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Chapter 1: Beginning Are Such Delicate Times

The Sun was just beginning to begin its daily climb into the sky. As its rays shot across the ocean, the island of Wawanakwa began to take shape. All around the island, squirrels played, little birdies sang, and even the bears seemed peaceful. How blissfully unaware they were of what was to come…

Several hours later, a man in his mid-twenties stood on a small wooden dock meticulously smoothing his hair in a hand held mirror. He quickly tossed it aside as the intern working the camera gave him a thumbs up.

"Greetings viewing world, and welcome to what will soon become the greatest reality sensation to hit Canada," the man began, all the while an excessively toothy grin stretched across his face. "I'm your host, Chris Maclean and we will soon be joined by 22 intrepid teenagers as they compete for $1,000,000 and the cheesy fame that will certainly result.

"Our talent scouts have been scouring the far reaches of Canada to find the craziest, the most disturbing, the most fame hungry contestants possible to make sure you, the viewer, get to enjoy the maximum drama possible."

"I am now standing on the Dock of Shame where, once every three days, someone will be shamefully kicked off never to return, with all hope of the $1,000,000 gone for good."

Chris then started walking towards the camp and the picture switched to that of two small cabins which both looked on the verge of collapse.

"Our campers will be staying here," Chris gestured, letting a smirk sneak onto his face for only a moment before plastering his copyrighted smile on once more, "Quite different from the five star hotel we promised. But this is only the first of many pleasant surprises these campers will experience for your benefit."

Once more the scene shifted, now Chris sat in a small outhouse. "And, of course, the confessional. This would not be much of a reality show without giving the contestants the chance to air their dirty laundry. I am sure that, like me, you cannot wait to hear what they have to say."

The scene shifts back to the Dock of Shame. "Who will win, who will lose, and who walk away with the million dollar check? Find out all this and more on Total Drama Island!"

*cue theme*

From behind the camera, the intern started pointing to his watch.

"It seems the first of our campers is about to arrive." The sound of an approaching boat could soon be heard as it pulled up to the dock. Off stepped a teen in a red sweater worn over a blue collared shirt, his dark brown eyes sweeping back and forth along the dock, taking in every detail. A large smirk formed on his face as he walked by Chris without saying a word.

"Noah." Chris growled, annoyed at being ignored on public television.

"Well well, looks like 10 bucks are mine already," Noah said under his breath, and then he added a little louder. "I cannot believe I signed up for this."

He walked to the end of the dock, put down his luggage, and pulled out a thick book along with a pencil which he twirled in his fingers looking utterly bored while he waited for the next camper.

Suddenly a load cheer echoed across the island. "Woohoo! This is awesome!" A large blonde teen was the next to step onto the Dock of Shame and from the sounds it produced it might give way at any moment.

"Owen, my man!" Chris replied with a large smile, "glad to see someone is happy to be here." Chris glared once more at Noah.

Owen saw Noah and ran over, taking the bookworm's head under his arm and then sweeping his other arm out towards the rest of the island, "how could anyone not be excited to be here? This is going to be so…"

"Awesome?" Noah said, rolling his eyes. Despite his annoyance, he could not suppress a small smile at the jolly teen's antics.

"See, now you're getting the hang of it. Woohoo!" Owen cheered, clearly oblivious to the sarcasm oozing from the bookworm.

"You have stolen my spotlight for long enough," Chris said in an annoyingly high whine, "it's time to meet out next contestant."

At these words, a very annoyed goth stepped off the boat. "So, we're staying here?" Gwen moaned. "I did not sign up for this."

"Actually, you did." Chris said with an evil light in his eye as he pulled out her contract. Gwen looked at the document that must have been at least 50 pages longer than she remembered and desperately wanted to rip it up. She realized, though, that it would be impossible to rip that many pages at once so she just sighed loudly in resignation and walked to the end of the dock where the other two campers stood.

"Welcome to Hell," Noah said with his characteristic smirk.

Gwen just rolled her eyes but couldn't help but grin darkly at the book Noah was reading. "That seems appropriate."

"What can I say, I have got to be prepared to live under constant surveillance this summer." Noah replied.

"Camera back here please, thank you." Chris whined.

But before Chris could continue, he was interrupted by loud, upbeat music coming from the next boat. As it pulled up to the dock, a tall, blonde haired teen in an open pink shirt and shorts jumped off the boat.

