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Fleurs Du Mal: Chapter 5

Narcissa spent the remainder of the train ride in one of the rare empty compartments at the back of the train. She didn't want to sit with any of her classmates and face another interrogation; she wanted time alone to think.

What Bellatrix had said was true…she was…pleasuring herself, well at least trying to. The thought made her sick; she was always told it wasn't proper for a girl of her class to do things like that. They had spent that whole night together, not realizing how early it was. Then there was the fact that they were almost caught by their mother. Narcissa pinched the bridge of her nose; her head was starting to hurt. The most intense part caused the young witch to flush crimson…The cuts…the kiss…then the orgasm. That thought caused a wave of heat to flood her groin, she moaned despite herself. She shook her head and stared out the window, it was dark, and she could see the small orange lights of Hogwarts in the distance. She wanted nothing more than to crawl into her bed and sleep, but there was the sorting, and then dinner. She closes her eyes again as the train began to slow down, she gathered herself and left her compartment.

"Bella! For fuck's sake you did what?!" Andromeda shouted at her sister.

Bellatrix sat with her arms folded across from her younger sister, a look of petulance on her face.

"I did! Well if she wasn't being so bloody difficult I wouldn't have pushed her." Bellatrix replied heatedly.

Andromeda ran her fingers through her dark chestnut hair, Bellatrix was infuriating most days, but this…it was going too far.

"What happened between you two that has you both so worked up?" Andromeda asked.

Bellatrix didn't answer; she just sat there, resolute and pouting. Andromeda rolled her eyes and fastened her cloak.

"Look Bella, tell me or don't but whatever it is that has you two so worked up needs to end, you know that this isn't good for either of you." Andromeda said opening their compartment door as the train pulled into Hogsmead Station.

Bellatrix fastened her cloak and followed her sister onto the platform; she didn't even bother waiting for Narcissa. The drama between them was beginning to get out of control, but even Bellatrix knew that it would take Narcissa a while to get over their argument on the train. She sighed and followed Andromeda to one of the carriages that were waiting for them a little ways from the station.

Once in the Great Hall, Narcissa sat herself between Lucius and Severus, an action which only served to infuriate an already irate Bellatrix even further. She scowled down the table at her sister. Narcissa could feel Bellatrix's stare on her but she made no motion to turn and look at her older sister. She knew it would be difficult to continue to ignore Bellatrix, but she was still going to try while she could.

"Why does Bellatrix keep staring at you like that?" Lucius asked quietly.

He couldn't help at notice Bellatrix's stare harden dangerously as he leaned in close to whisper to Narcissa. He chose to ignore her, and moved closer to Narcissa, who flinched slightly as his leg rubbed up against hers.

"Fuck if I know Lucius!" Narcissa hissed in an irate whisper.

He recoiled slightly, looking worried. Something was for sure going on with her, and he knew that it had to do with Bellatrix, but he really didn't want to get involved, however, the distress it was causing was evident in Narcissa's behavior, and he didn't much like it.

"I don't want to talk about it Lucius. I am tired and I want to go to sleep." Narcissa said after a few moments.

Lucius didn't respond, he just sat there having a silent staring competition with Bellatrix. As soon as Headmaster Dippet had made the evening announcements it was time for bed, Narcissa walked as fast as she could down to the Dungeon, but she soon felt a sharp pain in her right arm, and before she knew it she was against the wall.

"You know, if I didn't know any better I would say that you are trying to upset me on purpose." Bellatrix growled at her baby sister.

Narcissa stared back at her sister, her eyes narrowed. She was angry now, this was getting ridiculous.

"Bella leave me alone. All I want to do is go to sleep!" Narcissa said on the verge of tears.

Bellatrix didn't move, nor did her expression soften. She wasn't going to let her sister go again, not until they had worked something out.

"Look Cissy" Bellatrix started, her voice softer "I know what happened…it was confusing…but don't hide from me Cissy…It's not like, I would…jump your bones like that every opportunity….but we can't pretend like this didn't happen." Bellatrix finished.

Narcissa looked up at her older sister, tears flooding her blue eyes. Bellatrix was right, but all of these feeling were new to her, and on top of everything else she was feeling, this was just one more thing to push her over the edge again.

"Cissy…please…" Bellatrix pleaded, her thumb caressing Narcissa's cheek.

"N-Not tonight Bella…I'm tired…can we talk tomorrow? I promise we will talk…but I just need to sleep." Narcissa said closing her eyes.

Unable to deny a direct request from her baby sister, Bellatrix agreed. Narcissa took this opportunity to walk to their common room alone, leaving a hurt and confused Bellatrix in her wake.