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To all my fellow readers I devilzxknight thought of a crazy idea and story to put together. No it won't be harem, do you know how hard is to write a harem with all those girls? I mean come on people even with the insane stamina there are limits. I've been thinking about this for a while and we've seen some stories where his parents are brought back, so what happens if it's his cousin family? So I am going to bend some of the canon and hopefully you guys will like this.


Somewhere in the forest

"Finally!" shouted Naruto looking at an exact copy of himself showing he finally learned how to do the kage bunshin. Smiling he wonders what Iruka-sensei or Mizuki is going to say. Seeing he learned a B rank jonin level jutsu that is also labeled underneath as kinjutsu as well. Sitting back on the ground he looked at the scroll wondering what else he can learn "I mean I learned one jutsu. Maybe I can get extra points for learning two" smiling he looked at the scroll.

The clone dispelled while Naruto continued to unfold more of the scroll. Coming to the middle he noticed something odd. "Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei! Creator Tobirama Senju the Nidaime Hokage." looking at the sealing formula he shook his head thinking he can't do anything like this. As he unfolds it more he stopped and noticed a name right near the second Hokage "Mito Uzumaki?"

Looking, downright staring at the name, he could have literally burned a hole right into the scroll of seals "Wait. There's another Uzumaki? Could she possibly be related to me?" looking at her name "Mito Uzumaki was the one who thought up of the idea for the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei. Being one of the finest seal masters in the Uzumaki clan, Tobirama asked her the basics and later on finished the jutsu" read Naruto. Looking at the symbol right into the slot he wonders about the person, can she really be related to him?

A great-aunt or great-grandmother? 'Wait. Uzumaki clan?' rereading the sentences again, is it possible there is an Uzumaki clan out there? But if they are out there, then why did he grow up in the orphanage for some of his life? Looking at the seal he noticed he still has plenty of time before Mizuki-sensei even comes to him. Adding chakra to the slot a few scrolls appeared in front of Naruto "Hmm I think I'm going to need help" smirking he made a few shadow clones.

"Alright, time to get started" said the original. Rolling up the scroll of seals he unrolled the scroll that poofed into existence, looking at the scroll he noticed three blood vials poofed into existence 'Hmm what are these used for?' looking at the scroll, he rolled it back. Taking the other scroll he read the instructions of the scroll "To perform this technique, the user must first acquire some of the DNA of the person they intend to revive"

Naruto blinked wondering what does that mean? Looking at the three blood vials he noticed two of the vials are almost empty while the other one barely has any in it. Wondering if all three blood vials are from his family he reread the instructions. "Ok. So I guess I have to use this blood that contains the DNA, but where am I going to use the blood?" the clones all looking at the scroll over his shoulder shrugged their shoulders "Ahh. Why does this have to be so hard?" frowning he lays down thinking about it.

Getting up he looked at the blood vials wondering why is there so little left. "Hey I found something" turning to the clone he moved his hand over "Ow" sucking on his finger he noticed he cut himself on a rusty kunai sticking out of the ground "Damn old kunai" looking at cut thumb he smeared the blood on his jacket trying to keep his hand clean. "What did you find?"

"Next, a living sacrifice is required for the soul of the resurrected to use as a prerequisite for the technique. The acquired DNA of the person is smeared on a special scroll and once the scroll is activated, the remains spread out in the form of a special seal with the living sacrifice in the center" The clone shrugged his shoulders when it finished and read the next stage of the jutsu, while Naruto sucked his teeth "Gee you're so helpful" spoke the original.

"Yeah. At least I wasn't dumb enough to cut myself on an old rusty kunai" stated the clone.

"Why you..." said the original.

"GUYS!" shouted the other clone breaking the original and the clone from fighting. Naruto blinked at the clone before he took the scroll from the other clone "Ok. So we have to add the blood onto the spot so we can bring the person back. But we need a living vessel and since I don't have any living vessels, I hope the kage bunshin count as a living vessel" stated the original.

Getting the blood vials from the other clone all three clones stand in the middle together. Naruto looked at the scroll with some odd design and symbols wondering if this will work. "Ok I guess I will try using all the blood at once. So stay still and don't ruin it" ordering the clones what to do. The clones eye soon started to twitch in annoyance.

"Just hurry up"

"And don't screw this up"

"Yeah. Think about it, we will get huge points for this"

Each clone yelled at the original making his eye twitch now 'Now I know how twins and triplets feel when they fight with each other' grumbled Naruto. Pouring each blood vial on the scroll where the dark spot is, Naruto looked at the scroll on the ground doing nothing "Aww come on what gives?" wondering what went wrong? He went to the last scroll that came with the jutsu "Ok it says to add chakra, wait for the ritual to begin, then clap hands?" turning the scroll over he noticed nothing on the back.

Wondering if that's all he turned to the clones all in the middle waiting. Sitting back in front of the scroll with the dark spot he slammed his bloody hand onto the blood puddle in the middle of the scroll. Adding his chakra he noticed black lines soon start to appear around the clones with two oddly strange symbols, one on each side. In the middle of the dark spot it soon turned red while the black lines started to turn red as well "Ok clap"

When Naruto clapped his hands he felt pain coming from his hand and his stomach 'What?' holding onto his stomach he feels like his body is on fire 'It didn't say anything about pain' hunching over he felt his chakra leaving his body "AHH!" screaming and thrashing on the ground, the clones themselves felt pain as well. The supposed black spot in the middle is blood red glowing red "What's happening?"

Looking at the clones on their knees screaming and thrashing as well, the red lines around them glowed brightly and soon started to form around Naruto as well making two blood red circles. As he continued to scream in pain he noticed a river of blood coming from his stomach flowing down to the ground and moving towards the three clones making them glow red.

"AHHH! MAKE IT STOP!" cried Naruto. Holding his stomach he feels all of his chakra leaving his body but soon he felt a rush of power coming from within himself where all the blood is coming out. "Agh" grunting in pain he feels his skin on fire while he started to glow red "So you are foolish enough to try to bring back those three. Let's see how this plays out"

Naruto heard a new voice and wondered where it came from "Where are you? Please help me" crying in pain he hunched over slamming his fist on the bloody scroll where it is sucking all of his chakra while the cut on his hand opened up again. Grabbing his head his natural blonde hair soon started to turn red from the roots while keeping some blonde spiky hair above and a bit around. His whiskers mars on his face soon started to burn but sloly started to num leaving the end of the whiskers marks with red tips. Soon everything became too unbearable, the river of blood coming from his stomach soon started to close "Well this is indeed interesting" hearing the same voice again.

Naruto turned to the three kage bunshins all dropping on the the ground passed out while glowing red. Looking onto the ground he notices the ritual change with candles all around and a sinster cold chill around him. 'What is this feeling?' trying to stay awake he looked at the three kage bunshins while the candles seem to feed them their light. 'Did it work?' was all he thought be fore he passed out.