"Chris Mclean, it's an honor to meet you man," the part animal began, tipping his cowboy had towards the host, "been looking forward to this since I was chosen, man."

"Geoff, my man," Chris replied, slightly miffed that he was cut off but glad to see another contestant who was excited to be on the show, "good to see you. I…"

"It's gonna be awesome, man." Geoff jumped into the air and let out a cheer which was quickly echoed by Owen. Geoff ran over and gave the large teen a high five. "I see someone else is ready to par-tay! This is going to be awesome, man!" The two cheered once more, oblivious to the glares coming from the other two teens on the dock.

"Are you done yet?" Noah said though he was drowned out by Owen and Geoff's cheers. "Any year now would do." He muttered under his breath.

Gwen looked equally annoyed, adding, "If he says 'man' one for time, I'm gonna puke."

"Enough!" Chris shouted, "You teens are hell-bent on steeling MY camera time!" He quickly calmed down and turned back to face the camera, his smile-mask on once more. "Our next camper, surfer girl Bridgette is here."

"Hi guys." The blue hoody clad teen stepped onto the dock, surfboard in hand, scanning the group standing in front of her. "What's up?"

Geoff bounded forward with a wide smile spread across his face. "Hey, I'm Geoff."

"Hey." Bridgette replied, turning to face him. In doing so, her surfboard swept around and nearly knocked Geoff off the dock and only narrowly avoiding the other campers. "Oh, sorry. I'm a bit clumsy."

"You don't say." Noah said to himself. Unfortunately his voice carried farther than anticipated and earned him several glares.

Before Chris could but in to introduce the next contestant, rock music began to blare from the next boat, causing Chris and the contestants to cover their ears. As the boat came to a stop, a green Mohawk sporting teen jumped off, bag in hand, and gave a quick glance around the camp. He turned towards Chris, holding up his fist menacingly.

"I don't. Like. Surprises." Duncan growled.

"So your parole officer warned me. He also said I can call him anytime to send you straight back to juvie." Chris replied, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Duncan just rolled his eyes before walking towards the other campers, stopping next to Bridgette with a sadistic scowl on his face. "Nice board."

Before she could reply, the punk had knocked the board out of her hands and sent it skidding down the dock towards Chris who neatly sidestepped it. The next contestant was not so lucky.

"Alright, I see the ladies…" Cody's sly (or so he thought) introduction was cut short as the surf board knocked him off his feet and into the water. To his chagrin, he could hear a loud laugh coming from one of the guys and stifled giggles from the rest. With some difficulty, he managed to scramble back onto the dock, looking significantly less smooth and collected than he had a moment before, and grabbed the board.

"Whose is this?" The geek asked, looking at the others, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

When he saw the blond surfer walking towards him with a look of concern on her face, all traces of anger quickly disappeared.

"I'm sorry about that," She began, glaring at Duncan who had nearly fallen over laughing.

"Oh, it's ok. I could never hold a grudge against a pretty lady." Cody replied with a wide, gaped tooth grin and a wiggle of the eyebrows. Bridgette couldn't help but giggle at the sheer silliness of the expression on Cody's face.

"Move it along Casanova." Came Chris' reply as he pushed the two back towards the far end of the dock. "And now for our next…"

"Hiiii." Came a light, airy voice.

"Lindsay…" Chris fumed. He was getting tired of being repeatedly cut off. His smile quickly returned as he, along with all the male contestants, admired the blond bombshell. "Not too shabby," Chris whispered to the camera.

"Ok, you look so familiar…" Lindsay trailed off as her poor brain worked overtime to remember the host's name.

"I'm Chris Mclean." Chris began. When he still got a blank stare, he continued, "the host of the show."

"Oh, right, Kyle." Lindsay replied, still looking confused. "Of course I know who you are."

She walked towards the other contestants and, after placing her luggage in the pile, turned around to face Chris, all the while oblivious to the looks she was getting from the others. Gwen had her face in her hand, Noah's characteristic smirk looked even wider than usual (if that were possible), Cody and Geoff couldn't help but stair with jaws slightly agape, Bridgette and Owen just smiled their customary friendly smiles, and Duncan had a rather disturbingly perverted look on his face.

At that moment, the horn on the next boat began to sound off. "And the next contestant is…Tyler!" Chris exclaimed.

The red suited jock was skiing behind his boat and took one hand off the handle to wave at those on the dock. As a result, he quickly lost his balance and somehow managed to fly through the air, landing in the pile of luggage next to the other contestants.

