"Fresh from Europe"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

And I'm at it again! 32 characters from "Total Drama," "6teen," and "Stoked" are flown across the pond to jolly old England! Ahead of the upcoming Summer Games, they'll be competing in numerous Olympic events, hoping to survive until the end, where a grand prize awaits the last man or woman standing!

Let's get started!

SPOILER WARNING - Make sure you've seen and/or read the following before reading this:
Shows: "Total Drama" (through "World Tour"; very, very minor spoilers for "Revenge of the Island"), "6teen" (through end of the show/Season 4), "Stoked" (through end of the show/Season 2)
Fanfics: "Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms"

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Fresh TV, Inc. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games and all mentioned licensed characters, places, and other related material are the property of the International Olympic Committee. Oh, and this fanfic is not officially endorsed by either the IOC, Fresh TV, or anyone else involved with the Olympics.

London, United Kingdom

One of the most well-known icons in the city of London is the famed red double-decker bus, used in large numbers daily as public transport for people in and around the city. But on this particularly overcast late Spring morning, one of those buses was taking an out-of-the-way detour.

A detour that took the it to northern edge of the Greater London area.

Eventually, it arrived at its destination... the Lee Valley White Water Centre. The venue, built for the Games and the only one in that respect to have been opened to the public prior to the Olympics, was now closed in preparation for said competition.

But today, it was going to have a private open for thirty-some teenagers from Canada. Teenagers who think they have what it takes to pass as Olympic-caliber athletes.

In actuality, they were reality show stars.

The bus pulled up to the entrance to the venue. It stopped in the unloading zone, and the cast began to disembark, two at a time.

Izzy sprinted out, and she had dragged some unlucky sap out with her. Emma.

"YES! Are we at the palace? I wanna see if I can make those guards flinch! No one outflinches Izzy! Ha ha!"

"Not... palace..." groaned Emma, as she lifted her face out of the sidewalk that Izzy had accidentally planted her into.

"Oh, hey there! You're not who Izzy wanted to drag out! I wanted her!"

She was pointing at Kelly. Or Heather. Or perhaps even both. They had gotten themselves stuck in door after trying to exit at the same time.

"Do you know who I am?" Heather growled.

"Oh, you'd better remember who I am!" shot back Kelly.

They eventually slid out, landing on the sidewalk in a tangled mess of arms and legs. They rolled in tandem to the nearby grass, where they could get themselves untangled.

Ty and Ripper came out next, and shook their heads as they saw the pair still tussling.

"Still don't know what you saw in her, mate," Ripper told Ty.

"Me neither," Ty responded.

But Ty was not paying attention to where he was going, and he bumped right into Emma, who had just gotten back to her feet, knocking her backwards right into Izzy, who caught her.

"Oops!" Ty apologized. "Sorry, Emma. You okay?"

Emma smiled as she nodded in response. Seeing that she was okay, Ty caught up with Ripper, who was already heading in. Izzy was giddy upon seeing the lovey-dovey expression on Emma's face.

"Izzy knows that face! HEY GUYS, EMMA LOVES..."

Emma snapped out of it and covered Izzy's mouth with her hand just in the nick of time, trying to keep her so-called secret a secret. Meanwhile, Darth and Harold had just stepped off of the bus, followed closely by reality 'virgins' Serena and Chrissy. The pair seemed to be happy about being in the United Kingdom more than worried about what they might be in for.

Next up were... two teenagers who were dressed in sunglasses and trench coats stepped out. They looked around for a minute before finally stripping down to their normal outfits. It was Trent and Justin.

"Man!" said Trent with relief. "I never thought we'd make it here in one piece after getting mobbed at Heathrow!"

"I never thought still being a single Drama Brother would be so tough!" groaned Justin. "Chicks want us, man!"

"But... I thought you loved chicks!"

"Not when they wanna steal your underwear and auction it off!"

"HEY!" a third party interjected.

Cody ran off of the bus.

"I'm still single!"

Out of nowhere, Cody was tackled to the ground by Sierra.


"Oh, Cody-kins, you know that's only until we find a justice of the peace willing to marry two 16-year old elopers! Speaking of which... they have those here, right?"