It wasn't long until Iruka felt that chakra coming from the forest and when he arrived he found Naruto on the ground passed out in a pool of blood. "Naruto!" running towards him he didn't notice his hair changed a bit or his whisker marks. Seeing he is breathing he let out a sigh of relief, looking around he saw three other Naruto's on the ground "What on earth happened here?"

Hearing Naruto groan he turned back to him "Naruto are you ok? What happened and why did you steal the scroll of seals?" said Iruka. Naruto slowly got up feeling very dizy "Ugh. Never try to learn two kinjutsu in a day, even with the kage bunshin's help. Did you come alone Iruka-sensei? I thought Mizuki was going to be here to give me a make-up test" stated Naruto. Iruka hearing this is shocked, turning to the clones he turned back to Naruto surprised that he learned a kinjutsu.

But even more shocked by what he said about Mizuki. "You learned the kage bunshin no jutsu?" shocked to hear this. Naruto nodded tried to get up but he couldn't "I believe you. I can see the other three right there sleeping on the ground" chuckling he wonders if this is going to be usual for him to use them in the academy instead of him going. Before Naruto could get up, Iruka pushed him out of the way where a kunai almost hit him in the chest.

"Ow. What was that for?" shouted Naruto. Wincing more from the pain he slowly tried to get up, using the tree as support he looked around to see Mizuki on the tree branch smiling at Naruto "Naruto whatever you do don't give the scroll to Mizuki." shouted Iruka. Barely on his feet he looked at Mizuki telling him to give him the scroll while Naruto slowly bent over to pick it up.

"I said give it to me!" shouted Mizuki throwing a kunai at him. Naruto braced for the weapon but found it embedded in a tree 'He missed?' thought Naruto. Iruka is shocked to see Mizuki throwing a kunai at Naruto "Run, get as far away as you can now" shouted Iruka. Naruto was barely able to stand while Mizuki is laughing evilly.

"This is all too easy. I get to kill you Iruka, but also him, the demon as well, all in one day" laughing hysterically, Naruto tilted his head wondering again why everyone calls him 'demon'. Looking at Naruto barely standing and holding onto the scroll of seals, while Iruka took a stance "Mizuki why are you doing this? I don't understand" shouted Iruka.

Soon the hysterical laughter turned into evil laughter "Why? Don't be stupid Iruka, I want power that comes with it" smiling he throws a huge shuriken at Naruto. Not able to dodge this time, he fell on the ground losing his footing "No" shouting he braced for the attack but found Iruka there taking the hit. Mizuki watching this shook his head in disappointment while Iruka told Naruto to run.

"Why? Iruka to save his life after what he did to your parents? After what he has inside of him?" shouted Mizuki. Naruto hearing this "What? What's inside of me?"

"Oh it's a secret that is kept especially from you" smiled Mizuki. To Iruka's horror he turned to Mizuki screaming and shouting at him, while Naruto wonders what secret is kept from him. Mizuki landed on the ground and charged towards Naruto with a kunai, Iruka turned around and threw a kunai at him grazing his chin. "Run Naruto!" shouted Iruka.

Naruto barely able to move leaned on the tree watching Mizuki coming at him "Shit. Kage bunshin no jutsu" making two clones appear, Mizuki is shocked to see him make kage bunshin. One clone picked up the huge shuriken and threw at Mizuki while the other clone charged towards him. "You think these weak clones can stop me?" taking out another kunai he killed the first clone with ease and dodged the huge shuriken aiming at him.

Grabbing the last clone's neck he twisted it, dispelling it. Naruto panted and glared at the man in front of him "Pathetic, is this all the demon can do? I see in your eyes you still don't realize why we all call you that. I could just kill you and leave you wondering, but better yet, why don't I tell you? So your final thoughts can be in angst?" hearing Iruka plead and shout, he turned to Naruto smiling "You know the story about the nine-tailed fox attacking Konoha twelve years ago and that the Yondaime killed it? It's all a lie. The truth is that the Yondaime didn't kill him and instead sealed it inside a baby. You are that baby, you are the nine tails in human form"

Naruto hearing this was shocked while thinking everything he has gone through all of his life. The hated glares and the suffering, the beating around the time of his birthday, it now all made sense "No, it can't be true. IT CAN'T!" almost in tears.

Mizuki is laughing seeing that Naruto on the verge of tears "And after I am done here everyone will celebrate the death of the nine tails. I will be known for doing something that not even the Yondaime could do, kill you"

"That isn't going to happen. Not today or ever as long as I have something to say" eveyone heard a feminine voice and when Mizuki turned around he saw a woman with bright-red hair and large, pupiless eyes. She wore an elaborate, high-collared kimono with the Uzushiogakure symbol on the back of the obi tied around her waist. Her hair was arranged in buns with hairpins in them and three clips in the front. She also wore a dark shade of lipstick and had a diamond mark on her forehead, similar to that of Tsunade. She also wore what appear to be seal tags in her hair decals.

"How dare you treat a child like that? How dare you? I will make sure you suffer greatly for what you have done today" the pure anger and rage she is leaking off made even Mizuki very nervous.

"Mito-chan, calm yourself" said a male voice not too far from her.

"Indeed, Mito-san. We don't have all the story so please clam down" hearing another male voice.

Both chunin look over the directions and are shocked to see who it is. Mizuki in a drunken laughter thinks they are going to help him, not bothering to question where or how they came back "This is wonderful. With the two first Hokage's here the demon can finally be killed" thinking all of his problems will be solved. "No. Naruto isn't a demon, he is from Konoha, he is one of us, someone that is willing to protect the people. He's been doing it for years since he was born and don't you ever think he's a demon. He may be a lousy student but he is Naruto Uzumaki and to me he's the best student I ever knew" shouted Iruka.

Naruto hearing this turns to Iruka barely standing up while Naruto is leaning on the tree for support.

"Iruka don't be stupid. We can finally-" before he can even finish everyone saw a katana sticking out of Mizuki's chest while Mito glaring daggers at him "Like I said, that isn't going to happen as long as I have something to say. And don't you die so easily on me" removing her blade she kicked the chunin in the chest sending him towards many trees breaking down.

"Her temper never changed" said Tobirama. Hashirama nodded seeing his beloved wife again but also wondered how is he or they came back to life. Mito walked towards Naruto who was crying and holding himself after hearing everything "Am I truly Kyuubi in human form?" covering his face with his hands to hide his tears. He felt someone giving him a tight hug "No. You arent, you are an Uzumaki just like me" hearing a soft voice.

Naruto soon engulfed the redhead woman in a hug crying into her shoulder. Hashirama watching this turned to Tobirama who nodded "Chunin, would you explain yourself on how this happened?" before Iruka spoke.