"I think a physicist just died somewhere." Noah noted with eyebrow raised. Cody nodded in agreement.

"Wicked wipe out man!" Chris called over.

The jock gave the host a thumbs up as he extracted himself from the luggage. Before he could finish, he glanced over at the other contestants and went slack jawed at the sight of Lindsay. While dazed, he managed to trip over the luggage and fall flat on his face. Even those who had been politely avoiding laughter couldn't help it now. Owen and Cody gave Tyler a hand in getting up and even the jock had to laugh at himself.

Chris would have been annoyed at the amount of time the camera was not focused on him, but Tyler's continuous fumbles where sure to bring in the ratings. He had been picked for his klutziness after all.

"Anyways," the host began, finally restraining his laughter, "out next contestant is…Beth."

As he said her name, the contestants all turned to look at the newest contestant who had a large, toothy grin on her face. She quickly ran up and gave Chris a big hug. "Oh my gosh it's so incredulouth to meet you. Wow, you're much shorter in real life." Beth then walked over to the other contestants, who for the most part smiled back, while waving at the camera, completely unaware of the look received from Chris.

"Thanks…." To say Chris looked weirded out would be an understatement, but he quickly applied his insta-smile (just add ego) and looked back towards the next boat.

Before he even announced the name, the other contestants would have all sworn the temperature dropped noticeably. Their fears were confirmed when a tall, raven haired girl stepped onto the dock. They could not see her eyes behind the sunglasses she wore, but they could feel her searing gaze sweep back and forth across them. Some like Lindsay, Beth, and Owen seemed ready to cower in fear while other like Gwen, Duncan, and Noah just returned the gaze without blinking.

"Heather…" Chris had a wide grin on his face. This was exactly why she was selected for the show.

Heather said nothing as she strutted over to the other contestants. Beth put on a large smile and glomped the taller girl causing both of them to go spilling off into the water.

"Thorry about that." Beth apoligized as soon as the two surfaced, "Lookths like we're your new friendths for the next eight weeks!"

The look of absolute horror and disgust on Heather's face, along with the fact that she was soaking wet, caused many of the teens still standing on the dock to chuckle. Before any of them could help either of the girls, a long, lanky arm reached down towards the queen bee.

"Need a hand, m'lady?" Heather was glad for any hand at the moment, but as soon as she was out of the water and saw who was helping her, she pulled back and held out her hand like it was diseased.

"Eww, eww, eww! Nerd germs." All she got in response to this outburst was a large grin from the red headed nerd next to her.

"It is an honor to be of service." He said, bowing before helping Beth out of the water.

He picked up his suitcase and headed towards the others. As soon as he put his things down, he finally took a good look around and, unlike most of his fellow campers, seemed pleased to be at Wawanakwa.

"Yes! This place is so much more favorable to my skills." Harold wheezed, earning questioning looks from his fellow contestants.

Christ too seemed a little disturbed but he quickly shook it off to welcome the next contestant or, in this case, two contestants. From the latest boat came an ear rending sound.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" All the contestants on the dock covered their ears and looked with annoyance at the two pink clad girls emerging from their boat.

"Sadie, look, oh my gosh, it's a real summer camp." Katie shouted with glee pointing at the cabins.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Sadie replied almost instantly.

Before they could start making any more high pitched sounds, Chris took action. "Ladies! Katie, Sadie. Or was it the other way around? Anyways, please stand over there with the others."

After letting out another ear-rending squeal, the pink-clad due ran over to the other cast members.

The next camper to arrive was quite the opposite of the previous two. She carried a large blue duffle, the weight of which caused the dock to tremble almost as much as Owen's girth had. Without saying a word, she walked over to the other campers and dropped her bag down onto an unfortunate Cody's foot. As he held it up in pain he managed to lose his balance and fall into the water yet again.

Without a second thought, Bridgette reached down to pull Cody back up. Her clumsiness, and the excessive slipperiness of the dock, however, once again got the better of her and she too fell in.

Duncan couldn't help but snicker at this and started to elbow the jolly blonde giant next to him. "Looks like Malibu is already falling head over heels for the little wimp."

This elicited a chuckle from the surrounding campers, glares from Bridgette and Cody, and a light blush from the geek. After much laughter at their expense, Owen helped pull Bridgette and Cody out. Tyler offered his assistance as well, but Cody noted they did not need a third person to fall off the dock.

