I didn't want to go to this dark place. I didn't even want to think about the ep at all. But I folded eventually before all the rumors and speculations would have driven me completely nuts. But I refuse to even think about the possibility that they won't make it out of there alive. So this is what I know is going to happen and no one can convince me otherwise as long as I haven't seen the ep and it showed me something else. Period!

I don't know if my scenario is plausible, medical wise and mechanical wise or if I break the laws of physics and my medical stuff doesn't make any sense. Just assume that it could work like that.

We Won't Stop Fighting

The first thing he noticed was the smoke. It was everywhere. It made his throat all scratchy, it made his eyes water and he coughed violently, shaking his head to clear it, trying to understand what had just happened. They had been on a plane and then all of a sudden all hell had broken loose and they'd fallen to the ground. Literally fallen. It was the only way to describe it properly and he had no idea how the pilot had been able to get the plane into a somehow horizontal position before they crashed onto the ground.

Mark pressed his eyes shut, trying to take in some calming breaths, making a silent inventory of his injuries. He had some difficulties with his breathing. Definitely some bruised ribs, but he hoped that they weren't broken. Some bruises here and there, but nothing major. Miraculously he'd come out of the plan crash almost unscathed. Opening his eyes, he started to scan his surroundings, trying to find any signs of the others. The plane was scattered over the whole clearing, he could hear screams and turned his head to the sound.

Meredith stood in front of Cristina and relief rushed through him, when he saw that they both seemed okay. But suddenly the wind changed and blew in his direction and he could hear Meredith's frantic voice.

"What happened?"

"We were in a plane and it crashed." Cristina replied almost hysterical.

"Where is Derek?"

"He was sucked outside."

Mark felt as if someone had just sucker-punched him and the air whooshed out of him. They needed to find Derek. They needed to find Lexie and Arizona. His stomach flipped as the whole situation suddenly slammed into him.


Mark swirled around, searching desperately for any sign of Lexie but he couldn't spot anything.

Where the hell was Lexie?


The first thing she noticed was the metallic taste in her mouth and she swirled her tongue, tasting the copper of her own blood. As she tried to move, pain rushed through her and she almost blacked out. The panic rose up in her chest as she opened her eyes and could only see parts of the plane above her face. Lifting her head carefully, she looked down her body and took in a sharp breath when she saw her lower body trapped under a huge chunk of metal. She couldn't feel anything in her legs. Might be from the shock. But she couldn't move any muscle in them either.

She tried to avoid having a panic attack by closing her eyes and taking in some calming breaths. She was a doctor after all. She could deal with stress situations. She could deal with hurt people. Even if it was herself that was hurt.

As her pulse had slowed down considerably, she tried to assess how bad her situation was. She couldn't lift her left arm without pain racing through it and one look at it told her that her hand was broken and the weird angle her arm stuck into the air looked like there might be some broken bones in her lower and upper arm too. She could use her right arm and she carefully trailed her fingers over her upper body, looking for any blood. She couldn't feel anything but the blood in her mouth wasn't a good sign. She suspected that she had some internal injuries though she had no clue how bad it was.

She couldn't do anything than calling attention to herself. She needed to let them know where she was. If there was someone who could hear her. She prayed that everyone else was okay. Mark's face appeared in her mind and she gritted her teeth, pressing her eyes shut to avoid the tears from spilling. It wouldn't do any good if she would start crying. She needed to get out of here.


Mark rushed towards Cristina and Meredith, putting his hand carefully on Cristina's shoulder and she jerked around her eyes wide open and he could see the fear in them.

"Are you okay?" Mark asked, trying to speak calmly though he felt anything but calm.

Cristina only looked at him for a few seconds before she blinked slowly and gulped hard, trying to hold her emotions in check, trying to become the hardcore surgeon she was.

"Yeah." She replied hoarsely, licking her lips. "I'm fine."

"Mer?" Mark turned around, taking her by her shoulders until she looked him in the eyes. She was on the brink of a breakdown, her eyes searching frantically for any sign of Derek. "Mer, are you okay?"

"Mark, I ... we need to find Derek." Meredith replied with a strangled voice.

"Meredith, breathe!" Mark raised his voice, shaking her slightly. She looked like a crazy person and he needed her to focus. "We'll find him. Okay?"

Meredith nodded sharply, her eyes returning to Mark's face and he could see that she tried to slip into doctor mode. That she tried to shove her emotions aside and he said quietly. "But first of all ... Are you okay?"

