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The story so far (whoosh!):
John and Philippa have been told about diving and are now getting ready to attempt it. The group of four is currently headed to Germany to meet up with Faustina and from there on, they wil get on with their journey.

New flames?

"John, Philippa, you can start meditating now." Nimrod said. The group of four had been on their way to Faustina's mansion for hours, and were finally about to reach their destination. The flight had been very long and exhausting due to bad weather. John and Philippa had been inside of their lamps and used every minute of the flight to meditate. Nimrod had made it clear how crucial it was for them to be completely calm and relaxed. According to him, they were doing great, but they still lacked the needed patience.

"When we reach Faustina's mansion, you have to train a lot harder. Once you start diving, it will get really intense." He told them before they entered the plane. Nimrod and Groanin found their seats in no time and secured the twins in their lamps.

John and Philippa had installed computer screens in each of their lamps and were now able to communicate even when separated. This was a great help when they were bored or lonely or had something to discuss – like now. Their psychic connection told them, they both needed to turn on their screens. Once the transmission started, they cut to the chase.

"So basically, we have to improve our patience or we won't be able to make it when we have to dive?" Philippa half asked half stated. John nodded.

"Man! I wish Nimrod had told us how to do it!" He said distressed. His hands went up to his hair, which now was even more of a mess than usual.

"Of course he wouldn't tell us, you airhead!" Phil shot at him. "He knows that we'd probably try diving if we knew how to." She continued and rubbed her temples.

"Shut up…" John mumbled darkly. He looked away a little embarrassed, but glanced at his frustrated twin. She had closed her eyes and was taking deep breaths. The whole diving-thing was getting on her nerves. Nimrod was still very secretive, and didn't really explain to them why they needed to dive in the first place. Something was fishy, and they needed to figure out why.

"Anyways, did you find out anything about Maco?" He was referring to the research Phil had been doing in her "private" library. Philippa was a great fan of books and had now customized her lamp's interior to resemble something taken out of a fairy tale. She had a kitchen, a library and a comfortable living room, where her bed also stood, and a lot of secret rooms John knew existed, but hadn't found and explored yet. He didn't usually visit Philippa's lamp, but when he did, he made sure to explore some more of it.

"Not much. The only new information I found was that he apparently was a sage. Or so the civilians thought of him. It seems he wasn't much for mingling with the djinn society. He was a bit of a loner. But I did find something worth taking a look at. Albeit being a lone wolf, Maco had quite a few lovers, and he actually married one of them. Oh, and he is also our ancestor. We can trace our family tree back to him. I checked some of the others dating back at least a millennium, and they all mention Maco as founder of the tribes. Like it or not, we are slightly related to Iblis and Rudyard." Phil told him.

"You've got to be kidding me!" John exclaimed.

"I'm not. But what's even more interesting is the fact that Maco's late wife, Emi, gave birth to three sons, who turned out to be the first leaders of our tribes. And while we're at it, you might as well take a look at this." She continued and held up an ancient scroll. It was beautifully decorated and looked like something worthy of a king.

"What is it?" John asked. His curiosity had gotten the better of him and overruled his composure.

"It's a letter from Emi before she passed away. She addressed it to her children." Philippa explained and went through the contents.

"What's that got to do with anything?" John asked slightly confused.

"This is only a replica of the real thing, but I found something interesting. Here it is! Check this out: My dear children. I'm writing this letter with my last bit of strength and I don't have much longer to live. It is sad to think that my time already has come. I had always pictured myself all gray and wrinkly and the three of you all grown up, but fate has already bound me by its chains. There is something I must tell you about your father. He has the ability to see things and he wants to pass this ability down to you. I know that you will be able to control the power you will be granted, and take on the huge responsibility that comes with it. Each of you, my dear children, will have to undergo a test, and you will all pass. Just remember to stay true to yourselves." Philippa finished reading and looked eagerly at John.

"So…?" John was confused.

"Don't you see it John? Maco passed down diving to his children! And they received some sort of power from it. If I recall correctly, Nimrod said diving was like going into hyper-intuition-mode, but what if we used that strengthened intuition to draw out our inner power?" The redhead said.

"Slow down Phil! It sounds like something out of TV, but hey, you never know." John shrugged. "Anyway, we'll have to ask Nimrod about this. Let's just focus on meditating for now." John said and motioned for Philippa to get going. "I get it already." She replied with a pout. The twins turned off their screens and went back to their meditation. Not too long afterwards, the flight came to an end.

