"Fresh from Europe"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Here's part two of the finale!

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Fresh TV, Inc. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games and all mentioned licensed characters, places, and other related material are the property of the International Olympic Committee. Oh, and this fanfic is not officially endorsed by either the IOC, Fresh TV, or anyone else involved with the Olympics.

Thirty-two teens
Seventeen days
Still one grand prize

For many, it's yet another chance at glory
For others, they're newbies on the reality scene

They lived through tons of total drama
They've experienced what it's like to be 6teen
They know how it feels to be stoked

But few of them have had the chance to be an Olympic athlete

Until now

Cycling, wrestling, diving, and of course, track and field
Canada's not good at them, but they'll try to do their best
They'll experience them all
While living like bonafide Olympic athletes
But they're not from all over the world...

They're just... FRESH FROM EUROPE!
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Fresh from Europe
Episode Thirteen - Three Hundred Thousand or Bust! (07.23.12)


Bridgette, Chrissy, Jen, and Ripper were all sitting in the waiting room. None of them were sitting near any of the others, with all of them wanted to be alone to think about the challenge.

Or that was the plan, until Chrissy decided to get up and trot over to talk to Jen. To her surprise.

"What do you want?" Jen asked.

Chrissy got right to the point.

"I'll give you a million dollars if you throw this challenge!"

Bridgette, who was within earshot of the pair, had a shocked look on her face. Jen was emotionless. She was not taking Chrissy's offer seriously.

"You don't even have a million dollars."

"How do you know that? You're SO a spy, aren't you?"

Jen frowned. "So, what, you're Izzy all of a sudden?"

Chrissy was not pleased with that accusation.

"I'm trying to focus right now," Jen said as she got up and walked to the other side of the room.

Chrissy just looked dumbfounded that her plan did not work. She then turned to Bridgette, who quickly looked away, not even wanting to give her a chance to pitch it her way.

Some time had quietly passed as they anxiously waited to find out what was going to happen. Suddenly, Allen walked in with a small purple pouch in one hand and an unopened container of four white ping-pong balls in the other.

"We're now going to draw for dive order."

Once the balls had been removed from the container, marked with a number between one and four, and dropped into the pouch, each of the participants took turns drawing from it. All of them were now seen holding their ball in their clenched right fist and in front of them.

"The number in your hand is when you're going. If you have number one, you'll be leaving this room with me to head out. The rest of you will sit here until your turn. Okay?"

They all nodded.


They did.

"Who has number one?"

Jen raised her other hand to indicate that she had it. Chrissy had number two, Ripper had three, and Bridgette had four. Allen and Jen immediately walked out, and the others took their seats.

Ty and Fin looked up, as did the other four-fifths of the judging panel, as Allen returned with Jen in tow. The pair stopped near the stairs leading up to the top of the diving platform.

"Ready for this, Jen?"

Jen answered confidently. "Have to be."

Confessional Cam - Jen

"Usually, going first in a competition that's scored by a judging panel is a bad thing. But in the case of a blind dive, with blind scores, all that disadvantage goes out the window. I... feel that improves my chances of not just finished second in this, but in winning it."

"Your dive... is a Reverse 1-1/2 Somersault with 1-1/2 Twists."

Jen nodded, though not necessarily in approval.


"Degree of Difficulty, 2.5."

Confessional Cam - Jen

"This is of a lower difficulty than my last dive, but it involves somersaults and twists. And a forward take-off with backward rotation? There's so much that can go wrong."

Jen began her ascent to the top of the platform, while Allen rejoined the other judges. Once Jen got there, she took a few seconds to get back in the right mind to jump.

"Big jump," she said aloud to herself. "Big jump."

She stepped up to the edge of the platform and gave a signal to the judges that she was ready. Allen waved acknowledgement back. All that was left for Jen to do was jump.

And jump she did.

Her body twisted and turned as it fell ten meters into the pool. Ty and Fin applauded, believing it was a good dive, especially with very little splash from Jen upon entry.