"I think so. And you?"

"I'm fine. But we need to find the others."

"Oh my god." Meredith looked behind him, just realizing that he was alone. "Mark, where is Lexie?"

"I don't know." Mark replied quietly.

"And Arizona?"

"I don't know." Mark reiterated.

"Let's split up." Cristina suddenly said. "Do we have any cell reception out here?"

"No." Mark told them. "I checked already. Nothing."

They looked at each other for a few seconds, before Mark took in a deep breath and said. "Let's meet here in half an hour and hey, don't go too far. You don't want to get lost in the woods."


Mark walked slowly through the chaos of the clearing, his eyes roaming over everything, trying to catch a glimpse of blue scrubs as he suddenly heard a faint voice, shouting for help. He rushed over to the sound and kneeled down into the dirt, not caring that his knees got scratched open by the broken glass and metal that was lying everywhere. He was only concerned about the person that was lying half-buried under a piece of the plane, just relieved that she was breathing and conscious.

"Lex, hey!" Mark said quietly, crawling into the triangular space Lexie was lying underneath, to get as near as possible to her body.

"Hey, Mark." Lexie replied weakly, trying to give him a small smile, but even raising one corner of her mouth hurt. She was just so glad to see him. She didn't feel well and she knew that her injuries could be so severe that she wouldn't make it. If she had to die out here in the woods, he was the only person she wanted to spend the last minutes of her life.

"We'll get you out of here." Mark spoke reassuringly. "Can you tell me what hurt?"

"Every fiber of my body." Lexie whispered, flinching when she tried to raise her arm to touch him and she closed her eyes, groaning out in pain.

"Lex, look at me." Mark said urgently. "I need more than that. I know you hurt, but I need to know more than that."

"I know. I ... just give me a sec." Lexie spoke barely above a whisper and a few seconds later, she willed her eyes open, looking him directly in the eyes. "Several broken bones in the left arm, I can't feel my legs so I can't tell you anything about how severe the injuries are down there because I think my spine is injured. I'm coughing up blood what points towards internal bleeding. It's ..." Lexie took in a deep breath as deep as possible. "It's not looking good, Mark."

"Okay, just try to relax. I find a way to get you out. That's our first priority. I'll be right back." Mark crawled back until he could stand up and turned around, shouting into the wind. "Meredith, Cristina, I found Lexie."

Cristina was only at the other side of the clearing and rushed over to him and Mark just took her in his arms for a few seconds, surprising Cristina completely. But she could understand the relief that he must feel about Lexie being alive and she squeezed him briefly before she stepped back and looked behind him.

"How is she?"

"We need to get her out of there." Mark replied, shoving every emotion aside. He had no time for a breakdown. Not now. Maybe later.

"I know. But how?"

"We only need to lift it a few inches and then we can pull her out."

"Okay, but how do we do that?"

"Search for some metal pipes." Mark told her. "Anything we can use as a lever. I'll go search for something that we can push under it so that we have enough time to pull her out."

Suddenly Meredith came around the corner, crouching down to look at her sister.

"Hey, Lexie." She spoke softly, trying to hide her concern when she saw the blood at the corner of Lexie's mouth. "I'm glad that we found you."

"Me too." Lexie whispered.

"I love you, sis."

"I love you, too."

"I'll go help Mark and Cristina get you out of here. Okay?"


They needed to move fast and not just because of Lexie. Time was of the essence. They still didn't know where Derek and Arizona were and if they were still alive.

They collected everything that they thought could be of any use around the place Lexie was buried as fast as they could. It felt as if hours had gone by but it took them only a few minutes to get what they needed. Mark pushed two metal pipes carefully on the left and on the right of Lexie under the metal, the longer one for Meredith and Cristina to enhance the leverage effect, before he crouched down to Lexie.

"We are gonna lift the metal to get you out. I'm sorry, but it might hurt."

"I know."

Mark didn't like the paleness of her skin. As soon as he'd gotten her out he would check her over and then start to collect his blood. He was an universal donor. She needed blood and he knew that he would have to do it under the worst conditions but they had no other choice.

Pressing a soft kiss against her temple, he crawled back and stood up, locking eyes with Meredith and Cristina.

"Let's try this."

Meredith and Cristina took one pipe in her hands and he the other.

"Go!" Mark commanded.

He was actually able to lift the metal a little bit, but he could see that Meredith and Cristina couldn't move their side and it wasn't enough to lift his if they wanted to get Lexie out without causing her too much pain or worsening her condition even more.