Trent and Justin shrugged, as they did not know the answer.


Reef had just stepped off the bus. He was holding high over his head the gold medal he claimed he won by winning "Fresh from Canada" but in reality, he just had made for him afterwards.

Exit Fin from the bus, who smacked Reef in the back of the head, causing him to drop his gold medal.

"Knock it off! You want a target on your back? Again?"

"Don't tell me what's what, woman!"

Reef picked up his medal up and was about to put it back on again, when he was interrupted by someone coughing behind him. It was Lo.

"Ladies and gentlemen! And, ugh, Reef... presenting Canada's next great Olympian... BROSEPH!"

Lo applauded and cheered excitedly. But there was one problem. Broseph did not emerge.


She marched back onto the bus. A few seconds later, she pulled a half-awake Broseph off of the bus. She then sidestepped out of the way, extended her arms towards him, and yelled...


Broseph stretched his arms far and wide in order to get the blood circulating into them so he could wake up. But as he took his time coming to, Fin snickered audibly.

Lo stuck her nose up at Fin as she walked away, pulling Broseph along. Fin rolled her eyes before heading in as well, but keeping her distance. Reef was right behind, kissing his gold medal repeatedly.

Beth and Lindsay emerged next, both wearing swimsuits - a one-piece and a bikini, respectively. Two seconds later, they realized that doing so was a mistake, given the chilly, gloomy weather. They rubbed their arms with their hands as they ran inside.

"Lindsay! Wait up!"

Tyler came sprinting off, intending to catch up to his girlfriend. Duncan followed, smiling as he snapped an imaginary whip.

"Poor chump is whipped."

Jen and Caitlin were next off. Jen headed for the grass and started stretching right there and then, first one leg, then the other.

"Um, Jen?"

"I feel good about this, Caitlin! No more Miss Nice Girl! It's all or nothing this time around!"

Jen then jogged in, forcing Caitlin to sprint in after her. Next to exit the bus were Johnny and Wyatt, both of whom just headed in without incident. Next off was Nikki, who was carrying a stack of 8x10 glossy photos, and she was heading for the nearest trash can.

"Nikki! Don't!"

Jonesy ran off the bus, chasing after his girlfriend.

"You can't keep them!"

"But... my babies!"

One would think that Nikki was throwing away photos of Jonesy. But upon dumping them in the trash, one can see that they were actually photos of Courtney.

"I don't want you to see her, and SHE doesn't want you to see her! If the only way to get you to stop thinking about Courtney is to throw away all of these headshots of her you have..."

She pushed him inside, as Jonesy wailed loudly for his lost photos. Behind them was an uncharacteristically unhappy Bridgette, who was frowning and had her arms crossed over her chest as she stomped towards the venue entrance. Right behind her was Jude, who seemed to be... pleading for mercy?

"C'mon, golden goddess of the waves! Will you at least talk to me?"

Bridgette kept walking. Jude kept chasing her.

"I don't get it! Why are you shunning me?"


Jude gave up his chase when he heard someone call from the bus. He ran back and gasped when he saw someone stuck in the door. A someone who was dressed as a whale mascot.


Jude heard a female voice shout at him, and he sprung into action. He grabbed the whale by the flippers and tugged as hard as he could. He tried several times, but he could not get the whale to budge.


The whale became dislodged after the mascot was kicked in the tailfin extremely hard. Jude landed on the ground, and the mascot landed on top of him, resulting in a face-to-face meeting. The person who had kicked the mascot out was Eva, who had stepped off of the bus. At first, she looked angry, but then she stopped herself, took a few deep breaths, and continued towards the venue without any delay.

Safe from harm, the whale, Wipeout, rolled off of Jude. Jude got up, then helped Wipeout to his feet - while simultaneously realizing that the whale was a guy, given he was wearing only board shorts.

"You're a guy?"

Wipeout crossed his arms over his chest.

"What?" Jude clarified. "Bras can be mascots! I... think."

They both shrugged their shoulders, then headed inside.