Confessional Cam - Jen

"It felt like a good dive. I just have to hope the judges agree."

Jen got out of the pool and turned towards the judges' panel, hoping to gauge their reactions. But none of them were willing to give her a hint. After a few seconds, she gave up, and was whisked away to the practice pool, where she would wait out the rest of the event.

Chrissy was led out a couple minutes later, and she was being told what the dive was.

"Seriously? No one can do that!"

She had apparently forgotten that three people had managed to pull off a dive with twists. Two of them were in the stands, and the third had just gone before her, although she could not have known about that last one.

"Good luck," Allen said, before heading back to the panel.

Once Chrissy was up at the top of the platform, she tried to figure out whose idea this particular dive was. And she seemed to be focusing her gaze on Courtney. Not that she knew, as she was looking up at Chrissy and waiting for her dive, just like the other judges.

"Here goes nothing," Chrissy told herself.

She took off and did her best to pull off the routine, but it was anything but clean in mid-air. And her entry was anything but clean, if the big, hard splash was any indication.

"No one can do that," Chrissy repeated a minute later, now out of the pool and drying herself off with a towel. "No one can do that."

It was Ripper's turn. He was concerned upon hearing the dive he had to perform.

"Somersault and a half? And a twist and a half? That ain't gonna be easy, man."

Ripper began making his way up to the top of the platform. Once at the top, he started practicing twisting, trying to figure out how to do it before jumping.

Confessional Cam - Ripper

"I've never twisted in a jump before, and I'll be frank, having to do one blind, without any practice? It won't be pretty."

Once he felt satisfied he knew what motions to make at take-off, he took his place at the edge of the platform. He did not waste time, as he only stood there for a second or two before pushing off. He did his best to twist and turn his body around. It look he got all of the somersaults and twists in, but his body was still rotating as he straightened out for entry into the water. His legs were leaning backwards and a little separated as he went in.

Ty was seen whispering to Fin as Ripper swam towards the edge of the pool, but about what is unsure. Ripper had not noticed their chat.

"Nothing to do but hope for the best," Ripper said once out of the pool. "Out of my hands, mate."

Bridgette was the last to attempt the EC, and she too was surprised upon hearing what the dive was.

Confessional Cam - Bridgette

"Upon hearing there were twists in the dive, my mind started racing. Could Jen do it? Chrissy? Ripper? And if the answer to at least two of those questions was yes, I had to ask myself... could I?"

"No pressure," Bridgette told herself as she tucked her hair under her swim cap. "You miss this and you're going home. Yeah. No pressure."

She made the ascent to the top. Once there, she saw Ty and Fin in the stands to her left and the judges to her right. She took her position at the end of the platform.

In the stands...

"She's got this," Fin told Ty. "She can get this."

Bridgette leaped off, getting as high as she could, and then she twisted and turned to get all of the somersaults and twists in. She got it all in but the water was coming up fast, and she still had to straighten out. She tried to will herself into form, but then she hit the water with a sizable splash.

"You think that's good enough?" Ty asked Fin.

"Depends on the judges," Fin replied.

The pair glanced over at the panel, who was already hard at work scoring Bridgette's dive. The blonde-haired surfer climbed out of the pool, unsure of if she had done enough to make the final event.

"That was tougher than I thought it would be," she admitted. "I just hope it was enough."

"The judges and I have scored all of your dives, and it's time to announce which two of you are making the final event, and which two of you are going home."

Ty and Fin were off to one side, Bridgette, Chrissy, Jen, and Ripper were in another group, and Allen was standing with the other judges behind him.

"The winner of the EC, and the third person to clinch a spot in the final event is..."

He paused for a minute to create some tension. And then...


Jen jumped up and down with excitement, hugging Bridgette tightly. She then ran over to Ty and Fin and wrapped her arms around them as well.

Confessional Cam - Jen

"This is everything I've ever dreamed of! I made the final! I've got my chance to say I'm going for gold!"

The judges were seen applauding Jen, though Coach Halder seemed displeased with Jen's celebration.