"I can fill in some of the gaps" Hiruzen walked out of the shadows looking at Naruto wondering what on earth happened. When he thought he saw Mito in person he quickly shunshin himself to the location to get a better answer for himself. 'Damn crystal ball couldn't give me a better view of anything'

"Lord Hokage?" said Iruka. Turning to the first and second and back to Hiruzen he doesn't know what is going on. "Sarutobi, is that you?" said Tobirama. Hiruzen walked towards them and smiled "Yes it is. It's been many years but how are you three alive now?" asked Hiruzen. Turning to Naruto who is still crying into Mito's shoulder he let out a sigh knowing she is going to give him hell.

Hashirama and Tobirama turned to each other "We don't know. We just woke up on the ground right there." pointing to the spot. Iruka tilted his head wondering what happened to Naruto clones. Telling them that three clones were in that spot sleeping. As the three Hokage's walk around, Tobirama saw something that he thought he would never see or use in his life time again. "Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei"

Hashirama hearing this raised an eybrow listening to the nature of the jutsu. Hiruzen hearing this remembered it being used once, while Hashirama nodded in approvement. "I would never have thought of a kinjutsu like that" praising his younger brother's work. "But to perfrom this jutsu you need a living sacrifice for the soul of the resurrected. It is required, but instead he used Kage bunshins and it worked?" said Tobirama amused how he didn't think about that.

Hiruzen hearing this turned to Naruto who is quiet while listening to Mito. "Sarutobi, is it true he has Kyuubi sealed inside of him?" asked Hashirama. Tobirama listening to this turned to Hiruzen who slowly nodded. Both brothers turned to each other nodding while wondering what is going on. "Mito-chan, I need you here and bring the young Uzumaki-san with you" smiled Hashirama.

When both Uzumaki walked towards the Hokage's Iruka asked to be taken to the hospital seeing he lost a lot of blood. Hiruzen rubbed the back of his head and apologized to Iruka for forgetting him. Hashirama nodded and went to Iruka and quickly healed him "Iruka, I need you to leave and tell the Anbu to withdraw and wait for my orders" spoke Hiruzen.

Once Iruka got the orders he left.

Turning to Naruto who looked down "Sorry old man, I thought if I learned a jutsu from here I would graduate from the academy. Instead I learned the kage bunshin no jutsu and still can't do the bunshin no jutsu." Mito hearing this broke out giggling making Hashirama groan "Unbelievable. After all these years, your clan members still can't do a normal bunshin. But yet a kage bunshin they can do with ease." grunting in annoyace, Mito continued to giggle.

Tobirama shook his head in defeat while Hiruzen got an anime sweat "Wait. Why can't they perform the bunshin?" Mito controlled her giggling and took a deep breath "We are born with very large chakra reserves so to do the simplest bunshin for us is very difficult. But the kage bunshin no jutsu to us is the bunshin no jutsu to you" giving her answer.

Hiruzen dropped his head "I should have seen this. So under medical cirucmstances Naruto can't learn it but the kage bunshin is a substitute. It seems you actually did graduate the academy Naruto" smiling. Naruto is standing there speechless while Hiruzen let out a grin "Really?" watching Hiruzen nod. Naruto erupted in laughter but soon fell on the ground laughing some more.

"Naruto" getting his attention, he turned to Hiruzen with a stern look "I need you to tell us what you did". Naruto looked at the three kages and what he assumed clan member or family and nodded. Telling them how he learned the kage bunshin no jutsu he tells them how he stumbled on the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei. "When I saw her name Uzumaki, I couldn't pass it up. I mean growing up alone and hated, I just had to take that chance. I mean I didn't expect to find out that my name was part of a clan or anything else." replied Naruto.

Mito listening to the story shook her a head in pity for Naruto. Hashirama and Tobirama on the other hand wonder what is going on "Sarutobi, doesn't Konoha know about the ties that the Senju have with Uzushiogakure? I mean I saw those two chunin wearing the village and nation symbols?" asked Tobirama. Hiruzen regrettably shook his head making Mito glare at him.

"It's a very long story. It involves something with Kyuubi" replied Hiruzen.

"Another thing. You are to tell me everyone in Konoha knows of him being a jinchuuriki?" Mito's voice was very cold making all the males shiver. Hashirama slowly walked away from his wife while Tobirama gently tapped Naruto shoulder getting him away from her. Sarutobi on the other hand was alone and looking at Mito whose icy stare can kill a man then bring him back to life and kill him again.

"Yes." putting his hand up "But only the older generation knows. The younger generation doesn't because I wanted him to make friends" which earned a snort coming from the redhead woman seeing how bad of a life Naruto had. She felt his heart almost in darkness crying out for someone and to see someone from her clan "Kushina. I assume this is her son. Where is she?"

This grabbed the men's attention including Naruto's. Hiruzen looked away "Dead. On the night of his birth. I don't know what happened but I witnessed the sealing on him. I can't reveal everything yet to Naruto" getting another snort from Tobirama "Forgive me Hiruzen, but the boy has talent none of you has noticed yet. Look at the tree he was leaning on" everyone turned to the tree that Naruto leaned on and saw the kunai embedded.

"Yeah. What's so special?" walking towards it he looked at the tree and kunai. Tobirama picked up a rock and threw it at Naruto very fast who flinched waiting for the rock to hit him "Huh?" Hiruzen with his mouth open looked at the tree while Mito raised an eyebrow. Tobirama nodded seeing someone used that kekkei genkai on him many times for practice.

"It seems he has the mokuton ability" spoke Hashirama. Naruto hearing this "The what?" looking at the tree and Hiruzen who finally snapped out of his stupor, the first Hokage smiled and slammed his hand on the ground making a wooden cage around Naruto. "For a child of your age not knowing manners, I think Mito-chan has her work cut out" smiling.

Tobirama raised an eyebrow "Meaning what? I assume someone is his guardian or you are thinking of something else?" turning to Hiruzen he shook his head regrettably making Mito glare at him "You must understand the civilian council and my former teammates practically made the Hokage position a figurehead. They wouldn't allow the other clans to adopt him fearing they would grow too powerful. The civilian council wanted him to suffer" stated Hiruzen.

Mito turned to Hiruzen so fast it made the Kami of shinobi flinch in fear "Hiruzen, you do know the clan laws in Konoha don't you?" watching the age old Hokage nodded very fast "Then this has become a clan issue between the Uzumaki and Senju against Konoha. If anyone even tries to throw their weight over us..." turning to her husband with a sweet smile. Tobirama shivered and looked at Hiruzen nodding his head, while Hashirama swallowed the hard lump in his throat.

Fearing his wife and what she can do.

"Hai. I understand, I will tell you everything" spoke Hiruzen shuddering. Naruto is whimpering in the cage while Tobirama thinks he is safer in there instead of outside with Mito. "Let's go to my office. We can discuss everything there" spoke Hiruzen. Mito nodded while Hashirama walked towards Naruto while his armor is making a lot of noise "Also perhaps some new clothes. Your old uniform went out of style but I can bring you some jonin oufit, if you wish?"

Mito nodded while Tobirama shrugged his shoulders.

Hokage Tower.

