Hey everyone! Aww, that's like, the last time I will say that on this story :( Anyway, lots of results and here they are:

Tandre: 11

Bade: 17

Rori: 1

Bori: 4

Cabbie: 17

Candre: 2

Bat: 6

Brina: 1

Rade: 2

Tribbie: 1

Jandre: 1

Sade: 0

Cat/Sinjin: 0

Trinjin: 4

I can't believe you guys. Really, a tie? The last chapter, the one that ends in deciding the most popular victorious couple is a TIE?! Hahahaha wow…That's so crazy, but I guess it just means Bade and Cabbie are equally good pairings, and hopefully endgame!

So sad that Victosious is ending soon, and I'm sorry my Let's Save Victorious petition was taken down by this website because it was apparently against the rules, which sucks cuz we really had something going there! Anyway, even though our favorite show is drawing to a close we'll all be better people for it, right? We all learned to be crazy, to be dramatic, to be ourselves and to make it shine wherever we go! So non-Victorious fans, it's fair to say you're all missing out.

Anyway, this story is the most reviewed on the whole Victorious archive and I know now a lot of people are going to copy me and do the same thing because they want reviews too. Which is pretty lame, but hey mine was first. SO SUCK IT, COPIERSS!

…I digress. Lol, so thanks so much to everyone who participated, Imma miss answering all your questions but if you have anymore hit me up on Twitter Gabilin143 or email me SavingVictorious at gmail dot com! Kay, love you all!
One final 143! ;)