As the cast made their way in, someone was sitting in a canoe in the collection pool at the end of the course of the competitors' first event. That someone was the host, a black-haired Caucasian male wearing a life jacket over his clothes.

"32 teenagers have traveled across the Atlantic, where for the next two-and-a-half weeks, they'll do their best impressions of Summer Olympic athletes! A $300,000 grand prize awaits the last athlete standing, as well as the honor of being Fresh TV's unofficial representative at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London!

"My name is Allen Clark... and welcome to 'Fresh from Europe!'"

Thirty-two teens
Seventeen days
Still one grand prize

For many, it's yet another chance at glory
For others, they're newbies on the reality scene

They lived through tons of total drama
They've experienced what it's like to be 6teen
They know how it feels to be stoked

But few of them have had the chance to be an Olympic athlete

Until now

Cycling, wrestling, diving, and of course, track and field
Canada's not good at them, but they'll try to do their best
They'll experience them all
While living like bonafide Olympic athletes
But they're not from all over the world...

They're just... FRESH FROM EUROPE!
[presented in HD print where available]

[End Act One]

Fresh from Europe
Episode One - Gate Clippers (05.14.12)


The 32 competitors gathered at the highest point of the venue, which was located very close to the starting line at what would be the first event of the competition. Allen was waiting for them.

"Welcome to London!" Allen greeted them.

Some applause and cheers came from the group. There also happened to be the undeniable sound of chattering teeth. The group parted to reveal Lindsay and Beth, both still in their swimsuits.

"Interesting way to get attention..."

"We're not t-t-t-trying to get attent-t-t-tion," Beth remarked. "We t-t-t-t-thought it was going to be warmer!"

"I'm sure this makes great television, but can someone get these girls some clothes?"

Tyler quickly obliged for his girlfriend, stripping off his jacket and sweatpants and handing them to Lindsay, leaving him in just a sleeveless white shirt and boxer shorts.

"That's not what I meant, eh!"

Lindsay gave her boyfriend a thank you peck on the cheek, then slipped on Tyler's sweats. Meanwhile, no one seemed to want to give Beth the same courtesy. That was, until...


Jen had taken off her hooded jacket and was offering it to Beth.


Unlike Tyler, Jen had come prepared, as she had been wearing a thin long-sleeve sweater underneath.

"I'm fine, man!" Tyler said to Allen, giving him a thumbs up.

"If you say so. Now that everyone's dressed appropriately for the weather - if the skies don't open up on us today, that is - let's get right to it!"

"Good!" Johnny declared. "I've been working on my flag-grabbing and flag-seeking skills! I'm not going home on the first day again!"

"Nice to hear," Allen said in response. "Unfortunately, with the larger variety of events to choose from in the Summer Games compared to the Winter Games, we don't need a 'collect the flags' challenge."

"Aw, nuts. Three weeks of prep work for nothing!"

"Don't worry," Reef patted him on the back. "I'm sure you'll find one event to not suck at."

"We are still having a Qualification Challenge, in that we need to determine a fair way to pick some team captains. Those captains, in turn, will select their teams! This time around, we're not starting with pairs, but with foursomes!"

Jonesy snickered as he playfully elbowed Jude in the ribs.

"Foursomes... ha!"

Jude laughed as well. "Yeah. Foursomes rule, dude!"

"We'll determine who gets to be a team captain by sending you down the course behind me... in your first Olympic event! Ladies and gentlemen... this is the Canoe Slalom, C-1 discipline!"

Allen stepped aside and allowed the group to step up to the left-side overlook of the Olympic course at the facility. A feeling of dread swept over the group as they saw the course for the first time, rapids and all.

That feeling would get worse when a guy in a canoe paddled out into the starting pool, geared up with a helmet and a life jacket. The group watched as he made his way onto the course. Most of them were in stunned shock as they watched the guy proceed through the course, navigating the rapids, directing himself through the gates, and surviving each of the four drops - after each of which the water moved along the channel even faster than the last.

After around 95 seconds or so, they saw him reach the finish line, still upright, and in the clear, having gone through the course without missing a single gate.

