Beg Me (NaruSasu)

Date: September 23, 2012

Time: 11:48pm


Gazing at the small screen on the camera, Naruto saw him. There, strapped to Naruto's cushioned bed, was the boy of his dreams. His body was as naked as the day he'd been born. Stark to the world, flashing his sinful crevices. His chest was lean and muscled, toned to perfection, nipples harden from minor teasings. Naruto surely hadn't seen anything so absolute in his entire being. Broad shoulders gave away to long arms and thick hands, fingers for toying. The boy's waist was thin and flat, v-ing and leading into the one thing Naruto craved. This boy's member was large, yet average. Average, yet beautiful. Beautiful, yet unique. Naruto couldn't help but stare. This boy was everything Naruto needed, wanted.

He'd been stalking him recklessly and riskily for the past month and a half, gazing endlessly from afar. Eventually, Naruto had dared to go closer, to put himself in this boy's daily life. To introduce himself. The boy hadn't even noticed. All the pictures Naruto had taken, all the brush-by's he'd done for simple contact, had gone utterly unnoticed. It urked him to no end. The stalker couldn't stand being ignored.

The black-haired beauty was eighteen years old, legal. Naruto wasn't much older himself at twenty, but somehow the boy looked older than him. Wide cheek bones, thin neck, full lips, brightened and intelligent eyes. Naruto needed to touch him. And all Naruto had to do was get him to willingly do what he asked. That shouldn't be too hard; they always begged in the end. Endless begging. Just as Naruto liked. Almost as much as those endless pleas to never stop, to never tire, to always give please, to fuck.

"Mm …" groaned the boy, rousing himself from his drug-induced rest. Nervously, Naruto adjusted the screen to be placed precisely on the boy; the view zoomed out to get full coverage. That black hair glittered in the side table's lamp's light. It mesmerized Naruto.

"So the beauty wakes," the stalker couldn't help but whisper. His small voice caught the attention of the boy. His onyx eyes widened at the hidden complexion of Naruto. Shadows covered his features, blinding the boy from seeing him. Naruto didn't want him to see him for what he really was.

"Wha-wha, who a-are you?" came the tenor voice, not yet at complete puberty. The voice sent shivers down Naruto's spine.

Taking a cautious step forward, even though, with the bindings, the boy had nowhere to go. The side lamp lit Naruto's face instantly. His blonde hair sparkled in the light, spiked up as it naturally did. His blue eyes were as wide as saucers and as blue as the ocean. His raspberry pink lips smiled evilly, "The question is not who I am but who you are, my dear boy."

The next question was one they always asked before he fucked them, "What are you going to do to me?"

Another smirk formed, "Everything."

Date: September 24, 2012

Time: 1:16am


"Say it," Naruto commanded, thrusting. "Beg me."

"F-fuck me!"

"Good boy. Beg."

Author's Note: Probably the most freaked I've been in my whole life. Also probably the most … awkward I've been. Newbie? Yeah, you could call me that. Oblivious? *shameful nod* I seriously have no idea how this website works. I've been on wattpad for nearly a year (perhaps longer) and now I've gotten the guts to come here in hopes of more recognition in my fanfics. This is the piece I'm most proud of at the moment … Is it T? M? I … don't know … but I'll mark it M for now in hopes that I'm not being a whimp … *runs away* Now to figure out how to upload it successfully …