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No Flames

Konoha Hokage Tower Few days later

Hiruzen rubbing his temples waiting for Hashirama and Tobirama to arrive and when they did Jiraiya is with them. "Ahh Lord Hashirama and Tobirama. At last you arrive so we can begin" said a council man. Both Senju brothers sat down and wonders what is going on and why did the civilian council call for a emergency meeting.

Hashirama was thinking something bad happen to Nami. But seeing that Mito hasn't come back just yet meaning everything is fine. Tobirama is wondering if Sasuke complain to the civilian council. "Forgive us for arriving a little late. But we are returning from a short visit around Hi No Kuni with the closest towns and cities" replied Tobirama.

Hashirama nodded while Jiraiya let out a chuckle "Please. As long Mito-sama doesn't know what happens. Keep it that way" said Hiruzen shivering. Hashirama chuckled while Tobirama shivered, Jiraiya on the other hand whined like a puppy. Hiruzen turning to the shinobi side waiting while the civilian side all nodded and looked to Hiruzen.

Sakiri quickly took the floor and smiled at everyone in the room. Knowing what she has found, she cant wait for this to happen "I been doing some research and found something interesting about the clan laws" said Sakiri. The clan heads turned to her while the Senju brothers raised an eye, then turned to each other wondering what she means. Sakiri smiling passes the scroll around while Hiruzen got it from Homura, Koharu who read the scroll and agreed to the contexts.

When Hiruzen got it, he read the scroll and didn't like what he read one bit. "Under Village charter with clans contract. And I quote any clan who has been disbanded or lost great numbers during a war or during Village service must have more then one member to be a clan. They must have the same or related kekkei genkai to stay as a clan in Konoha. Any other clan that is related can join but must also follow the same rules. All knowledge of the clan will go to the other clans and divided among them and liquidated if this isn't met" read Hiruzen.

Looking over the document everyone talked and murmured while the Senju brothers raised an eye. "So what is this meeting about?" asked Hashirama.

Sakiri let out a cheerful smile but deep inside of her it was a victory "The Uzumaki cant have a clan here because he is only one person" answered Sakiri victorious. Tobirama hearing this leaned back down on his chair and wonders whats next. Hashirama winced to hear this while he looked at Tobirama who shakes his head.

Wondering if he had anything to do with this law. He knows for sure he never established a law like that in Konoha while he was Hokage at all. Looking at Hiruzen the Sandaime nodded knowing what he is thinking.

"That law was established when I became Hokage. During the second shinobi war we needed to bring some numbers up while many civilians thought marrying into clans was getting a life of luxury. Some were claiming the children as their own saying it was civilians matter but it wasn't. So it clashed with the shinobi system of clans. So we came up with this to prevent that from happening" answered Hiruzen.

Pointing out the difference between the shinobi divorces but also the civilians as well. The shinobi side claimed everything while the civilians got nothing but if the children didn't inherit the kekkei genkai of the parents. The civilian would be stuck to raise the child with no help form the father. But later on the civilian council tried to change it but in the end it was a lost to them.

Hashirama nodded and agrees on why it was created. "I see what you are getting at. So in the end the civilian who married into the clan stayed into the clan but changed her life style to accommodate what she thought she would get". Getting nods from the shinobi side who saw this before. Hashirama let out a sigh seeing how much the civilians changed the Village he help create. "But Naruto wouldn't be the only person in the same situation". Everyone looked at him raising an eye while some civilians looked confuse. "You said must have more then one member to be a clan. Would Sasuke Uchiha fit that category!".

Tobirama chuckled thought of the irony while Sakiri face paled to hear this. When she read the charter once more 'Why didn't I see that? Sasuke is also in the same position as he is'. Thinking to herself she looks at the Hokage "But the Uchiha clan were slaughtered by Itachi. He is a missing nin" answered Sakiri.

Trying her hardest to fix her mistake. She hopes her plan didn't back fire or worse his clan status wont be revoke at all. She looked through the laws finding a way to stop Naruto from ever being anything but a demon he is.

"But it happen during Village service. Itachi Uchiha is a missing nin. A criminal of Konoha a outcast of the Uchiha clan meaning he isn't part of the Uchiha clan anymore" answered Tobirama. Leaning back on his chair he watches the shinobi council nod while Sakiri turns to the civilian side all talking seeing her plan backfired. With everything that Tobirama pointed out, Itachi is a missing nin someone who cant ever return to Konoha.

Hiruzen pulling on his beard and nodded while Homura and Koharu thought of the issue. "Its true what the law says and with this going on. I'm afraid that both boys will lose their clan status. Once they return from their mission they will be told of the situation" answered Danzo. Looking at Sakiri the old war hawk shakes his head seeing she is trying to cause Naruto some problems. 'Now the bigger question remains. What is Sasuke going to do?'.

With Sasuke attitude changing but also his behavior lately has been very questionable.

Everyone on the shinobi side nodded while the civilian side shouted in protest.

Sakiri trying to find a way around this soon smiled "The CRA" giving her answer. Everyone turned to her while she smiled, remembering what they said about Naruto. He wont be going to the CRA nor Hashirama Senju what so ever "But Sasuke falls under it. So we cant remove the status because we are waiting for him to replenish the number of Sharingan users Konoha will have once more".

Knowing with the added numbers of children being born with the Sharingan but also the wives he will take. Sasuke cant lose the clan status and in the end Naruto will.

Hashirama shakes his head seeing she was able to fix the problem. 'I have to give her credit she knows her laws. But yet are those laws she pushed to have them use for her benefit'. Wondering what else can happen, he notices Tobirama remained silent.

Tobirama wonders why is she going through such great lengths to stop Naruto at all and if Mito was there. 'She would have destroyed this place making everyone think that Kyuubi did it or worse' shivered Tobirama.

"Yes the CRA" shouted the council man.

Watching the shinobi side roll there eyes Sakiri looks at the clan heads and smiles. Knowing how Sasuke has been feeling so left out lately and Naruto getting some of his family back. She wonders why hasn't the other clans helped Sasuke in there own way "We must give Sasuke every jutsu Konoha has to offer so he will remain here. Even the jutsu from other clans. With this the Uchiha clan can grow even more powerful. Imagine what will come in a few short years when Sasuke takes a few woman to bear his children".

