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Bleach Into Azeroth

Chapter 1: Prologue to Adventure

Hueco Mundo

Ichigo twisted around the downward strike of the rapier before swinging around with his zanpakuto in return. The arrancar jumped over the blade and let loose a kick to Ichigo's face that was blocked when he raised a forearm. When the arrancar noticed his attack was stopped, he attempted to stab Ichigo with his zanpakuto only for it to be stopped with a series of sparks by the broadside of Zangetsu.

Mistakenly thinking they were evenly matched he sneered at Ichigo, "Are you scared of the power I possess shinigami?"

"That all depends," Ichigo growled back as he started to push the arrancar back, "Am I scared of the power you possess? No, no really. Am I scared that the fight will end before I can personally shut your mouth? Yes."

The arrancar grit his teeth in anger and vanished in a burst of static before reappearing behind Ichigo. His arm, poised above his head, swung his zanpakuto down towards Ichigo's heart.

"Take this you conceited shinigami bastard!"

The arrancar didn't even have the time to blink before Ichigo's hand came out of nowhere and grabbed his wrist, arresting his movement entirely. As much as he could try, he couldn't get the hand to let go. Just as he was thinking of a way to escape, Ichigo threw a haymaker at the arrancar's face that spun him around into a nearby dune, causing a large cloud of sand to erupt from the impact.

"What do you know? I guess I was able to shut you up after all."


1 Hour Ago

Leaving the frozen remains of the guardian of Las Noches, Lunuganga behind, the group of 3 shinigami, a Quincy and two humans proceeded to run towards the imposing building of Las Noches in the distance

Ichigo's eye was starting to twitch as his frustration grew as Uryu started mocked his plan to rescue Orihime.

With a conceited smirk on his face, Uryu asked, "Help me clarify something for the rest of us Ichigo. You planned to invade Hueco Mundo and rescue Orihime all by yourself?"

"Shut up."

"Did you really think you could fight an army all by yourself? I mean really, you are bullheaded but even I thought you were smarter than this."

His hand flexing on the wrapped hilt of Zangetsu as he debated the merits of killing the Quincy, Ichigo reined in his growing anger as best he could, "Shut up."

At this point, Rukia decided to step in on the fun with her common use of false modesty, "Is this true Ichigo? You tried rescuing me with five people and you barely made it out alive and now you tried to do it all by yourself?"

Stopping suddenly enough to leave a cloud of sand in his wake, Ichigo gave up trying to contain his anger. Grabbing the front of Uryu's shirt, he started shaking him while yelling, "IT WAS A GOOD PLAN! I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING OK! IF YOU'RE SO SMART, WHERE WAS YOUR PLAN ASSHOLE?"

Not taking kindly to the intrusion of his personal space, Uryu attempted to make Ichigo let go of him, but failed when Ichigo gave up simply shaking him and decided to beat the crap out of him instead.

A couple of meters away, the rest of the group watched the bickering between the two silently. Turning to the rest of them Sado Yasutora, known as Chad to his friends, asked "Do you think either of them remembers that it was Urahara's plan to rescue Orihime, not Ichigo's?"

Huffing in annoyance at the delay to rescue her best friend, Tatsuki folded her arms and turned her head in Ichigo and Uryu's direction. "Those two idiots?" she asked annoyed. "I doubt it. They would rather let the world be destroyed than admit the other is right."

Letting out a deep breath Tatsuki turned to Rukia, who by this point was smirking at the now physical fight between Ichigo and Uryu. "And you," she started, gaining Rukia's attention. "Why the hell did you have to go and rile Ichigo up like that? You had to mess with him just when we needed him to focus on the mission."

With mock shock, Rukia replied, "How could I, an innocent girl, have the skills necessary to push Ichigo's buttons? Wouldn't Ichigo be angry at me if I did anything?"

A tick mark visible on her forehead, Tatsuki turned to her and gritted out, "Well you didn't exactly help!"

Nearby, Renji could be seen leaning against one of the many dead trees that littered the dunes. Deciding that the fight was going to take some time, he felt that he could get some rest before the group could continue on. As he was just about to doze off, he heard a voice start talking to him.

"Ooh, what are they fighting about?"

Renji lazily responded with a wave of his hand, "It's just a fight between two idiots. Nothing really important."