"Exhilarating, no?" queried Allen, getting their attention back.

No one can seem to muster a response to that question.

"We saw much worse in Vancouver," Heather spoke up. "I'm in."

"If she can do it, than I certainly can!" Jonesy declared. "Let's go!"

Most of the others voiced their acceptance as well.

"Good to hear! Now, let's go over the rules. Every single one of you gets one chance to conquer the course! You must make it from beginning to end in the fastest time possible."

Along the course are gates, indicated by 25 pairs of poles hanging above the course, each with a yellow placard with a number on it. Most of the poles have green and white alternating stripes, the rest have red and white alternating stripes.

"Along the way, you must pass through each of the 25 gates. A successful pass means paddling in-between the two poles that make up a gate. Green gates mean you must pass through them while going downstream, but if you see a red gate, you have to turn around and pass through them while going upstream! The gates are numbered in the order that you must clear them."

A few of the cast members quickly eye the course, or at least what they could see from where they were standing.

"There are time penalties assessed for certain mistakes! Each time you hit a pole, whether it be with your body, your canoe, or your paddle, that is a two-second penalty. Lucky for you, you can only be given such a penalty once per gate. Nevertheless, they can add up quickly if you're not careful."

"What happens if you miss a gate?" asked Ty.

"Good question. Completely missing or skipping any gate on the course nets you a whopping 50-second penalty! Don't miss more than one, though, because the instant you go by a second, you're disqualified!"

Cries of 'What?' and 'No fair!' rang out through the group.

"You all wanna be Olympic athletes? Well, it's the same rules that they're going to be subjected to. So deal with it."

More moaning and groaning could be heard.

"Let's get you geared up and fitted for canoes, people! We've got us some rain to beat!"

Allen made that last statement as ominous dark clouds rolled by to their west.

15 minutes later, everyone was suited up, with life jackets on and helmets to their sides. There were just a couple last-minute details to take care of.

"You can tell it's been awhile since I've done this since I forgot to tell you what you're playing for!"

"We get prizes?" repeated Beth. "Awesome!"

"We've got seven prize packs filled with London Olympic memorabilia! Everything from the official handbook to the 2012 Games to hats, an assortment of pin badges, and an 8" plush doll of the official London mascot, Wenlock!"

Allen had a photo of everything in the prize pack blown up to picture board size. Naturally, everyone focused on the one-eyed mascot.

"Eew," groaned Caitlin. "Who comes up with these things?"

"Where was I?" Allen wondered, before remembering his place. "Oh, yeah! The seven prize packs go to the four guys and three gals who complete the course in the fastest time. In addition, those seven winners will become the captains of our seven teams!"

"Seven times four is 28," interrupted Sierra, "and there are 32 of us here. Shouldn't there be eight captains?"

"I was getting to that, and no, there should not! Because the two slowest guys and two slowest girls... may be eliminated and sent home."

The group gasped.

"That's right! Four of you might not even get to unpack your bags! It's possibly right back on the plane for you! Cheerio, and all that!"

Confessional Cam - Chrissy

"I brought 17 days worth of Khaki Barn classics with me. No way I'm leaving London without using all of them."

"Why is everyone so tense?" asked Jen. "We're all here to have fun, right?"

"Says the girl who wants to kick all our butts!" retorted Heather.

"One last thing," Allen said, pulling out a ten-gallon hat with 32 folded pieces of paper in it, "everyone has to draw for order!"

Since she was the closest to him, Jen watched as Allen stuck the hat right in front of her. She closed her eyes and pulled a slip of paper out. Jen unfolded it to show that she had drawn...

Number '1.'

"Oh ho! Talk about lucky!"

"Gah!" cried Jen. "Thirty-two pieces of paper, and I draw the one that has the number one on it?"

"It sucks to be you!" exclaimed Heather.

A few minutes later, Jen was in a canoe, paddling her way to the starting line. Not too far behind her were Trent and Izzy, who had drawn '2' and '3,' respectively, who stopped short to give Jen some space. Everyone else, except for the three in the water and the next couple of people behind, who were heading for the canoes at this point in time, gathered near the starting line.