When Sakiri finished that the civilian council all liked the idea BUT.

The clan heads all erupted angry to hear this. Hiashi activated his Byakugan glaring at Sakiri. Shikaku along with Choza and Inoichi stood from there seats all yelling back. Shibi pointed to a few people while Tsume growled back. But only one person stood his ground the most "Not an option. Those jutsu are private property of those clans and cannot be handed out to just anyone." Hiruzen countered firmly. The clan heads are still arguing with the civilian council, while the Senju brothers turn to each other who hasn't said a thing.

Jiraiya moved closer to the Senju brothers wondering what is the next step but also why are they so calm in this meeting. "You think we should wait for Mito-sama to come back and destroy her". Hashirama coughed in his hands while shaking his head. If he knows his Mito-chan she will not just destroy Sakiri or the civilian council she would end their lives with everything that comes close of the civilian matters. Tobirama looked greatly nervous and when he looked at the civilian council he can picture Mito killing them all with her blade.

Or worse.

Then he can picture her moving down Konoha's market destroying everything while Hashirama with no choice rebuilds everything anew while someone with more level headed takes control.

"Then we should remove the clan status from all clans beside the Uchiha so their jutsu no longer counts as clan property" demanded Sakiri. The clan heads are shocked that someone would demanded such a thing. "Its fair game for Sasuke to learn" answered Sakiri. Thinking that the Uchiha clan is more valued then the current and alive clans Konoha has right now. She points out that the Uchiha clan has done its services for the village in the past while the clans right now has done nothing to help Sasuke.

"That boy doesn't deserve it. He is ignorant and rude. He expects everyone to give him that status. That status is earned" answered Inoichi. He has seen Sasuke many times act the way he is. All cause from the civilian council and the way he continues to grow sooner or later Sasuke will be much more of a problem.

Tobirama listening to everything raised an eye but nodded liking this idea what Sakiri said. "She might be onto something" Jiraiya hearing this turns to Hashirama thinking the sake is still affecting him.

"Absolutely not." Hiruzen declared with all the authority he could muster. Rubbing his head trying to push the head ache way he notices Tobirama walking to Konoha law book. "Lord Tobirama is something wrong" asked Hiruzen. Wondering what his former sensei is up to, Hiruzen, former teammates also are puzzled on his actions.

Watching the Nidaime flip through page over page. "What Sakiri said is true" stopping he found what he was looking for in the giant over size book of laws. The clan heads are all wondering what the former Nidaime has in mind "Instead the clans losing their clan status. Its the Uchiha clan that will lose it. Even with him going to the CRA, Sasuke Uchiha can plead with his case to us shinobi. But seeing he isn't a full grown adult regardless of him being a shinobi of Konoha. He cant be clan head due to his age but also only being one member clan. But this also applies with Naruto as well. They can vouch later on in the future with the shinobi and Hokage permission" answered Tobirama.

Quoting from what the law says Hiruzen along with his teammates looked at the law and nodded while the civilians all screamed. Jiraiya smirked while Hashirama nodded seeing what his brother just did. "He saved the clans from losing their property. Knowing Naruto he will understand and doesn't want them to lose it to Sasuke of all people. Reminds me of me when I was Hokage".

But Tobirama wasn't done he also pointed out that the woman will be married into the Uchiha clan and if the children don't have the Sharingan, Sasuke can cast them out of the clan even if he is the father. "He cant" shouted Sakiri. Tobirama nodded pointed out the law that the Sandaime created to protect the clans and such a case like this can be used.

Jiraiya nodded "He's right. Sasuke should have a say to see if his name isn't tarnished. Knowing him he will kick them out" smirked Jiraiya. Sakiri hearing this paled seeing another of her plan backfired in the end. She failed to see what could have happen to Sasuke. Jiraiya turning to Hashirama "Clever on what Tobirama did and Naruto will understand. Maybe down the road he will probably get back the clan status" answered Jiraiya. Hashirama nodded but has a funny feeling on what can happen.

With Naruto ONE week later

Being on a boat hasn't been so bad but Kiba on the other hand has emptied his stomach a few times. Mito sitting on a chair giggling with Kurenai who they have been watching Naruto and Hinata talk. Since the boat ride started the two haven't stopped talking or training "So how long do you think its going to take?" asked Mito.

Kurenai raised an eye while giving Mito a look over to the two talking "For them to go out. Or when everyone will start to know". Mito nodded while the two kunoichi's continue to look at the young genins practicing some chakra control exercise. Happy that both of them are helping each other out, but it reminds Kurenai of her childhood memories talking to Asuma.

"So with this I can practice more of my chakra. Huh would never have thought to do that" answered Naruto. Hinata nodded watches Naruto spin the kunai in his hands using his chakra but also 'It's the like the Rasengan. Got to give Ero- Sennin some credit for telling me how to use the steps. But Hinata gets more of the credit' chuckled Naruto.

Hinata watching this tilts her head in confusion "Is their something wrong" pushing both her fingers together. She watches Naruto shake his head and smiles at her.

"No. Everything is alright. Just thinking that Ero-Sennin showed me. But with what you just showed me, it might be more help then Ero-Sennin training method" answered Naruto. Rising his hand he begins to rotate the kunai seeing its much easier to focus onto something on his hand Hinata blinked wondering who is he talking about while Mito walking to them let out a sigh. "Jiraiya one of the three Sannin. He is teaching me the Rasengan. One of the steps is to spin my chakra" answered Naruto.

"Yes. The pervert. Hiruzen told me what happen when Tsunade found him peeking at her when she was at the hot spring. I still don't think she inflicted that much damage on him to stop" answered Mito annoyed. Wondering where is Tsunade, a month almost going into two has passed. Still no word on her granddaughter and Mito patience is running out.

"Yo" said Gamakichi appearing in a poof of smoke "Dropping this off" leaving in the same poof of smoke. Naruto picked up the scroll coming from Hiruzen to give to Mito.

