , that she wouldn't fall on the floor.

"Thanks"Mika said quietly."Since when his hand is so warm?",she thought.

"Ah, no problem."


The darkbrown-haired girl with twin tails said on a railing in the middle of the night.

"A Dream?Huh,when did I fall asleep?Mhhhmm how a pity,that this days didn't last long.",Mika thoguht to herself and walked away to her house.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~THE END*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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