It's been three hours, Hiruzen has explained everything from the start of Naruto's birth to the village. When they arrived, Mito sealed the room with her own fuinjutsu. She carefully listened to everything while Naruto sat there listening to everything himself. He is shocked, angry, upset, but also betrayed at how the Sandaime knew all this and didn't tell him. 'In the end so I can be protected against tousan's enemies but yet the real enemy was in Konoha all this time' Naruto bitterly thought to himself, while Mito calmed him a bit.

Hashirama and Tobirama listened to everything while Mito thought more of the politics at play here. She knew this wasn't going to be easy 'The hell with the civilian council. Just listening to Hiruzen speaking of what they have done is making me angry.' turning to Naruto she sees Kushina when she first arrived to Konoha, alone and afraid 'I won't make the same mistake. He won't be alone to carry this burden'

"Hiruzen, do we know what type of seal that was used on Naruto-chan?" everyone turned to Mito wondering where did the 'chan' come from. Tobirama raised an eyebrow, already seeing where this is going due to Mito's nature and being Kyuubi's first jinchuuriki she knows first hand from experience how and what he is going through.

Hashirama on the other hand who died shortly before her originally knew Mito won't allowed someone from her clan to be alone with this burden but more importantly he knew if she passed Kyuubi onto his mother she is going to make sure the boy will be fine.

"A little. Naruto, can you show her your seal? Just mold your chakra, it's located on your navel" asked Hiruzen. Naruto followed what he was told and molded his chakra. When Mito saw the "Shishō Fūin, making it a Hakke no Fūin Shiki" she is literally shocked that the Yondaime and Kushina allowed this seal to be used. "To use this seal you must use the Shiki Fūjin. But the Hakke no Fūin Shiki looks to be more advanced, something that over the years grew. Perhaps catching up on my fuinjutsu will help us here"

Tobirama hearing this raised an eyebrow while Hashirama asked what is going on. "Mito-chan, we trust you with our lives with fuinjutsu, but is there something you aren't telling us? The seal he has is very different then the one you used on yourself to seal Kyuubi a while back. If I remember correctly you did it alone" Naruto and Hiruzen hearing this turn to her shocked that she alone did it making her giggle and blush a bit from the praise.

"To answer your first question, yes the seal is different. Kyuubi's chakra leaks into his body allowing him to draw on his chakra but not at an alarming rate but from what I can see he had to split the chakra into two. One his yin and the other his yang, If I would think he made a key and store it some pleace very safe that no one could get it" turning to Hiruzen he nodded.

"So who has the key?" asked Hasirama hoping to be in a very safe place. Mito studied the seal and found something that shouldnt be there "Interesting, what do we have here?" getting everyone's attention. She added chakra to a symbol that isn't supposed to be there. When the chakra reacted to the symbol, Naruto's forehead started to glow making him wince in pain.

Tobirama seeing the symbols raised an eyebrow while Mito looked at the symbol very closely. Hashirama watched Hiruzen wincing, knowing he has seen those seals before "They are to suppress his mind. More importantly his brain activity, making him think below the line of average". Mito hearing this looked at the seal formula and snorted.

"Well whoever placed it on him clearly is using an old mechanism on it which I am very familiar with. Truly it seems sealing has grown but the basics are still the same. Hold still, Naruto-chan" doing a few handseals, she bit her thumb and smeared the blood on his forehead "Kai" whispering gently. Naruto feels a light burning sensation while the seal on his forehead is gone. "We will need the key for his seal. I want to make sure everything is fine" turning to Hiruzen he nodded.

"Jiraiya, one of my old students and a sennin has the key. He was Minato's sensei and is the keeper of the key, but I made sure my sealing is up to date to make sure he is fine" spoke Hiruzen. Mito nodded while Hashirama turned to Tobirama who is thinking of a few events "I don't think that there will be a problem if we all stay together from now on. I mean after what Mito-san said earlier I know for sure Hashirama won't leave the boy behind" spoke Tobirama. Turning to Naruto watching him smile he smirked thinking about having a nephew of his age.

Hiruzen smiled, taking out a envelope he threw it to Mito who caught it "It's his parents home, after I revealed everything to him. I know for a fact Naruto will be safe with you three. Seeing that his cousin clan will be taking responsibility for him" Mito nodded while Tobirama looks at Naruto reminding himself when he was a little younger. Hashirama on the other hand thought of a second chance of a family that he really did get at.

"Hiruzen we demand justice after what the boy stole!" barging into the Hokage's office were Homura, Koharu, and Danzou, who walked in uninvited wanting to know why he hasn't punished the young boy they had no respect for. Mizuki was in the anbu headquarters being interrogated while Naruto was nowhere to be found.

"Careful on how you speak about the boy. I already sent that traitor chunin to the anbu broken, I will do the same to you" spoke Mito irritated. When she turned around to the new guest, Hashirama and Tobirama turned around as well, making the three old elders shocked to see who it is.

"Sensei?" said Homura.

Tobirama glared at his two former students shaking his head "No. Not anymore, not after what you have done to my family. I won't consider you two my students ever again. Everything I taught you two obviously went to waste, turning your back on your teammate and Konoha to fulfill your own desires and your idealistic ways" shaking his head, he noticed Naruto's composure changed dramatically when those three entered the room.

"How is this even possible?" spoke Danzou. "Lord Shodaime, Lord Nidaime, you died decades ago, but yet you two are standing here?" wondering what is going on he turns to Naruto raising an eyebrow thinking he had something to do with it. 'The last time I saw the Nidaime was during that mission when we were outnumbered by Kumo's golden horn forces' thinking of that day so long ago he bitterly looks at Naruto.

"I suggest you change how you feel. I sense all those negative emitions towards my clansmen you are aiming at" hissed Mito. Standing in front of Naruto, Koharu is shocked to see Mito alive and right in front of her as well with the first and second Hokage. "How dare you three barge into the Hokage office while we are talking about clan matters?" raged Mito.

Hiruzen got everyone's attention "This will all be S ranked secret. We will come up with a story tomorrow on how they returned. In the meantime, I suggest they head home and let them rest" Danzou hearing this shook his head and turned to the first and second hokage's but then turned to Mito, very nervous how she sensed what the man was putting out.

"Where will they be heading?" asked Danzou.

Mito snorted and turned to the man with a nasty grin "Ahh. To Naruto-chan's home that his parents left it behind. You know the Yondaime, his father Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki his mother, the heiress I chose to carry my duties?" spoke Mito. Hiruzen winced forgetting about that, while Naruto turned to Hiruzen then to Mito "Wait. My kaasan was heiress? But wouldn't that make me an heir then?"

Koharu looked at Naruto "Well we don't have any proof that you are their child". Getting a glare from Mito and the first three Hokages, Tobirama got up and walked to Minato's portrait and "Kai" breaking the seal on it. He turned to Hiruzen asking if there was any envelope left behind for Naruto "I think there was. But I know for sure Jiraiya would know where it is. Perhaps the gama clan is holding onto it seeing that they cared deeply for Minato." listening to Hiruzen. Tobirama found an envelope with Naruto's name.