"Three in, one to go," Allen said, turning all their attention back to the EC participant group.

Bridgette, Chrissy, and Ripper were all very nervous.

"Finishing second in the EC, and earning the fourth and LAST spot in tomorrow's final event... is..."

Allen paused again. Which one of them would be the last finalist?

[End Act One]

"Finishing second in the EC, and earning the fourth and LAST spot in tomorrow's final event... is..."

Allen paused, and everyone was holding their breath as they waited for him to announce the last finalist.


Bridgette's jaw dropped. She could not believe Allen had said her name, and she fell to her knees, succumbing to tears. Of happiness. Meanwhile, Chrissy had cupped her mouth with her right hand, and she looked about to cry as well, albeit in sadness. Ripper just looked lost after his failure, but he managed to compose himself enough to squat down to comfort Bridgette.

"You did it, sheila!" Ripper told her, grabbing her at the shoulders and shaking her. "You did it!"

Eventually, Bridgette calmed herself down enough to stand back up, and she got a round of applause from finalists and judges alike.

Confessional Cam - Bridgette

"After... sniffle... after everything the past few months, I'm just... so thankful I made it. That I was able to make it. This... this is more than I would've ever dreamed of."

Bridgette got a hug from the other finalists as she joined them. But with her joining Ty, Fin, and Jen, that left Chrissy and Ripper on the outside of the final event, looking in.

"Chrissy. Ripper. The two of you have done an incredible job making it to this point. Ripper, you showed determination and true grit despite an early exit, and you made every attempt to prove you were worthy of a second chance. And when you got it, you gave everyone a run for their money."

Ripper nodded, knowing he had proven his worth.

"Chrissy, this competition was way out of your comfort zone. No one gave you a chance of lasting a day here. But you survived two weeks and twelve grueling events. You should hold your head up high, as you outlasted a lot of good, good competitors."

Tears started streaming from Chrissy's eyes.

"Chrissy and Ripper. I hate saying this... but it's time for you to go."

The four finalists came over to offer their condolences to the two eliminated players, despite any differences they had between them.

Confessional Cam - Chrissy

"I'm so not happy that I did make it to the end, but I still, like, made it way farther than anyone thought I would! I think I proved that I'm just as good as anyone here, and if they asked me to do this again at the next Olympics, I'd do it in a heartbeat!"

Confessional Cam - Ripper

"Not particularly pleased with how I ended up in the EC to begin with, but it was still up to me to perform. Just got outperformed when it counted, and I've got no one to blame but myself."

Chrissy and Ripper headed for the exit, and it did not take long before they were out of sight. Allen gazed upon the four finalists.

"So it's Ty and three lovely ladies in the final!"

The finalists laughed at Allen's little jest.

"Ty, Fin, Jen, and Bridgette. Tomorrow night, one of you four will be leaving London with a check for $300,000! Enjoy your last night in London, and I will see you tomorrow."

With that, the finalists headed out. They left side-by-side, with their arms draped around each other's shoulders. They were all being friendly now, but that certainly would not be the case at the final event.

Back at the apartment, the four finalists celebrated reaching the end of the competition with another toast... with regular orange juice this time.

"A toast," Fin shouted, raising her glass, "to us! Because the RIGHT four people made the final!"

"Here here!" Jen said in agreement.

The four of them clanged their glasses and got to drinking.

Confessional Cam - Fin

"So, we made it to the final! But that was the hard part. No having to worry about anyone else trying to throw you off the cliff, so to speak. The person who wins this is going to do this by his or herself. And I'm up for the challenge."

But the celebration did not last long. Exhausted after yet another tough, physical day, the group turned in early, not long after sunset, to rest up for the final event.

They were going to need all their strength to survive it.

Morning had arrived on the final day of the competition. Ty was the first one up, and he found it rather relaxing to exit the bedroom of his apartment. And it was absolutely quiet.

Confessional Cam - Ty

"Kind of odd to wake up to an empty apartment this morning, but, being the only guy to make it to the end has its advantages."

Half an hour later, Ty was in the hallway, knocking on the girls' apartment door.


