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Anime: Durarara!

Pairing: Shizaya (sooner or later)

Days in a Life

Part One of ?


The rain came down in sheets as lighting flashed across the sky, quickly followed by the loud rumbling of thunder. A few brave souls quickly walked the streets of Ikebukuro, their coats pulled closed and their umbrellas held as close to their bodies as they could get it. Most of them were business men who were trying to make it from one point to another, it was their livelihood.

Some waited inside the shops, not wanting to get wet in the slightest, browsing aimlessly as the storm passed. Others could be found standing under the overhangs that spotted the buildings up and down the main street they were presently on, hoping that the storm would come and go quickly so they could continue on.

Amber eyes watched all of these people with feigned interest, he was honestly too tired to really care what others did at the moment. Shizuo wasn't really in a hurry, he and Tom had already finished work for the day and he had been making his way home when the sky opened and sent down a flood of water. Seeing that he was safe under a small overhang as well, he was content to wait for the rain to pass.

Pulling out a pack of cigarettes, he slowly took one out and placed it between his lips as another pedestrian ran under the overhang, shaking the water off their coat and hood before pulling it down. "Ah, isn't it my luck that out of every overhang in Japan I would get stuck with the Monster of Ikebukuro." That voice, that smirk… those eyes. "Hello there, Shizuo-chan!"

"Fucking Flea, go find some other hole to crawl into." He growled out, lighting the cigarette.

"That is it?" He responded, leaning slightly to look up at the man. "You're oddly complacent at the moment Shizu-chan, and you look tired too."

"Shut the fuck up, or do you want me to kill you?"

Waving his hand slightly in dismissal, Izaya looked out at the rain. "No, no… it's a bit too cold and wet to play that game at the moment." There was silence for a moment. "We can call it a very temporary treaty until the rain stops."

"Fine, don't talk with me… actually don't fucking talk." His hand twitched slightly, the need to pick up something and throw it at the smaller man was now a natural instinct, but he held himself back for once. "Also stay on your side of the damn overhang."

"So eloquent," He replied, hopping up to sit on a metal container that had been placed outside of the shop. "I'll see what I can do."

While the blond doubted that the smaller brunette would actually stay silent, he did… for a whole two minutes…

"Hey Shizuo-chan-"

"Shut the fuck up…"

"—they said it wouldn't rain today. That is why I came to Ikebukuro to do some business; if I knew it was going to rain I wouldn't have come." Crimson eyes glanced over at the blond, smirking slightly.

"I've told you, stay out of Ikebukuro!"

"So mean, Shizu-chan," He hissed, shrugging his shoulders a moment later. "But what can I expect from a monster after all."

"Shut up…" Pulling off his glasses, he couldn't help the twitch that overcame him. This man drove him crazy, and Izaya knew it. That is why he kept coming to this part of town, not because of jobs, but to torture him.

"He was an interesting fellow," The informant started speaking again, causing the blond to sigh. "I work with a lot of yakuza and he by far was one of the most unintelligent men I have ever met." There was a laugh then. "Within the yakuza, I mean. I don't think anyone could outdo a protozoan like you, Shizu-chan."

Taking a long drag off the cigarette, he breathed out. 'Count to ten Shizuo… maybe twenty…'

"You do know that the percentage of people smoking in Japan have dropped in the last few years." Golden eyes looked over at the man. "Just because 24% of the population want to die young doesn't mean you have to follow them… actually please keep smoking. Then you'll be out of my life sooner."

"Hey, Flea...?"

"Yes, Shizu-chan?" Izaya looked over at the bodyguard as the man blew smoke into his face. The informer coughed, waving his hand in front of him frantically. "You are a nasty monster! Just because you want to die early doesn't mean I want to go with you." Coughing once, he gave Shizuo the nastiest look he could. "My lovely humans need me, unlike their need for a protozoan."

Shizuo couldn't help the smile the crossed his face, popping the cigarette back into his mouth.

"Now my coat smells like smoke, I'll have to get it to a dry cleaner." There was a pout on his lips as he buried the lower half of his face into the neck of the jacket.

"Stop calling me that."

"What, protozoan?"