"They seem like they're having fun."

At this point several things started to click in Renji's head. The first was that whoever was talking had no idea what Ichigo and Uryu were fighting over. The second was that he had no idea who the hell was talking.

Opening his eyes, Renji was subjected to seeing a strange green haired woman standing over him. Letting out an undignified, "Augh!" he moved away from the woman as fast as he could on the ground. Picking himself up off of the ground, he pointed at the woman and yelled, "Who the hell are you!"

Ichigo turned in Renji's direction to see what he was yelling about while letting go of Uryu, who by this point was pinning face down in the sand, "Who's who Renji?"

Everybody by this point realized that they had a new arrival and for most of them, their eyes widened in shock. Standing over where Renji was just lying, was a well-endowed woman in a form-fitting white outfit with long lime-colored hair, hazel eyes and a pink discoloration across the bridge of her nose. But what was brought to their attention was the broken mask that resembled a ram's skull sitting on the top of her head. Realizing that they were in the presence of an arrancar, one who could sneak up on them at that, the group of six got into their respective fighting stances in order to take on the new threat.

Utterly oblivious to the fight that could start at any moment; the woman looked around and innocently replied while pointing to herself, "Oh you must be talking about me?" Clapping her hands together in excitement, the arrancar happily replied," I'm Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, former third espada in Aizen's army, but you can just call me Nel."

Ichigo's eyes widened in fear on what the woman just said, "Did she just say she was the third espada?" Grabbing Zangetsu off of his back, Ichigo prepared himself for a battle he didn't know he could win just yet. "Just how the hell am I supposed to fight someone whose three ranks higher than Grimmjow?"

Thinking about what the woman said, Uryu took a step toward the arrancar and asked, "Wait a second, what did you mean by 'former third espada'?"

Turning away from the group, the woman started kicking the sand under her and replied, "Aizen helped Nel evolve from a vasto lorde in order to fight. But Nel does not like to fight. Nel just wants to live out her life in peace." At this point, Nel turned back towards the group with a sad look on her face. "Nel told Lord Aizen that she did not want to fight anymore. At first he seemed to agree but the next day I found Dondochakka and Pesche dead. I fled from Las Noches after that and have been hiding from Aizen's forces ever since."

Voicing what everyone in the group was wondering, Chad asked, "So you're a pacifist Nel?"

The vigorous nod from Nel had every letting out a sigh of relief. Instead of having to fight a super-powerful arrancar, a vasto lorde at that, they now had a potential ally standing right in front of them.

Walking up to Nel, Tatsuki started to closely examining her, as if to determine if she was booby-trapped. Satisfied with what she found, Tatsuki nodded to herself and asked, "So Nel, you don't exactly get along with this Aizen fellow right?"

"Yup, Nel doesn't like Aizen anymore."

"So if we were to ask you to help us rescue a friend from Aizen, would you offer to help?"

Frowning, Nel's hand drifted to the zanpakuto at her side before she clenched it into a fist. "Nel would do anything to get back at the people that killed her family." Walking past Ichigo, she smiled at him and called back to the rest of the group, "Well, don't you have a friend to rescue?"

Taking notice of what she said, the group started running towards Las Noches once again; the argument between Ichigo and Uryu forgotten and a new ally on their side to help rescue Orihime.


Present Time

Carefully approaching the place where the arrancar slammed into the sand, Ichigo let out a silent curse when he realized the arrancar had once again tunneled into the ground. Ichigo frowned as he looked around for some trace of his opponent. The arrancar he was fighting had the really annoying habit of burrowing under Hueco Mundo whenever Ichigo managed to cut or injury him.

"This bastard is really starting to piss me off," Ichigo growled while stomping his foot in anger, "Unless I kill him he will just flee underground every time I hit him."

"Think Ichigo. There must be some way to draw him out of the ground but what?" After a moment, an idea hit him, "Wait, that's it!"

With a smirk on his face, Ichigo swung Zangetsu above his head as he condensed his spiritual energy in it. "Try and avoid this you son of a bitch," he said as he speared his blade into the sand. The result of the attack was immediate as the energy released caused the sand to glow with a bright blue color. It wasn't long afterwards that a small explosion blew out of a nearby dune, rocketing the arrancar into the air into one of the small buildings that dotted the surface of the desert.