A couple seconds passed before it was opened, and Ty was greeted by Jen. She stepped aside and let him in. Once inside, Ty saw Fin sitting at the kitchen counter.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing much."

Ty and Jen joined Fin at the counter. Bridgette emerged from one of the bedrooms, fresh out of the shower. She was already dressed, though her hair was wrapped in the towel.

"Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes," she said playfully.

"As are you," Ty teased back.

The four of them hung out for a little while, taking advantage of the down time to savor their final few hours in the United Kingdom.

"I'm just so glad to be here," Bridgette admitted. "You're all such talented athletes."

"Don't sell your self short," Jen said. "You deserve to be here just as much as the rest of us."

"Yeah, girl!" agreed Fin. "You're rocking this competition!"

"You deserve to be here," Ty assured her. "We ALL deserve to be here."

Confessional Cam - Jen

"We've all become pretty friendly with each other, but here we're still fierce competitors and rivals first. I can't wait to see how things will shake out in the end."

"I'm glad we're all here," Jen said, "but don't be upset when I win the final event, guys."

"As if," Fin smirked. "The only one winning today is me!"

"Don't get too cocky," spoke up Bridgette, "but I might just surprise all of you today!"

"Sorry, ladies, but I'm getting this one," cut in Ty. "The guys will never let me hear the end of it if I lose to a girl."

"Oh, you can always buy new friends," joked Fin.

Jen and Bridgette broke out in hysterical laughter.

"What's that supposed to mean?" queried Ty, half-serious.

Confessional Cam - Ty

"I know we're just joking around, but I really want to win this. Not 'cause I'm the last guy standing, but 'cause I want to prove I can do things for myself. You know, there's this perception that being rich makes me soft. I've said from the start that the prize money doesn't matter to me. All that I care about is proving that I can go out and show I don't need everything to handed to me in life. It's up to me to make that last push to the finish line."

They got more rest time than they expected, as they were not even contacted for the final challenge until well into the afternoon hours. And even then they were brought to the location of the event one at a time, at different times. They were also blindfolded, unaware of where they were until it was removed.

"Welcome to the Olympic Stadium!" exclaimed Allen.

Each of the finalists took time to get a good, long look at the stadium in its entirety, something they did not get to really do the first time they were here, when they competed in the steeplechase event.

"Just amazing," commented Bridgette.

"I can't believe I'm here," said Fin is disbelief.

"Imagine this stadium filled up with thousands and thousands of people for the Opening Ceremonies in just a couple months!" Allen told them. "You're standing on hallowed ground here."

"If only it were for real," wished Jen aloud.

"So unreal," thought Ty.

"Each of you is getting some time by yourself on the track today, by yourselves, because we believe there's only one event exciting enough to be the final event of this competition."

He paused briefly before telling them what it was.

"The 100-meter dash."

Each of the finalists reacted differently to the announcement. Ty seemed the most pleased with it, while Jen acted kind of neutral to it.

Confessional Cam - Fin

"Running 100 meters doesn't sound hard at all, until you realize that it's a race and finishing second isn't an option. Especially with a few hundred thousand dollars on the line. Just sayin'."

"The rules are pretty simple," explained Allen. "First one to cross the finish line not only wins the event, but wins the grand prize and becomes $300,000 richer!"

"That's it?" questioned Bridgette, fearful that there was a catch.

"That's it."

"Hmmm. That is simple."

A little while later, each of them were shown getting a feel for the track, as well as find out how fast they could cover 100 meters. Ty and Fin were each seen making a couple runs, all timed by hand rather than the electronic scoreboard, which was not on during the sessions.

"You think that's going to be fast enough?" Ty asked Allen after a run.

"Not if you're talking to me right now," the host said back. "If you're going all out, you should be gasping for air after each run!"

Ty started walking back up the track, hoping to impress Allen the next time out. And he did, going full speed the entire way, or at least to the best of his ability. Allen patted Ty on the back as he was bent over after the finish line, trying to catch his breath.

