Voices in his Head (LightxLawliet)

The voices told him to.

"Take him!" they said.

"Eat him!" they yelled.

And Light did.

He had to. If he didn't, the voices would hurt him, torture him, scream at him. Certainly Light would go mad. Light had to touch this being that caused the voices in his head to rampage and violently charge forward. Light had to claim and grab this being now—NOW! Lawliet wouldn't stand a chance.


Yes, he was the one. The one Light's hormones flooded out for, his dick twitched at the mere sight of, and the once his voices lusted after. This raven, usually—always—alone, had been unknowingly been stalked for the past three weeks, had been jacked off to every night since their first meeting, had been admired even before. Lawliet's hair was waywardly spiked, and those black eyes were blackened from sleepless nights. Deeply pale skin spoke of the need to stay indoors and an intense liking towards sweets interrupted the unusual slimness. Surely this was the most intriguing man in the entire world.

"Take him. NOW!" demanded the loudest of the voices. Light's left eye twitched. They weren't normally so commanding and vulgar. Lawliet was taking notes on his laptop across the library. The vastly empty library, Light silently noted. A perfect scene.

Closing his own laptop quickly, Light obeyed to the hysterical and humored voice.

"Fuck him." One voice.

"Suck him." Two voices.

"Bite him." Chanting.

"Strike him." Yelling.

Light breathed deeply. He was standing behind Lawliet now. Those thin, long fingers ready to fuck someone's pucker; they stopped typing. Two straight-forward eyes glaring, tearing, piercing Light's inner hunger. Egging on the voices. Having them begging and striving to touch and mark the skin surrounding.

"NOW!" pleaded the singular voice Light obeyed the most.

And Light did.

Light loved screaming, especially when it wasn't in his head.

Again and again, Light rammed Lawliet into the desk. Harder, harder, harder! Faster, faster, faster! Deeper, deeper, deeper!

Deeper, faster, harder!





Because the voices told him to.

Author's Note:*hides shamefully* I've always liked the prospect of Light and L … But ya know, I imagine that perhaps Light was a tad crazy.