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Her Little Niece - Chapter 3

Bellatrix forced herself out of her memories and focussed once more upon Tonks' dark eyes. She knew there was no time for any transformations now; nobody but herself liked to play games in the battlefield.

"Aren't you going to try and kill me then?" Bellatrix asked. "As revenge for little Sirius? For all the pain I inflicted your poor mother?"

"Don't you dare talk about my mother!"

"You think you know her, don't you? Of course, Andy, the perfect sister, joining the fight for good, protecting all the little mudbloods like the saint everyone always said she was."

"Shut up!" Tonks fired several spells in quick succession but her aunt was quick and defended against them hardly batting an eyelid.

"Feisty! You didn't get that trait from Andromeda. She was always very much a coward, you see. Never liked to pull out her wand and get physical. Not even when I came to visit you when you were nothing but a defenceless little baby." Tonks frowned. Her mother had never said anything about this. Surely a visit from Bellatrix Lestrange would have spelt certain death for a child. What was she talking about? "I had my chance to kill you but I didn't and that is the biggest regret of my life. Soon to be rectified. CRUCIO!"

The spell struck with such force that Tonks was thrown several feet back. The pain was as if someone was etching thousands of messages into her skin with millions of pointy daggers. Blinding light flashed in front of her eyes and the only thing she could hear over her screaming was an evil cackle coming from directly above.

"Do you want me to stop now?" Bellatrix crooned tauntingly. It was as if she was leaning over that crib once more. Except this time there would be no interruptions." ...ANSWER ME! DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP, YOU FILTHY HALF-BLOOD?!"

Tonks screamed in reply. She would not beg for her life. She had more dignity than that.

"HOW DARE YOU NOT ANSWER ME!" Bellatrix released her from the cruciatus and pinned her down on the ground to stop her from moving. Not that she could; the cruciatus left its victims in shock for a good few seconds. She pulled her dagger from its hiding place in her stockings. "How about we get closer my dear?" She leaned in further, right next to her ear. "I couldn't leave you without a present from Auntie Bella, could I?"

The dagger hovered poignantly over Tonks' face, letting Tonks see just how sharp the point actually was, before it came racing down and slashed through her arm. She let out an agonizing scream.

"I want you to beg, you INSOLENT CHILD!"

The dagger came down again and again until Bellatrix became bored with the quivering woman who was trapped underneath her. She got up and kicked a nearby rock with her boot.

"I could just leave you here, you know." Bellatrix said conversationally to Tonks. "I could leave you here to die whilst you listen to the screams of your little friends as we kill them one by one."

"You will never win." Tonks croaked out. Her throat was burning. Bellatrix raised her eyebrow and grinned like a Cheshire cat. Walking back over to her victim she began to giggle.

"And how do you know this, little girl? Are you going to have a triumphant burst of power and defeat me? Will your little Chosen One defeat the Dark Lord – the greatest wizard the wizarding world has seen in an age?"

Tonks looked up at the sky where only a few hours ago a ceiling would have stood. She couldn't die here. Not here, where everything is broken and destroyed, and certainly not at the hands of her own Aunt. What would happen to Teddy, she pondered morosely, if I died here? She couldn't bear to think of Teddy's life without her. Would Remus try to find her after this was all over? All he would find would be her body. She flinched at the mental image.

Almost as if the woman before her could see her thoughts, Bellatrix suddenly shouted "Where's your husband, girl?" A gasp from Tonks. "Oh don't think I didn't know what you've been up to in your miserable life. Shouldn't he be here defending you? He's going to be awfully upset when he finds your broken mangled corpse here. That is, if we allow him to live. I wouldn't count on it." A dark smile spread across Bellatrix's face. "Or is he at home with the little one?"


"Aha! Sensitive subject is it? Don't worry. After this battle is won I'll break the news to Andy and your disgusting offspring about your death. If I'm feeling merciful, I might even kill them quickly!"

"NO!" At this, Tonks broke down and a loud sob escaped from her lips. It racked through her body and caused a sharp pain in her bloody arm.

Bellatrix wandered back to her niece and looked at her curiously. Her hair was pale and limp, her eyes overflowing with tears, and her face was streaked with dirt. Her clothes were ripped and stained with the blood still flowing from her arm.

"So weak. So unworthy to be descended from a great line of Blacks."

She leaned over Tonks and stepped down on her injured arm. A small scream came from Tonks and a single tear as she met Bellatrix's gaze.

"You are a monster."

Bellatrix's nostrils flared and she crouched down and gripped her niece by the throat.

"Let's imagine a little situation, Tonks." She spat the name out. "Your best friend and the person you care for more than anything in the world leaves without a single goodbye or explanation. This hurts. Doesn't it? Doesn't it you little bitch?" She squeezed harder on her throat and tilted her head up and down to give the impression of a nod. "You later find out that they left because they had fallen in love. With someone they had known for just over a year of their life. You have been there for them since they were born, and yet were left without even a note to say goodbye."

By this point Bellatrix was practically nose to nose with Tonks. Her eyes widened like a madman's.

"Not only this. They have also left your baby sister. Your baby sister who you have protected from the world every minute of their days has been hurt by the person who you trusted your life with. You have to fall asleep listening to her sobbing into her pillows at night. You barely sleep at all, just to make sure that she won't leave you as well." The only sound that could be heard was Tonks gasping for breath. "How do you feel about this, Nymphadora?"

"She... had a... good... reason..."

"GOOD REASON?!" Bellatrix's hand slapped across Tonks' face and knocked her head to the floor. She dragged her up by the collar of her shirt and left her dangling in the air. "Listen here you little shit. My sister left me because of you. Every bit of pain she ever caused me I will give it to you. Then I will find her, I will find your husband, and I will find your child, and they will receive it ten-fold. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

Bellatrix dropped her onto the floor and she landed with a scream.


Once again, Tonks' screams filled the empty corner. This time there was no cackling.

"Please! Spare them! Please! Just – do what you want to me just don't hurt my baby!"

Tonks was screaming even though the spell had stopped. Her wailing was so heartfelt that even Bellatrix stopped in her confusion.

Bellatrix whispered as though speaking to the air around her. "I hope you know this is for you Andy. It's what I should've done when you first met that bastard Tonks. Avada Kedavra!"

Bellatrix walked away from the corpse. Everything was silent.