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WARNING! if you do not know what happens in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and want to stay spoiler free stop reading now!

Okay so this story is about Kingdom Hearts (duh) and it serves as a bridge beween Dream Drop Distance and my version of Kingdom Hearts 3 that i am calling the Keyblade war. now for all you people that think bridges like Chain of Memories and all that are usless, do not stop reading this! if you do that then you will probably have no clue what i am talking about in KH3.

Okay so when i write this story and any other Kh stories in the future i would like to keep them as close to the video games as possible. And a Kingdom hearts game cant be complete with out an opening cutscene! I always pictured the opening cutscene for this game to be mostly of parts from KHDDD with a little bit of KH2 sprinkled on there. i also pictured it with shorter parts of the characters endings of Birth by Sleep and for the opening song i pictured Sanctuary (no offence to the Simple and Clean lovers but i think they use it way to much...).

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It's hard to believe that it's been another year the familer red head girl thought as she sat on the edge of the newly built apartment building roof in a familer place known as the Radiant Garden. She was wearing a grey shirt with dark blue stitching that had a hood and pockets, similer to a jacket but had sleeves up mid way past her elbow. She had on skinny jeans that were made for her by the three good fairies so that they were good for fighting and she had black combat boots on. This is where she spent most of her days after she was done training for her mark of mastery exam, which was coming up close. She has been practicing every day ever since Yen Sid sent Riku, who also happens to be one of her best friends, to come and get her to train and become a keyblade master. Ever since that day she hasn't been worring about the exam as much but about the brown spiky haired teenager who failed the exam and when back to the sleeping worlds to train. She thought about him every day after training on that apartment, waiting for his safe return.

The red head then heard footsteps come up from behind her. She couldn't see him but she knew who it was. He sometimes came up on the roof with her to see how she was doing. She then proved herself right when she heard the young man say something to her. "Up here again?" he asked.

She then turned around and saw the teenage boy with the now long white hair, that he grew out again since he did not like it short before, and the lime green eyes. He wore a white and yellow vest with a grey shirt underneath and had blue jeans on. He had white and black shoes and a white wrap on his wrist. He looked at her and smiled as he sat down next to her hanging his feet over then side of the building similer to how she was.

"Yeah, it's not like I have anything else better to do," she said as she looked down at her feet hanging over the side. She hasn't been the same since her spiky haired friend left; she acted like a part if her was missing. She had never told Riku but he was smart enough to figure it out. He could tell that Kairi was in love with Sora.

"Don't worry, he will be back soon," Riku said trying to reassure Kairi but all she did was sigh at this. Once Riku saw this he tried to make it better and say another reassuring thing. "Yen Sid is hoping for you two to take the mark of mastery exam together."

Kairi looked at Riku a little taken back by this coment. Sora was still in the sleeping worlds so he couldn't be coming back. Yen Sid even contacted him about halfway through that year and told him to come back to the regular worlds but he refused. He said he needed to be sure that he would pass the next test. "But I thought he wasnt coming back for awhile," she said as she looked into Riku's green eyes.

"No he is just refusing to come back because he is determined not to fail again," Riku said putting his hands on the cold stone roof, "but since he is refusing to come back we are going to send someone in after him."

"Who?" Kairi asked as she thought about Sora finally coming back and all three of them being together again.

"The king," Riku said as Kairi thought about the mouse king and his two goofy friends. Kairi and them have been turning out to be good friends over the year. She was happy that someone as sweet as the king to go and convince Sora to come back.

"I am so happy he will finally be coming home," Kairi said as Riku replied with a simple nod of the head. He also missed Sora since he has been gone; Riku and Sora are best friends after all. It wasn't the same with just two of them, they needed all three of them to be together for it to be the same.

"Well I sure hope that the King covinces him to come back soon," Riku said as he stood up holding out his hand to Kairi,"Until then we should wait at the castle for him."

"Yeah," Kairi said as she took his hand that helped her stand up. She then touched the strange armor guard on her shoulder and all of a sudden she was covered in a suit of armor that was grey and a light blue. Riku also touched the armor guard on his shoulder and he appeared in a suit of armor that was goldish and red. Both of them had just received these gifts from Yed Sid and they already loved there armor. They both then threw there Keyblades into the air to show off another thing they both learned resently, how to make there keyblades turn in to keyblade riders. Riku's looked simaler to a motorcycle that had no wheels that floated and Kairi's looked like a scooter with handles that she held on to. All was silent as they both flew into the sky making there way toward the mysterous tower.

The familiar spiky haired boy was fighting along side two of his dream eater friends fighting off the nightmare dream eaters. This is how he normally spent his days, training so that next time he would pass the test. Even though he missed his friends deeply and wanted to go home to the relaxing place called Destiny Islands, he knew he couldn't. There was no way he was going to fail the test again.