"Now THAT might be fast enough."

All Ty could do was give a thumbs up of approval, as he was too exhausted to speak.

At some point later on, starting blocks were brought out and each of them got a chance to learn how to come out of them.

Confessional Cam - Bridgette

"The key to winning the 100-meter dash is to have a great start. Or so I'm told. The race is only 10, or 11, or 12 seconds long. If you have a slow start, it's going to be very hard to overcome it."

Bridgette got on the ground as she tried to get into the starting position. Her feet were pressed up against the blocks, her left knee was down on the track, and her right knee was being held above it.

"Okay, so, like this?"

One of the interns was helping her out.

"So, when the starter says 'Set,' knees come off the ground and your fanny sticks up in the air and you have to hold it 'til the gun goes off."

Bridgette had to do a double take for a second.

"What? My fanny?"

"Yes. You're fanny."

Bridgette laughed as went through the motions.

"Oh, this is so embarrassing!"

She practiced the pop up into the 'set' position over and over again, trying to input into her head the idea that this was a normal motion and it was not weird at all. Eventually, she got to a full starting simulation.


Bridgette raised up into position...


Bridgette pushed off and jogged a few meters out of the blocks.

"Yes, like that," said the intern. "Only faster."

"Faster." Bridgette nodded. "Right."

"Surfer, right? Just imagine you're being chased by sharks. On land."

To any other person, that would have sounded ridiculous. But to Bridgette...

"So, you've been to Wawanakwa, haven't you?"

"No," he replied. "But I've seen it on TV."

Bridgette smiled.

"Trust me. Not as scary on TV as it is in real life."

Jen was also practicing getting out of the starting blocks.

Confessional Cam - Jen

"During practice, we were told that there is a no tolerance policy for jumping the gun, or false starting. If you leave before the gun goes off, you're disqualified, and two weeks of work go right down the drain. In an instant."


Jen was trying to time the starter so she could go at the earliest part of the moment. She left at half-speed, then turned around and asked to see if she had gone early.


"Close. Very close."

Jen had her hands on her hips as she tried to read the intern's face.

"Is anticipating the gun a good thing?"

"In this format? No."

"No. Got it."

Confessional Cam - Jen

"I honestly think Ty is going to be tough to beat. I think my only shot at beating him is to anticipate the gun and hope I don't go too early. I know it's a gamble, but I don't agree to come to London just to go home empty-handed. Anything short of victory means my trip here is a failure, and I will do anything - within the rules of the competition - to make sure I succeed."

On the next attempt, Jen tried to push her luck even more...


But she had already pushed off an instant before the intern spoke. And she knew it, as she stopped only after a few steps.

"That was definitely too early."

"Yes," agreed the intern. "Too early."

After the practice, the four finalists left and were reunited for a little more down time, as well as one last meal in London. Then it was back to the stadium for the last event. They suited up for the race, in sleeveless tops and shorts.

Before the race, though, Allen had one last surprise waiting for them. And in it involved them getting onto the back of a cart and riding it out on into the stadium.

Thankfully, it was a pleasant surprise, as all of the other eliminated competitors were sitting in the stands in front of the finish line, and they had come to cheer them on.

"So everyone didn't go right home after all!" stated Jen.

"I'm glad for that," Ty said, followed by a sigh of relief. "It just doesn't feel right if there's no one to cheer us on to victory."

The cart stopped in front of the crowd, and Allen did his normal 'explain the challenge' schtick there, for them all to here.

"It's all come down to this. 100 meters stand between one of you and a check for $300,000!"

The crowd cheered.

"Find out which one of these four is the winner of 'Fresh from Europe,' right after this final commercial break!"

[End Act Two]

"Enough stalling!" Allen exclaimed. "It's time to find out who's going to be the winner of 'Fresh from Europe!' Let's head down to the other end of the track, where the finalists are stepping up to the line."

The four finalists had been set up to run in Lanes 3-6, with Jen having drawn Lane 3, then Fin in Lane 4, Ty in Lane 5, and Bridgette in Lane 6.

