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"These guys giving you trouble Minette?" The feral cat-lady Nadia Fortune didn't know how many times she'd said that sentence today alone, but she was sure it

was at least in the twenties. Her best friend, the secret princess of the Dagonian fish people, Minette was a shy and often very timid girl. Since her people were

discovered by the royal family of Canopy there was always some animosity towards the Dagonian. While they weren't a violent race, far from it, their King;

Minette's dad king Solaris, had thought it best for his daughter to work at a well know Dagonian dinner: namely Yu-Wu's. Nadia had been hanging out at the diner

ever since she'd been adopted into the Fishbone gang, and despite Yu-wan's huge and scary figure, the cook was always kind to her. Ever since the brutal killing of

the Fishbone gang, save for Fortune, Nadia had found herself feeling more and more at home at the little diner. However she found out rather soon that if she

wasn't there, Minette would have been in an awkward place. Seeing as most of the dinner's cliental consisted of humans who hated Minette's race, yet still ate at

the diner none the less, there wasn't a day where some cocky pretty boy tried to make a pass at poor Minette. So, in exchanged for logging and free food, Nadia

became Minette's official bodyguard on request of both Yu-Wan and her father. It wasn't a bad life, as the two had always been close friends, but some days it got

a bit hairy. " N-No need for violence Nadia! These gentlemen were just expressing their option!" Minette timidly stammered as she set to picking up a mug that had

fallen. The two men in questioned were human of course and both nothing worth mentioning look wise. Yet one of them took it a bit too far when he piped up.

"Yeah Kitty cat, listen to your fish freak of a friend!" That was the last straw, Nadia looked at the two and without saying a word picked them up by their shirts and

flung them out of the diner. The rest of the diners looked up in mild interest but soon went back to their meals as if they'd seen that all the time. Nadia helped

Minette finish cleaning, shrugging off her friends thank you as always, and went to talk to Yu-Wan. "Hey Wan! Think Minette can play hooky today?" The huge

Dagonian cook glared at her as if she'd just asked for a death sentence but upon seeing her own glared he gave in and said. "Fine, fine! I got more than enough to

cover for her today! Just try not to get her in too much trouble this time!" Nadia scoffed and looked hurt as she asked. "What? Name one time I ever got her in

trouble!" Yu-Wan sighed and began counting on his hand the number of times.

"That time at Mapplecrest with that rich girl."

"Hey that kid started it!"

"Then the time you both got stuck up a skyscraper in New Meridian."

"Those Medici bastards were behind it I swear!"

"And let's not forget that night of terror at the Opera house."

"That undead chick came onto me I swear!"

Nadia was growing more irritated but she put her foot down and insisted this time was different.

"We're just going to the course for a game of golf! Today's the day I can go back after that sand trap incident…damn hypnotizing sands." Yu-Wan thought on this

then shook his head and said. "Alright Nadia, I trust you. But If Minette gets in trouble or I hear you ran into that princess cop It's coming out of your head!" With

that Nadia quickly gathered Minette, who strangely started to write out a will, and the two headed for the Mapplecrest golf course.

"Princess are you certain that Ms. Fortune will be here today?" Elsewhere at the golf course the Princess of Canopy and leader of the Black Egrets military unit;

Parasoul, was waiting for something. She was dressed in her long dress/skirt as always and her eyes were scanning the area for a certain feline when one of her

soldiers asked her this.

"She'll be here number twenty two, I've got it on good authority that Fortune's banishment from this course ends today. That criminal might always elude me but I

know she cannot resist a game of golf." Parasoul's eyes then lit up as she saw Nadia and Minette enter the scene with golf bags and whatnot. She smiled as she

reached onto her back for her living umbrella, Krege, and readied to fire a Napalm tear. When she looked back thought, Nadia was gone and she went to order her

troops she felt a tapping on her head. "What the-?" She questioned as a disembodied hand crawled on her and a well known voice said. "Well hello there Parasoul,

did you really thing I wouldn't guess you were here?" She turned, or rather the hand on her head turned her and where her men were a second ago stood Nadia

and Minette. Minette was cowering behind Nadia but her feline friend was acting as smug as always. "Fortune! You're under arrest!" Parasoul made to use Krege

