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It started with a hand curled around a throat, with the brief closing of a windpipe, the clench of a gut sharply filling with dread, with blood flowing to inappropriate places, and with the thought "Well, this is mildly arousing".

It started with Loki Laufeyson throwing Tony Stark out of a window.

Of course Tony's perception of the situation changed slightly when he found himself accelerating rapidly towards a concrete pavement. He fell spread-eagled, wrists down, desperately waiting for the Mark VI to come into contact with his skin in a blissful clash of metal and flesh. He had no time to doubt his technology, no time for last thoughts, just the sight of hard concrete rushing up to meet him, and then the wonderful feeling of his armour, his saving grace, enveloping him in its titanium embrace.

He stopped falling and shot like a rocket up from the ground, inches from brutal and fatal collision, relief flooding through his veins like melt-water. Within a second, his comms were up and the sound of Steve's panicked voice echoed through the HUD.

"Tony..? Tony..? STARK, are you okay?"

"I just got thrown out of a window Cap, what in the hell do you think?"


"You threw me out of a window," Tony stated, deadpan, arms folded over his arc-reactor like a petulant child.

"You destroyed my army." Loki replied with a shrug, as if the two incidents were equal in importance and his explanation resolved the issue. He took a step towards Tony, and Tony took a sharp step back, placing the workbench between them.

Loki snickered, "I'm not going to kill you, Stark."

"Well, yeah, see, excuse me for not immediately believing you?, but my a priori knowledge is telling me you're a psychotic ass and you can't be trusted."

"Oh, come now, I've travelled all the way here, and have I attempted to attack Earth? No. Why must you be so suspicious?" Loki asked, palms and eyebrows raised, as if to placate Tony and mock him simultaneously.

"Erm, because you're Loki? God of Lies and Mischief? And because you've somehow escaped Asgardian imprisonment?" Tony's eyes darted to a screwdriver on the workbench and he began mentally calculating the force needed to drive it into Loki's throat, heart, eyes, any patch of skin at all that could be pierced. He looked up to have his brown eyes lock with cold, hard blue.

"If you honestly believe that there is anything strong enough or powerful enough to contain me, then you are truly a fool, and I am disappointed." Loki's gaze burned into Tony's, with an icy ferocity that both terrified him, and, perhaps more alarmingly, aroused him. Loki inched closer, until he was pressed against the workbench, palms flat against the surface, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Why are you here?" Tony whispered, head straining back to keep optimum distance. His breathing was loud in his ears, his pulse curiously erratic. A part of Tony wanted to move away entirely, but that would put the screwdriver out of reach, and there would be nothing he could use as a weapon in his proximity if he retreated any further.

"Is it not obvious?" Loki asked, tilting his head to the side, his pink tongue darting out to wet his lips. Tony's eyes instantly caught the movement and his breath hitched. Loki leant even closer over the workbench, until their breath mingled in the tiny space between them. The demigod's gaze flitted between Stark's mouth and his glazed eyes, causing a half smile to form on his own parted mouth. Tony was surprised to find his mouth was dry.

Suddenly Tony's eyes cleared and his mouth contorted into a smirk. Within an instant he had his fingers wrapped around a screwdriver and lunged forward to plunge it into Loki's chest. But the demigod was much quicker. Before Tony could even get close, Loki curled his hands around Tony's wrists and flipped him back onto the bench. Tony's spine met wood with a heavy thud, leaving him winded face-up on the worktop.

"Tut, tut," Loki smirked, emerging upside down in Tony's field of vision. He began painfully prying the screwdriver from Tony's fingers. Stark winced as he heard a crack, and the metal rod fell to the floor with a clatter. And damn, if Tony wasn't useless against a demigod without his damned suit.
"I can't believe you fell for that," Tony grunted, as Loki applied pressure to his wrist joints, pinning him to the worktop.

"Fell for it?" Loki laughed. "Look at what position you are in, human." He spat the word with thinly veiled condescension. "Does it look like I 'fell for it'?" His face moved closer once more, and Tony grew a little dizzy at looking at him from upside down.

"And Stark, in case it occurs to you, do not even try to lie to me. I am the Liesmith and a god, so not only can I see through your pitiful attempts in an instant, but I can also smell your lust from across the room."

Tony stared.

Loki's lips curled back into a cruel smile. "You reek of it. Just as you did in your tower, before I cast you out into the sky like a projectile. Who knew you were so fond of being dominated, hm?" He hissed the words, teeth bared in a malicious grin, and Tony felt every syllable send sharp jolts along his spine.

Then, Loki leant down ever so slowly, like a snake uncoiling, until his nose grazed across Tony's ear, breath hot on his skin. "Shall I hold you down harder, Stark?" Loki mused, before digging his nails into the skin of Tony's wrists, and Tony could feel the curve of his smirk against his ear. Loki moved with an agonising slowness to bring their faces an inch apart.

Tony tried to strain against Loki's hold, but arousal stole over his skin in a slow, creeping flush, and he was surprised to find his breath escape shallow and uneven. He was still dizzy from seeing everything from upside down and his vision swirled as Loki inched closer, and closer. His eyelids fluttered, gaze shifting from the god's ice eyes to his pink mouth, reality swimming in and out of focus. Tony released a breath he didn't realise he was holding; only to have Loki steal it as he pressed his mouth against Tony's own.

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