"He went farther than I thought…" Ichigo commented, raising a hand to his forehead.

As Ichigo observed the arrancar go flying through the air, Tatsuki was having a little bit more trouble with her opponent. While Ichigo's enormous spiritual pressure and strength made his fight fairly easily and straightforward, Tatsuki found that her opponent was much more of an even match and worse, she used the same style of hand to hand combat she herself used.

Blocking a kick with her left arm, Tatsuki was shocked when the strength behind the kick forced her to skid back along the sand. Attempting the regain the offensive, she tried to grab the arrancar's leg with her right hand only to be used as a springboard for the arrancar to jump over her body. As the arrancar landed nimbly on the ground Tatsuki switched her arm armor to her legs and smashed her heel into the arrancar's back, catapulting her into the air. Jumping after her, Tatsuki was shocked as the arrancar spun around and starting to fire balas at her.

Without thinking, Tatsuki rapidly dissolved the armor on her leg and concentrated it entirely on her left arm. As the familiar armor reformed, she focused a little more as a circular shield made of her spiritual energy sprung into existence around her hand. Pressing her body behind the shield, she sighed as she saw the balas harmlessly hitting her shield.

Once the attack subsided, Tatsuki landed on the sand with a small grunt and reformed her armor over her right arm. Focusing on her opponent, who was cruelly smiling at her several meters away, she said, "I don't know why you're so damn happy. I just blocked every one of your shots."

The arrancar simply continued to smile before she disappeared in a static buzz. Quickly understanding what she just did, Tatsuki twisted around the punch before locking her hands with her opponents, neither of them able to overpower the other.

"You know," the arrancar finally said as she attempted to repel Tatsuki, "for a human you aren't half bad. It is quite a shame that Lord Aizen order us to kill you. I would have loved to fight against you in the future. Who knows? You might have eventually beaten me."

"You know what," Tatsuki replied as she started to slowly push the arrancar back, "for a bitch, you are quite annoying."

The arrancar's face twitched in rage as she let go of one of Tatsuki's hand and spread her palm as an orange ball of spiritual power appeared, "You damn human. Die! Ce-"

Before she could fire her cero, Tatsuki grabbed the hand holding it and prevented it from being released. As the energy continued to build up, the arrancar started to struggle to pull out of Tatsuki's grip.

"Let go of me you bitch!

Tatsuki head-butting her prevented the arrancar from saying anything else as she stumbled back holding her now bleeding and broken nose.

Screaming in rage and pain, the arrancar ran at Tatsuki, "You broke my nose. I'm going to kill you!"

Tatsuki twisted around the punch and elbowed the arrancar in the face in retaliation. Instead of staggering back as she expected, the arrancar grabbed Tatsuki's arm and threw her knee into her stomach. Tatsuki collapsed onto her knees coughing and heaving as the arrancar jumped back and started to form another cero in her hand.

"Take this you bitch!" the arrancar shouted as she shot the cero at Tatsuki, causing a large explosion of sand and dust. When the sand settled and she saw that nothing remained but a crater in the ground the arrancar grinned and started to walk away, satisfied that her opponent was dead. When she felt a familiar armored hand rest on her shoulder, the arrancar froze in shock and slowly turned her head.

"You didn't think I would fall for something like that?

"How?" was all the arrancar managed to say before Tatsuki swept her feet out. As she fell, the arrancar felt a hand grab her leg before her momentum shifted and she was slammed into the ground headfirst. Dazed and bleeding from the mouth, she did not feel Tatsuki pivot and throw her into the air nor the impact several seconds later.

"You still fighting Chad?" she yelled.

Chad turned when he heard his name and then looked down at the arrancar in his hand. His opponent was bruised and bloody with several broken bones from a cursory glance. Staring just a bit longer, Chad let the arrancar fall to the ground in a silent heap.

"No, not really," he finally replied and walked towards Tatsuki, who had already dismissed the armor on her arms and was sitting on the ground.

Chad walked over to Tatsuki without saying anything. After a few seconds passed Tatsuki got annoyed and asked, "Well, what do you want?"

He waited a few more seconds before saying, "Are you alright? You seemed to be having some difficulty with that woman. She seemed strong."

