Baised on that part in episode 49 of digimon tamers

Rike, her family, and Renamon were at some fancy hotel her mom knew about. SAfe away from the D-Reaper and the chaos that had almost totally engulfed their original home

"Rika," Renamon said "I don't think I can just sit here like this,"

"I know Renamon," Rika said to her foxy digimon "But their's nothing we can do right now,"

Rikas mom decided to try and lighten up the conversation

"So Renamon you're a girl right?" she asked

"Accually digimon aren't divided into genders," the yellow fox said

"Huh?" Rika said suprised "Not divided into gender?"

Now curious the young tamer reached at Renamons chest

"So then..."

Rika lifted up the fur on her digimons chest. Only to reveal...

"Nothing!" Rika said freaked out. Renamon had no boobies! Not even nipples at all!

Her mom and grandma were shocked at Rika touching her digimon like that, yet that was totaly replaced by this new discovery

"Digimon don't have parents," Renamon explained. Although quite shocked she had gotten groped by her tamer as well. "We don't need to produce milk,"

Rika, her mom, and grandma all passed out from shock

Meanwhile, all the furries in the world wept, for the foxy girl of their dreams was...UNYIFFABLE!

Impmon and Guilmon also wept, since they couldn't score with Renamon either

The end