Chris chuckled quietly to himself, glad he had coated the edge of the dock with grease. "And now for out next contestant…DJ."

At these words, a large African-Canadian teen walked off his boat, a large duffle in each hand.

"Yo, Chris Mclean," the gentle giant started to give a high to the host but stopped mid-way when he took a look around the camp. When he saw the dilapidated shacks dubbed "cabins" and the distinct lack of a five star hotel, he turned back to the host with a look of betrayal. "Um, you sure this is the right place? Where's the hot tub at?"

Chris, after a quick recovery from the missed high five, simply smiled. "Yo, dog this is it, Camp Wawanakwa!"

"Looked a lot different on the application." DJ mumbled as he went to join his fellow campers who greeted him with warm smiles and high fives.

Chris could not have been happier; he lived off this kind of pain. But he had to keep the ball rolling. "And now for our next contestant…"

"Hey yall, Leshawna in the house," exclaimed the large sister. She walked down the dock with a determined glint in her eye. "I hope you're all ready to lose, cause I came to win." She stopped next to DJ and gave him a high five. "What's up my brother, this is gonna be one fun party."

"Party! Woohoo!" yelled Geoff who seemed to be even more excited than normal. She couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm.

"You've had your camera time already, Geoff." Chris noted with annoyance, "My turn again. And now," Chris added with a sweeping gesture, "it's time for contestant number 18, Trent."

Like so many of the others before him, the musician walked off his boat when he heard his name and walked over to the host.

"Chris, it's nice to meet you man." Trent said, a warm smile across his face. "I saw you on that skating show, nice work."

If there was one thing Chris loved almost as much as himself, it was compliments about himself. "Thanks man, I knew I rocked that show!"

Trent turned to look at his fellow campers. He liked the look of several campers, but his eyes were continuously drawn to a goth barely visible behind the crowd of people in front of her. He quickly walked over to her side, gently pushing several people out of the way. Gwen saw him coming and quickly turned her head away, eyes facing the ground. Trent was somewhat disheartened by this, so he just stood next to her without saying anything.

The next boat did not even stop. It just sped by with the next contestant left in its wake standing on the dock with his luggage. Chris seemed to take this complete absence of physics in his stride and reapplied his grin.

"Our next camper…Ezekiel. What's up?"

The toque wearing teen seemed more than a little confused at such an obvious question. "Um, that seems like a silly question, eh? It's obvious what is up."

Chris just stared unblinking, not sure how to respond. He was not sure whether that exchange made himself or the prairie boy look more ridiculous. Most of the other campers were also unsure of what to make of the homeschooler's reply. Noah was one of the few to show any response, but his smirk was directed more at Chris' inability to speak.

When he got no response, the teen in green realized he must have said the wrong thing and pulled his toque down over his eyes as he sulked to the end of the dock, somehow managing to find a spot separated from the others.

Still unsure of what to make of the latest contestant and questioning his choice to include the prairie boy, Chris barely acknowledged the girl waving her hand in front of his face.

"Hello in there? Anyone home? Chris? Chris? Hi Chris!" came a loud voice.

Finally snapping out of his shock and plastering on his normal smile, Chris greeted the next contestant. "And this, everyone, is Izzy."

The red headed girl quickly began waving at her fellow contestants and started spouting off a stream of consciousness, "This is summer camp. That is so cool. Do you have paper Mache here? Are we having lunch soon?"

Without giving Chris a chance to respond, she bounded over to the other campers. Noticing Ezekiel standing by himself with his toque still covering his eyes, she snuck up behind him and snatched his headwear before running off towards shore cackling all the way.

It took Ezekiel a moment to realize what had happened, but as soon as he did, he sprinted after the red head.

"Give it back." He shouted after her as he turned a bright shade of red. Unfortunately for him, he slipped on the greased dock and fell flat on his face.

When Izzy heard him fall, she stopped running and stood by his head.

"No naps allowed! You ain't getting your cute headwear back that easily." When all she got in reply was a moan from the prone form before her, she pouted and crossed her arms. "Aww, your no fun!"

Out of all the questions Izzy had asked, Owen had predictably picked up on the one key word amongst all the others.

"When is lunch, Chris?" the plus size teen inquired while holding his stomach.