but Nadia's hand jumped down and stole the umbrella as its owner began to talk. "We can't have that now can we? Tell you what princess, how about a

friendlywager?" Parasoul was above making deals with criminals, but in order for the feline here to be arrested unorthodox methods were needed. "Okay cat… what

did you have in mind?" Nadia purred and with a grin replied. "It's it obvious? I'll let you arrest me if you can beat me in a game of golf!" Parasoul thought on this,

while the cat was good at the game, there was no way she could beat someone who had been playing the game since childhood. "I see, but what if you were to

win?" Parasoul inquired as she lowered her guard for a second. Nadia thought on this and finally after talking it out with Minette answered. "I got it! When I win

you have to buy me and Minette a feast back at Yu-Wan's! " The deal was made and the two set out for the first hole, with Minette asking Nadia if this was a good


"Didn't Yu-Wan say to not get in trouble today?" Her feline friend laughed and said.

"Old Wan's just a worrywart! I'm the best golfer in Canopy Minette, and I'll be damned if I have to de-claw Parasoul as the better golfer!" The game soon got

underfoot, or as Nadia put it under-paw, and when Nadia went up with no club Minette asked her what was up.

"Relax Minette, I got it covered." The cat then pulled her own tail off and it straightened into a make-shift club of sorts. Parasoul nodded in approval saying.

"Crude, yet effective." Nadia lined up her tail-club to the ball and after looking at the hole for a second, smacked the ball straight into the air. It sailed high for a

while until it landed right into the hole for a hole in one. Parasoul flinched the second the ball landed but kept her poker face on and said. "That was…impressive

cat." Parasoul then took her turn up to bat, or up to put, and using Krege like a club she hit her ball: which landed on the edge of the hole. After Nadia stooped

laughing, and her head was "accidently" knocked off, the two resumed the game. About ten holes in Nadia had the lead and Parasoul was starting to get nervous.

She managed to make a call to one of her men while Nadia was taking a break and was told: "The yarn is a go." As Nadia readied to get her tenth hole she froze

mid-shot and said calmly. "I hear yarn." Minette had a look of confusion on her face as she asked.

"Hear yarn? Nadia what does that-?" The Dagonian princess's words were soon muted as her feline friend suddenly went rough and cried. "NYA-RN!" As she went

all over the place until she found the ball of yarn held by the Black Egret number 34 and… relived him of it. As Nadia did this Parasoul took the opportunity to take

her shot, yet she still missed terribly. Nadia noticed this and teased the princess by saying. "Better luck next time!" As she smacked her ball and got another hole

in one. Five holes later Parasoul tried distracting Nadia again, this time by leaving a fan by the sand trap. After a while Nadia began to smell the sand and she

looked at it with a look of lounging. Minette managed to calm her down, but soon enough the feline female leapt towards the sand pile… and completely bypassed it

to enter a nearby restroom. Parasoul was so confused by this she failed to notice she'd accidently brushed her ball a bit and it fell out of bounds. When Nadia

returned she was surprised to find Parasoul on the ground hitting the grass with her fist. "What's eating her? She looks like I did after eating Wan's Kung pao

"chicken"." Nadia asked as Parasoul looked at the sky in defeat. After all was said and done Nadia had easily beaten Parasoul and once it was declared that the cat

burglar won she began to roll around crying. "I win, I win!" Parasoul thought about forgetting the deal right then and there and just arresting the cocky cat, but

Minette gave the princess a look and asked sweetly. "You wouldn't think about breaking a promise near the daughter of the king of Dagonians right princess?"

Parasoul swore at the mention of this and gave it saying. "Fine. I'll feed the cat, but know this: It's a secret to everybody!"

To say Yu-Wan was surprised when he saw Nadia return with Parasoul was an understatement. At first he assumed the worst and prepared to yell at Nadia and

take a stab at Parasoul like always. But when Parasoul begrudgingly informed him of the bet his eyes filled dollar signs and his tune changed completely. Soon

after Nadia and Minette ate enough food for ten people, much to Parasoul's dismay and Wan's delight, and when it was all gone Parasoul paid the hefty bill then lef

t saying she'd get Nadia one day.

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