"I see that Minato perpared for something or maybe Kushina. I remember a long time ago that you two didn't like the idea of me choosing the next person to carry out my duties from outside Hi no Kuni or Konoha" spoke Mito. Hiruzen hearing this raised an eyebrow and turned to his former teammates while Mito nodded and luckily she was able to get a message out in time.

"I see." stated Hiruzen.

Hashirama glared at the two making them nervous "After the meeting we are going to have tomorrow. Everyone will know about us and the truth about the Uzumaki clan and Senju clan. His status of Heir of the Uzumaki clan will be revealed while we will wait to see how he grows to take his fathers name." everyone from the Senju, Uzumaki, and Sarutobi clan nodded while the three elders all stood there keeping their mouths shut.

As the two brothers and Uzumaki clan members leave the office, Tobirama snapped his fingers coming to a stop "Also we will be taking the scroll of seals. I don't trust it having here seeing that Naruto-san beat you with such an interesting jutsu. But more importantly on what Mito-san said earlier about him" staring at Danzou he remembers him from when he was in his youth.

But now he sees Danzou as a person who has his own agenda. Grabbing the scroll of seals the four walked out of the office while Hiruzen let out a yawn and also walked out of his office "It seems the Senju clan seat just opened up" walking out of his office the elders looked at each other while Homura and Koharu are still shocked at what their former sensei said to them.

Danzou is thinking how this has happened and now must be extra careful with her being around the boy 'But having the first two hokage's as well. This has just changed everything' walking to the desk he saw the team assignments, letting out a smirk 'Maybe not'

Next Morning Namikaze Home

Hashirama, Tobirama, and Mito were all drinking and eating breakfast at the table. When they arrived home last night all four were shocked to see the beautiful home. Naruto silently cried while Mito gave him a hug knowing he needs it, Tobirama wondered how much has Konoha changed or gone downhill. Hashirama can't believe the village he founded turned out like this and against all odds blamed his family for what happened.

"So Mito-chan what have you learned? I noticed three kage bunshin in the library looking over the fuinjutsu books." asked Hashirama. Tobirama nodded while Mito let out a small yawn "To be honest, a lot. The Hakke no Fūin Shiki that is used to seal Kyuubi has greatly improved, I must admit Kushina became one of the best sealers. To teach her husband as well and he was very knowledgeable in space-time ninjutsu"

Tobirama hearing this is interested, he thought no one else would show knowledge in it. Hashirama listening to it feels Mito also knows something more "Mito-chan. We see him as Naruto Uzumaki not as the Kyuubi. What is troubling you?" Mito took a deep breath, took out a scroll, and unrolled it showing a complete verison of the Hakke no Fūin Shiki.

"The seal he has is complete but I made a few more modifications and improvements. What Hiruzen told us about his healing ability is great but I believe I can improve the seal". Hashirama nodded agreeing with his wife while Tobirama listened and also studying the new Hakke no Fūin Shiki. "Agreed. But we should discuss this with Uzumaki-san" stated Tobirama.

As the doors open, Naruto walked in rubbing the sleep from his eyes "Good morning"

Mito turned to Naruto and smiled "Morning. There is hot food on the oven. After you eat, wash up and put on that kimono I found in the attic. I am surprised that Kushina kept all those old yukata and kimono's that I brought from Uzu" smiling. Tobirama nodded remembering those yukata, while Hashirama slightly winced knowing he has to wear them today.

"But I have to go to the academy and get my team assignments." spoke Naruto. Mito shook her head before throwing him the scroll "The team assignments have been rescheduled for later in the afternoon." stated Mito. Hearing a knock Tobirama got up and went to the front door "So what's going to happen in the morning with the meeting? I mean it won't be easy with the civilian council or elders who apparently got big heads now."

Hashirama hearing this raised an eyebrow and sighed, hating politics "Lucky for you Mito-chan is very good with politics. She will deal with them" turning to the door to see Hiruzen and Tobirama "Good morning" bowing to everyone. Mito offered Hiruzen tea which he gladly accepted. "I assume there is a reason for you coming here?"

Hiruzen turned to Hashirama and nodded sadly "Yes. It seems everyone has heard of Naruto graduating while I came up with a story saying he activated his kekkei which casued him to lose control of his chakra" everyone listened to the story and nodded while Mito turned to Hiruzen asking which kekkei genkai did he activate? "The way you said it make it sound like he has two." spoke Hiruzen sipping his tea.

Tobirama grunted "Indeed. Our cousins have a very unique chakra that gives them their huge chakra reserves, stamina, and their long lifespan. Us Senju do have those traints as well but the Uzumaki clan always seem to have it stronger. We believed it was a chakra-based kekkie genkai which is very rare to have" explaining about it. Hiruzen listened to this while stroking his beard, not liking this.

Hashirama already knew where this is going "He or I won't be going into the CRA" everyone turned to him wondering where did that come from "I created a kage bunshin and study on some laws. Besides we are the founders and can be immune to such laws while Naruto we can place him under the care of our clan due to being family and also the third founders of Konoha." everyone nodded while Hiruzen liked this political move.

"But another issue is how are we going to explain you three returning." asked Hiruzen.

Tobirama yawned getting everyone's attention "Your rogue student, Orochimaru. I met an anbu this morning with the abilities of Hashirama, Tenzo was his name. We spoke briefly and I think we can come up with something" Hiruzen chuckled turning to Tobirama asking how he found Tenzo so easily "Sarutobi, you should know I am a very good sensor but yes, I think we can use this to our advantage while Naruto here accidentally stumbled upon old plans of Orochimaru"

Everyone listened to the Nidaime and nodded. Naruto ate his toast and eggs wondering how this meeting will go "But what about my new appearance? I mean I like the red and blonde hair on me, it looks awesome with the red whikers mark tips. But what are we going to say about it?" Mito smirked and turned to Hiruzen asking which kekkei genkai he activated yesterday "Ok. I will be using the mokuton as a cover-up due to my first kekkei genkai being a chakra-based one, while the mokuton activated yesterday making my hair change color. Since there aren't many records in Konoha about anyone having two bloodlines or how they can be activated later on in someone's life"

Hiruzen blinked at Naruto wondering where did that come from "I assume the seal on his forehead is gone, is it not?" watching Mito nod she smiled seeing that Naruto is very smart and a very good listener. "Then we should be heading out" spoke Hiruzen.

Konoha Hokage Tower.

When Hiruzen summoned a meeting everyone thought it was about Naruto. The civilian council were already having their lines and story ready to have the boy executed before the meeting even ended. The clan heads on the other hand wondered what is going on, since the Hokage changed the time for the team assignments. But on top of it rumors were flying around about the first and second hokages?

