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Caroline nuzzled in the big bed, burying herself under the cover and desperately trying to get some sleep. She was turning and tossing in the bed since more than one hour and her eyes still refused to close. Actually, her eyes refused to close since three weeks, which was the moment when Klaus had left.

Kol had gotten himself in a pretty messy situation with a bunch of werewolves in England and he had called Klaus and Elijah for some help. Elijah was already on his way for London and Klaus had taken the first plane he could after his conversation with his brother. Concerned for Kol, Rebekah had wanted to go with him but Klaus had persuaded her to stay with Caroline. He didn't want her to be alone and he had ensured Rebekah that Elijah and him were enough to handle the problem. Rebekah had reluctantly agreed to stay behind but it had been way more difficult to convince Caroline. Klaus had categorically forbidden her to come with him and Caroline had reacted very badly. They had one of their biggest fights about it, but for once Klaus hadn't give in to Caroline.

"It's way too dangerous Caroline" he told very firmly. "Don't you remember what it looks like to be bitten by a werewolf?"

"I'll be with you all the time and you are the cure, what do I risk?" Caroline retorted.

But Klaus determinedly stood his ground and Caroline finally caved when he delivered the supreme argument.

"If you are with me, I'll be more concerned about your safety that about mine or Kol's and we are all going to end up hurt" he said.

Even if Caroline knew that a bunch of werewolves were no match against three Originals, the only thought than anything might happen to him made her back down.

"Ok" she reluctantly accepted. "I'll stay here with Rebekah."

Klaus sighed with relief and cradled Caroline in his arms.

"I'll be careful, sweetheart, I promise" he whispered in her ear. "I won't be gone for long."

Caroline weakly nodded, already knowing that her time away from him was going to be hell. Saying goodbye to him was pretty gloomy. Klaus didn't know for how much time he will be gone and not knowing when he would be back totally distressed Caroline. She clung to his shoulders like she was never going to see him again and Klaus had to remove her fingers from him one by one so she would let him go. He passionately kissed her on last time and after a final "I love you" whispered in her ear he tried to comfort her "You won't even notice I will be gone" he said confidently.

But Klaus couldn't have been more wrong.

Caroline was painfully aware that he was gone and she was miserable since his departure. They were together since almost two years now and it was the first time they were apart from each others. And Caroline found out that she hated it. She hated not being able to kiss him when she wanted to. She hated not being able to snuggle in his arms when she needed to. And most of all, she detested being alone in his giant bed because it made her feel even more alone. She tried to sleep in her old room, in her mum's house but not being at the mansion was actually worst. In Klaus' bed, at least the pillow still had his scent and even if it was a very tiny comfort, it was better than nothing. Caroline was spending every night curled in a Klaus' shirt, trying to find consolation in wearing something that belonged to him.

Caroline sighed in frustration, turning once more in the bed. She had barely slept since Klaus was gone and she was driving crazy with the lack of sleep and with something else too. Before Klaus' departure, she had never fully realized how much she had become dependent to him and how much she was in love with him. They had never spent one night apart from each other since they were together and Caroline was only understanding now, that somehow she had always considered his presence for granted. She had never entirely comprehended until now how much she needed Klaus and his constant presence next to her.

Caroline had always been proud of her independence and of her strength but with Klaus' absence she became conscious that actually, HE was her strength. HE was the one to make her feel so special, so confident and so strong. Without him, she was just miserable. She had always known that she was Klaus fatal weakness but until now, she hadn't fully realized that he was hers. And the thought scared her. How could she be so dependant of one person? How could she need someone so much to be happy?

She hated the mess she had become since Klaus was gone. She hated that she wasn't able to sleep if she wasn't in his arms. She hated the way her whole body was screaming in frustration to not have been touched since three weeks. She hated the way she was feeling cold without his arms around her. She hated the way her whole being was craving for his embrace. How could she have become so whipped? she wondered.

The sound of her phone made her jump in the bed. She rushed into it, desperate to see the name of Klaus displayed on the screen. She merely broke the thing in her haste to pick up when she saw it was him.

"Nik?" she said eagerly on the phone.

Klaus smiled, like every time she was calling him that.