With all the rumors going around, Zabuza heard about Naruto but also Mito. When Jiraiya heard the rumors of the first and second Hokage coming back to life. Jiraiya spread counter rumors saying they are long lost descendants of the Senju clan. Being a spy master Jiraiya knows that throwing out a few lies will get some people attention but also. It will make people think twice about any rumors to be true. With the false rumors out there most likely they will purse the false rumors first.

When they finished the false rumors first and seeing it was false they would go to the next rumor or a smart enough kage would send two teams to find out which information is true. "So what was the scroll about?" asked Naruto.

Mito shakes her head and looked at team eight and Naruto. "Chunin exams. It is coming up in six to seven weeks. Their has been a increase of more shinobi asking to take the Chunin exams in Konoha last minute" answered Mito. Sending a glare to Zabuza who chuckled while Haku looks confuse of the situation with the other genin.

"So what is the Chunin exams about?" asked Kiba.

Zabuza snorted getting the genins attention "Its a exam to promote possible Chunin's in the future. You have other nations taking the exam in a hosted village". Zabuza looked at Mito smiling behind his mask, looking at Naruto and thinking with the rumors he has heard for the past month. "Now everyone wants to see if those rumors are true. So what hidden village is sending more genin?".

Mito sighed and looked at Zabuza with a harden glare "I get it" answered Naruto. Getting everyone attention "Ero-Sennin told me what might happen and told me he will help me. So the best thing I can do is just train and get stronger" answered Naruto. Zabuza nodded seeing Naruto is taking his shinobi career seriously unlike other genin he met.

Mito nodded knows it wont be easy for any of them but more for Naruto. "To take the Chunin exams you have to be on a three man cell with a Jounin instructor" lectured Mito. Naruto listened and turned to Haku and then moved to Zabuza, before the demon of the mist even said anything. Or even stop Naruto's path of thought to where he was going.

"WOULD SOMEONE TELL ME WHATS THAT" screamed the captain. Everyone turned to a huge maelstrom spinning in the water what looks to be leading to the bottom of the sea floor. "How on kami name is that happening right now" shouted the captain. Looking around the sea there isn't not one cloud in the sky what so ever going against nature itself.

Mito watching this smiles while the genins looked awed. Zabuza nods in satisfaction "That's one hell of a invitation" earning nods from the genin. Mito giggled and told the captain to stay to the right. Looking at the maelstrom it brings many memories back to her when she was little staring at them from the beach.

With them all sailing passing the maelstroms the captain and crew wonders how they aren't getting sucked in with the current. "So can you tell me how is this even possible?" asked the captain. Mito continued to giggle and looked at the crew who is waiting for her to answer.

"Well its quite simple really. The maelstrom is actually a natural phenom going on. The reason why I am telling you to sail to the right is because that is the safe route. All the other maelstroms are pulling the current to other directions. Meaning this route balances it out. Also make a left at the third maelstrom down the middle" replied Mito. Grabbing a rope everyone felt the ship turn into another sudden direction.

Hinata losing her balance tilted back but landed softly while someone wrapped his arms around her "You ok?" asked Naruto. Hinata slowly blushing while Naruto stared at her with a smile. "Watch that step. Its kind of a long ride going down".

"Hai I will" answered Hinata.

Kurenai along with team eight watches them interact and wonders how long will this keep going. Feeling the ship hit another set of current Naruto casually walks to the rails of the ship and looked onto Uzushio. "What's the garden?" asked Naruto. Mito hearing this turned to Naruto quickly "The family heirloom told me to ask you" replied Naruto.

Mito facial expression harden but continued to look onto Uzushio coming to view "Its like the Hokage monument and graveyard as well" answered Mito. Looking straight ahead she notices a small patch of land but no port "It seems we might have to take a small boat to shore" smirked Mito, looking at Naruto and Zabuza with a vulpine smirk.

Naruto snorted and soon started to climb the rope going up "I got a better idea". Everyone wonders what he is talking about, Mito on the other hand sighs and sees where this is going.

"You sure want to summon him. I mean you did last almost the whole day on him. Regardless he didn't want to listen to the pervert but he learned his lesson when he talked back to me" replied Mito. Wondering how Jiraiya can has such a ill mannered summon, she snapped at the summons but also cut his tanto in half. "Besides a little exercise wont hurt. Its good cardio for future activating" giggled Mito.

"Well I know for a fact us guys don't want to row the boat" shake Naruto.

Kurenai hearing this raised an eye feels offended while Zabuza chuckled to hear this. Thinking he dig his grave he watches Kurenai walk forward standing next to Mito. "And what's wrong with that?" asked Kurenai placing her hands on her hip. Zabuza chuckled and leaned back wondering how this will play out but also how will Naruto get out of it.

Naruto looked down and smiles asking would they rather float on a small boat that might be uncomfortable. Both kunoichi's agreed, watching Naruto bitting his finger he jumps off the boat "Kuchiyose no Jutsu". When the poof of smoke cleared three frogs stood in the water holding various weapons.

"Naruto what do you want and is this salt water" gritted Gamabunta. Looking at Naruto standing on top of his head "Gaki. Give me one reason why I shouldn't I cut you into pieces" threaten Gamabunta. Gamaken and Gamahiro looked at Naruto while he pointed to Mito, who both toads looked at her. "Who are you pointing at.. . Lady Mito its good to see you. I didn't know you were with him today" said Gamabunta stuttering nervously.

Watching Mito her place her blade on her shoulder lazily. Both toads share a glance "Gamaken have you ever saw Gamabunta stutter in your life?" asked Gamahiro. "No I never did" wondering what is going on and to make boss toad do that of all people. "But I think she was the one who took Gamabunta tanto and used it on him" whispered Gamaken. Gamahiro hearing this pointed about the tanto being snapped first then used on him. Gamabunta looked at the two with a plea of help while they swim back a bit leaving the boss toad alone with Naruto.

"We kind of need a ride to Uzushio" asked Naruto.

Mito smiled while Kurenai let out a smirk, Zabuza on the other hand slapped his fore head. "You got to be kidding me right" everyone turned to him wondering what's wrong after his shout. "I mean he just summoned not one but three large toads and going to ask them to take you to Uzu. Just like that and he avoids getting killed by you kunoichi's".

