Hey everyone I have a very important announcement!

So as I said before in previous chapters, I will be writing a squeal to this story called Kingdom Hearts III: The Keyblade War. And I am happy to announce that it is now out! Yes I do know that this is a little late but I just wanted to tell you, just in case you didn't see it was out already.

Also, I am please to announce that I have a spin off in the works for this series called Kingdom Hearts: Another Side, Another Story. It will follow the events of one of my favorite Kh characters but as of right now I will not say who it is due to spoilers. This spin off will most likely be released once Kh3 is finished but I may put the first few chapters out midway through Kh3. So please make sure you keep your eyes pealed for it!

So I hope that you enjoyed this story and the many more to come!