"Hello, my love."

The simple fact of hearing his voice soothed Caroline. She leant on the pillow with a sigh of relief to be connected to him, even if it was only over the phone.

"How are you? How are things progressing?" she asked impatiently.

Klaus sighed.

"We are making some progress" he answered cautiously, not wanting to worry her "but Kol had really managed to piss them off."

Caroline couldn't help the rush of panic that suddenly washed over her.

"Are you sure you are ok?" she asked.

Klaus didn't fail to notice the concern in her voice and he took his most soothing voice to answer.

"Yes, my love. We are all ok, don't worry."

"You promise?" Caroline demanded almost pleading.

"I promise" Klaus firmly responded. "What about you, sweetheart? How are you?"he moved on.

Caroline shrugged even if Klaus couldn't see it.

"I'm fine" she said trying to sound confident but Klaus knew her too well to be fooled.

"No you are not" he stated softly. Caroline shrugged again and tried to change the subject.

"When are you coming home?" she asked, trying not to sound too desperate.

"I don't know yet, sweetheart. I think we're going to need at least another 2 weeks to settle things" Klaus answered, anxious for her reaction.

Caroline's heart clenched painfully and she had to fight the sudden rush of tears who were threatening to fall.

"Another two weeks" she repeated her voice slightly shaking.

Klaus noticed immediately that she was on the verge of tears and he felt his heart sink. He hated when she was upset and even more when he was responsible for it. Knowing that she was distressed and that he wasn't with her to comfort her was killing him.

"I'm sorry, my love. I do my best to accelerate things but Kol has really messed up this time and I'm trying to avoid a war between vampires and werewolves."

Caroline nodded slowly. "I understand" she answered weakly "of course you can't come home before everything is settled."

"Are you mad at me?" Klaus asked softly.

Caroline shook her head. "Of course I am not mad at you" she exclaimed "It's totally normal that you help your brother, how could I be mad?"

She sighed. "It's just that I miss you so badly" she admitted her voice full of tears. "I am miserable without you. I can't even sleep without your arms around me."

Klaus closed his eyes. Hearing her so upset and not be able to take her in his arms was unbearable.

"I miss you too, my love. You have no idea how much. I'm doing as fast as I can, I promise."

"I know" Caroline responded softly "don't worry about me, I'm fine." Once again she was trying to sound confident to prevent him for worrying about her but he was too observant to be taken in.

"I'm doing my best to accelerate thing, I promise" he tried to comfort her.

"I know you do" Caroline answered quietly.

Klaus sighed. "I have to go, my love, I'm sorry."

"Ok, sure. I'm glad you called me" Caroline murmured.

"I'm glad I heard you voice, my love. I will call you again as soon as I can ok?"

"Ok" Caroline whispered weakly. "Be careful. I love you, Nik."

"I love you too."

Caroline hung up the phone and realized that she was crying. Another two weeks without him. How was she going to handle it?

Caroline spent as much time as she could with her friends and Rebekah to prevent for thinking about Klaus every minute. It didn't work entirely but it was better than nothing. She was getting along pretty well with Rebekah now and the two girls were spending more and more time together. It had taken a long time before they really got close mostly because they felt threatened by each others. Once they had finally accepted that Klaus needed both of them in his life to be happy, they had made the effort of bonding. Caroline and Rebekah had actually discovered that they had a lot in common and they had gradually become pretty close. Rebekah was sad to see Caroline so obviously distressed by her brother's departure and she did her best to keep her occupied.

About a week after Klaus' phone call, the two girls decided to go on a shopping spree. The weather was finally becoming pretty nice and Caroline and Rebekah decided that they needed a serious update in the dress and bikini department. 6 hours and a dozen of stores later, the two girls were back at the mansion, with a huge amount of bags.

"You really think Nik is going to like the pink dress?" Caroline asked to Rebekah. "He is not that fond of with pink after all."

"I'm fond of with anything you are wearing, my love" answered an amused voice from the living room. Caroline spin over on her heels so abruptly that she would have fallen if it wasn't for her vampire balance.