The teenage boy stood there with his keyblade in hand fighting the nightmares. He was in the world that never was, or what was left of it. It was the only seven world of sleep keyholes he did not unlock, since he was afraid it would become a new home to Xehanort and his evil partners. His spirit friends and him were surrounded by a small but powerful group of nightmares. The teen had fought these breed of nightmares before and they were very powerful. But regardless of how powerful they were, if he defeated them, he would become stronger, which was his goal if he wanted to be a keyblade master. So if taking out these nightmares meant that he was going to do it.

The teenage pounced at the first nightmare he saw and began attacking it with his keyblade called the kingdom key. His spirit friends went and attacked other nightmares on the opposite side trying to prevent the nightmares from attacking there so called "Master" from behind. They were not the strongest breed of spirits but they had to try and protect the boy. Meanwhile the boy was finished attacking the first nightmare and moved on to the next one that looked more powerful then the first. The teen then fired a ball of fire at the nightmare and then did an aerial attack on it from above, finishing the dream eater off. After he finshed of that nightmare he looked over to his spirit friends, who appeared to be struggling at fighing the nightmares. He was about to go and help them but unfortunately some more nightmares jumpped in his way, preventing him from helping them.

The boy looked over the nightmares body to see that one of his spirits had fallen victim to one of the nightmares attacking it. He then looked at his other spirit that wasn't going to be able to fight for that much longer and began to fight the nightmares that where in front of him. They were probably the most powerful dream eaters in that group and only made the teen more frustrated. He then used a move called thundaga that made the nightmares weaker but did not finish them off. He looked over the nightmares again to only see that his other dream eater friend was gone an showed that the teen was all alone to fight off the powerful nightmares.

Great, just great the teen thought as he tryed his best to stop the nightmares from attacking anymore. He used his keyblade to block most of the blows made by the powerful dream eaters but he couldnt block them all. He was just about to us another blast of thundaga before he saw a bright light that shortly blinded him appear above his head that wiped out all of the remaining nightmares. "I gotta say watching you take those things out even got me tired, Sora," a familar squeeky voice said.

Upon hearing his name, Sora opened his eyes to see a small mouse holding a keyblade that looked like his but the colors where swapped. Sora knew who it was from the begining. "Your Majesty?" he said while opening his eyes to reveal the mouse king looking at him staright in the eyes.

"I told you before you left Sora, call me Mickey." The king said as his keyblade disappeared from his hand. Sora also made his keyblade disappear as he looked at the mouse in disbelief. "Now we need to talk." Mickey said as he looked into Sora's blue eyes.

"What is it?" Sora asked as he looked down at the king and smiled, it has been awhile since he had seen one of his friends.

"Why haven't you come back when Yen Sid asked you to?" Mickey asked as he noticed the surprised look on Sora's face. Yen Sid had asked Sora to come back to the normal worlds multiple times but every time he refused.

"Oh, well I thought I made my message pretty clear that I wasn't coming back until I thought I was ready to take the Mark of Mastery Exam again." Sora said as Mickey looked at him with an upset expersion on his face.

"Sora why do you think Yen Sid has been telling you to come back all this time?" The King asked.

Sora hesitated. "I don' know why?" he asked.

"Because he thinks you have been ready," Mickey replied, "look one of the only reasons why you didn't pass the test was because of what Xehanort and his clones did to you. But thats not really the point, the point is that I don't care if you are a keyblade master or not. Your one of the seven lights and everyone misses you: Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy, and me. Please come back with me."

Sora was suprised by his comment. He knew everyone probably missed him but he wasn't expecting them to miss him that much. Maybe it was about time he went back to the normal worlds and reunite with everyone. Sora then heard a familar voice in his head. Please go back I miss everyone. Roxas. He would sometimes communicate with Sora when he felt like it. Sora knew Roxas really didn't miss everyone though, he only missed a certain Nobody in particular, Kairi's Nobody, Namine. But Roxas wasn't the only person that missed the other worlds, Sora missed all of his friends. He missed the days when him and Riku used to fight with the wooden swords on Destiny Islands. Sora missed the red head girl that he has had a crush on ever since he first met her. And he missed all of his friends from other worlds that he promised he would go and visit once in a while but hasn't seen any of them. He knew that it was time, time to go home.

"Okay, I'll go back." Sora said. Yes! Roxas said in his head. "But I need to take the mark of master exam soon."

"No problem! Yen Sid said that he wanted you and Kairi to take the exam together as soon as you got back anyway." Mickey said. Sora was very pleased by this coment, especially since him and Kairi would be taking the exam together. Sora then made a happy grin as Mickey continued. "Come on Sora lets go back."

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