"This is not working, Mark." Meredith gritted out through clenched teeth.

Mark stopped pressing his pipe down and the metal went back into its old place. At least Lexie apparently didn't feel anything. Furrowing his brows, Mark studied their construction for a few seconds before he could come up with a possible solution.

"I've got an idea." He looked at the piece of plane that was directly over Lexie's head for a few more seconds, before his eyes returned to Meredith. "Do you think you can climb up there without shaking anything loose?"

Meredith gave the metal a scrutinizing look, before she nodded slowly. "Yeah, I think I can do it. Why? What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to jump on the pipe so that Cristina could push something into the gap while I'm holding my side up until she is able to get to my side."

"Do you think this will work?"

"We are running out of options here, Mer."

"Let's do it." Cristina said, crouching down beside the big chunk of metal she had to push beneath the metal that was burying Lexie the moment Meredith's feet hit the pipe. "I'm ready."

Meredith climbed carefully up, standing up slowly, before she turned around to Mark. "I'm ready."

"On three." Mark said. "One, … two, … three."

Meredith jumped down on the pipe and as she hit the pipe she could press it down far enough that the other side of the pipe lifted the metal so that Cristina could push the chunk under it. Mark's veins bulged over his arms, as he pressed the pipe down waiting for Cristina to come around to his side. Sweat poured down his face and his muscles began to shake with the effort to hold the pipe in place. But he was able to press it down until Cristina placed a chunk of metal under his side too.

"It worked." Cristina shouted out relieved and smiled at Meredith.

"Okay, Lex." Mark crawled inside the triangular space. "We are ready. I'm sorry but this is definitely gonna hurt. I need to pull you out now."

He could see her gritting her teeth as he put his hands under her shoulders and started to pull her out, but the moment her body began moving she couldn't hold back the screams any longer and it hurt him almost as much as her when he heard her screams of pain but he didn't stop until he could lay her down a few feet away.

Scanning her body quickly, he looked up at Meredith and Cristina who stood directly beside them.

"Go, I got this."

"But ..." Meredith interjected, but Mark interrupted her with his best authoritative voice. They couldn't lose any more time.

"We still haven't found Derek or Arizona. Go!"

Meredith's gaze fell on Lexie, but she knew that Mark was right and after pressing a soft kiss on Lexie's forehead, she and Cristina hurried away.

"Derek and Arizona are missing?" Lexie whispered, beads of sweat glistening on her forehead.

"Yes, but you shouldn't worry about them right now." Mark replied softly. "Cristina and Meredith are gonna find them. You should only concentrate on yourself right now."

Cristina had brought all the medical supplies she could find in the wreckage to him earlier and he scanned over everything. Lexie had a deep gash over one of her thighs that was still bleeding, though it was a steady trickling, no blood shooting out, what meant there wasn't any major artery injured. He grabbed a bandage and the disinfection spray and ripped her pants open, so that he had better access to the wound.

"That might sting a little bit." Mark said, before he covered the wound with the disinfection lotion and Lexie sucked air into her lungs.

When the bandage was securely wrapped around her thigh, Mark leaned back on his heels to get a better look at the rest of her body. He couldn't see any other injuries. Not on the outside anyway and he couldn't do anything about her internal injuries other than giving her some blood.

Rummaging through the medical supplies, he pulled out everything he would need and wrapped the tourniquet around his upper arm and pulled it tight, balling his hand into a fist before he stuck the needle into his vein.

"What are you doing?" Lexie asked hoarsely, turning her head slowly to get a better look at him.

"Giving you some of my blood." Mark explained matter-of-factly. Doing such a simple medical procedure was somehow soothing

"That is somehow strangely romantic."

"Romantic?" Mark asked surprised, lifting his head after he'd just connected an empty blood bag to the needle.

"In a weird way." Lexie replied softly. "A part of you is literally gonna flow through my veins."

"A part of me was always with you, Lex." Mark said quietly, raising his hand to stroke gently over her cheek.

"It was?" Lexie asked surprised.

"Yes." Mark replied, before he disconnected the blood bag and wiped with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol over her skin before he adjusted the needle. "You took a piece of my heart with you the last time you rushed out of my life."

Lexie's eyes never left his hands and she waited until he was finished with his task before she spoke tiredly. "I'm glad you are here, Mark. I love you. If this is the end … I'm glad you are here."