"Monster..?" He asked, looking down at the raindrops as they splattered on the concrete.


"Then what..?"

"What you always call me, you fucking Flea!"

"What do I always call you?"

"Izaya…" He growled, seeing the informant look up at him innocently. As if that man was innocent in any fucking way, shape or form.





Izaya smirked. "Oh I see so you can say Shizu-chan, but I can't say Shizu-chan?" Izaya swung his legs, lightly kicking the container below him. "Shizzzzuuuu-chaaaan is so meeeeaaaaan!"


"You know, Shizu-chan, if you keep frowning like that your face will freeze that way… you might get wrinkles too."

He couldn't help hitting the back of his head against the wall of the store. "You're not my fucking mom, and what are we in kindergarten?"

"Of course I'm not your mom," He stated, straight faced. "As if I would ever have a monster like you for a child if I could help it."

"You can't have children, stupid louse." This conversation was getting very weird, the rain just needed to stop so he could go home.

It fell silent then, and to make matters worse Shizuo could have sworn the rain was falling even harder than it was when this whole fucked up situation started. Mentally he decided that, if it didn't stop raining within the next few minutes, he would risk drowning and just leave.

"Hey Shizu-chan..?"

That voice pulled him out of his thoughts and for a moment, he was going to snap at the dark haired man until he saw the look on his face. Shizuo didn't really know how to describe it other than… there was really no malice in it. "What?"

"Why do you hate me?"

He blinked.

"Back when we met for the first time… you said you hated me."

He snorted, pulling the finished cigarette out of his mouth. "You cut me with your flick blade, and then I got hit by a truck because of you. Why wouldn't I hate you?"

The informant shook his head, crossing his legs so he could prop up his face on his palm. "Shizu-chan, you said you hated me before I cut you." Was the response, he could tell that the blond was thinking back and trying to remember. "Anyway, you got hit by the truck because you're a protozoan monster that runs into the street without looking first."

That got the blonds attention as he looked back up at the man beside him, a smirk playing on Izaya's lips. Looking away, his eyes glanced at the heavily falling rain, then at the people around them. Izaya was right; he had said he hated him before any of that. 'Why did I say I hate him… at the time it was enough reason.'

Breathing out, Izaya sat up and started swinging his legs again. "So… why do you hate me?"

There was a shrug then. "Because you're you, Flea… You're annoying, and you piss me off on purpose. You send people after me, get me in trouble and do shit I tell you not to do!"

"It would be boring if I did everything that you asked of me, not to mention completely out of my nature." He cooed, blinking as the vibration in his pocket drew his attention. Pulling out the phone, he glanced at the short message before responding and slipping it back into his pocket.

"You make fun of me."

Izaya actually snorted. "That's easy to do."

"You're mean."

Arching a brow, the brunette gave Shizuo a long look. "This is coming from the one who chucks vending machines at my head on a daily basis."

"Fine, you look down on me!"

"Well if you want to be technical, at this moment I'm even with you," A small hand moved to pat the container he was sitting on. "Usually, I have to look up at you." He finished with a smirk.

"That is another reason! You're a fucking smart ass!"

"I simply make up for your lack of wit." He replied, brushing the comment aside. "Is it my fault that all you are capable of is grunting, telling me to die, physical violence…"

Shizuo watched as the smaller man started counting off the points on his fingers, his scowl deepening with every comment. "SHUT UP!"

"Shouting is another one to add, cussing too…" Sighing, Izaya plopped back against the wall. "See my point is proven; you are truly worthy of being called a protozoan."

He couldn't take it anymore, walking over to the informant; he grabbed him by the collar of his coat. "If I am such a fucking idiot, then why do you even bother?"

The pale man blinked, an oddly gentle smile crossing his lips. "Because… you're Shizu-chan," His voice was soft as he patted the hand holding his coat lightly causing the man to release him. "With that said, it looks like the rain is letting up!"

Shizuo looked out over his shoulder, the rain had slowed to a drizzle as the clouds started to lighten in the sky. There was a slight thump beside him as Izaya hopped down from the metal container, patting off the back of his coat as he walked out from under the overhang. He knew he should say something, but in all honesty the blond really didn't know what to say.