Jen paddled herself into position, then turned towards Allen, who had an air horn in hand.

"Clock starts on the horn! Ready?"

Jen nodded, trying to get focused for the task at hand. Seconds later...


...the horn went off, and her run began...

[End Act Two]

The horn had just gone off, and Jen started paddling over the start line and into the first drop to begin the course proper. The others watched as Jen started to navigate through the first few gates. Immediately, there was a challenge, because the second gate was the first of four red gates on the course. It did not take her much extra effort to get through it, but upon turning around to point downstream once more, she clipped the post of that gate with her paddle by accident.

"C'mon, Jen!" cheered on Nikki from the side.

As the course got harder and faster on the way down, Jen pushed herself into a good rhythm, somehow maneuvering her way through without any problems. Near the bottom, on one of the last few gates, she ended up hitting a pole with her left elbow in a bit of contact that was unavoidable. Still, that was it for blemishes as she safely paddled her way to and across the finish line, to the cheers of many of her peers.

[Jen - 111.72, Penalties 4.00]

Jen raised her paddle in the air in triumph. First up, first down.

Confessional Cam - Wyatt

"Jen killed it out there! Pressure's on the rest of us now."

Confessional Cam - Jen

"That was a lot easier than it looked. Now I just have to hope my time holds up."

Back up top, Allen had sounded the horn, and Trent was off on his one and only run. Like Jen, Trent had very little trouble breezing through the upper part of the course. But things changed upon taking the third drop, which was the biggest on the course. The speed of the water went up greatly, and Trent was starting to lose control.

He cleared Gate 12, but then hit Gate 13 with his canoe, which knocked him out of position and made him miss Gate 14 completely. He got through 15 and 16, but then had to quickly cross over to the other side of the channel to get 17. But he went too hard, sailing outside of it and heading right for the channel wall. He tried to turn out of it, but it was too late. The back of the canoe hit first, which caused the front to turn back into the wall as well. And with that, his run was over.

"Ouch," commented Cody. "Definitely wasn't expecting that."

Confessional Cam - Trent

"That water's moving fast! You have to think two or three gates ahead to make sure you stay on course! Man..."

It also helped if you had a cool head. Izzy, unfortunately, did not, as on her run she got aggravated real quick when the water seemed to keep pulling her in the direction of where she wanted to go. It did not hurt her initially, but eventually she passed by both Gates 7 and 8, the latter being a red gate, ending her run.

Next up was Sierra.

"I dedicate this run to my Cody-kins!" declared Sierra.

The horn went off, and Sierra was off. Jen had just emerged from the boathouse after her run, just in time to see the latter half of Sierra's run. The purple-haired girl was gliding through the course as if the water was only going at about three-quarters speed. She was stunned when Sierra not only got to the finish line, but did so without accruing a single penalty!

[Sierra - 105.20]

"Woo!" Sierra exhaled. "What a rush! Let's see anybody beat that!"

Beating Sierra's time would first require someone to finish the course. Wipeout's weight was clearly working against him as he tipped over several times, unable to keep himself balanced. He was finally disqualified halfway down after being unable to clear a couple gates. Serena almost becomes the third person to finish, but cannot when she tires out and misses Gates 22 and 24, the latter just a few strokes away from the end of the course. Lindsay has guidance problems, getting stuck, before the river pulled her under and by Gates 7 and 8.

The trend continues as more attempt to complete the course, all bowing out because they missed too many gates. Justin bows out after Gate 11, Nikki after 17, Lo embarrassingly after only 3, Reef after 9, Heather after 19, and Darth after 8.

"Wait," Kelly said out loud. "Is he actually going to do it?"

"He hasn't missed one yet!" Trent pointed out.

Ripper clipped Gate 25 with his paddle, but he did not care. He had already hit five others on the way down. But none of that mattered, as he had actually made it to the finish line.

"And the guys are finally on the board," Allen announced, stopping the clock. It wasn't pretty, but he got it done!"

[Ripper - 108.03, Penalties 12.00]

"Not many are getting to the finish," Ripper said while still in his canoe, "but just finishing might be all you need to get a captain spot today, probably."