Tatsuki huffed and brushed some sand off her jeans, "Idiot, I didn't have trouble because she was strong. We had the same fighting style so we both how to block and counter each other. I'm also new at this so give me a break."

Chad grunted in agreement and turned to look at how the others were doing. Ichigo of course had defeated his opponent quite easily and had already started making the long journey back towards the rest of group. Uryu's battle had been one sided as his opponent was slow and melee-oriented, making Uryu the worst opponent he could face. Uryu had simply run circles around him before finally defeating him with a single arrow through the throat.

Looking in the other direction, Chad noted that Renji was done with his battle as well but seemed to have some slight burns across his outfit as his opponent liked to throw fireballs a lot. Rukia on the other hand seemed to be cheering on Ichigo as he tried and failed to climb up the steep dunes only to constantly fall back down.

When Tatsuki started laughing hysterically, Chad turned to ask what the matter was when he realized what it was that she was laughing at. Off in the distance, two arrancar were trying to tag-team Nel and were failing miserably. Nel's hierro was just so strong that their sword and punches were doing absolutely no damage to her.

Noticing Tatsuki and Chad watching her, Nel waved and started walking over to them when one of the two arrancar attempted to stop her with a punch to the face. Without turning to face the arrancar Nel accidently hit the arrancar in the stomach with her elbow, causing him to fall to his knees and dry heave due to the force she hit him with.

When Nel heard one of her opponents coughing, she turned around and asked worried, "Are you ok, what happened to you?"

"Is she for real?" Uryu asked as he finally reached them.

Sitting up on the ground with her head in her hand, Tatsuki jealously replied, "Apparently so. No one with that much power should have the personality of a child."

Sheathing his zanpakuto, Renji smirked and turned to Rukia, who was glaring at Nel's display. It had become a type of secret among the rest of the group that Nel had started to get close to Ichigo as the group got closer to Las Noches and Rukia had taken notice of it soon afterwards. "Aw, is someone jealous? Is Rukia jealous that her crush on Ichigo has some competition?"

Twitching in anger, Rukia pivoted around and kicked Renji in the groin, causing him to gasp for air as his body impacted the ground. Not stopping, Rukia kept kicking Renji when he was down, "You bastard! What makes you think I have any feelings for Ichigo?"

"Feelings for who?" Ichigo asked as he finally arrived with the rest of the group.

"Oh nobody," Rukia answered sweetly. Turning to Renji, who was crying on the ground, she finished, "Isn't that right Renji."

Managing to get to his knees, Renji muttered in pain, "Yeah Ichigo, it was nothing."

While that was going on, the other arrancar had taken the time to pause at Nel's display of power. It was simply unreal at how strong this traitor of an arrancar was! Looking around he noted that every single one of the other numeros that accompanied him on this mission were defeated. Using a quick sonido to extend the distance between him and the group, he started to charge up one last suicidal attack to bring down his enemies.

"You lot won't manage to win now!" he said as his entire body became outlined with a green and red aura. "This attack is special only to me. It converts my entire being into a quickly expanding sphere of pure spiritual energy. You cannot possibly outrun it or defend against it without being torn apart on the atomic level. I call this unique attack Rafaga Rapida."

While the arrancar was charging up his attack, Uryu turned to Ichigo and quickly asked him, "Ichigo do you still have the thing that Urahara gave you?


Several Hours Ago

Ichigo skeptically looked at the small purple cube in his hand, "What the hell is this?"

"This is a special invention of mine Ichigo!"

"Is this some kind of joke?"

Urahara grinned and whipped his fan out in front of his face and replied, "I assure you that this is no joke Ichigo. I have spent many hours slaving away to create this. When I heard how hollows rescued Aizen and his associates back in the Soul Society a few months ago I thought to myself 'how can I get me one of those?' and here it is!"

Ichigo head dropped slightly at the mention of Aizen and how he easily disabled and almost killed him and Renji.

Seeing Ichigo's attention slipping, Urahara closed his fan with a snapping sound that brought Ichigo out of his depression. "You can consider this small and insignificant cube a very special invention of mine. All you have to do is imagine the ability of hollows to rescue each other, referred to as negacion, and make it portable." he finished while pointing to the cube in Ichigo's hand.

"So what does it do?"