"I guess our treaty is over," He said, smirking at the taller man. "I'll have to find out why you hate me another time. You're such a monster. You can't even give proper responses to my questions." Pulling up his hood, Izaya turned to make his way towards the train station.

"Hey, Flea," Pausing, the man looked back at him, most of his face hidden by the fur the surrounded the hood. "If you tell me why you hate me, I'll tell you."

Spinning round to fully face Shizuo, the brunette rocked on his feet for a moment. "Well you see, Shizu-chan," There was a pause. "How can I explain this so you'll understand?"

Seriously… he wasn't that fucking stupid.

"You know what Socrates said, Shizu-chan, 'from the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate'. But with you, it's more like picking on someone in kindergarten that interests you." Izaya couldn't help but smirk at the man as his phone went off a moment later, drawing his attention away. "Ah, that's right the storm delayed me. Sorry, I have to go Shizu-chan; you'll have to tell me why you hate me later!" With that said the informant waved, running off into the crowd of people that once again dared to brave the streets of Ikebukuro.

Blinking, Shizuo could only watch the man's back as he retreated out of sight. "What the fuck does that mean you little shit?" He really wasn't as stupid as Izaya made him sound, but honestly the man made no sense.

He never had, and probably never would.

Pulling out a fresh cigarette, he popped in into his mouth as he made his way towards his apartment. Izaya's words kept replaying in his head, which only confused the bodyguard more. 'What the fuck, Flea? Deep desires becoming fucking hate, like some interest in kindergarten… Interest… Desires…' No, now he knew he was reading too much into it and couldn't help but laugh at himself.

Turning the corner to make his way across the street, he found Celty parked under an overhang, PDA out as she typed. "Shinra harassing you..?" He asked, seeing the blue and yellow helmet turn in his direction as she waved him over.

「Not really,」She typed, looking him over for a moment. 「Are you on your way home now? 」

"Yeah, but Izaya was fucking with me and said some shit… and it's kinda bothering me." He responded, leaning against the wall that was near her.

「Is it something that I can help with, or should I call Shinra to pick up his body? 」

That made the blond smirk, but he simply shook his head a moment later. "I let him live today," He told her, seeing her nod. "But he said something about… some deep type of desires becoming hate. Then he said that it was like kindergarten and picking on some interest."

He watched as she tilted her head, one finger lying on the side of the helmet.

"I don't get it, but he's probably fucking with me again."

Typing out something, she held it up for him to see. 「What brought on the conversation maybe that would help me understand? 」

"Some shit about why do I actually hate him, and then he said that I hated him before he started in on me… I don't know I was trying to ignore his ass at first."

Well she couldn't say he wasn't honest. 「I do know that when children are small they pick on the people they are interested in? 」

"I know he's interested in me, he harasses me every day because he hates me."

「…in this case it's usually more of a crush with children, Shizuo. 」

He blinked at the words written on the PDA, and then laughed. "So he was telling me that he fucks with me cuz he likes me?"

「Well… you don't really give him a chance to say much before throwing things at him. 」

"But this is Izaya."

She started typing rapidly then.「But he spends more time harassing you than most would, plus he goes out of his way to make you mad. You know what they say, if people didn't like you they wouldn't waste their time teasing you! Also he…」

"Ok, stop…stop…stop!"

The typing ceased as she looked up. If she had her head, she probably would have laughed at the look the blond was giving her. 「 I'm just saying…」

"I know… and it's disturbing." He whispered, looking down at the ground. "I don't think he was confessing his love or any type of liking…"

「Well I don't necessarily like him, or agree with him most of the time… but it's possible? 」

"You know what, I'm gonna go home take a shower and forget that we had this conversation."

「Fine… 」Crossing her arms, she turned away from him to show she was offended by his words. But he knew her, and it was mostly Celty's way of pouting because he wouldn't entertain her ideas.

Making his way up into his apartment, he closed the door leaning heavily against it. "There is no way in hell the Flea was admitting he likes me."

That was his resolve, and he knew in the end he would be right.

…at least he hoped he was right.




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