Meanwhile on the flight, Nimrod and Groanin had been discussing their plans and were now determined to have the twins dive. Nimrod wanted to tell them everything he knew, but he knew it could easily go wrong if he rushed, so he had to be patient. A few hours and a lot of baby food bottles later, the flight finally landed, and the group got out and got their luggage. They went to the entrance and found to their surprise that Faustina had sent someone to pick them up. Before leaving, Nimrod bought some juice for his nephew and niece who were more than delighted over the refreshment. After finishing, they entered the waiting vehicle and disembarked for their next destination.

They were finally on their way to her mansion. The drive wouldn't be much longer, but John and Philippa longed for fresh air and a walk. Soon the mansion was in sight, and it amazed them once again how different it looked from when Ayesha was living there. Once they reached the gates, Nimrod let out his nephew and niece. They were looking exhausted, but very calm. John and Philippa ran the last few meters to the staircase to get rid of all the nausea from travelling too long.

I think they are ready now. Testing them won't be necessary, but Faustina might want to know about this. Nimrod thought to himself. He didn't have time to think about it any further. They had arrived and were now pulling up between the staircase and the fountain in Faustina's garden. They were just about to climb up the stairs when the group noticed someone standing at the top of the stairs.

"Welcome Nimrod, John, Philippa and Mr. Groanin." Faustina greeted with a smile. Despite being the blue djinn of Babylon, she greeted them in her usual happy manner. John couldn't help but feel his smile widen. Faustina was even prettier than the last time he had seen her. She looked more feminine now, but still had that cute, little girl-look. He caught himself staring at her and quickly looked away. Faustina was wearing a yellow sundress and flip-flops despite it being a little chilly outside. She was looking nothing less than stunning – in John's opinion – and her warm smile lit up her whole aura.

"Faustina!" Philippa squeeled and ran up the stairs to hug her friend. Said friend chuckled and hugged the redhead.

"How have you been, Phil? You have changed so much! I love your hair!" The girls giggled and did some small-talk. Meanwhile the rest of the group climbed the stairs.

"Hello, Faustina." Nimrod greeted and patted her head like a child's. Faustina just sent him a sour look and turned to greet John.

"Hey, John." Faustina greeted and flashed him a smile. She leaned forward and gave him a hug.

"Hey." John relied returning the hug. He couldn't help but notice how perfectly she fit in his arms, or how soft her hair was or how nice she smelled. His heart beat a little faster at the moment of contact, but went back to beating normally, when he, much to his own dismay, let go of her. He took a step back and gave Groanin some space. He then observed the Blue djinn a little flabbergasted. She was absolutely gorgeous! Her beauty could be compared to that of his sister's.

"Good day Miss. How have you been? You have grown a lot, I said, you have grown a lot!" Groanin shook hands with her. "Just fine Mr. Groanin. Now, if you will please follow me. The food is ready and steaming hot."

She led the way inside the maze-like mansion. She had re-decorated the whole place and left a touch of Faustina everywhere. John felt a sudden urge to explore the whole place, but he was rather hungry, so he kept his excitement at bay. Philippa didn't waste a second catching up and John was a little surprised his sister had taken such a liking to Faustina. He couldn't help but smile, though. He hadn't seen Philippa that excited for a long time.

Faustina opened two huge doors with a wave of her hand and they entered a dining hall at the size of a museum. The red carpet was soft and gave a nice, warm illumination of the room. The walls were decorated with beautiful paintings everywhere and the chandeliers glinted in the sunlight streaming in from the huge windows. The hall itself wasn't that big, but the furniture made it look huge.

The group of djinn and Groanin sat down around the table and dug in. With the speed of sound, John finished his food and to everyone's amusement asked for seconds. There was plenty of food and everyone wanted to share something about what they had been up to the whole time. The twins were gradually getting sleepier and sleepier. Nimrod handed them some water hoping it would clear their heads and wake them up.

"How come you never visited me?" Fasutina asked the twins. Before they got the chance to answer, Nimrod cut them off.

"Faustina, I have something important to discuss with you." Nimrod said and placed down the drink he had been emptying himself.

"Sure, let's head to my office." Faustina finished the contents of her glass and led the way. "John, Phil? Why don't you go get warmed up in the sauna?" She suggested and had someone take them to their rooms that both had their own sauna.