Mito and Kurenai looked to Naruto then back to Zabuza "Brownies points" answered Kurenai. The demon of the mist hearing this banged his head on the wall asking how did he get into this position. Naruto sitting with his legs crossed and watches Zabuza bang his head. Looking at Gamabunta the toad raises an eye and before he spoke.

"That is very kind of you and your friends to take all of us Gamabunta-sama" said Mito. Gamabunta turned to her and flinched. Hearing her sweet tone of a voice the toad for one hasn't given a answer.

"Hold on a minute I never-" before Gamabunta can even finish.

Mito sent him a dark glare that made Gamabunta stop what he was doing. Gamaken and Gamahiro saw the dark look shivered while they appeared near their leader. "We will love to take you all there." said Gamaken. "Yes it wont be no problem at all". Each gama placed their web fins on Gamabunta mouth preventing him from talking while they each sent a glare at him. 'Even my own family scared of her' thought Gamabunta sadly.

Mito smiling bows to the three "Thank you you're so gracious". Naruto watching Gamahiro and Gamaken nod wondering what just happen. Zabuza on the other hand gets anime sweat wondering how Naruto is clueless to the danger his summons just going to be were.

"After this I need to get myself checked" answered Zabuza.

Haku hearing this let out a giggle seeing Zabuza like this.


When they landed on the beach they made there way towards the ruins of Uzushio "So how long?" asked Kiba. Mito sent him a glare seeing that he has been asking every few minutes. Naruto kept looking around the area while Shino got a few bugs back and Hinata activate her Byakugan a few times.

"Anything. Hinata-chan?" asked Naruto. Hinata shakes while Naruto nodded, Mito frowned but expected this might have happen. With everything that has happen over the years such as storms things probably took a turn for the worse. "Well we keep moving until we find something" answered Naruto. Everyone nodded while Kurenai stopped and looked at a odd looking flower "Don't pick it up. It will release a pollen that will render you unconscious" answered Naruto.

Kurenai stopped while Mito nodded "Wait. How do you know that?" Looking at the plant, Mito told her that Hashirama uses it. She is surprise to see it alive and out here. With them all walking, Kurenai look at her then took a step back from the small plant.

"Kidding right" said Kiba. Kicking the plant thinking it wont happen the small plant wiggle and opened up. "Huh" watching something spray in the air like pollen it hits Kiba in the face. "Thump". Everyone turned to him sleeping with Akamaru in his chest sleeping as well. Mito turned to Kurenai while she lets out a nervous smile.

"How is it so hard for others to listen?" asked Naruto. Kurenai and Mito got a anime sweat while Hinata giggle "What was it something I said?". Mito dropped her head and told him to make a kage bunshin to carry him. "Alright. Kage bunshin no jutsu" making a few clones appear. Mito raised an eye while a clone walked to a tree and dispelled.

When it did a large tree branch shot out with a metal blade tie to it shocking everyone "A trap. After all these years but who set it up. Wait how did you know it was there?" asked Kurenai. Looking at Mito she gives a harden glare and walks pass the trap and when she did she shakes her head to see what was on the other side. "What's wrong?" Kurenai walking pass the bushes gasp what she saw.

Naruto walked passed them and looked onto the bodies of dead shinobi, civilians. Bones and skeletal remains left behind from the previous war around the area. Some shinobi outfit but others clearly civilians "How far?" asked Naruto. As he continues to walk Kurenai turned to him seeing he is clam. Hinata looked disturbed while Shino looked uncomfortable "Look. Hashirama and Tobirama warned me what I might see. Besides I didn't have a easy childhood. So I guess I was being prepared" answered Naruto.

Kurenai remained quiet while Hinata frowned to hear this. Mito walked next to Naruto and smiled "Not far. First lets find the Uzukage Tower what ever is left of it. Then we we head out to the garden. I want to know why he mention it but yet if this scroll might have something to do with it" answered Mito.

With them all walking down the what use to be a road, Kiba finally woke up while Naruto dropped him telling him to listen to Mito before something bad happens to him. Akamaru who sensed the danger jumped into Kiba's jacket avoiding Mito dark glare while the Inuzuka boy whimpered and jumped behind his sensei for protection.

When they stopped, Mito looked up and smiled a bit "Lets go inside". Everyone looked at the old building half of it is in rumble while the other half looks like its about to collapse. Its hold by blue white marble poles off the ground while the building it self is mixed with brown and blue as well. Naruto turning around looks at the wide river cutting through the village.

Seeing the destroyed village along with the rumble of the buildings. He frowns and looks at some of the marble poles thinking how beautiful the village would have looked many years ago. Noticing a huge shadow on the water he blinks and looks up in the sky and sees nothing 'That was weird, it was like a giant bird just flew over it?'. Shrugging his shoulder he followed Mito and team eight inside.

Uzukage Tower.

"So this the Uzukage room?" asked Naruto. Mito nodded and looked around to see a few books on the ground, Hinata is looking around the area to find anything more that belongs to Naruto's clan. Anything that will bring something back from his home back to Konoha that belonged to his clan.

'I got to try to find something that belongs to Naruto-kun' Looking more around the tower. 'This is where his clan came from his family, there must be something left behind for him' thought Hinata. Finding nothing in the tower she frowns and looks around the next building but something caught her attention behind the Uzu tower.

"You found the garden didn't you Hinata" asked Mito. Watching her not move a bit she notices her Byakugan on and must be doing something.

Everyone turned to Hinata who is blushing while her Byakugan is on. "Hai. I can see something but I cant see what is behind the doors or the walls its blocking the Byakugan" stuttered Hinata. Wondering what or how is it possible to block the Byakugan she doesn't remember anything or anyone that succeed to do that. Naruto with a few clones are listening to Hinata while the kage Bunshin continue to pick up the books.