The elders and Danzou were all quiet seeing that last night didn't go to well. Danzou gritted his teeth wondering if he should deploy his 'Ne' to watch them, but does he want to take that risk?

When Hiruzen walked in everyone wondered why there was a few more chairs in the Senju clan area. That area has been vacant for many years "I see everyone has arrived" smiling he took his seat and looked around "I summoned you all here to tell you of the great news." putting his hand up on the civilian side he sent a small wave of killing intent shutting them up.

"Yes. Naruto Uzumaki did steal the scroll of seals but he was tricked into doing by Mizuki Touji. Iruka has confirmed everything while Ibiki got all the information from Mizuki who was going to use the scroll for himself then turn it over to Orochimaru for some odd reason" watching everyone talk in the room. The clan heads were all wondering what is going on.

"It seems that in the scroll of seals laid a kinjutsu that brings the people back to life. The name of the kinjutsu won't be mentioned but was created by my sensei Tobirama Senju. It seems Orochimaru wanted something from there that was left behind many years ago, but in a twist of fate, Naruto found it and... well I think it would be better to show everyone" grinning.

Everyone turned to the doors opening revealing Hashirama and Mito walking alongside wearing similar kimono's. Tobirama and Naruto were walking alongside but wearing different kimono's. But many people were looking at Naruto wondering if Kyuubi finally broke through the seal due to his hair now being in two colors.

The clan heads all watching this are shocked while Hiashi activated his byakugan and saw this wasn't a genjutsu or trick. Shikaku was performing a ram seal muttering 'Kai' hoping to get sleep. Tsume was sniffing around the area seeing they all have their own scents and Shibi's bugs comfirming they are real and alive.

The civilians on the other hand are confused wondering how is this even possible. One started to shout about killing the impostors while another agreed with it.

"Lord Hiruzen, forgive us for being late, but we had to make sure that the Uzumaki clan seat was still available in the archives. But sadly it wasn't so the Senju seat will have two votes" spoke Mito. Hiruzen nodded seeing that Mito is indeed playing her game in politics while Homura and Koharu didn't say anything while Danzou tried to keep a calm mind.

"I see. Very well, until Naruto turns sixteen the Uzumaki and Senju clans are once again allies, while the Senju clan reunites with family and raise Naruto to be a proper clan memeber" spoke Hiruzen

"WHAT?" hearing a shout coming from the civilian side "Family? Allies? Since when did this happen? Lord Hokage clearly the demon has corrupted our founders' minds." hearing a male voice. Everyone turned to him standing from his seat pointing at Naruto "He clearly did something to the founders! We can't allow him to get away with this! He must die NOW!" shouting for the anbu.

Hiruzen leaned back in his chair watching two Anbu appear on the ground kneeling. "Anbu take the councilman away" exclaimed Hiruzen. The civilian side are shocked to hear this while some more protests came from their side "You spoke ill of young Uzumaki who is heir of Uzumaki clan. The same clan that is cousins to the Senju clan who helped fund and create Konoha" spoke Hiruzen.

Mito watched the anbu taking the councilman away and snorted "Yes. It seems the shinobi here in Konoha forget their ties with Uzushiogakure, my birth home. Each chunin and jonin wear that symbol of our nation and village on their uniform. But it seems to me they do not know what that symbol means and I for one demand to know what is going on" turning to Hiruzen he let out a nervous chuckle.

"Calm down Mito-chan. If they give you a reasonable answer then fine, but if they don't..." turning to the civilian side he shrugged his shoulders. Tobirama stood there whispering to Naruto on what to do and say. As the four take their seats, Shikaku got up and bowed to the founders introducing himself as the jonin commander of Konoha.

"If I may open the floor up first, I can answer Mito-sama's question. When Kyuubi attacked twelve years ago, there was a meeting about the village history as to why they wear the symbol. Seeing that most of the civilian council hated young Naruto-san there was a vote to change everything, and during that vote we the clan heads lost due to one of our own siding with them" spoke Shikaku.

Sitting down the clan heads remember that day seeing that something like this could have been avoided and maybe Naruto would have gotten some help from the others knowing the bonds his clan has with Konoha. Mito hearing this nodded while Hashirama asked who was the clan head that voted for this to happen.

"Fugaku Uchiha" answered Hiruzen.

Tobirama grunted, Hashirama moaned in pain, and Mito rolled her eyes and shook her head with a long sigh. "Why aren't we surprised?" said the three making everyone blink at them. "They always hated my clan for funding the village, for being the third choice. Even now they still are up to their old sneaky and devious tricks" spated Mito.

"DONT YOU DARE SPEAK TO THEM LIKE THAT!" screaming at the top of her lungs as most people covered their ears in pain. "They were once a powerful clan and forever will be!" snarled Sakiri. Mito blinked and turned to Hiruzen wanting to giggle knowing the whole truth "Once? After what happened to them you think that clan will be powerful and respected again?" asked Mito. Hashirama nodded wondering that himself while Tobirama rolled his eyes remembering the Uchiha activities during his reign.

"Sakiri, I would watch how you talk to the founders if I were you. The Uzumaki and Senju clan are cousins and to scream at the wife of Hashirama Senju who is sitting right next to her isn't a good idea." spoke Hiruzen using a cheerful voice. The clan heads nodded but the civilian side stood up protesting "Enough!" shouting, the Sandaime stood from his seat glaring at the civilian side.

"But do they know what the 'boy' is?" shouted Sakiri. Hoping the founders would change their minds or kill the demon that she was so so certain had control on them. Mito snorted catching everyone's attention "You all think he is Kyuubi in human form, but he isn't. Let me tell you a secret, Kyuubi has been in Konoha since the founding of the village" everyone hearing this is shocked.

Hiruzen nodded while Hashirama reminded everyone he possessed a few biju under his control and passed them among the other nations to increase peace among them. Which in the end helped the first shinobi war end in an armistice treaty where the five nations all suffered greatly. "In the end Konoha has always kept Kyuubi but it was always sealed inside of our cousin family. The Uzumaki clan" explained Hashirama.

The clan heads nodded while the civilain side are shocked to hear this coming from their first hokage.

Danzou cleared his throat getting everyone's attenion "The kinjutsu that was used, can it be used again to bring back others?" this caught everyone's attenion while Sakiri thought about bringing back the Yondaime and a few members of the Uchiha clan. Danzou on the other hand is thinking more down the line of powerful shinobi he can train and use to overtake Konoha or force them to give him the position of Hokage.

"No" stated Tobirama cooly. Taking a deep breath he is going to give them a reasonable answer until he comes up with one himself. "The kinjutsu I developed is different from what Naruto-san used or modified. This was a fluke and due to Kyuubi being inside of him and his kekkie genkai's which I mean his chakra-based helped him due to his blood mixing with the chakra" giving them some form of a answer.

Hiruzen hearing this nodded "Yes. The results turned out to be quite fruitful."

Danzou listening to this smirked "You said kekkei genkai's. You are to tell me the boy has more then one?" everyone hearing this turned to Naruto who is listening and staying still, something he isn't known for.