At this point, the twins were on the brink of exhaustion, so they didn't decline. They looked like they were about to pass out and leave their bodies for good. Meanwhile Groanin went to his own room to get some sleep. He pitied the young twins, but he knew, they had to go through it on their own. He just prayed everything would turn out all right. The twins were talented without a doubt, but the whole diving procedure was risky. Many djinn had attempted to dive only to fail and suffer from the terrifying consequences. In the opposite site of the mansion, Nimrod and Fasutina entered her office and made their way to her dark mahogany desk. Her office was looking very much like that of an adult's. and one thing was evident on the interior. Faustina was one organized djinn.

"What are you up to, Nimrod? And you better have a damn good explanation for giving your nephew and niece Dizziness Draught." Faustina sat down in her leather chair and motioned for Nimrod to take a seat across from her.

"I'm impressed you noticed. As expected of the Blue Djinn." The older djinn chuckled. "Yes, I gave them some Dizziness Draught, but only enough for them to get exhausted. I mixed it in some juice, I gave them earlier. The reason I wanted to talk to you in private, is the reason, I gave them DD. You see, after I returned from Italy last summer, I kept my eye on the twins. They have grown a lot more than expected and I think it will be a good idea if they dive." Nimrod leaned forward, placed his elbows on the desk and tucked his hands under his chin. Faustina took a deep breath and rubbed her temples.

"Nimrod. Have you completely lost your mind?!" She raised her voice slightly. A sign she was getting upset and worried. "There is no way they are able to dive! How could you even think about making them do it? Have you even considered the consequences? You know as well as I do how risky it is to dive!" Faustina seethed. "If they don't make it, they will go nuts or even worse, end up like emotionless dolls. If they get lost in their inner maze, they won't ever get out."

"I know and I take full responsibility for anything that could possibly happen. But Faustina, can't you see it? If they dive, they will both acquire a new power; a new flame. I'm sure you already know that Iblis and Rudyard have been freed by Dybbuk. We have to stop them before they end everything we hold dear." Nimrod was starting to lose his composure. Convincing Faustina wasn't going as smoothly as planned.

"You are out of your mind thinking diving will accomplish anything." Faustina shook her head in disbelief. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. "You mentioned a new flame. How do you know about such a thing? Is it related to you trip to Italy?" The Blue djinn's gaze would have burned holes in any other person, but Nimrod knew, she was trying to read his intention through his eyes. Even if she was young, most djinn respected her out of admiration or something resembling fear.

"Bullseye. Last year when I went to Italy, I found new ways to make bindings, but as I reached for more advanced ones, I stumbled across something related to diving. It was a scroll – no, a letter – and I found something interesting in it. You know the whole tale about Maco, right?" Fastina nodded, sensing something important was coming up. "It seems Maco had his three sons dive, and they all drew out a new flame from their inner strength. You know how the inner flame of a djinn is an orange or red-ish shade, right? Maco's sons's flames changed colors after they dove. They went from orange to blue, violet and green. The Blue Flame of Truth, the Violet Flame of Strength and the Green flame of Knowledge. I believe that John and Philippa most likely will obtain one of these." Nimrod went quiet and gave Faustina some space to think.

"Are you sure there isn't any other option?" Faustina asked on the verge of desperation.


"What makes you sure that they'll make it?" She asked suspiciously.

"Well, the night I visited them, I gave them a Dreamless sleep potion, but both of them dreamt that night anyway. Their minds are very strong and they have developed a very unique bond to each other. Have you noticed how they always know what the other is going to say or how they know they are being approached from behind?" Nimrod scratched his chin. "Trust me on this one, Faustina. They will make it."

"Where?" Nimrod didn't need additional words to know that she was asking about the location for the diving spot.

"On Mesci Island." Faustina raised a brow in surprise, but nodded.

For a second Nimrod was worried Faustina would refuse, but the second he noticed her tense shoulders relax, he knew she had made up her mind.

"All right. I'll allow it. But I'll take them to my chamber tomorrow and have them do it once. I want to make sure they know what they are up to. And you stay away from their food. You have drugged them more than enough already. Now, go to sleep and let me think." The Blue Djinn shooed him away and he got up from his seat. With a silent "goodnight" he headed out the door. Once Nimrod left her office, Faustina exhaled long and hard.

Diving? You've got to be kidding me! She thought, sure John and Phil are powerful djinn, but so many before them have already failed and some of them even died. Faustina was starting to get nervous about this whole affair. Dybbuk had freed Iblis and Rudyard, and his whereabouts were still unknown. On top of that Nimrod planned on taking the twins to Mesci? Faustina was certain he had lost his sanity somewhere.

"You never cease to amaze me, Nimrod." She sighed again and got up and left for bed.

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