Hey guys! So I've seen this type of thing before, but not Victorious style. Basically it's just doing a contest to see which pairing is better. So basically there'll be two pairings, and I'll give thoughts on both of them. Then you can vote as to which pairing is better, and I'll vote too. Then whichever couple gets the most votes wins! I thought it seemed like a pretty cool thing, so I'm going to try it. I hope you like it, and don't forget to review!

Today's Couple is...the classic argument, Bade vs. Bori!

My thoughts:

Bade: I really like Beck and Jade as a couple, but I do admit I was kind of happy when they broke it off. There was a lot of tension and things going on that didn't make sense, such as Beck being extremely comfortable with Cat in front of Jade's very eyes, and the whole Jandre episode where Andre falls in love with Jade. Beck and Jade seemed good together though, like Beck balanced off Jade and made her happy even when she didn't want to be happy. When they fought in one episode, Jade went ballistic. She got upset over a broken kite, and even turned to Tori for advice…Then when she and Beck broke up, nothing…It sort of makes you wonder, right?

Bori: At first, I detested Bori. I didn't think Tori deserved Beck, and that she only kissed him to piss Jade off. I thought that they were one hundred percent wrong for each other, and that Tori just flirted with Beck because she was kind of a bitch at times…But now, I'm starting to see that they're great friends. Beck helps Tori overcome her fears, and Tori helps Beck with his relationship. Tori's not really a bitch now, and it think she really just wants Beck to be happy.

My vote: I choose Bade. While they have their problems, Jade seems to genuinely need Beck. I think that they'll probably get back together.

Okay, so who do you vote for? Just leave your review to let me know! And if you want to see couples pitted against each other, just request! I don't know who to do next, so just vote a suggestion! I'm excited to see who you choose to win! 143!