Zim smiled to himself, finally it was his. Earth was finally his! He threw his hands in the air and laughed maniacally; oh how he dreamed of this day! He laughed till there was an annoying beeping noise. He growled at the stupid distraction, "What?! Who dares interrupts the almighty ZIM?!" A tiny and nervous Irken soldier, a little shorter than Zim himself, appeared on the giant screen of the control room. Zim gestured for the little thing to speak.

"Sir," he saluted,"W-would you like us to bring the prisoner before you?" Zim thought for a bit, clicking his fingers across his chin. Coming to a conclusion, Zim smiled wickedly to himself. He ordered the small soldier to bring in the prisoner. Dib, that silly fool. He fought to the last moment! Now I'll make him watch as I below his pitiful planet up!

The Tallest hadn't found any reason to keep Earth, especially with all that horrid water. Zim looked out the observatory window beside him, even from space he could see explosions and chaos happening all around Earth. He stared at the destruction of Earth; a fleeting emotion of loss flew through him. He brushed it off as he heard the main doors open beside the control screen. He turned and watched the Irken guards dragged in the dirty Dib-human

Dib let the guards drag him quietly but when he finally lifted his head and spotted Zim the human started to curse and thrash against the stone like guards. Zim just glared at the stupid Earth child. Of course, Dib was hardly a child with only a year before he would've been the age humans became legal adults. Dib had grown quite tall, which infuriated Zim to no end.

Once the guards had brought Dib just steps away from Zim, he had them to turn Dib so that he may look out the window and watch Earths on coming destruction. "Hello Dib." Zim spoke in causal greeting, causing Dib to stop in his mad thrashing, "You should just give up human. Your planet has lost." Zim looked at Dib darkly, "You have lost." Dib glared at Zim with loathing hatred but soon broke out in an insane fit of laughter. Zim took in an angry breath at the human's rude and ugly laughter, "How dare you laugh at ZIM! What is so funny?" He sneered. "You're alone and your planet is DOOMED!

Dib grew quiet, and then took a deep rattling breath. "Do you really think I'm the only one fighting against you? That I was the only one to take notice that you were an alien?" Zim opened his mouth to declare- that yes he was quite sure Dib was all by himself but the human continued with his mad rant. "Well you wrong! There's a whole group behind me! We've been preparing to stop you since the moment you first showed up!"

"You speak LIES! You were the only one who fought against Zim!" The Invader yelled with vicious intent. The guards flinched but Dib stood his ground, camly now that he'd spoken.

"I was most the propaganda spreader, to tempt people's interest and yes, it did cause a few people to think I was crazy but it was worth it to gain the few loyal ones." Zim's eye twitched.

"ZIM KNOWS OF THE GIANT SEEING PEOPLE!" The guards took a step back, automatically dragging Dib with them.

"Sure I did have the Swollen Eyeballs, but they didn't really quite believe me either. They never gave me the technology or weapons I needed." Dib shrugged the best he could while being held, "Where do you think I got my supplies? Hm?" Dib looked at Zim smugly. Zim started to shake with rage. Darn human filt thinks his gosh darn human group can-

"Your members must be freaking out without their leader." Zim came to the sudden assumption. "They can do little harm without a leader." Zim smiled and waved the silly Dibs accusation of an unknown group off. Dib just shook his head, bemused by Zim's stupid confidence.

"Who said I was the leader?" Zim's smile quickly fell from his face. "Our leader is still out there," Zim looked around suspiciously, "and I don't think she'll give up on Earth or leave me here to die." Dib felt unsure about that last part but wouldn't let Zim know.

Zim opened his mouth to yell at Dib once more but a sudden loud explosion somewhere on the ship caused him to stumble. High alerts blared through the speakers in the control room, "INTRUDERS." Zim ordered one of the guards holding Dib to check on whatever just happened. Zim stood and glared at Dib, a deep uncomfortable feeling knowing settled in Zims squigglyspooch and he knew the human spoke some truth. Dib only smiled back at the alien, which made Zim grow more nervous with the doomie feeling.

Suddenly the door busted open revealing a tall woman wearing a black suit and a helmet with a purple visor. She barked orders to a group of operatives standing behind her. "Gretchen take your team and check the holding cells for more prisoners. Iggins watch the damn door. Zita, you're with me." They all saluted her then quickly went to fulfil their missions. Zita and the Leader advanced on Zim at a steady pace. The guard left holding Dib didn't even have enough time to grab his weapon when the Leader blasted him with a ray that stopped him cold in his tracks. Zim and Dib froze silently where they stood in shock of the deadly display. The leader looked at Dib and snapped, "Stop playing around Dib and get over here." She pointed to the control panel below the large screen. "We need you to override the controls so they don't blow up Earth." Dib then proceeded to run over to the giant computer and quickly started typing. Zim grew even more shocked and outraged.

"Y-your hands weren't even bonded?!" Dib looked over his shoulder and grinned.

"Zita help Dib, he's been a prisoner for a few days- he might have brain damage."

"Hey!" Dib cried in mock outrage. Zita quickly went over to Dib and started to helped him with the alien computer. The leader continued her steady walk over to the last Irken in the room. Zim saw this and reached for his gun but it was vaporized by the leader before he could even get it off his belt. "H-how? And who are you?" The leader looked at him coldly. She was standing right in front of Zim.

"Your worst nightmare." She then proceeded to knock him upside the head; Zim fell unconscious. Leader picked up his light Irken form and threw him over her shoulder. When Dib and Zita were done with the computer they regrouped with the Leader. "We've got what we need let's go." She walked out the blasted and smoldering door. They headed to the meeting spot where they would regroup with the other operatives.

The others were already waiting.

"Leader, why are you carrying that Irken over your shoulder?" Iggins asked. Everyone grew quiet, except, of course, for the few explosions happening all over the ship. You never questioned the leader; ever sane person knew that. Leader looked over at Iggins. He took a shaky step backwards.

"I like this one, Iggins. If I want to keep an Irken as a slave or pet, I can and will. Understand?" She asked him in a harsh voice. He nodded his head in rigid understanding and they were off.

The group didn't even look back when Zim's whole warship exploded. They were on their way to Earth, were they would start a new mission. One where they made Earth better and hopefully smarter, especially now that everyone knew of the impending aliens lurking in the space above.