He might be right, as the assortment of failures continues. Fin loses control in the fast sections and eventually gets knocked out at Gate 21. Duncan was shown throwing his paddle in frustration after being disqualified at Gate 17. Caitlin, Jonesy, and Cody follow with various degrees of success, but none of them reaches the finish line, either.

Eva, according to her words, shows all the posers how it is done as she becomes the fourth person to finish the course. Despite hitting one gate, she has the time to beat even after the penalty.

[Eva - 102.76, Penalties 2.00]

After Beth and Wyatt record DNFs, Bridgette takes to the water like a mad woman. Perhaps a little too mad, as her performance was ragged and she hit an event-high eight gates. But she still managed to do what few have not, and that was reach the finish line.

[Bridgette - 129.51, Penalties 16.00]

Johnny and Emma do decent enough to both make it near the halfway point. Ty finally put a second guy on the board, turning in a flawless run.

[Ty - 112.59]

Tyler follows, and puts in a performance for the ages, sweeping through all 25 gates without hitting any of them, and doing it fast enough to steal the overall lead from Eva.

[Tyler - 100.99]

Only five competitors were left to go, and the threat of rain that had been looming all day finally delivered, as drops started to fall from the sky... just as Kelly was paddling up to the start line.

"This can't be happening! Why now?"

"What's wrong?" Emma shouted. "Can't handle a little rain, Kel?"

Taking offense to that, Kelly looked over at Allen.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go!"

With that, Allen sounded the horn, and Kelly was off. She would end up not getting to the end, but it was exhaustion that beat her, not ineptitude like Emma - not to mention that she cleared four more gates than her former romantic rival.

Jude gets along fine, but like most of the decent rowers, the jump in water speed after the third drop throws him off his game. He bowed out soon after. Chrissy, the last girl to make a run, shocked everyone when she gets two-thirds through the course without a penalty. But disaster struck upon trying to clear Gate 19, which was a red gate. She was halfway through it when the current started pulling her sideways. She ended up getting swept into the outer wall near the start of the sweeping left turn heading to the finish.

The rain had picked up to a steady pace as Harold began his run. Between the water splashing around him and that falling from the sky, his glasses became wet and unusable. He misses a few gates early, and that was the end of his run. That left...

...Broseph, who had drawn '32.'

"Let's go, host guy!" he said, giving a thumbs up to Allen.

Allen sounded the horn, and Broseph was off. He was concentrating hard as he tried to navigate the course by reading the waves and determining which way the rapids were going to throw him. He took his time and carefully guided his way through each and every one of the gates. He was not the fastest to the finish, but again, on this day and on this course, just finishing might be enough to earn him a captain spot.

"So, was that okay, guy? I did good, right?"

[Broseph - 119.37]

All 32 competitors were gathered once more, continuing to stand outside in the drizzling rain. Allen had the results in hand.

"Okay, we've tabulated the times of those of you who finished, and it's time to name the winners of the first challenge..."

The winners stepped forward as Allen called their names.

"Tyler. Eva. Sierra. Ty. Jen. Broseph. Ripper."

Each of the seven also got an imitation Olympic gold medal for canoeing.

Confessional Cam - Reef

"They get real fake medals and I have to buy a fake medal? This thing is rigged, dude!"

Reef was not the only one unhappy, as Bridgette was the lone person to finish the race yet not get a medal. She was scowling visibly. Cody saw it and was concerned, but knew that Sierra would be upset if he so much as looked at another girl.

"You seven get the prize packs AND are our seven captains," Allen continued. "You will pick your teams tonight, at a special VIP dinner with me, once we get back to London. Tyler and Eva, as the guy and gal with the best times, you will have a coin flip at the dinner to decide who will pick first and second in the draft. The other five captains will have a random draw afterwards to determine positions three to seven."

The captains nodded, as they tried to figure out how to set up who to pick even if they did not know when they were picking. Allen turned back to the rest of the group.