"Soon enough, Owen my man, soon enough." Chris' trademark grin started to look a little more demonic than usual at these words but it quickly went back to normal. "Only two more contestants to go. And here comes the next: Courtney."

As the next boat came to a stop, Chris, in an uncharacteristically chivalristic manner, gave the mocha skinned girl a hand onto the dock.

She walked over to the other contestants with a smile on her face, quickly sizing them up. It seemed to her like a simple group of stereotypes: the goth, the party boy, the surfer chick, the jock, the oversized lovable oaf, etc. There was even a Mohawk sporting delinquent who was giving her awfully dirty looks nearly causing Courtney to visibly shiver. She felt confident in her ability to win the game and beat her competition, though she betrayed none of these thoughts.

"Hi, you must be the other contestants. It's nice to meet you all." She said with the smile that had helped her become class president. As she continued to scan the crowd of her fellow contestants, the CIT noticed the book that Noah was reading and couldn't help but smile to herself at the irony.

"Paranoid much?" She asked with an eyebrow raised.

For a single moment, Noah did not have his characteristic smirk on his face, impressed that she had managed to observe him in the back of the crowd. His smirk quickly returned.

"We are on a reality television show being recorded at all times. Big Brother is watching." With these final words he jerked his thumb in Chris' general direction as a large smirk returned to his face.

The CIT just rolled her eyes but before she could respond she heard the sweet sound of the prettiest music imaginable floating across the waves. She was not the only one, though. The entire cast was looking at the final boat coming across the waves. All the females looked on slack jawed and most of the males had a warm smile on their faces as the most gorgeous teen in existence landed on the dock.

Even the king of narcissism himself, Chris Mclean, could not help but admire the beautiful sight. "Justin, welcome to the island." Chris began, giving the model a fist bump.

"Thanks Chris, it's great to be here." Justin replied, his soothing voice causing all those that heard it to smile even more than they already were.

"Just so you know," Chris informed the male model, "we picked you based entirely on your looks."

Justin's smile just broadened as he started walking towards his fellow campers. "I can live with that." No one was sure how, but it almost seemed like he winked at each of the girls at the same time causing them all to swoon.

But this was all the time that Chris was going to allow the camera to be away from him. "Alright campers, before we head to camp for the tour, I want you all to head to the other end of the dock for a promo picture."

The dock started to wobble ominously as the contestants started to pile up near the edge of the dock. After several failed attempts to correctly operate a camera, Chris was finally ready.

"Alright everyone, say Wawanakwa."

"Wawanak…" the cast began to say before the dock gave way underneath them.

Chris just chuckled at their plight and called out, "Go ahead and dry off. I seem to have misplaced the team lists but I will call you all to the campfire pit as soon as I have found it."

At this, most of the soggy campers walked towards the cabins, muttering curses under their breaths. Ezekiel took off after Izzy, who still clutched his toque tightly.


Noah: *He is still reading 1984 and briefly glances at the camera* "There really is not much to say. This place is going to be hell. But I am confident that my smarts will win this." *He glances down for a moment with a sad look on his face and sighs loudly* "I wonder if their even watching this." *The expression only lasts a second before he resumes reading with his trademark smirk*

Justin: *He just sits there for 5 minutes admiring himself in a handheld mirror before winking at his reflection. He hears giggling coming from outside the door and peeks through a crack. He then lets out an annoyed sigh, slaps on a smile that would make Chris proud, and steps outside to the squeals of several girls.*

Cody: *His goofy sly grin is even larger than normal* "So many fine ladies to choose from. When the Codmiester pulls out his charm, they won't know what hit them."

Cody sat on a stump at the camp fire next to Noah who was scribbling in the margins of his book. The bookworm was trying to ignore the jolly blonde giant next to him but was having a hard time.

"Man, this is going to be great, all these chicks to wow with my handsome self." Cody began, talking as much to himself as to Noah. "That goth chick Gwen is really hot and that surfer Bridgette is pretty good looking too. What do you think Noah?"

"I am just glad you did not mention Lindsay," Noah began after a pause, smirking at the geek's enthusiasm, "I don't really know enough about any of them to judge but I can say that there seem to be far too few intelligent people in this game."

"That seems a little harsh, dude." Cody replied. "Lindsay may not be the brightest girl around, but she certainly seems like a nice person." A sly-ish grin appeared on his face. "And that is before you consider her other 'assets'."

"Yeah, Noah." Owen but in, elbowing the bookworm. "No need to be so glum."

