hi :) So here is another little Tiva piece frome Tony's POV. Setting is sometime before Ray gets arrested...

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Tony looked at her every chance he got. Every time he thought he could, without getting caught. It was how he kept tabs on her. His way of making sure she was dealing okay with whatever horrors their latest cases presented. Tony knew that if something were truly bothering her, she knew she could talk to him. No matter how childish and un-focused he acted, or how much things had changed between them, Tony had never failed to listen when Ziva needed him.

Looking was how he learned about the things in her life, he watvhed her, and he could see that "CI-Ray" still hadn't called. Tony could tell form the way she stood if she'd had a good morning, or a restful nights sleep. Sometimes, if he had the chance to look for longer periods of time, he could almost tell what was bothering her (him, most of the time).

It was all about readinr her signs. Ziva was like a book to him, one that he felt compelled to read over and over again. They were subtle hints. Tony doubted anyone else even noticed them. Gibbs, probably, nothing gets past Gibbs.

Tony looked because she was his partner, and his friend, and because he cared about her. Gibbs watched over her like a father. Tony just wanted to make sure she was happy. Ziva deserved that and more, even if Tony wasn't the one making her happy.

Tony might not be the most important man in her life but he knew that he ranked high. He was her partner. He constantly had her life in his hands, and she constantly trusted him to watch her back. Tony knew, it might be wrong, but he knew that he would always fight harder when he was fighting to keep her safe.

Ziva was his first and last thought and she always would be. So, Tony looked, sometimes he even stared.

He studied, The small twitch in the corner of her mouth.

her slow blink.

The way her eyes shifted.

The crinkle of her right eye-brow.

Her mouth when she spoke,...

"What are you looking at Tony?"

Damn,.. Busted..

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