Hello Bros! Welcome to chapter 8. Someone asked me in a review whether or not there would be PewDie x Stephano in this fic. To be honest, I really don't know. It depends how it all goes down. (A.K.A, what my brain decides to make my hands type out. I have no control over that thing.) Also, I got all-positive feedback for some Dexter x Piggeh, so that'll move on as well! ^w^

WARNINGS: More swearing from our favourite ginger American!

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They walked for what seemed like hours. Corridor after corridor, staircase after staircase, room after room, until...


"Ouch! Son of a bitch!"

"Jesus Christ, Kestrel, what is it with you and swearing?"

"Are you okay? Where are you guys?"

"I'm here, Dexter. Mrowr~!"

"Piggeh, that's not freakin' helping!"

"Oh hey, a lantern!"

The area lit up with a bright yellow light, to reveal Dexter holding up a lantern. He looked around; Kestrel was rubbing her head, Stephano was facepalming, and Piggeh was being a pervy git and trying to hump a table. He sighed, and switched his attention to what Kestrel had smashed into. A door. A very impressive door, no doubt one that led to the next area. He turned to the others. "Kestrel, are you okay?" She nodded, still rubbing her head. Piggeh sidled up to her. "Want me to kiss it better?" he asked, licking his lips. Kestrel turned to him. "Piggeh, I highly advise you quit being a paedophile, or I will be forced to sodomize you with whatever's nearest. For example..." She reached behind her and picked up the first thing she touched. "... This rather attractive table lamp." Piggeh went pale, and Stephano leaned over to whisper "Somehow, I don't think she's joking." Piggeh went even paler, and it was Dexter's turn to facepalm. "Guys, there's a door here. Do we go through it or what? Because I didn't see another way and, every moment that we waste arguing and threatening to butt rape each other with furniture, PewDie could be getting hurt!" Everyone nodded in agreement and Kestrel put down the lamp, before walking up to the door and pushing on it. It swung open, and then...


Their vision returned. They had definitely moved on. Ankle-deep water covered the floor, boxes floated around randomly, and a huge shriek rang out followed by splashing and a thump, as Dexter completely freaked out and jumped onto the nearest box. He crouched there on the floating wood, trembling and whimpering with his eyes squeezed shut. The others just looked on in amazement, and Kestrel was the first to speak up. "Urrm, Dexter?" She said, edging towards the terrified man, "Are you scared of water?" Dexter opened his eyes a crack and peered up at her, taking a deep breath and replying "No. No, Kestrel, I am not scared of water. I'm fucking TERRIFIED OF IT!" With that, he shut his eyes again. Kestrel turned to the others, silently begging for help. Piggeh walked over to his friend and wrapped an arm around him. Stephano just sort of stood there, looking for all the world like he would rather be anywhere but where he was now: standing in cold filthy water with a creepily not-pervy Piggeh and Dexter, who seemed to be having another mini-breakdown. Kestrel sploshed her way over to him with a sigh. "It's like a really cheesy joke, isn't it?" She muttered, drawing a questioning look from her friend. "How do you get a hydrophobic down a corridor filled with water?"


The pain had faded. Yes, it was still there, but it had faded slightly. He could breathe now that his torturer had gone. Where, he did not know. Maybe he had gone after Stephano and Piggeh and Dexter and... The other one. What was her name again? Kessingland? Kessington? Kes... Kesterl. Kestrel! That was it! Stephano and Piggeh and Dexter and Kestrel; his friends! Or were they? They haven't come to help him. No, they haven't. Huh? They haven't come to help you. Why is that? Because... Because they can't find me! That's why! But what if they- NO! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! THEY WOULDN'T LEAVE ME HERE! THEY WOULDN'T! TH-They wouldn't... right?


It seemed like hours had passed but, of course, there was no way to tell. Dexter hadn't moved from his box, Piggeh hadn't stopped hugging him, Kestrel had slowly gone from standing by the wall, to leaning on the wall, to staring at the wall on the other side of the room as though it had offended her, and Stephano was off doing some exploring, discovering how much water there was and how far it stretched for. He had been gone for quite some time when splashing caught the ginger's attention. She broke off her staring contest with the wall and glanced down the corridor, expecting to see a familiar gold-clad person. Instead, there was a splash. Just a single splash, as if someone had thrown a rock into the water. Then another one, slightly closer, and Kestrel realised what it was.

"GUYS, MOVE YOUR ASSES, WE HAVE COMPANY!" She dashed back to the pair on the box and dragged them both to their feet. "BROS, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE WUSSES! DEXTER, YOU CAN SNIVEL ALL YOU LIKE, BUT IF YOU DON'T GET A SHIFT ON THEN I'M LEAVING YOU BEHIND!" That got them moving. Dodging around the splash marks the trio bolted up the hall, not looking back as the Whatever-It-Is followed them. Rounding a corner they collided headfirst into Stephano, who took one look at the splashing thing, muttered a French obscenity, then joined them in running as fast as they bloody-well could. They ran and ran, always obeying the first rule of Amnesia: Don't look back. Stephano, for some reason, took this as the opportunity to do a little study of his friends. Each of them had their own mechanism for coping with things like this. He himself used words that were illegal in some countries, Kestrel was focussing grimly on the path in front of her (occasionally shouting a rude yet motivational phrase at them all), Piggeh seemed to be chanting the alphabet backwards repeatedly, and Dexter was... Not coping. Simple as that. In fact... Is that a door?

Kestrel noticed it as he did. "Thank fuck. Dexter, look, a door that probably leads to dry land and almost-safety!" That was all the motivation needed. The pace sped up rapidly and they all hurtled through the door. It slammed shut behind them as they scrambled up some steps onto another concrete floor. The four of them collapsed panting, unable to move any more. Dexter sighed in relief, not bothering to try and stop the darkness as it clouded his vision. Solid ground, he thought, only vaguely hearing Piggeh offer to keep watch. Nice, solid... ground...zzzzzz...

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