As Mark looked up into her eyes, he saw how they fluttered shut and Mark leaned forward, pressing his hand carefully against her cheek, lowering his head so that she could understand him even though his voice was barely above a whisper.

"You are not gonna leave me. Not now, Lex. I'm sorry that I didn't say anything after you told me that you are still in love with me. I'm so sorry." Mark could see her breathing getting erratic and his voice became desperate. "Lex! Look at me." Lexie opened her pain filled eyes slowly, trying to focus on Mark's face. "Lex, I love you. I love you more than anything in my life. You can't ... you can't leave me. I need you, Lex. We are gonna make it out of here alive. I want to see you walking down the aisle towards me. Do you hear me? You are going to be Dr. Alexandra Sloan."

"Is this a proposal?" Lexie's eyes seemed clearer now, as if what he'd just told her had awakened some last reserves in her.

"Damn right, this is a proposal." Mark smiled shakily. "So you better get through this so that you can make me the happiest man on this planet."

"What if I say no?" Lexie asked softly. She'd almost wanted to give up, wanted to slip into sleep, into unconsciousness, before his words had shaken up something in her that made her want to fight again.

"You won't." Mark replied determined.

"I won't?"

"No, because you can't breathe without me, remember?" Mark whispered, caressing her cheek carefully.

"Yes, I remember. I love you, Mark. And yes, I want to make you the happiest man on this planet. I just wish that we hadn't wasted so much time."

"Just stay with me, Lex." Mark said, his voice getting edgy with hardly suppressed despair. "You are not gonna die out here after everything we've been through. You just can't do that. You are gonna fight."

"I will, Mark." Lexie said, her voice sounding a lot less weaker than just a few moments ago. "I promise. I will fight. I'm not gonna give up."

"Good." Mark said. "Because I won't let you."

"Can you please just hold my hand, Mark? I ... it hurt."

"Of course." Mark took the hand of her right arm into his, intertwining his fingers with hers, before he propped himself up on one elbow, looking down into her face.

"Imagine what a great story this is going to be to tell our grandchildren one day?" Lexie breathed. "That's one hell of an engagement."

"Grandchildren? As in children of our children?"

"What did you think it would mean?"

"You want to have kids with me?" Mark asked completely baffled.

"Yes, Mark." Lexie squeezed his hand as good as she could. "I want kids with you. More than anything."

"I love you, Alexandra Grey." Mark whispered, leaning down to press a kiss against her lips.

"I know." Lexie replied, her eyes closing slowly. "I love you, too."

"You can't fall asleep, Lex. You need to stay awake in case ..." Mark suddenly stopped. "Did you hear anything?" Mark raised his head, straining his ears to hear anything else than the sounds of the forest surrounding them. He held his breath, contemplating if it was just his mind playing tricks with him. But when he heard the faint sound of propellers in the distant, tears welled up in his eyes and a sob escaped his lips.

"Lex, they are here. I can hear a chopper. They are coming. We've almost made it. Just hang in there."


"How is she?" Mark asked the moment the surgeon came out of the operating area.

He was still in his dirty, bloody clothes. He'd refused to change, he'd shot down every attempt of the nurses and doctors to take a look at him. He hadn't left the waiting area for one second, the tension had never left his body, his eyes had been glued to the doors behind which Lexie had disappeared almost four hours ago.

"She is stable. For now. We needed to remove one kidney and we couldn't save her spleen either, but we got the bleeding under control. Our orthopedic surgeon had stabilized her legs and arm. We still need to examine the neural damage. For now the only thing we can say is that she is alive and stable. She is a fighter. I'm sure she is gonna make it."

Mark fell back against the wall and slid down slowly. Wrapping his hands around his legs, he pressed his face into his knees and let himself break down. He didn't cry when he'd found her. He didn't cry as she'd screamed in pain while he'd pulled her out. He didn't cry when he'd thought she could die any second. He didn't let the tears fall when he'd heard the choppers approach. He didn't cry on the way to the hospital. He didn't cry when they'd wheeled her to surgery.

But now after everything was over, he just broke down, his whole body was shaking with his sobs, but he didn't try to stop them. The relief that they still had the chance to spend the rest of their lives together washed over him and he welcomed the pain that shot through his ribs, every time a sob escaped his throat, because it meant that he was alive. He was alive and so was she. They were both alive.

I haven't decided yet, if I'm gonna continue this fic or not. Might depend on what happens on Thursday. Now I'm off trying to distract myself with other things. It's going to be some excruciatingly long three days.