"Yes. The Uzumaki clan has a chakra-based kekkei genkai. We are born with very large chakra reserves, stamina, and a very long lifespan. Naruto here also inherited my Hashirama-koi's kekkei genkai" explained Mito. Everyone turned to Naruto who was covering his mouth yawning.

"You are to tell me the boy has the Mokuton?" spoke Homura for the first time in the meeting.

"Yes. He activated it yesterday which disrupted his chakra and changed his hair color. Shinobi with two kekkei genkai's usually have trouble activating them, but it seems he acitvated the chakra-based earlier in his life and the mokuton later on. Which explains the lack of control of his chakra" explained Mito. Hiruzen hearing this turned to Hiashi asking if he can check Naruto to confirm while the civilian side are almost ready to jump from their seats.

"Of course lord Hokage" activating his byakugan. Hiashi looked at Naruto "Indeed. Everything she said is true, his chakra reserves are indeed very large, larger then yours." that confirmed everything for everyone. The clan heads were all wondering how this will play out, seeing that Naruto isn't alone and has the support of the Senju clan who are his cousin clan.

"If that is true then he must be in the CRA to pass the kekkei genkai down so it won't die out" spoke Sakiri. Turning to Naruto for the first time she wonders what can she get out of him. 'Imagine in a few years when Sakura finally catches Sasuke's attention' thinking she hears a snort coming from Hashirama making her wonder what is going on.

Hashirama explained how they are the founders and can be immune to such laws while Naruto can be placed under the care of their clan due to him being family and also the third founders of Konoha "But also Naruto is Heir of the Uzumaki clan and Uzu when his mother Kushina Uzumaki came to Konoha all those years ago. She was chosen by Mito to carry her duties here in Konoha as an ambassador of the clan and nation" smiled Hashirama bringing up a half-lie and truth to it.

The elders seeing where this is going nodded. Danzou cursed underneath his breath not liking how this went, Sakiri gritted her teeth and saw Naruto as a person that needs to be picked slowly. Turning to Mito she glared at the woman while she is talking to her husband smirking then she turns to Naruto clearing her throat "What does the boy say?"

Naruto blinked at her and raised an eyebrow "What do I say?" snapping his fingers "Let's see, my heritage was hidden from me, by the civilian council not wanting me to know who I was. My nation and clan, who the shinobi here wear my symbol, insult the clan heir and nation by spitting at me. Do you really want to know how I feel? Let's just say that I see things in a different light now" smirking he turned to Sakiri making her nervous.

"But on the other hand, if I want to I can always ask to retire or take away the symbol can't I?" turning to the Sandaime he nodded while Naruto turned to the civilian council making them nervous. "And seeing that it was your fault that this happened, I wonder who they are going to blame?" everyone in the room wondered what they mean.

"Troublesome. Naruto-san here is really thinking ahead of himself" yawning everyone turned to him asking what he means. Trying to sleep he opened one eye and looked at Sakiri "Who wanted to change history? Naruto-san's family is right there sitting next to him and his clan being the third founder but also having their own hidden village and nation. Who do you think they are going to blame? Not him, mostl likely the people who wanted that to happen. The civilian council and Uchiha" answered Shikaku closing his eyes to get some more sleep.

Mito smiled and decided to add the nail to the coffin sealing this once and for all. "As of right now I, being a former member of the Uzumaki clan, while my husband has agreed to it, will watch but also somewhat adopt Naruto into our family. Making this a clan issue between the Uzumaki and Senju clan". The clan heads hearing this wonder how this will play out.

"What? You can't. Truly there must be another one who can watch him?" said Sakiri. Seeing that is just turned into a clan issue and knowing the civilian council can't interfere 'Wait. The Kyuubi' smiling she turns to the Hokage smiling. "They can't. It will give them too much power and I feel it will give them too much power over the other clans" smiling and happy to use her trump card.

Mito broke out laughing catching everyone off guard that she can be that loud "Truly you haven't listened to anything. Kyuubi is sealed inside of him. I being one of the most powerful fuinjutsu users from the Uzumaki clan will watch over him. While Hashirama-koi can make sure Kyuubi's chakra won't do any harm, while we all trained him as well. Seeing that is a clan issue it will remain as a clan issue while the Hokage is kept up to date on the issue." smiled Mito. "Even so, all of you have been making absolutely sure that no one is allowed to adopt Naruto-chan for the past twelve years. Why would you change your mind now and expect all of us to accept it?"

Sakiri hearing this turned to her, shocked that her trump card just failed her. Seeing that they are the best choice so that Kyuubi won't break from the seal, she gritted her teeth seeing she fell for this loophole.

"Very well. With everything going on, Konoha will know that the founders were brought back to life with a kinjutsu that involved with Naruto, Kyuubi, Tobirama-sensei and Orochimaru. Dismissed" stated Hiruzen.

Hashirama yawned and turned to Mito who is smiling making him shiver "It seems you did well Mito-chan and you didn't need to bring up those charges that Hiruzen gave you earlier. But I fear you will hold onto those charges for something much worse later on"

"Of course" giggled Mito.

Naruto turned to Tobirama wondering if this is normal to them "It is. Trust me and I say this stay out of it." making the blonde shake his head he let out a small yawn wanting to get some sleep.

Academy Later on

Naruto, being the first to get there, sat in a empty seat waiting for everyone to come. Since the meeting, rumors and appearances of the first two Hokages and his wife are circulating around Konoha, Hashirama isn't worried about the other nations doing anything just yet, while Tobirama agreed that most likely they will send in spies to gather information.

Hiruzen nodded knowing how very true that is.

Naruto laid his head on the table hoping to take a quick nap before he got his team assignment. Since the rumors of him passing and activating a kekkei genkai many people wonder if the demon affected the Senju brothers.

It wasn't long until the whole room was filled with everyone talking and chit-chatting. Oddly enough no one paid attention to Naruto sleeping in the front of the class with light snores. Still wearing the big kimono the sleeves made comfortable pillows that cover most of his head.

When Iruka walked in he noticed everyone in the room. "Afternoon everyone" stopping, Ami raised her hand "Yes Ami?" wondering what's going on, Iruka doesn't see Naruto and after what the hokage told him and changed he wonders where he is 'Hope he is ok?'

"Iruka-sensei, is it true about what happened to Naruto? I mean my kaasan flipped after she heard he graduated and has a kekkei genkai, and two no less." everyone whispered on what happened and what they heard, though the vast majority were hoping for confirmation that the rumors were wrong wrong wrong. Iruka listening to everyone talk about the rumors with the snake sennin, Mizuki betraying Konoha, and some deadly kinjutsu.

"Big deal. Sasuke-kun is still better!" shouted Sakura in a 'Don't anyone dare disagree with me' tone of voice, making the whole room quiet.

