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Peeta POV

What? I am a father? I just can't grasp this. I softly push her away and start to walk back from her and slowly start into a run to my compartment. I hear her running after me and I hear her fall down. My eyes widen in concern for her and our child. I turn back with no hesitation and run to her. Luckily she landed on her back and not her stomach.

"I knew you still cared for me."She said with a smile. I blinked at her speechless for a moment unable to say anything. She then pulls in for a kiss that I honestly kind of expected.

2 Years Later

Peeta POV

I look lovingly at Katniss as she walked down the aisle in her lovely wedding dress. When you took a look at her mid section, you'll see a small adorable bump that made her all the more beautiful. Little 1 and a half year old Rose. Katniss gave birth to our daughter on August 23 and we didn't stop at one child. We are expecting another child in a few months.

I see Finnick and Annie are with their son .I heard Finnick is currently trying to teach him how to swim and so far it has been successful.

After the ceremony, we were on the train ready for our honeymoon on an island beyond Panem. I really don't know what I did to deserve this happiness. I smile at Katniss smiling knowing that I will never have to let go.

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