"Oh Ichigo, I guess you aren't as smart as I thought." Urahara managed to get out before ducking a rock Ichigo threw at him. "As I was saying," he said, "I call this invention of mine Caja Negacion. It creates a portable negacion field around a target that separates whatever is inside it from us with another dimension. Using this wisely can trap an espada-level arrancar or even one of Aizen's associates in an alternate dimension. Well, as least for a couple of hours."

As a look of realization passed over Ichigo's face over exactly what he was holding Urahara warned him, "Be careful Ichigo, this is an untested device. I am not exactly sure how this will work so I need you to be cautious when you use it."

Turning to the portal to Hueco Mundo, Ichigo stopped when Urahara said, "Oh, and Ichigo?" Stopping and looking back at Urahara, Ichigo was annoyed that he had one of those goofy smiles on his face again. "If anything goes wrong such as a catastrophic collapse of the dimension, a gigantic explosion, or the collapse of the space-time continuum, please thoroughly write down what happens ok?"

Pocketing the cube in his clothes and muttering about insane shopkeepers, Ichigo turned towards Uryu, Chad, and Tatsuki, who had been patiently waiting for him.


Present Time

Reaching into his pocket, Ichigo's hand closed around the purple cube. Pulling it out, he turned to Uryu, "Yeah I have it. Why?"

Squinting and covering his eyes to keep the flying sand out of his eyes Uryu explained, "Urahara said that his invention traps a target within a separate dimension. Using it on that arrancar should be able to trap him before that attack can go off."

Understanding where Uryu was going, Ichigo thought about the plan for a moment before responding, "But are you sure this will work?"

Grimacing as he felt the level of energy continue to increase, Uryu scathingly replied, "No, but do you have any better ideas?"

Pondering on what to do, Ichigo let out a quick "Damn it!" before taking off toward the arrancar's location.

As they watched Ichigo's apparent suicidal run towards the arrancar, Rukia asked, "What is Ichigo doing? Has he gone completely insane?"

Hearing her question, Uryu replied, "Ichigo has a plan. He is going to try and use one of Urahara's inventions to save us."

At hearing the words 'Urahara' and 'save us', Renji sighed and held his head in his hands, "Why does that not make me feel better? Do you have any safer ideas?"

Either ignoring or not sensing the sarcasm Nel suggested, "We could always ask him nicely to stop."

Tatsuki rubbed her hand across her face before twisting around and asking, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Neliel blinked, "Kidding who?"

Sighing in annoyance at the innocence in Nel's answer Tatsuki muttered, "Why did I expect anything else from her?"

As Ichigo struggled to get closer to the arrancar he began to realize just how little time was left. The arrancar was now floating with red and green cracks covering most of his body.

Noticing Ichigo running towards him, the arrancar turned to face him, "Oh, what's this? Have you come here to die or perhaps have you come to beg on your knees for your lives?" Ignorant of any possible threats to him, the arrancar laughed maniacally and spit in Ichigo's direction, "If I can't win, then I'm going to take you all down with me."

Ignoring the arrancar's taunts, Ichigo took one last look at the device in his hand and threw it, "I hope Urahara knew what he was talking about."

The arrancar's eyes widened in shock as he recognized exactly what Ichigo threw at him. Attempting to dodge it, he was too late as it hit his chest and began glowing and releasing tendrils of purple and black energy that started to cover and seal his body away.

"No, I will not be stopped like this!" the arrancar screamed as he struggled to free himself, "How did you manage to steal one of Lord Aizen's devices?"

"Steal?" Ichigo asked, "I was given this."

Unknown to both the arrancar and Urahara, the caja negacion was designed solely to trap physical and spiritual beings in a separate dimension, not pure energy. By the time that Ichigo had thrown the cube at the arrancar, the arrancar was almost entirely made up of energy. Due to this irregularity, the trapped energy began to buckle and push out between the cracks in the negacion until the dimension was entirely sealed.

All was quiet for a couple of seconds and the group let out a collective sigh of relief at the near death experience.

Ichigo sighed and walked back to the others, "Well let's con-"

At that moment, a loud bang was heard from where the arrancar was sealed. Turning around the group was subjected to the sight of a purple and green vortex appearing in a flash over the sands of Hueco Mundo that started to suck in everything around it.

"Ichigo!" Uryu yelled over the sound of a vacuum, "If that's what I think it is we have to get out of here!"