Everyone heard a groan coming from someone "Would you keep your voice down? I am trying to sleep. Shit how does Shikamaru do it?" when Naruto lifted his head rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Everyone looked at him and blinked "What?" letting out a yawn he turned to Iruka who is also blinking "Why is everyone blinking at me?" yawning some more.

"Hmm well besides the fact you have two different hair colors? The red tip scars on your face. Actually, I think that can be the reason" said Ino. Naruto blinked and let out a smirk forgetting about his red and blonde hair and his whikers marks having a red tip like Tobirama. When he saw it in the mirror he wondered how did it happen but shrugged thinking it involves his other kekkei genkai.

Iruka snapped his stupor and cleared his throat "Yes. As you can see Naruto here activated his kekkei genkai yesterday which disrupted his chakra control but he learned the kage bunshin, a much harder jutsu that substituted for the clone justu" explained Iruka. Naruto with one hand underneath his chin tried to sleep while everyone is whispering about him "NARUTO!" waking up the red-headed blonde.

"I'm wake." yawned Naruto.

"So what's so special about his kekkei genkai? I bet Sasuke-kun is much better and cooler, not that there could possibly be any doubt." most of the females in the room nodded minus one girl who is still staring and blushing at her crush. One she is blushing because of the sudden change and not to mention he is sitting right next to her.

Iruka hearing this shook his head but heard a few giggles "Wait I know those giggles" turning to the door where a lot of jonin levels walked in. "Anko what do you know?" asked Iruka. Most of the children wonder why did the jonins walk into the room and soon realized it had something to do with the team assignments.

Anko grinned and looked at Naruto making him nervous "Well besides his chakra reserves being bigger then the Sandaime's right now. The huge stamina and long lifespan they have but you also know what they say about guys being born with very large chakra reserves." letting out a seductive smile and winking, a lot of females in the room turned red imitating Hinata's red face.

"Pervert!" shouted Sakura "I bet you Sasuke still has more chakra!" defending her prize. Hinata let out a giggle while everyone turned to her making her shrink "What was that Hinata?" glaring at the Hyuga.

Naruto winks at her making her cheeks turn red. "Well Sakura if you want to know," acitvating her byakugan "From the two I see that Naruto's chakra is larger and thicker then Sasuke's. Naruto-kun is like a tree and Sasuke is a flower by comparison." everyone hearing this turns to Naruto yawning while Anko grinned. Sakura rolled her eyes "Well that's just your opoiun and I stand by Sasuke-kun" replied Sakura.

Hinata took a deep breath and turned to Sakura with a serious expression. "Ano. Believe whatever you want, you always do, but the byakugan doesn't lie and that isn't a rumor about the guys who are born with very large chakra reserves." stopping Anko fell on the floor laughing while everyone turned to Hinata who turned around facing the front of the class and then fainted.

"Should I feel kind of violated or honored she peeked at me?" asked Naruto. The men in the room all looked at Naruto grining while Anko is laughing on the ground while Kurenai shook her head wondering how she did it. "Iruka can you give out the teams for Kami-sama's sake?" asked Kureani. The newly graduated academy students nodded wanting to know whose team they are on.

"Alright listen carefully everyone" stated Iruka.

Naruto on the other hand turned to Hinata raising an eyebrow watches her steal a few glances at his way when she woke up and cleaned the blood from her nose. Shrugging his shoulders he listened to the teams "Team Seven will be Sasuke, Sakura, and Sai, jonin sensei Kakashi Hatake" Iruka hearing this raised an eyebrow while Naruto let out a breath of relief. Going down to Team Eight was Shino, Kiba, and Hinata with the genjutsu mistress. Team Nine still in rotation and the last was the new Ino-Cho-Shi group with Asuma.

"So it seems the dope has no team" spoke Sasuke, smirking.

Naruto hearing this raised an eyebrow while Iruka cleared his throat "No. Naruto here has been instead taken as an apprentice by his cousin family" answered Iruka. No one in the room saw this coming while most thought Naruto was a mere orphan. "No, he has a family which will surprise many people. I mean, he didn't pop out of thin air into existence after all." smiled Iruka.

"Whatever. They are dead weight if you ask me since they are related in any way to him. Teaching the dobe who claims to have two bloodlines is a bigger waste of time than teaching a plant a foreign language." scoffed Sasuke, again trying to make himself feel superior to anyone who has more attention than himself even if momentarily.

The jonins in the room all walked away from the door making room for the new jonin sensei for Naruto. "He reminds me a little of Izuna Uchiha" said Tobirama. Replacing the metal outfit with a blue jacket wearing a jonin vest underneath it. Hashirama on the other hand shook his head "No he reminds me too much of Madara Uchiha. It's eerie." wearing the same thing as his brother but instead in a red color like his armor.

Mito let out a sigh wearing chunin outfit designed for females "I remember both of them, annoying and such crybabies after I beat them both with a few fuinjutdu they couldn't copy".

Everyone in the class blinked while Shikamaru mumbled underneath his breath asking how is he going to sleep now. Iruka looked at the three, smiled and bowed. "Class, may I introduce you Hashirama Senju the first Hokage and his wife Mito Uzumaki-Senju. Along with his brother Tobirama Senju the Nidaime" smiled Iruka. "Due to incidents involving Naruto, I can't disclose any information on how they were brought back. All that we know is it had something to do with Naruto's first kekkei genkai and his blood relation to them" spoke Iruka.

Sasuke watching this looked at the first two hokages "You are to tell me the dobe is going to be trained by the first two Hokages? I demand to be trained instead so I can kill my brother and restore my clan to it's former glory!" shouted Sasuke like they had no choice but to obey him. Jealous that Naruto got two former hokages as teachers to train him "And what is his second kekkei genkai? I demand to know everything!"

Hashirama turned to Tobirama nodding "You're right, he does act a little like Izuna. Always crying about Madara this, Madara that, I'd rather be tortured instead of hearing his whining" said Hashirama. Tobirama let out a chuckle knowing how he feels seeing how much the Uchiha clan was during all those years. After giving them the police force to stay out of Konoha's govern system they still found a way to use it for their part.

Mito's eye twitched and turned to Naruto who shrugged his shoulders "I have no reason to tell him anything" yawned Naruto. Everyone got an anime sweat while Sakura glared at Naruto for not telling Sasuke what his bloodlines are.

"Enough Sasuke. Naruto's clan is cousin to the Senju clan who happen to be the third founders of Konoha who also had their own village in Uzu no Kuni known as Uzushiogakure. So it's only right that his clan helps him out seeing that this has become a clan issue between the two" spoke Iruka. Everyone in the room watched Naruto yawn and turned to Hinata who turned her head back before she got caught stealing glances at him which is failing.

"Yes it's true, our clans are distant relatives. We are actually cousins and Naruto here is actually the heir of the clan and nation. Now if you would excuse us we need to start training." spoke Mito. Hashirama nodded while Tobirama looked around the room wondering how the next generation is going to do. "So let the next generation of shinobi begin" smiled Mito.