"Now, the bad news. As I said at the start, the two guys and two gals with the slowest times will be leaving. Unfortunately, since only eight of you actually finished the course, the decision of who is going will have to be based on who made the least progress on the course. In other words, your place is determined by the last gate you cleared before you were disqualified. The unlucky four are..."

Everyone was on pins and needles, anxious to hear who was out.

"Darth, Wyatt, Caitlin, and - as the result of losing a tiebreaker - Lindsay."

Lindsay was the only one that was really shocked by the result, though Johnny was smiling about surviving the cut.

"Lindsay and Izzy both bowed out at Gate 8. Since you both ALSO missed Gate 7, then we have to look at which one of you was the slowest to clear Gate 6. Izzy got it two seconds faster than you did, Lindsay."

Izzy breathed a huge sigh of relief as Lindsay looked over at Tyler with sad, puppy dog eyes. She gave him one last kiss, then joined Darth, Wyatt, and Caitlin in the departing group of losers. The four waved goodbye, then walked out of the venue, and assumedly back to the road to get a ride to the airport for the plane ride home.

Once they were out of sight...

"As for the rest of you, we're getting out of the rain and you're going to be seeing where you're staying for the next 17 days. Captains, start thinking about which three people you want on your team. Make sure you choose carefully, because your selections will impact how far you and your team will get in this game."

With that, Allen exited the venue. Soon after, the 28 remaining competitors began the walk back to the bus for the trip to London. Most of them were tired, wet, and hungry, and they knew there was more to come.

For this... was just the first day.

To be continued...

(This season, on 'Fresh from Europe'...)

"Bros rule and betties drool!" shouted Jonesy.

"YEAH!" yelled Jude, Broseph, and Reef simultaneously.

(Some people are here to win...)

"Do what I say," Eva threatened, "or find yourself someone else to save your scrawny tail!"

"You're going down!" Jen said as she pulled down her fencing mask.

"Not in this lifetime!" Ripper shot back as he did likewise.

(Others are here to flirt...)

"Isn't he so dreamy?" Caitlin cooed as she stared at Justin.

"Hands off!" Chrissy snapped. "I've been wanting to get my hooks into him since Day One!"

"Hey, everyone, come look!" Izzy yelled. "Izzy sees Tyler and Lindsay doing some PG-13 stuff. That tongue shouldn't go there, you know, ha ha!"

"Part of me wishes that was me in there."

Johnny suddenly realized that several people were staring at him.

"And I said that out loud, didn't I?"

(And others, well... we still don't know why they're here...)

"So," Cody asked, "do you actually sleep in that?"

Wipeout just stood there and shrugged his shoulders.

"Why are you even here?" Trent asked.

"Why are YOU even here?" Duncan shot back, angrily.

"That blonde girl threw her pillow at me!" complained Chrissy.

"Eh, you probably deserved it," guessed Nikki.

"I don't remember Bridgette being so... so... so..."

"I'd fill in the blanks, Em," Fin admitted, "but I've got nothing. What is wrong with that girl?"

Heather screamed as Bridgette wrapped her arms around her midsection and took her down to the mat.

(The only thing we know is that there can only be one winner...)

Tyler blasted the ball with as much kicking power as he could muster. He then watched as it land to his left, in the stands, about ten rows back.

"We get do-overs, right?"

Gasps could be heard as Fin went into a handstand, with her back to the edge of the platform.

"She's really going to do it?" asked Jen, in concern.

Heather and Duncan stood side-by-side, ready to duel with their bows and arrows.

"Only one of us is losing this," Heather declared, "and it's NOT gonna be me!"

(Who will win gold and take home $300,000?)


Confessional Cam - ?

"Whomever wins this will be fastest teenager in Canada!"


The four finalists raised into position. All that was left was...


"Dude!" Jude gasped in amazement. "She did it again! Again, she did! Dudette! How... AWESOME!"

(It's all this season on 'Fresh from Europe.')

A farting sound could be heard, and seconds later, the door to the apartment flew open. Emma, Fin, Kelly, and Heather ran out into the hall and into the stairs, heading down. Ripper popped his head out a moment later, confused.

"Not my fault you said you wanted natural gas!"

(Two-night premiere event continues tomorrow!)