Confessional Cam - Jen

"This is for all the marbles."

Confessional Cam - Fin

"Time to put up or shut up!"

Confessional Cam - Ty

"It all comes down to this."

Confessional Cam - Bridgette

"Whomever wins this will be fastest teenager in Canada!"

Confessional Cam - Bridgette / Fin / Jen / Ty


The starter took his place with a pistol in hand and gave the command to the runners...

"Take your marks!"

The four of them began the process of setting up in the blocks. Over in the crowd...

"Whoa," commented Jude as he tried to look down the track, "they look like ants!"

"Ants that can run fast!" exclaimed Tyler.

"Quiet in the peanut gallery, please!" shouted Allen from across the way.

They shut up, and things went quiet as set up continued at the start line. Once they were all in position, the official still waited for a few seconds before continuing. Then...


The four finalists raised into position. All that was left was...


The four of them started to take off, but hearing the gun go off twice meant that they had to stop and come back, because someone jumped the gun. Everyone in the crowd looked down the track. Kelly, in particular, looks completely shocked at what just happened.

"Looks like someone jumped," Allen told the crowd, after getting a message through his headphones. "If that's true, someone just cost themselves a big pay day."

At the starting line, each runner had an official standing in their lane, right behind them, watching to see if they had gone early. One of them was holding up his red-colored flag to indicate that was the case.

It was the official in Lane 5.

"I jumped? C'mon, man!"

The person who had just been called for jumping? Ty. Before he could even argue, though, the replay of the start had gone up on the scoreboard.

"That was... a three-hundred-thousand dollar mistake!" groaned Allen. "One mistake is all it takes, people!"

The replay showed that Ty had flinched just before the gun had gone off. It was not a forward movement, it was a downward one.

"By rule," Allen explained, "once 'Set' is called and you are in position, you cannot move any part of your body until the gun goes off. That means Ty is out of the race and we are down to just three runners!"

"NO!" screamed Lo. "That wasn't anything! He wasn't even trying to advance his position!"

Back at the start, Ty accepted the official's decision and walked off the track, heading back for the tunnel. He was shaking his head, though.

"I don't know what happened," Ty explained as he was filmed by the camera crew in the tunnel. "They say I moved. That's that. I'm... I'm just so disappointed in myself right now."

As much as the crowd was stunned, so were the other finalists, who had very little time to dwell on it as they got back to the start.

Confessional Cam - Fin

"As much as it bites that Ty got DQ'd, that makes this race a whole different ball game! It's basically a toss-up between us girls!"

"Take your marks!" ordered the official.

The three young women got down and started the process of getting back in the blocks. Meanwhile, the crowd was still buzzing about Ty's disqualification, and they had to be calmed down so the runners could hear the starter.

Once the girls were settled...


The trio raised into position.


This time, it was a clean start. The girls all got out well as the crowd cheered them on. Jen started edging ahead of Fin while Bridgette drifted out of contention. At 50 meters, Jen had almost an entire stride on Fin. But the tanned blonde started to reel her rival in on the back end and was getting closer and closer...

"This is going to be close!" commentated Allen.

Both of them ran were straining hard as they raced for the finish line. Both Jen and Fin leaned forward as they got there...

"And the winner is... too close to call!"

The duo slowed to a stop, both of them believing that they had pulled it out in the end, but neither confident in making a declaration of victory. There was no question Bridgette had finished third. But who had won...

The girls kept their eyes on the scoreboard as they caught their breaths. Jen and Fin both fell to the ground in exhaustion, unsure of what to think. The crowd, meanwhile, was taking sides... half had thought Jen had won, the other half thought Fin had.

Finally, after a few seconds, the electronic scoreboard displayed their running times.

Lane 3's time was 11.87. Lane 4's time was 11.89.

"I did it!" Jen exclaimed. "I did it!"

Allen waited for video replay confirmation, which came shortly thereafter. It, too, showed Jen clearly crossing the line first.

