Hello fellow Djinn-lovers! This is an idea I got in the shower, and I just had to write it. The story takes place somewhere after the sixth book, I have yet to read the 7th, so please bear with me. the chapters will mainly be in Phil's POV, but John will get some time to shine as well. So this first chapter is short and includes a little preview, just a little taste of what you can expect. The next chapter will be longer, and explain a lot more. It's been awhile since I read CotL, so if you find any mistakes, please let me know and I'll fix it ^ ^ Oh, and I'm a HUGE fan of Phil x Buck and John x Faustina, so there will be some fluff later on, I promise! Btw, I'm not a native english speaker, so please excuse my crappy english. Enjoy!

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Silverflame of the heart

Chapter 1: Greetings

Philippa was sitting by her window reading a book in the warm weather. After returning from Amazon, things had been quiet. There was nothing to do. Not even homework! This was going to be a very long summer. Tired of reading, and with nothing better to do, Philippa decided to check up on John. She went outside her room and went down the hallway.

Normally she would have knocked before entering his room, but the door was slightly open, so she opened the door a little wider, peeking inside. The room was messy, as usual. The windows closed, as usual. The floor covered with John's belongings, as usual and John was snoring loudly in his chair, as usual. Philippa got a mischievous look on her face, and decided to pull a little prank on her sleeping twin. She slowly crept closer, trying her best not to make any noise. When she stood right beside him, she inhaled deeply and mentally screamed John's name. Her twin reacted immediately, jumping up from his chair and taking his fighting stance. After looking around, John spotted his sister who was cracking up.

"Not funny Phil, I thought you were in danger…" John pouted.

"Sorry John, but you were looking so cute sleeping like that," Phil said, "I bet Faustina would love to see you like that."

John's ears turned crimson red and he suddenly felt hot. Philippa constantly teased John with his crush on the Blue Djinn and him being cute, when he in fact was rather handsome for a 15-year old. After the whole incident with the jinx, the fakir and the secrets he held, the twins had developed a deeper bond. The insight the two had of each other's minds was now far beyond a normal pair of twins'. They were now able to sense the others thoughts almost like a psychic pair of twins. Surely it was because of the fact that they were twins, and even better djinn-twins, meaning denying his crush on Faustina was useless.

"So what's up?" he asked, trying to divert her attention onto something else than himself. John stretched and rubbed his eyes.

"Nothing, I was just really bored! I mean, ever since school ended, there's been nothing to do. I'm tired of reading books and magazines all the time. I don't even have any homework left!" Philippa complained.

She blew her bangs away from her face, folded her arms in front of her chest and stomped with her foot. She looked over at her twin, noticing how tall he had grown over the past few months.

"Well, don't you have any hobbies? What happened to your Djinn verso obsession?" John asked curiously. It wasn't like Philippa to get bored easily. Philippa tapped a finger at her chin, thinking about the question she was asked.

"Well, I'm not really tired of it, but it's not as entertaining as it was before. I mean, some real competition would be nice. Oh, I miss Nimrod." She answered sighing loudly.

Memories of their uncle in Kensington came flooding back. They hadn't heard from him in like forever! After their latest adventure, contact between them had just decreased. Now he hardly ever called. The twins started feeling a little depressed. After getting used to the adventures and dangers the Djinn world had showed them, their normal life just seemed… boring. The two of them were ready to jump into the sea, if it meant adventure with Nimrod. The voice of their mom, Layla, snapped them out of their thoughts.

"Kids! Come downstairs please!" She called.

The young djinn tried to make their way out of John's room, but with his floor almost buried in his clothes and stuff, it was a trial to even get to the bed.

"You should spend some time cleaning. Your room is a mess!" Phil said.

"It's none of your business…" John was starting to get annoyed.

"Sure it isn't, I'm not afraid of drowning in your smelly clothes at all!" She answered sarcastically, rolling her eyes in a very familiar manner. For a second John was reminded of Dybbuk, but he had to think of a comeback, so he didn't ponder about it for too long, and thus the usual argument started all the way down the stairs.

"My clothes would probably flee, if you were buried under them." He continued.

"Moron!" Philippa said.

"Dice maniac!" John insulted.

"Monkey face!" hissed an angry red-head.

They stopped bickering when they stood outside the door to the living room. Before entering, the twins heard a very familiar voice and stopped in their tracks. They looked at each other with their mouths wide open. They heard the voice again. His voice. John and Phil took a deep breath, steadying themselves, and entered. Their mother sat in one of the couches facing the door. Across from her sat a man, whose figure seemed VERY familiar. He was smoking and making figures with the exhaled smoke. Then he started laughing in a very loud manner. Layla gestured for him to turn around.

"Well, hello kids." The man said while he got up from the couch. His red suit was as eye-catching as usual and the smile on his face grew wider each second.

"Nimrod!" The twins shouted simultaneously. They ran over to him and hugged him with all their might.

"Good to see you too kids." He said returning each of the young djinn' hugs.


"I'm afraid something is going on in the world of djinn. I have sensed it for some time now, but... Anyhow, I want the two of you to help me. We have to go see Faustina first. I'll explain later, but for now, I just want to do some catching up, how about you?" Minrod smiled in a devilish manner. He looked Philippa in the eye and smirked. She caught on to what he was signaling. She squeeled with delight and ran to get their game of djinn verso ready.

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