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Guilt by Association


As Jo was leaving the cafe, she decided to walk the couple of blocks to her apartment instead of taking a cab. It was a warm evening; the moon was shining bright in the sky. She could use the time to think about the evidence she and Mac had collected at the crime scene today. She hated that Mac had to shoot the gang leader. He hadn't wanted to, but he had given him no choice. The Scorpions were suspected of kidnapping and raping several college girls, as well as drug and gun offenses. There was evidence, undisputable in fact, of their guilt. They should have given up without a fight and nobody else would of been hurt. But, as it was, the leader and two other gang members were shot and killed, six others were arrested and were now waiting for trial. She walked down the sidewalk. She never noticed the girls walking behind her, faster, closer, until they were upon her.

Crystal, the dead leader's girlfriend and now head of the gang herself, stepped up onto her right side. As Jo turned to look at her, Avery, one of Crystal's girls, stepped up on her left. Jo stopped in her tracks as she realized she was being surrounded by a group of girls, dressed in gang wear, sporting tattooes and piercings as well as steel pipes. Crystal grabbed Jo's arm and with a forcefull yank, and pulled her toward the alley while. Avery shoved her the same direction.

"What do you want?" Jo asked, almost shrieking, as she turned her head from one girl to the next.

"Bitch, we want you. You're one of those cops, you is the partner of that son of a bitch, Taylor!" Crystal hissed at her.

"Yeah," Avery chimed in. "And, you're gonna be sorry for messin' with us and our guys. You take one of us; we take one of you." All the othe girls yelled in agreement.

Jo was scared, she knew she had to get away from them, but how? There were at least five of them surrounding her. She looked at Crystal and decided to act quickly, her only hope was to surprise them. Jo stomped down on Avery's foot who yelled in pain, at the same time Jo quickly hit Crystal in the face with her fist. Shoving Crystal at the girls surrounding them, Jo turned and started running.

"Stop that bitch!" yelled Crystal. "Don't let her out of the alley."

The other girls started after Jo. She was afraid to look back and see how close they were to catching her. Just as she reached the corner of the alley and what she thought was safety, an arm came up and caught her just under the chin. It knocked her backward, and she hit the ground with a hard thud. The gang of girls caught up and surrounded her once again.

"Gotcha," Crystal said as she raised her hand and high-fived the girl who had nailed her.

Avery and Reese, the girl who knocked Jo off her feet, grabbed her by the ankles and started to drag her back into the alley. Jo winced in pain as the stones in the alley dug into her skin. She tried to kick herself free of their grip, to no avail.

"Help me, please, someone help me!" screamed Jo.

"Shut her up," Crystal yelled.

Reese knealt down and put her hand over Jo's mouth. With the other hand she hit her square in the face. Jo was dazed. She stopped screaming and looked in horror when she spotted Avery. She had a rock in her hand. Jo watched as the rock got closer and closer to her face. She tried to get away, but she was pinned down by the other girls. She felt a sudden, quick pain and then it all went black.

"Get her phone," Crystal ordered. "We'll use it to call that pig, Taylor. If I can't have my man, I'll have hers. He'll pay for taking my man from me; he'll pay with everything he has," she said, venom spilling from every word.