"So when do we go?" asked Naruto. Mito looked at him and sighs telling him it wont be easy what so ever. "Its more complicated then you all think. The Uzu Garden is a sacred place to the Uzumaki clan. Only family members are allowed in or members to be married in can be allowed in" explained Mito. Naruto hearing this nodded understands what she means. Looking at Hinata she blushes while Kurenai and the rest of the team nods "But"

"But what?" asked Naruto, watching Mito take the scroll she smirks at everyone.

"Sadly those rules are gone and I rather share this occasion to Future clan heads of Konoha" smiled Mito. 'Or future wife of Naruto' thought Mito with a giggle. Shino hearing this raised an eye and bows thanking Mito for the honor to see the garden. Kiba and Akamaru barked in agreement while Hinata blushed a bit and turned to Naruto. "So lets go. Naruto make some more kage bunshin and collect ever scroll down to the paper work" ordered Mito.

"Taju Kage Bunshin no jutsu" making a few dozen appear in the area the shadow clones soon start to work around the area. The clones all working around while a few complain about getting suck doing the paper work.

Behind the Uzukage Tower

"So this garden has all the past Uzukage buried" asked Naruto. Mito nodded while Naruto thought back of the past Hokage's but stopped seeing the only Hokage dead is his father. When they reached the area everyone noticed a tall brick like dome structure. The whole are has been covered by the wild life taking root of everything around them.

Mito walked to the large iron bars and notices that someone tried to get in but failed. Looking at the many kunai, shuriken but also slashes marks on the iron door. Moving the grass she looks at the many seals on the iron door, reaching for the scroll and looks at the large iron doors. Everyone waited while Mito raised an eye 'This scroll has nothing to do with the garden? Who on earth, sent this scroll on the boat. I don't understand?'.

Naruto looked around the area and moved the grass and moss on the iron door. When it was clear everyone looked at the giant spiral all around the door making a lock. Mito seeing this placed the scroll in her pocket "Well they been busy, when I was gone. This is a new lock something I never seen or know what to do". Naruto tracing the spiral with his finger listened to Mito.

"Ow!" sucking his finger "Didn't know it was sharp" sucking more on his finger. Team eight looks at the door and notices it glow, Mito eye twitching wondering how he gets himself into this kind of trouble. Soon the spiral on the iron doors changed into opposite direction after a few clicks unlocks the door "Who knew my blood was key" asked Naruto.

"Yes who know?" replied Kurenai jokily. Mito looked at Naruto and back to the door wondering why did his blood unlock the iron bars "So is it safe?". Kurenai looking inside sees the lights turn on while bodies appeared on the ground. "Lovely" muttered Kurenai. Seeing all the skeletal remains on the ground and the area inside.

"Only one way to find out" replied Naruto. Walking inside he looks around to see a beautiful hall with many pictures and portraits of people "Amazing" said Naruto. Hinata walked in with her Byakugan looking around the area "So is it safe Hinata-chan". Wondering what she is seeing he looks straight ahead wondering what he will find.

Hinata turned to the others "Its hard to say but it looks to be?". Mito nodded while everyone followed her.

With everyone walking the skeletons soon started to pile on more and more "Must have been one hell of a fight" said Kiba. Just looking at the many, many, remains of the shinobi on the ground. Akamaru found a few head bands and when Kiba passed them onto Mito she nodded. But also frowned to see them pass the iron doors, hoping they didn't reach the garden.

Naruto is looking around and when they came to the end of the hall they found much more bodies on the ground "Guess these guys didn't make!". Earning nods from the others. The walked into a room where its round as a dome. But in front of the entrance was a shinobi with the Uzu headband tied on his left arm while a katana in his right "I guess this guy is the reason why these guy didn't make it pass the hallway" pointed out Naruto.

Everyone nodded and Mito looked at the Uzu shinobi and smiled. 'Thank you. Your cause didn't go unanswered'.

The grass on the ground looks it hasn't been cut in many decades, but it was the statutes that caught everyone attention. Even though they are covered in the light moss of grass. They all seemed to have life and glow with the area around them.

Naruto walked to the first statue "First Uzukage: Miroko Chizuru". The statue of the man is huge and tall clearly a muscular man stood, with a massive sword on his shoulders. With one of his eyes was closed, a scar ran vertically down his face, his other eye was open, and despite his gruff exterior, his eye was soft and held kindness.

Mito nodded and walked to the second statue "Second Uzukage: Biwako Kirozi" . The statue of the man looked to be a brute but if he became Kage he must have been powerful at one point.

Hinata stood on the third statue "Third Uzukage: Garp Uzumaki". When that name left her mouth Mito turned to Hinata and quickly walked to the statue while here eyes widen to hear the name. Looking at the tall, broad-chested, muscular old man who is bearded with his arms folded and smiling. "Is he someone you know?". Naruto stood in front of the statue and looked at it while Mito let out a small nod.

"Yes. I thaught him a few fuinjutsu years ago. Would have called him a apprentice but declined it many, many, years ago. He stayed at Konoha for a while, then went back to Uzu. I never knew that he became Uzukage the last Uzukage I knew was Biwako before I died" replied Mito. Naruto looked at the man with his beard and short hair all around his head "He was also Kushina father. Your grandfather Naruto". Everyone hearing, this turned to Naruto shocked that he is related to a kage.

"So he is my jiji" said Naruto. Touching the statue he lets out a sigh while everyone frowned, noticing something odd on the statue Naruto moves the tree veins on the statue and notices something. "What's this?" pointing at a few symbols on the statue. Mito seeing this took out the scroll and looked at the symbols on the scroll and the statue. Looking at the other statues none of them has some symbols like on the third statue.

"Well that solves this mystery" replied Mito. Placing the scroll on the ground she looks at the symbol on the statue and on the scroll. Wondering why the scroll has the same symbols on the statue. Naruto soon starts to trace the symbols and cuts his finger again. "Didn't you learn your lesson the first time" shaking her head in annoyance. The symbols around the statue reacted while the scroll glowed blue "Oh all the rotten luck. What can happen now" tighten her fist in annoyance.

Everyone watched the statue glow while the scroll on the ground turned to dust. But the symbols burned to the ground while the whole dome seemed to glow blue. Even Naruto started to glow blue but then turned red "I think this is what going to happen now" replied Naruto. Soon the blue glowed brightly blinding everyone while Naruto glowed red.