Grabbing hold of Rukia, Ichigo turned to Chad and yelled, "Chad, grab Tatsuki and run. Now!" The tall Mexican nodded in response, grabbed Tatsuki's arm and swung her over his shoulder as he turned to run away.

The group did not get far before the pull from the vortex became too strong to flee. Renji was the first to be pulled back as his foot slipped. Fortunately for him, Nel was close enough behind him to grab his arm.

"Damn it Nel!" Renji shouted, "If you're going to save me try not to break my arm off in the process."

Grunting with effort, Ichigo tried to move further away from the vortex only for the pull to increase in strength as well, "Keep moving guys, we can still make this."

"Something's not right here Ichigo," Uryu said over the roar of the vortex.

"Oh gee, you might be on to something," Ichigo sarcastically replied.

"Suck it up Ichigo! Take a look for anything strange."

Turning around while making sure to not let go of Rukia, Ichigo did not have to wait long before he noticed what Uryu was talking about. As part of one of the calcified trees that dotted the Hueco Mundo landscape broke off and hit the vortex, instead of being disintegrated or destroyed, it simply vanished into it without being taken apart.

"So you finally noticed," Uyru said. "It's a portal." Seeing Ichigo's face, Uryu attempted to placate him by admitting, "Look, it's the best plan I could come up with at the moment. But I don't see any other options for us."

Ichigo sighed at Uryu's explanation and looking around at his friends; Renji and Nel were the closest to the vortex but it seemed that Nel was slowly being pulled backwards. Chad had bent over to reduce the drag from the vortex and was holding Tatsuki in his arms away from the pull of the vortex. Uryu and he were fairing the best and that was only because they started the furthest away.

Ichigo grit his teeth before he made his decision, "Listen up everyone! Uryu thinks that this thing may be a portal and probably won't kill us. He wants us to jump into it."

"What?" Tatsuki shouted peeking over Chad's shoulder as well as the roar of the portal, "You want us to go INTO that thing? Are you nuts?"

"I told him it was a stupid plan," Ichigo agreed with Tatsuki.

Trying to run damage control, Uryu said "We have only three choices at the moment. We either jump in now and know what is going to happen to us, we are dragged in regardless of wanting to or not, or we're ripped apart trying to get away from it."

"I'm up for it," Renji yelled from behind Nel, "If you're wrong and it kills me, I'm going to come back and haunt both your asses for coming up with such an idiotic idea!" Turning to Nel, Renji grumbled before sighing, "Nel, I need you to let go of me now."

Nodding, Nel sadly released her grip on Renji's arm and watched as he flew toward the vortex. Just as it seemed he would impact its 'surface' Renji disappeared entirely.

Discovering that it would not mutilate her on impact, Tatsuki gathered up her nerves and said "Bye you bastards don't die on me," Tatsuki shouted and leapt out of Chad's arm toward the vortex. It was only a few seconds later that Chad released his grip on the ground and headed to the vortex as well.

Adjusting herself in Ichigo's arms, Rukia planted one foot on his shoulder in preparation to jump off, "Well Ichigo, I should have known that you will get us all into another mess."

Annoyed at her last-ditch attempt to irritate him, Ichigo helped Rukia along by throwing her over his shoulder into the vortex.

Uryu groaned at the act and began to move toward the vortex. He was just about to jump in when Ichigo said, "Don't you have anything to say?"

Smirking, Uryu turned back around to Ichigo before jumping and saying, "Why yes Ichigo. I accept your apology entirely."

Unable to respond to the veiled insult in time, Ichigo let out a breath and turning to Nel, who was still doing her best to not get dragged in. Moving carefully to Nel, Ichigo put a hand gently on her shoulder and calmly said, "Are you ready Nel?" Getting a swift and fearful nod in response, Ichigo leapt, with Nel right behind him, into the vortex.


(1) caja negacion – Negation Box

(2) Rafaga Rapida – Quick Burst

(3) El Directo – One Strike of the Giant

*As you can see, the basic premise of the prologue is the same as the original but updated to make the chapter better overall. I cut out the final scene from the original story where the group's impact on Azeroth was felt by several major characters. I did not want that to interfere with the prologue, which takes place entirely in the Bleach universe.

*The characters WILL NOT all be going to the same areas as in the original story

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