Klaus was leaned against the frame of the door, a huge grin in his face and his arms stretched towards Caroline. With a loud squeal, Caroline dropped all her bags on the floor and threw herself in Klaus' arms. He immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and lifting her from the floor, he crashed his lips against hers. Caroline answered passionately to his kiss, her hands tightly fisted in his hair and her body pressed against his as close as she could. As she was melting against him, an overwhelming feeling of relief washed all over her. He was here. She was in his arms again. The waiting was over. Caroline sighed in Klaus' mouth and tightened her grip around his neck, trying to pull him impossibly closer. Klaus was hungrily kissing her, devouring her lips and deposing frantic kisses on her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead, her neck, every inch of skin he could get. He pulled back only when he felt the salty taste of her tears.

Cradling Caroline's face in his hands, he tenderly wiped the tears away.

"Don't cry, my love" he pleaded "you know I can't stand it."

Caroline shook her head. "I'm sorry" she sniffed "you have no idea how much I missed you."

Klaus was about to answer but Caroline leant against him.

"Kiss me" she whispered feverishly "please don't stop kissing me."

Klaus complied immediately, resuming his frantic and passionate kisses on her lips and crushing her against him. Even with her vampire strength she would probably have bruises by the way he was holding her but she couldn't care less. She couldn't be close enough to him. She needed more. She needed to melt in him. Caroline moaned in his mouth and Klaus growled at the soft sound.

Rebekah chose this moment to intervene. She had happily looked Caroline and Klaus' reunion but she felt like she needed to interfere now. They had both obviously forgotten that they were surrounded by people and if nobody reminded it to them they were going to rip their clothes off right here and right now.

Rebekah cleared her throat.

"Nik? Caroline? Get a room!"

Klaus growled at this.

"Hello Rebekah" he muttered against Caroline's neck. "It's good to see you."

Rebekah rolled her eyes and smiled.

"It's good to see you too, Nik but maybe it's best if we talk later. When you won't be wrapped around Caroline anymore for example."

Klaus hummed distractedly, busy to nibble Caroline's earlobe.

Rebekah rolled her eyes again.

"You know what? I am going to leave you alone now" she declared.

Klaus lifted his head for a second and after another kiss on Caroline's lips he approached his sister, Caroline still anchored to him. She allowed him to free one of his arms so he could hug Rebekah but she kept the other one firmly wrapped around her. Rebekah smiled at the sweetness radiating from the two of them and after hugging his brother back she left the room.

Klaus immediately resumed kissing Caroline like he was starving. Never breaking the kiss, he led her until the couch and sat her on his laps, his arms tightly wrapped around her frame. They both lost track of time as they were devouring each other, trying to forget all the frustration and the lack accumulated during the past weeks. Klaus eventually stopped kissing Caroline to stroke her face and to hungrily look at her, as if he was trying to catch up with not seeing her face in more than a month. Caroline smiled lovingly at him and he melted like jelly.

"You have no idea how much I have missed you" he whispered. "I have never missed anyone or anything like I missed you during the past month."

Caroline smiled, feeling the tears coming back in her eyes.

"I terribly missed you too" she confessed softly. "Actually, I have missed you even more than I thought I would." Caroline buried her head in the crook of Klaus' neck, hesitating for a while but finally deciding to keep going.

"Before you departure I still hadn't realize how much I am in love with you and how much I need you next to me every day. Being apart from you made me understand that I completely rely on you to be truly happy."

Klaus' heart skipped a beat at her confession and unable to find the right words to answer to Caroline, he kissed her lovingly, trying to pour all his feeling and his love in his kiss.

Caroline eagerly deepened the kiss, her body suddenly very aware that Klaus' hands had not touched it since more than a month. Klaus was obviously thinking the same thing because his hands became extremely impatient all of the sudden and roamed feverishly all over Caroline's body. She moaned at the feeling and pressed herself against Klaus.

"I want you" she said huskily. "I want you, Nik. Now."

Klaus responded by ripping her top off and by laying them down on the couch.

Just when he was about to resume attacking her lips, Caroline talked again.

"Please promise me that you won't leave me alone that long ever again" she asked in a breathe."

Klaus kissed her.

"I promise you, my love. I won't' leave you ever again."

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