When both glows ended everyone turned to Naruto who is looking around wondering what happen. "Intruders" hearing a new voice. Everyone is drenched with a Suiton jutsu sending them all to the wall. "I don't know how you manage to get in here. But after today you all going to die". Mito along with team eight slowly got up and wonders who attacked them.

Naruto jumping to his feet dodge the blow aimed at him. When the blow connected to the ground it sent a shock wave through the whole dome. Naruto seeing the crater turned to the man "Wait. You're alive but how you were just a statue a few minutes ago". Looking at the statue its completely gone while someone that looks to be the statue is human and standing in front of Naruto. "Wait I am not the enemy".

Jumping and then back flipping, the Sandaime Uzukage watches Naruto land. Quickly charging towards Naruto he brings his fist up ready to attack to attack the intruders "STOP". Hearing another voice gold chains shot at the Sandaime Uzukage while Naruto disappeared in a yellow flash. Everyone blinked while the Sandaime Uzukage struggles with the golden chains.

"What the hell just happen" groaned Naruto, feeling his head spin and remembering some cloak with red flames. He looks around to see the Sandaime Uzukage tied with gold chains. Following the gold chains he sees a woman standing where the scroll once was. Looking at the red hair but also remembering the pictures back at home. "Kaasan" whispered Naruto.

Mito blinking looks at Kushina then moved to Garp "What the hell is going on here. Would someone tell me!". Wondering how her successor appeared in Uzu of all places with her husband but now her former student who is alive and attacking Naruto who he thinks they are all intruders. Before anyone can talk they all heard chuckling coming from one of the statues.

"Yes I am also interested to know. But I have a good idea"chuckled Kyuubi. Staring at everyone he moved to Naruto who started to snicker which turned to full blown laughter "What is so funny" roared Kyuubi. Watching Naruto point at him he starts to bang his hands the ground and roll around in laughter, even Mito giggles.

"This is going to be a long talk" said Minato. Covering his face with his hand while shaking he wonder how did he appear outside of Naruto's seal but also he isn't using any of his chakra. Instead he feels he is using Kyuubi's chakra but what bothers him the most how much will it last?

Kushina nodded but couldn't stop laughing "Kushina-chan is that really you?" asked Garp. Remembering his little girl long ago he looks around to see Minato but also a woman who he thought died many, many years ago. "Mito-sama is that you?" asked Garp. Mito nodded and bowed towards the Sandaime Uzukage wondering how this will be explain.

Kiba from team eight looked around wondering why no one is freaking out about the nine tail kit. Thinking that Kyuubi had a kit and was imprisoned inside the Uzumaki dome. "Can anyone tell me why aren't you worried. I mean that kit has nine tails. Its probably Kyuubi kit". Pointing nervously at it, Kurenai turned to the Yondaime who shrugged his shoulders not worried at all.

"Who are you calling a KIT. I am Kyuubi No Kitsune. I am the strongest Biju in the world" growled Kyuubi. Hinata taking out a mirror and reflects towards Kyuubi direction and when the Kitsune saw his reflection. "HOW AM I A BLOODY KIT"screaming out loud. Naruto with the two former Jinchuuriki break out laughing while the kage's let out a nervous smile. Seeing the most powerful Bijū the same size as Akamaru who is a puppy no less. The puppy looks at Kyuubi and barks at him with laughter. "This isn't funny. I have a reputation to maintain" growled Kyuubi.

Naruto hearing this wiped the tear while Mito and Kushina both giggle uncontrollable "As a cute little fox kit sure no other Bijū is going to beat that" laughed Naruto. Kyuubi eye soon started to twitch, looking at Naruto he got into a stance and pounce at the blonde red head. "No you don't. Gotcha" catching him in his arm. Kyuubi turned to him while Naruto noticed something "Huh what do you know he is really soft and fluffy".

"Then no other biju is going to beat him" laughed Kushina.

Letting out a toothy grin, both Mito and Kushina started to pet Kyuubi while the kitsune soon got angry. Growling at the three he takes a deep breath and aims at them "Kitsune Fire stream" blowing out a small red flame of fire into there face. Both three Uzumaki's blinked to see there face all covered in black charred "Ha I think that's a improvement."

"He is so"

"Going to be"

"A fox pelt"

Answered the three Uzumaki finishing each other sentences. Garp watching this shakes his head and coughed to get everyone attention "I would like to know why I was awoken from my slumber!. I specific ordered no one to break the seal on the door to the garden" everyone turned to Naruto who is rubbing his face while he lets out a nervous smile.

Mito for one doesn't know where to start but looking at Kushina then the rest of team eight "Well I guess that secret is out of the cats bag".

Hinata watching all this looks at Kyuubi then back to Naruto. Moving towards Minato and Kushina she put two and two together "So that's why he choose Naruto-kun" whispering to herself, Minato turned to her while Garp also heard her raised an eye asking what she means. "Ano. It just I knew about Kyuubi since I started the academy and law. I never understood why the Yondaime choose him. Because he is your son" poking her fingers together nervously.

Wondering if she figured the secret that Mito said a moment ago.n

Garp flinched turned to Kushina who let out a nervous smile "What on earth happen" demanded Garp. Kyuubi snorted and started to yawn on the grassy ground hoping to get some sleep. Turning to Naruto he looked at Minato with a harden glare "I expect answers from you boy. To see you have a son and I wasn't aware with this going on during the last war. The nerve of you two not telling me about the relation ship". Minato let out a nervous smile and looked to Kushina for help while she shakes her head. Garp turned to the two while looking at Naruto with a smirk "And a grandson you two got busy" letting out a big laugh, he turned to Minato who flinched when Garp sent him a death glare that ever father would do for taking his daughters innocence.

"Can we talk about something else. But first we need to tell the others what is going on" said Naruto. Looking at Kyuubi he looked onto his parents wondering what happen on the night of his birth. With Mito around he snaps his fingers and "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" summoning Gamakichi/ Minato and Kushina looked surprised to see the small toad. "Yo I need you to tell Jiraiya if you can reverse summon him, Hashirama and Tobirama sensei here?". Gamakichi nodded and left in a poof of smoke while Garp raised an eye.