"Perhaps, but that is just who I am." Noah said thoughtfully. "I doubt I could put up with someone that dumb all the time no matter how well endowed she is." The bookworm gave Cody a disapproving look.

"So you're telling me that if Lindsay was crushing on you, you would not go out with her?" There was not a hint of belief in the geek's voice.

"I would like to believe I had enough control over myself to say no. Such an unequal matching of wits would not suit us in the long run."

"Yeah, she is much too nice for a guy like you." Cody replied with a smirk of his own.

"Whatever. I am sure there is some guy out there who will get over the gag reflex and put up with her. You would need several mops to wipe up all the drool on the dock."

Several loud squeals could be heard nearby, much to the annoyance of all who heard them. In the distance, Justin could be seen walking around the camp followed closely by Lindsay, Beth, Katie, and Sadie who all had drugged expressions on their faces with mouths slightly agape. Following a short distance behind the drooling conga line came Tyler, stealing a glance at Lindsay at every opportunity (and managing to trip over every possible obstacle in his path).

Noah noticed that Owen had the same pleasantly oblivious expression on his face and gave the jolly teen a slap to the head, snapping him out of his daze. The bookworm decided a change of topic was in order. "Tell me, have you ever played Mass Effect?"

The tech geek's eyes lit up at this question. "Always nice to meet another Shepherd fan."

They continued to discuss other topics of mutual interest, even drawing Owen in to some conversations (though he just seemed happy to be there), for at least half an hour. "Gentlemen," Noah said with a genuine smile on his face, "I think this is the beginning of an interesting friendship."


Cody: "I can see why many people are put off by Noah. He has sarcasm down to an art form. I do wonder if he is really as cynical as he seems. Seems many of us here wear masks." *Cody suddenly realizes what he said* "Not that I am wearing any masks of course. Just wait till all the chicks here fall for me. I bet I can outdo that model. Just wait and see."

Noah: "At school I have found that it is wasted effort to even try to be friends with most, but Cody and I share quite a few interests and Owen, well, it would take a truly heartless person to hate him."

Heather: *She has been ranting about all the contestants for quite some time now* "And that Owen is disgusting. In the short time we were on the dock, he managed to fart more times than I can count. I hate him." *She continues to rant for a good long while*

At another part of camp, Gwen sat against a tree, diary in hand, occasionally glancing around to make sure nobody was watching. From where she sat she could see the beach where DJ, Geoff, and Leshawna were dancing to the music of the party animal's boom box. A ways out from shore, Gwen could just make out Bridgette catching some waves.


Gwen: "Well, this camp seems as bad as I thought it would be. I guess since I'm here I might as well try to win." *She sighs* "I don't know about the people here. That Heather is going to be a pain in the ass for whichever team she is on." *She chuckles grimly* "I just hope it's not my team." *She looks away from the camera and sighs* "I could tell that that musician Trent was trying to hit on me. He seems nice enough, but I have little faith in 'nice guys'."

The sound of ragged wheezing drew Gwen's attention from her writing. She saw Harold creeping through the underbrush nearby, rapidly darting from one hiding spot to another. She quickly closed her diary and stared at him.

"What are you doing?" Gwen inquired, disturbed at the nerds actions.

The lanky teen had apparently not seen her and jumped a little at her voice but quickly calmed down.

"Hiding. Ever since we left the dock, that idiot Duncan has been making me miserable. First he dumped my luggage into the water then hid most of my underwear. The only break I've had is when he has been stalking the CIT."

"What CIT?"

Harold couldn't hide a smile. "You must be the only person here who has yet to hear Courtney's spiel. You would think CIT was her last name the way she introduces herself."

Gwen just groaned in response to this latest information and let her head fall into her lap. At the same time, a nearby bush rustled and a green mohawk could be seen moving above it like the fin of a shark. Harold gulped audibly then darted away as fast as he could.

Duncan was about to give chase when he was run down by a cackling flash of green and red followed closely by another flash of green.

"Did someone get that guys number?" was all the dazed punk could let out before collapsing.

Trent sat on the edge of the Dock of Shame, strumming his guitar. He had enjoyed spending the last hour talking with his fellow campers. All except the one he wanted to talk to the most. He had seen Gwen earlier writing in her diary and the musician thought it would be best if he left her alone for the time being.


