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A/N this story is about 20 or so years after the conclusion of Inheritance

A/N the whole story will be in first person even when pov changes.

A/N If you have not read my story "To the Shire" or The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) by Christopher Paolini (a great read whether you read this story or not) this story will make no sense what so ever.

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"We Are Being Overrun!" I yelled

"Eragon and Saphira they would be the here with lots of strong reinforcements." Stadrune yelled through a howling blizzard he conjured up

we heard a trumpeting roar and saw on a silhouette against the setting sun, "It's Eragon!" Then the other silhouette suddenly got much bigger, "And his reinforcements!" I exclaimed


I spotted my friends along with an elf and a dwarf that I assumed were Stadlen and Stadrune "They're under attack, approach from the west!" I roared with that Saphira and I angled our wings toward them into one sewer diving we checked our wings for speed. 'flare now!' We flared our wings slowing us drastically

Saphira and I hit the ground with the deep thud that told me that the drop would kill any normal human.

"Miss us?" Saphira and I asked in unison

"Yes, but who is this and where is Saphira?" Bromier asked

"I am Saphira." Saphira that with a very draconic venom in her voice

"Definitely Saphira." Bromier commented

"Nice to see you. Now can you please assist!" The dwarf yelled

By now the sky was lit up not by the sun but by the fire of dragons.