"In the dash," Allen explained, "you are considered finished when your torso crosses the line. Therefore, Jen is officially the winner of 'Fresh from Europe!'"

The crowd exploded with cheers and fanfare as a smile appeared on Jen's face. She would dance in celebration if not for the fact that she was still out of breath. Fin, sitting next to her, leaned over and gave her a congratulatory hug. The only one of three runners still on her feet was Bridgette, who slowly made her way over and helped Jen off of the ground... and then hugged her.

The two then teamed up to help Fin to her feet. Once she was up, the three shared a group hug, at which one point one of them was finally able to say something.

"Great race, Jen."

It had come from Fin. Jen mouthed the words 'You too,' though they were not loud enough for them to be audible. The trio were soon joined by Ty, who had rode to the finish line on the cart, and he went to congratulate the champion as well.

"Congratulations!" he said to Jen.

"Thanks," she said back, finally able to respond.

The crowd made their way down from the stands, some of them jumping over the railing, and they mobbed Jen and the other finalists to congratulate them all.

Confessional Cam - Jen

"I can't believe it! I actually did it! I WON! WOO HOO!"

Fin was applauding her rival, conceding that she had been beaten.

Confessional Cam - Fin

"As much as I wanted to win that race, if it couldn't be me, at least it was someone like Jen. A fierce competitor like her definitely deserves it."

Bridgette and Ty were trying to have a talk about the latter's false start, but it was hard for them to hear each other over all of the cheering for Jen.

Confessional Cam - Bridgette

"I didn't win, but that's okay. I'm just so thankful that I was even in the running! And hey, third place is a personal best!"

Confessional Cam - Ty

"Just disappointed I came up just short. Again. Not the way I wanted to go out, but I think any of these girls would've been a challenge to beat. It's just the way it goes. Perhaps third time's the charm?"

A podium had been set up by the finish line, and the runners took their place. Bridgette had already been handed her bronze medal, and Fin her silver. All that was left was to award Jen, which Allen was going to do right now. Jen leaned forward so Allen could place the gold medal around her neck, to the others' delight.

"Seventeen days and thirteen events later, Jen, you are the last one standing! And with this gold medal, I proclaim you the winner of 'Fresh from Europe!'"

Another round of cheering ensued. Suddenly, two of the interns walked into the group, carrying a big check.

"And for your victory, not only is Jen being named the unofficial Fresh TV representative for the 2012 Summer Olympics, but she gets to take home this giant check for $300,000!"

Jen was handed the check, and she raised it up in front of her for all to see.

Confessional Cam - Jen

"I knew I had in me to win one of these competitions, and all of my hard work and effort FINALLY paid off! Who knows? Maybe I should make my next goal winning an Olympic gold medal! For real!"

"But you know what the best part of all this is?" Allen questioned Jen.


"Unlike a certain reality show, you get to KEEP the money!"

"Ha! That's what I'm talking about!"

"And with that, we've reached the end of 'Fresh from Europe!' Thanks for coming, and thanks to London for the great accommodations! See you all next time!"

With that, they all waved one final goodbye as the camera zoomed out. The competition was a long and grueling one, but it had produced a worthy victor.

Congratulations, Jen, the Fresh TV Summer Olympic Champion!

The End

Author's Notes:
And with that, another reality series season has come to an end! I think the reaction should be positive with Jen winning, even though the Winter Olympics are more her strength. But what do I know? Do you agree with Jen ending up champion? If not, who were you cheering for? Sound off and let me know!

Looking ahead to the future... my next 'Total Drama' fic will be my first time writing in the Season 4 cast of the show. That will be fun. Look for a preview in the next few weeks, and that story to start in September. As for the next reality series story featuring these characters (which is also most likely the only way you'll see me write anything with '6teen' or 'Stoked' characters from now on), who knows? Have a couple ideas mulling around, but nothing concrete yet. Question is, do you guys still wanna see me do these reality series style stories? Again, sound off in your review!

And with that, it's time to sign off! Thanks for reading, and for the latest updates, always keep an eye on my profile page and on Twitter at freefightwriter!

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