Trent:"Man, I hope I can get through to Gwen. I know some goths back at school that are generally depressed and have low self-esteem but I feel like she is different, you know? I don't want to ruin any chance I have by moving too fast though." *He looks downcast* "I just hope this doesn't drive me crazy." *He begins to lightly hit his forehead with his palm* "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine."

Trent heard footsteps coming towards him and quickly masked his thoughts. He turned around to see the brunette CIT standing behind him with a hand outstretched.

"I wanted to officially introduce myself, Trent." Courtney began, looking like a politician at a rally, "It's always nice to meet a fellow musician."

Despite thinking a hand shake was to formal for the occasion, Trent obliged, barely able to contain a chuckle at her excessively professional attitude. "Really, what do you play?"

"Violin mostly," she started, sitting down next to him after giving a quick glance over her shoulder, "I learned a few other instruments but I don't enjoy them nearly as much."

"I hope we get a chance to hear you play sometime." A smile formed on Trent's face. "You still haven't properly introduced yourself. But I remember your name, Courtney, so we can skip that. Tell me about yourself."

Happy as always for a chance to list her many accomplishments, she began counting off fingers. "Well, I am a CIT, I am the youngest student president at my school ever, I…"

"Um, not that a list of your accomplishments isn't impressive, but that is not really what I asked for." Trent interrupted.

Courtney was stunned at the interruption for a moment but her expression quickly changed to one of annoyance. "What is that supposed to mean. I was telling you about myself before you so rudely interrupted."

"You were giving me a list of accomplishments anyone could have read off of your application. I am more interested in getting to know my fellow campers as people."

"Oh. You're the first person here to ask me that. So far everyone else has been content to listen to my list of skills that will certainly come in handy in this competition." Courtney's voice began to get louder as she continued to speak and her eyes narrowed to slits "What is your angle on this? We might not even be on the same team."

"So?" Trent began, thrown off by the hostility of her response "The teams only mean so much anyways. Not sure why you're so suspicious." Trent sighed. "And, you dodged my question again. I can see why politics interests you."

Courtney quickly stood up and crossed her arms. "Whatever. I doubt your team will appreciate divided loyalties." She then stormed back to shore, heading towards the campgrounds.


Trent: "That was one of the more…interesting conversations I have had today. Cannot remember the last time being polite was suspicious."

Courtney: *Fuming* "I am not going to give anyone personal information that could be used against me. I can see through Trent and his 'nice guy' facade. If he ends up on my team, he better not associate with the other team or I will see to it personally that he gets the boot."

Sometime later, a shadowy figure approached the confessional but stopped before entering. This person saw a slip of paper lying on the ground labeled "Teams" and couldn't help but grin wickedly at the opportunity presented.

Meanwhile, Heather sat on the steps of one of the cabins filing her nails. She scowled at the thought of all the losers she would have to put up with on the island.


Heather: *She rolls her eyes at the camera* "This game is going to be so easy, it won't even be fun. A bunch of idiot girls who will blindly follow whoever leads them, a model who seems no smarter than those idiots who fawn over him, a fart machine who would probably sell out his best friends for a slice of cake, a weird goth girl, a surfer chick with a personality as deep as a puddle, a 'ladies' man' geek…"

*She breaks out into a harsh laugh for several minutes. She finally gets control of herself*

"Anyways, there are some intelligent people here, but I am not worried. That bookworm Noah is seriously lazy and will likely drive others away with his sarcasm to boot. That CIT could be a problem but I have seen her type before. They always act incredibly bossy and drive others away and since she is not nearly as ruthless as me, she will never be in control of the game. Her team will vote that looser off fairly quickly." *She continues ranting for several minutes, outlining her views of the other contestants in the same manner."

The queen bee was about to walk away when she noticed a slip of paper by her feet. She picked it up and read the message. All that could be picked up by the cameras were a handful of comments from Heather.

"Why would I work with any of these losers? I don't need any help to win this! This game is mine" With these words, the queen bee crumpled the paper and threw it into a nearby trash can.

A short time later, Chris noticed the missing list lying on the ground just outside his trailer and examined it, curious as to how he had not noticed it before, but remained unaware of the changes. The host reached for a nearby mike and informed the campers that the list had been found and they should all report to the campfire pit immediately.

End Notes

Hopefully everyone was fairly in character. Rest assured things will get more interesting now that the introduction is done and every character will get some attention before the first elimination. Please leave your critiques.