"Would someone explain to me on how the first two Hokage's are alive, along with Mito sensei?" asked Garp. Mito shakes her head telling her its going to be a long story while Kurenai finished explaining everything to her team, while Hinata nodded. Kiba is shocked to hear that the Yondaime never killed Kyuubi but sealed it inside of Naruto who is his son. Shino saw the logic choice of it and understood but also understands why his father told him to be good friends with Naruto.

"So you knew since the academy?" asked Naruto. Rubbing the back of his head nervously, Hinata poked her fingers together. Nodding her head "And you have no problem what so ever. I mean any doubts as well". Hinata shakes her head quickly with no hesitation what so ever. Hearing some chuckling coming from the ground "Baka Kitsune" muttered Naruto.

"Alright Naruto. But how are we here. I placed some of my chakra and Kushina's inside Naruto's seal in case something happen?" asked Minato. Walking to where Garp is standing he looks at the symbols while Garp nodded. "It looks like a more advance of the Shiki Fūjin?". Garp nodded wanting to use something to place his soul to protect his home in case of enemy. In the end it worked "But. What did Naruto do?" asked Minato.

Kushina nodded and turned to Kyuubi wondering what he knows. Within a moment a few poofs of smoke appeared while Gamakichi dropped off a few people and Mito didn't look to happy "Here, you go Naruto. Also their drunk and it was the usually place where I find Jiraiya". Naruto along with his parents dropped there heads but Minato and Kushina seeing Jiraiya still hasn't a bit.

"Hashirama, I think this sake is making me hallucinate I think I see Kyuubi?" Tobirama rubbing his eyes wondering what is going on. "A small one" Looking around he sees team eight, Naruto along with two adults. But what he is fixated at the location is a small kitsune kit with nine tails.

Hashirama shaking his head turned around to see Mito dark glare. "I hope it's really is the sake because of its not. Why do I get the feeling I am going to die again and not because of Kyuubi or Madara" looking at Jiraiya thinking he will be the catalyst of his second death because of his wife is going to kill him. "I pray it is the sake".

Jiraiya looking around blinks "Where did all the woman GO".

Mito having enough grabbed her katana and smacks all three man on their heads knocking them all out onto the ground. "When they wake up he is going to be sorry" . Hearing Hashirama groan but about something perverted, Mito turns red and kicks her husband in the ribs making him cough in pain "You were always a pervert in your sleep" muttered Mito.

Everyone blinked watching this while Naruto took a step back in fear.

After a few minutes explaining on what Naruto did while Mito told team eight its a SS rank secret. In case it shouldn't revealed unless the Hokage gives permission to do so. Garp who finally process everything chuckles "Shiki Fūjin" getting everyone attention he pointed to the location where the scroll once was but also the new advance Shiki Fūjin he was working on.

Minato nodded while Kushina explained that the Shiki Fūjin they used must have also been affected when Naruto's blood came into contact with the statue that was used. "Meaning with it. Not just your father came back but also it revived us along with him for the time being. Kushina you did tell me very little is known about Shiki Fūjin. That there is more but your family didn't finish it" answered Minato.

Garp nodded was trying to figure a way to seal the yin or yang instead of sealing inside of a person. In the end he discovers a way but only into a statue with his blood he also used to make in the process. It would only last with the amount of chakra he or she placed in. "Huh pretty clever like a medium with the Edo Tensei" yawned Tobirama waking up and rubbing his head he looks to Mito and then to Kyuubi. "So it wasn't sake".

Mito shakes pointed to Naruto "What, it wasn't my fault. How would I know my blood would do all this" whined Naruto, folding his arms. Hinata giggles at his antics while everyone got an anime sweat.

"With what you blood has been doing, I don't know its luck or you just know how to get yourself into trouble" groaned Hashirama. Looking at Naruto he shivered feeling a glare from behind, looking at a small kitsune kit with nine tails sleeping "By any chance, the new Shiki Fūjin would it allow Kyuubi sub conscienceless out for a bit?" asking in a nervous laugh. He looks to Mito wishing for a place to hide for a while 'Maybe being inside the seal is safer then out here'.

Looking at his wife then to Kyuubi everyone got the hint Mito is mad at her husband. But was it the comment of being a pervert or something else.

Kyuubi smiled liking being feared instead petted "He's harmless and his fur is really nice and soft" giggled Kushina. Kyuubi glaring at her stopped noticing the two Senju brothers just doing this. Hashirama is shocked that he is soft and fluffy wondering why he never noticed it the first time, Tobirama liked to feel the heat coming from the fur.

"I am a BIJU. Not a PET" screaming at everyone.

"You're still fluffy" whispered Hinata. Naruto chuckled while Kushina looked at the two, turning to Mito and Kurenai they both gave her a look making Kushina assumption right.

"Enough Kurama. We know that already" spoke Garp. Kyuubi hearing this turned the Uzukage angry he knows his name but also angry he just revealed his name to his previous host family and friends. Everyone watches Kyuubi while Garp continue to smile "How I know. Lets just say when Kushina-chan went to Konoha I went through a long research on your kind. I must say The Rikudo Sennin would" stopping Garp dodged the fire stream at him.

"DONT YOU DARE SPEAK OF MY FATHER" roared Kyuubi. Naruto hearing this raised an eye but soon understands everything what he meant back in Nami when he said someone created him. Everyone else is shocked to hear this while Jiraiya who woke up to hear the Rikudo Sennin the Kami of shinobi the creator of ninjutsu is the one reasonable in creating the Biju.

"Its true" nodded Naruto. "Kyuubi mention it to me when we were talking back in Nami. The family heirloom still doesn't know when to stop with his fluffy riddles" grunted Naruto. Everyone is shocked that the Rikudo Sennin is the one responsible for creating the Bijū but Naruto's gets the feeling the family heirloom knows more then he wants to say.

Garp hearing this snapped his fingers and walked to the location of his statue. Kushina wondering what her father is doing, making a few hand seals while the stand of the statue raise up in the air to his level of height.

