Character Bios

(A.N. I decided to put the character bios first just in case anyone was confused on who the characters in this story are and how they relate to one another)

JackDragomir: 17 years old he is the son of Vasilisa Dragomir and Christian Ozera. He is a spirit user like his mother; everyone at their school knows that so that is why he is not exactly part of the royals. He also has a little sister named Sara. He has black hair and greenish/blue eyes.

Sara Dragomir: 10 years old and she is the daughter of Vasilisa Dragomir and Christian Ozera. She is a fire user like her dad. She goes to the same school as her brother and cousins. She mostly hangs out with her cousin Carly. She has long, curly blond hair like her mom.

Nick Dragomir: 17 years old and Jack's cousin. He is the son of Adrian Ivashkov and Jillian Mastrano Dragomir, Lisa's half-sister. He is also a spirit user, like his dad and everyone knows it. He also has a little sister named Carly. He also has blonde hair like his dad and greyish eyes.

Carly Dragomir: 10 years old and she is the daughter of Adrian Ivashkov and Jillian Mastrano Dragomir. She is a water user like her mother. She mostly hangs out with her cousin Sara. She and Sara like to get into Jack and Nick's business all the time. She also has curly, blonde hair like her cousin Sara.

Jenny Lazar: 17 years old and a royal at school. She is very conceded and full of herself and her mission is to marry Jack in the future because she thinks that he will become king of the Moroi. Her element is air. Her best friend is Haley Ivashkov. She is also Lola's twin sister. She has light, blonde hair, and bright blue eyes.

Lola Lazar: 17 years old and her parents locked her up in an insane place because she is a spirit user, but they don't know that. They are afraid of her and they thought that she should be locked p for the benefit of everyone. She meets her best friend Vanessa Conta, in an insane place. She is also Jenny's twin sister. She has blonde hair like Jenny but her eye colour is a dark, stormy blue colour instead of bright blue.

Haley Ivashkov:17 years old and another royal at their school who thinks she is all that. She is Jenny's best friend and follows her everywhere. Her power is Earth. She has long brown hair and like brown eyes.

Vanessa Conta: 17 years old and she is a royal too. Her parents did not know about spirit so they thought that there was something wrong with their child so they locked her up too, but she was just a spirit user with no idea how to use her powers. She has long black hair and dark brown eyes.

Chapter 1

Jack POV

You guys may think that this is another sappy teen story where the guy tells you why his teenage life sucks, but it's not because I am not your ordinary teenage boy. My name is Jack and I am a Moroi or vampire if you will and my mom is Vasilisa Dragomir the queen of all the Moroi people. My father is Christian Ozera and he and my mom got married right out of college, and they were lucky enough to have me first but then they had another kid, my little sister Sara.

My life would be okay for a Moroi if my mom wasn't a spirit user and if I did not inherit my ability from her. If only I could be lucky like my sister and get my dad's power, fire user. All I got from my dad was his hair colour, which is midnight black. I not only got my mom's power but also her greenish/blue colour. My cousin and best friend has the same power as me though, so at least I am not totally alone. Oh, I forgot to tell you about my cousin and the rest of my screwed up family.

So my mom has a half-sister named Jillian and she is married to a spirit user, Adrian Ivashkov, who has been friends with my mom and her guardian Rose Hathaway, who is a dhampir (half vampire and half human) for a long time. So that's where my cousin, Nick, got his powers from. Even though we have the same power we look like complete opposites, me with my dark hair and him with his light blonde hair and greyish eyes. Did I mention that he has a younger sister too? Her name is Carly and she looks exactly like my sister because they both have bright, curly blonde hair. And that just like my sister his got the non-crazy power, water user.

So we are entering our last year of high school and our powers have decided to start to kick in. So I am bracing myself for the craziness that comes along with spirit since I don't have a shadow kissed guardian to take some of my darkness away. Well, this should be fun.

"Hey, dude, yet up you are going to be late for first period, again!" I heard Nick yell at me.

I opened my eyes and looked at my clock on my nightstand by my bed in our tiny dorm room at St. Vladimir's Academy. The same school our parents went too, well all but Nick's dad anyway.

First period started in ten minutes and my class was on the other side of campus. "Dude, why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I yelled back at Nick as I jumped out of bed and throw on jeans and a white t-shirt.

"I tried to man, but you are a heavy sleeper," Nick informed me.

We both got our stuff and headed out of our dorm and toward our Moroi Culture 4 class. It is so boring, probably just like I would have expected human teens to be feeling in their history classes.

Since we ran most of the way to our class we got there just on time, even though we were not late the teacher, Mr. Stanvig gave us his evil eye look, to tell us not to be that close to being late again.

School is boring and as lunch rolled around I was starving. So Nick and I went to the feeders first.

"Are you okay man? You don't look good" Nick asked me as we waited in line for a feeder to be available.

"Yeah, just tired. I didn't sleep well last 'night'." I told him and I put air quotes around night since we actually sleep during the day. Yeah, funny. Not really.

"Oh, hey. There you are, Jacky. I have been looking for you everywhere." I heard a girl say and when I turned around someone hurled themselves into my chest and wrapped their arms around my torso and squeezed really hard.

Oh, great it was Jenny Lazar. Jenny was your typical royal. She acts like she is all that because she wears expensive clothes and she has bleach, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is the head of the royals and she has fixed all of her attention on me and that is not the kind of attention that I want from her. Actually, I want her to just leave me alone or ignore me, but since my mom is the queen she thinks that we would be the perfect "It" couple and she does not care what so ever about my opinion.

"Hey, Jenny." I said politely to her as I pried her arms off my waist and back to her sides where I hope she will keep them. "I would love to stay and chat with you but I have to go into the feeders." I told her as I ran to the front of the line and went into the next available feeder's room down the hall.

"Hey, Jack. Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you." I heard Nick call my name as I walked into our dorm building at the end of the school day.

"Sorry, man. I was hiding from Jenny. You know that I can't take being near her for so long. It gets me all depressed thinking that I will never get a girlfriend that likes me for me." I told Nick as I opened the door to our room and dropped my school bag on the floor near my bed, flopping down on my back on my bad and closing my eyes.

"Oh, yeah." Was all that Nick said. Then I heard a thud sound from the other side of the room and the sheets moving on his bed. I guess he is tired too. After a while, Nick said "Don't worry about the whole girlfriend thing, you are smart and good looking and you are a royal. What girl wouldn't want you?" Nick asked me.

"That's not the point." I said as I turned around on my side trying to get comfortable.

"Than what is?" Nick asked me.

"The point is what decent girl would go out with a crazy spirit user like me if she was not just with me because I am a royal?" I asked him back somewhat sarcastically and somewhat sadly.

"Don't worry, I am sure that there are some nice girls out there for you and me, don't forget I am in the same situation as you, that will be able to understand what we are going through and like us for us, not just because we are royals." Was Nick's reply.

"Yeah, I really hope that you are right about this one." I said.

"You're darn right that I am right. And when we do find these amazing girls I will have full right to say I told you so for doubting me?" Nick said. I could even hear the smirk in his voice.

"Fine, you can say I told you so. IF we do find those amazing girls." I told him. Then I slowly drifted off to sleep without even changing out of the clothes I wore to school, that was how tired I am. Hopefully, the nightmares will let me get some rest tonight.