"Family heirlooms" nodding his head he smiles and turns to everyone "Naruto, so this means everything here is yours also the others" everyone turned to the other status with scrolls and weapons, armors but one katana Garp holding in his hands made Kyuubi growl at him. "Ahh so you know this Katana Kyuubi. But what about this scroll". Kyuubi seeing the two items started to stalk around Garp angry to see what he has. "I found the items where Uchiha Madara first found you. Took a while to find it but I found it before his clan went back. In fact I was just Naruto's age when I met the first Uchiha clan. Cocky son of the bitch a bit of a emo".

"How" growled Kyuubi.

"Well it started when I went to Konoha the first time" looking at Mito she giggles remembering it very well. "I was bored and took a mission that was joint with a few Uchiha's. They had a problem with it but Hiruzen wanted to make sure they had enough support. So in the end went to Sora-ku". Kyuubi growled but also cursed seeing he didn't figure it out. "They had the Sharingan but I had something they didn't have. Common sense but also fuinjutsu. On the scroll they had was a symbol and I couldn't figure it out. So wandering the abounded city I found a symbol similar to it. But when I drew the symbol on the ground it was a fuinjutsu".

Mito hearing this giggle while Garp nodded. Minato and Kushina are shocked that the Uchiha would with Sora-ku. The old abounded city hasn't been used for many years while Jiraiya nods. Thinking that's a place he will go next after all this mission. Garp told him after a few more hours of searching he couldn't figure out the next seal when he throw the paper on the ground backwards. "It landed in water and the symbol showed another fuinjutsu backwards" chuckled Garp.

Everyone turned to him while Tobirama nodded seeing how sneaky the Uchiha clan is. Kiba wondering why the hate "Hmm is it me or you guys have like a deep hatred to Sasuke?". Blinking everyone from the Senju and Uzumaki turned to him with a blank stare making him nervous. Mito shakes her head wondering if she should tell him or wait until he is older.

"Kiba-san. Lets just say this rivalry with the Senju and Uchiha goes before your great-great parents were born or around the time" spoke Tobirama bitterly while Hashirama nodded but didnt like how his brother said it. Kiba hearing this whistle while Tobirama nodded asking him he remembers what they said about Izuna Uchiha and Madara being whiny and similarity to Sasuke.

Kiba nodded thought it was funny to see Sasuke shut down.

Kushina hearing this asks if Sasuke is related to Mikoto someone she remembered all to dear "Yes its her son. Sasuke is the only Uchiha left in Konoha. Itachi his older brother was ordered to wipe out the clan" answered Mito. Team eight hearing this turned to her shocked while Garp shakes asking if they were trying to rebellion against the Hokage. Remembering a incident simliar all those years ago when he was at Konoha learning from Mito a bit "From what the Sandaime knows. Yes." answered Mito.

"Whoa, wait a minute. Sasuke clan was going to betray Konoha" said Kiba. Naruto nodded told him its a SS secret meaning they cant reveal anything what they learned to Sasuke. "But does Sasuke know what his clan was going to do?" asked Kiba. Having enough of his stupid attitude about his clan status. Hashirama shakes knowing the civilian council has been feeding Sasuke a ego. "No kidding. But Naruto here can shut him. I mean he is related to what four kage's and is heir to this whole Island. But on top of it has what three Kekkei genkai" said Kiba.

"Trust me when I say this. I tried to stop the Uchiha clan from getting anything when I was Hokage" stated Tobirama.

"I would have to deal with all of Iwa wanting to kill me" answered Naruto for Kiba question. Minato scratched his head knowing that Iwa would come after him because of what he did during the last war. Kiba hearing this nodded seeing his has a point "But I only have two bloodlines and the family heirloom is just a hand me down". Kushina looked confuse while Naruto placed his hand on the ground making a dog house for Kyuubi who glared at him. "So how did you find the scroll and Katana" asked Minato.

Garp smiled and looked at Kyuubi. Moving his sights tot Naruto "With the fuinjutsu back wards. I searched all over the abounded city couldn't find it. After the third day the Uchiha's didn't find much just a few kunais and scrolls. But one scroll had the symbol I was looking for. When I asked about it he throw it to me saying its nothing. But without the two the other two but also the others from the back. I was able to decipher a map on it"

Holding up the items he throws the scroll to Naruto which unrolls to shows the many empty slots to sign the names. But one slot had a name crossed out but also ripped out. Kyuubi watching this glares at Garp who shakes his finger telling him he could have signed the contract whenever he wanted to or given it to any one but didn't. When he found the items inside a cave that Madara must have been using. He found the Uchiha crest on a wall and when he analyze it was a storage seal. "So when I came back to Uzu the Second Uzukage: Biwako gave me specific instructions to protect it from the Uchiha clan. He was happy that we were able to retrieve it and paid me for a S rank mission and went down on my profile". Throwing the katana at Naruto he caught it while he unsheathe. "I pass it onto to you"

Mito and Kushina took it from him "You're going to cut your self" both at the same time but Mito "Again" smirked Mito. Tobirama nodded seeing he can start practicing kenjutsu with him. Turning to Hashirama who signed his name in the third box? Mito smirked and smiled her name in the second box. Tobirama signed his name in the fourth box but the empty first space goes to the current Jinchuuriki.

"But I already signed a contract" said Naruto. Mito turned to Jiraiya telling him he can have mulitple contracts and when he wants to summon someone he needs to think of the contract first or both at the same time. Mito nodded pointed that Gamabunta the first time he summoned him, asking him what happens down the line with another contract. "Meaning this shouldn't void it" answered Naruto.

Jiraiya nodded "And besides with them all signing it becomes a family contract". Watching Naruto sign his name in blood, Kyuubi let out a growl and turned to the other three as well.

With all four signing the kitsune contract it soon started to glow blue and levitate itself off the ground a bit. Soon it turned red and rolled itself back up to a scroll then poofed. When the smoke disappeared Naruto along the Senju family disappeared and Kyuubi is nowhere to be found as well. "Great. This is all I need to tell Sensei I lost Naruto and his former sensei" whined Jiraiya.

And CUT.

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